49ers hire Ronald Curry as assistant coach

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Former Raiders receiver Ronald Curry has joined the 49ers’ coaching staff.

The 33-year-old Curry, a 2002 seventh-round draft pick of the Raiders who played in Oakland for seven seasons, will be an offensive assistant, the 49ers announced today.

“The 49ers and our staff are pleased to be initiating Ronald’s NFL coaching career,” 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh said. “Our team will greatly benefit from Ronald’s athletic experiences, and we are happy that he and his wife, Stacie, are joining our football family.”

Harbaugh was on the Raiders’ coaching staff for Curry’s first two seasons, and Curry’s position coach at the start of his career with the Raiders, John Morton, is now the 49ers’ receivers coach. So although this move seems to come out of left field, Curry knows the staff and knows how they do things, and Harbaugh thinks Curry can add some value to the staff.

Curry was a spectacular schoolboy athlete who as a high schooler in Virginia was often compared favorably to Michael Vick as a quarterback and Allen Iverson as a point guard. He had scholarship offers from major schools to play both football and basketball, and he ended up playing both sports at North Carolina. He didn’t live up to his high school hype, but he did end up having a solid NFL career. And now he embarks on his post-playing career.

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  1. all these folks are already pointing the 49ers as next season SB champs, i guess the other teams should just fold up and wave the white flags, smh!!!

  2. He wasn’t compared to Vick.

    Michael Vick was never First-Team All State, or All-Region, or even (remarkably) All-District because Ronald Curry existed.

    He was arguably one of the greatest high school athletes of all time.

    Remember, not only was he a celebrated football player, he also was a McDonald’s All-American in basketball.

  3. “Curry was a spectacular schoolboy athlete who as a high schooler in Virginia was often compared favorably to Michael Vick”

    I live in Newport News, Va., and you have this statement backwards. Curry was the best high school football player in the history of the region up to that point. Vick was good as well, but it was Vick who was compared to Curry, not the other way around. Curry was unstoppable at the high school level, and blew the record book wide open. Vick played in his shadow, and people young and old(like me) lined up in droves to see Curry play. Hampton High School football games were, at times, hard to get into.

    I’ll also add that Curry was a smart young man, stayed out of trouble, and was well liked within the community. He should do well at the coaching level.

  4. That guy made one of the most amazing catches I’ve ever seen- a one handed stab of a pass thrown 2 feet behind him while he was about 3 feet off the ground

  5. I don’t know enough about Curry as a coach to comment, but I’m sure he adds value; Harbaugh doesn’t do anything that fails to help the team win. Congrats to Curry and good luck.

  6. helinhater is spot on. Nobody ever heard of Michael Vick because all you ever heard of was Ronald Curry. Number 1 prospect in two sports. Truly remarkable athlete in college that had the world put on his shoulders in two sports in college. I even remember the show he put on in the McDonalds All-American Slam Dunk Contest

  7. Nice hire … these kinda guys seem to make the best kinda coaches because they weren’t the most talented players so they really had to be fundamentally sound and masters of there technique at there respected positions … and players like that tend to make good coaches

  8. Trust me on this…those of us from VA knew of Curry long before Vick. I remember being at the high school championship game and watching him score touchdowns passing, running, returning a punt and and interception and he even kicked an extra point. He was on another level. I wish he would have concentrated more on football than basketball because he could have been a monster, but he was always a pretty stand up guy so I’m happy he is still involved in the game some how.

  9. His one handed catch on a ball that was thrown badly behind him in Denver was the best catch I’ve ever seen. Ohh yeah, It was snowing also. No big deal.

    I’m not even a Raiders fan and I will remember that catch forever.

  10. If you do a search on you tube for “Ron Curry’s Miracle Catch” you’ll find a clip of his catch against Denver in the snow. Well worth the 15 seconds.

  11. Great Raider but he’s also the jackass that kept the University of Virginia from getting Michael Vick. Vick was considering UVA but picked Virginia Tech because Curry chose UVA. He signed a letter of intent. Then Curry changes his mind at the last second and chooses University of North Carolina (an inferior school all around) instead. Witj him and Vick going to other schools, UVA was stuck with Aaron Curry (another Raider). Vick was clearly the best of all 3 but Curry screwed it up. I love the Nation but have no love for people that screw over good schools , aka UVA. Dont make a promise (aka a letter of Intent) if you’re not gonna keep it. My 2 cents

  12. I lived in Virginia at that time. The other are spot on about Curry’s notoriety in the HS and early college years. It wasn’t Curry falling but Vick rising that turned the balance of attention to Vick. To his credit, Vick was a monster as a Hokie, played like no QB I had ever seen in college. And not just as a runner, he had an accurate gun.

  13. His only knock was not being able to stay healthy. He had tons of potential. Best of luck to him in coaching.

  14. Troncarter702 – when Curry switched his commitment to UNC, UNC was far superior in basketball and football. Vick never considered UVA because he could get due to UVAs academic standards. Curry only decided to go to UNC because Butch Davis said he could play both sports. UVA did not want him to play both.

    Had Curry only played/focused on football he would still be playing QB in the league. He was terrible in basketball. He couldn’t shot at all and was no where close to Iverson as a basketball player. He was just a superior athlete in high school.

  15. I remember hearing about Curry coming out of HS. And I’m in California. He was a BEAST. Too bad he didn’t live up to his reputation, but seldom do. It just seems like HS super athletes get coddled from a young age and don’t seem to become actual men until late in their 30’s, when no one wants anything to do with them. Good for Curry to pursue life outside of playing football.

  16. Maybe he can coach up Harblow to RUN the ball at the goalline with Frank Gore in the last seconds of the Super Bowl.

  17. Curry was plagued with bad injuries to his achilles and foot throughout his pro career that i think really hindered his development. Plus he didn’t have any great qb’s in Oakland or much of a solid structure around him those years. It’s a shame, I always really liked Curry as a player and seemed like a stand up guy. Happy to see him doing well and wish him the best of luck. Seems like the Niners keep making good moves, Superbowl or bust for them.

  18. If I recall correctly, Curry and 3 of his Hampton teammates all committed to UVA. I think only 1 actually arrived on campus. Don’t think Curry ever signed a LOI

    The questions were inevitable, even if the trip was innocent. Ronald Curry attend a football game at North Carolina in peace? Not a chance. As soon as Curry and Hampton High teammates Darnell Hollier and Bobby Blizzard returned from Saturday’s North Carolina-Stanford game, the questions started around town and in cyberspace. Why did they go? Who took them? Did Dean Smith show Curry his national championship rings? Are Curry and Hollier reconsidering their commitments to attend Virginia?

  19. Really…I’m going to be the one to say it and ask the question?

    You mean to tell me Jerry Rice was not available for this position? Seriously?

    Curry over Jerry Rice?

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