Browns draft pick busted for DUI


Character concerns were part of the reason Armonty Bryant fell to the seventh round of the draft.

And though he promised only days ago he had changed his ways, those concerns were proven valid.

According to Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal, the Browns defensive end was arrested for DUI in Oklahoma Friday, less than a week after he was drafted.

He was arrested in Ada, Okla., and according to the police report, the arresting officer had to perform the breath test 10 times because Bryant couldn’t or wouldn’t properly complete it. When he did it right, he blew a .098. After his arrest, he refused a blood test.

“We are aware of the incident and are now in the process of collecting more information,” Browns spokesman Neal Gulkis said in a statement. “We will not have any further comment.”

Bryant was suspended three games last season at East Central (Okla.) University when he was arrested for twice selling $20 worth of marijuana to an undercover officer, both times in the college’s parking lot.

On April 27, he told Browns reporters he had learned from his previous trouble.

‘“Good people make mistakes’ is something that I’ve always been told by my [college] coach,” Bryant said. “I feel like it was just a stupid move on my part. I should have been more mature about the situation and be more focused on football, which is something I really want to do with my life.

“Now that I’ve gotten that second chance, I feel like I won’t let anyone down. I won’t let myself, the people around me or the Cleveland Browns down. I appreciate them for taking this chance on me.”

The Browns sent defensive line coach Joe Cullen (who knows about putting trouble, if not pants, behind him) to work out Bryant prior to the draft.

“Looking into his background with coach Cullen out there, as well as our scouting staff, we felt like [Bryant] is past the mistakes he has made and ready to move on,” Browns coach Rob Chudzinski said April 27.

Apparently not.

36 responses to “Browns draft pick busted for DUI

  1. Will he and the Browns owner be in the same cell block? Although you have to think Haslem can buy off a lot of people to get the old slap on the wrist sentance.

  2. This must be the fault of the police.

    Signed, All the Al Michael’s defenders a few weeks ago

  3. This is unfortunate, but it is not damning. I am not minimizing DUI, I know it is bad, but he can get past this with a strong work out. Sadly for him is that he will now be entered into the program where you can’t drink…and young people like to drink, where violations of this program could cost him 4 games. He was less than a beer over. I wonder how much alcohol is .098…

  4. i cant understand these dudes, they have a dream come true in getting drafted and end up messing up before they even sign their deals, now will be most likely be unemployed,

  5. It comes to a point where you have to ask, “Are you an addict?”, in which case you need to get people help. Or you ask, “Are you stupid?”. If the later is true, I’m not sure what you have to do to fix it.

  6. Do yourself a favor. Get yourself a personal breathalyzer. They’re available all over the place.

    Now, next time you go drinking, keep testing yourself until you get to .098. See how drunk you feel. It’s nothing. I guarantee you that if you drink at all, you’ve driven with that BAC and felt like you were totally fine.

    I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just asking people to walk a little in someone else’s shoes before you crush them.

    This was an awfully dumb thing for this kid to do, but it doesn’t make him a terrible person.

  7. Will us Browns fans ever get a positive feel good story or event anytime soon? Jinxed I say.

  8. Well, that should be a 4 game suspension, right? He’ll be competing for a spot against guys who can start all 16 weeks. Not looking real good for a 7th rounder.

    Plus, that name just makes me wince. Armonty? Thanks a lot, mom.

  9. I blew a .14 once in PA back when the limit was .15. They lowered the limit twice since then. Probably a good thing.

  10. Just when it can’t get much worse for the Browns…Maybe Haslam can loan him the services of his lawyer.

  11. Dude was selling $20 worth of marijuana to a undercover cop? Well I guess you can take East Central University off the scope of NCAA recruitment violations.

  12. Best part of the story: his passenger was arrested for public intoxication. Go figure that one out. “Ma’am, I see you no longer have a ride home. Looks like your drunk on the street. Hands behind your back.”

  13. Wow – totally had it backwards. You don’t blow and refuse the blood test, you take the blood test and refuse the breath! blood is accurate!

    Guy musta been drunk

  14. Haslam is a fraud. Guys like to take guns to airports. Pay for sex. Can’t call a cab. Qb is awful. Fans dress up like dogs. Classy group

  15. I would go on a non stop binge to if I worked my whole life to get to the nfl, only to get drafted by the browns.
    A man can only take just so much disappointment.

  16. Sounds like this kid is playing his cards right to draw interest from pitts, Natti, or Bal. once the browns cut him, if he can force a Co-ed or two into a bathroom stall, or help one of his homeys get away with murder, the rest of the AFC north will be licking there chops to sign this kid. man this just gives me a little taste of what it must be like to be a Stealer, Ben Gal, or Ratbird fan, just feels a little dirty.

  17. Can you cut some one before you sign them. If this guy is stupid enough to sell drugs on campus, twice, to undercover cops and then get drafted and go get drink and pull that crap…Why the heck would you want him on your roster. He talks about a second chance…Looks to me like it’s three strikes and your out…

  18. Don’t teams HAVE to offer a contract, and sign, their draft pics? So they can’t actually get rid of him until he signs. Weird, but true.

  19. Every day I wake up, look in the mirror, and thank the heavens that I was not born a Browns fan.

  20. I’m sure everyone on this page bashing a guy for an .098 DUI and selling a grand total of $40 worth of pot never did anything stupid in their 20’s.

    If this kid were most places outside of Oklahoma (where police officers have real crime to tend to), chances are he wouldn’t have even been charged. 3 offenses that are so minor the argument could be made that the law is just as idiotic as the crime.

  21. The browns sure don’t make a lot of picks. But when they do. They sure take kids with good character… 5 years in a row lets just say 6 with 11 or more losses. Hard to be that good at being that awful

  22. “Welcome to the BIGS, Rook!” Looks as though he is fitting right in with all the other knuckleheads in the DUI pool.

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