A less obvious flying hazard

Getty Images

In March, Peter King of SI.com made me the subject of his Monday Morning Quarterback “Mr. Starwood Preferred Member Travel Note of the Week” because I flew for the first time in 19 years, to Arizona for the league meetings.

He called this morning to see whether his latest “Mr. Starwood Preferred Member Travel Note of the Week” would affect my future transportation options.

Peter, you see, was puked on as a plane landed.  Here’s the full story:  “Traveling back from Dallas to the East Coast Thursday night, my American Airlines flight had a slightly bumpy approach and landing. Nothing too unusual, except to the 12ish-year-old boy across the aisle in row 32. As I stood up to stretch, the boy, without warning from the window seat, projectile-vomited. He caught some of it, but a chunk of it, yogurty in feel, BB’ed into my right ear, with another couple of splashes on my shirt.”

Actually, the possibility of catching a little vomit won’t keep me off a plane.  I’m planning to fly more later this year, and if the worst thing that happens while flying is a little flying puke, I can deal with that.