Ditka would take a chance on Tebow

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No current NFL coach has shown an inclination to take a chance on free-agent quarterback Tim Tebow.

But one former coach would roll the dice on one of the most polarizing players of the past generation.

“I think [Tebow] can play quarterback in the NFL, but whatever offense you run might have to be tweaked a bit,” Ditka said in his “4 Downs With Ditka” column in the Chicago Sun-Times.  “This kid is a talent and he proved it in college.  He is an outstanding leader.  Now, does he have an unusual throwing motion?  Yes.  But there a lot of quarterbacks that didn’t have a perfect throwing motion.  Some of them turned out to be great quarterbacks because they were great leaders.  I really do think there’s a place for him.  If not at quarterback, I think he could play tight end.  If I was in the league and coaching today, I would take a chance on him at quarterback.”

Tebow’s throwing motion has attracted plenty of attention over the years, which has taken some of the focus away from his lack of accuracy.  There’s only so much he can do at this point to improve either; regardless, no team currently believes he’s good enough to continue those efforts under the tutelage of its coaching staff.

Still, it would be fun to see Ditka chew on Tebow.  Tebow would react to the ranting and raving with a smile, and that would like drive Ditka into even more of a frenzy.

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  1. I just don’t get why Tebow doesn’t get a shot. All he does is rally his team and win games.

    The contrast between the attention Kluwe gets and the venom Tebow receives is staggering.

  2. And that ladies and gentlemen is only one if the reasons Ditka isn’t an NFL head coach. Well, that and the Ricky Williams trade. And the fact that Buddy Ryan, and the 85 Bears defense are kinda past their prime.

  3. I would take a chance on Tebow if I didn’t have a better option. If I am Jacksonville, I roll with Tebow and Jones-Drew for 200 yards rushing a game and a sold out stadium because you don’t have any receivers worth a damn anyway. The added fan support will only help your defense and the end result can be a very exciting 8-8 season. Sure, you might not really be accomplishing anything, but you’ll make some money and sell some merchandise that way.

    Start Gabbert and your looking at 4 wins max with an empty stadium, a warehouse full of ugly jerseys and disgruntled Jones-Drew.

  4. Of course Ditka would take a chance on Tebow. Ditka works for ESPN…they are all deluded idiotic morons. Used to be a great network, but now all they do is hire washed up ex-football players. They’re opinions are just personal opinions and in no way are neither accurate or informative. Screw Ditka. Maybe he ought to buy his own team and start Tebow.

  5. I think Tebow has gotten a raw deal. Denver should have kept him behind Peyton Manning. He has a cult like following but his fans in Denver would noty have been calling for Tebow over Manning. There was only a QB controversy in Denver while he was there and New York because both teams were losing and the starting QBs were sub par. He needs to go to a team with a strong starter and learn behind someone. He is better than many of the second & 3rd string QBs. It is not his fault that the media can’t get off his jock.

  6. This time I agree with Ditka because
    all Tebow do is WIN! Elway spent the season in Denver stabbing Tebow in the back while Tebow was winning PLAYOFF GAMES. Now Tebow cant get a job because teams are scared that if he come off the bench he will find a way too win games and the fans will want him too be the starter.

  7. Didn’t Iron Mike pretty much prove with the “I’ll give up my entire draft (and then some) to get Ricky Williams” that he is an idiot?

  8. Of course he’d take Tebow. This is the same coach who traded his entire draft for Ricky Williams – how did that work out? Ditka had one great year – 1985. he never duplicated it, never got back to the Super Bowl with the Bears, did absolutely nothing with the Saints, and is somehow revered as this “great” coach. Sorry, but Walsh, Gibbs, and Parcells were the coaches of the 80s – I’ll listen to Gibbs and Parcells today long before Ditka.

  9. In 1986 Ditka took a chance on a 24 year old former USFL QB by the name of Doug Flutie. Jim McMahon was playing like crap and then got hurt and Flutie took over and lost a 1st round playoff game that season ending what many thought would have become a Bears Dynasty.

  10. Says the the guy who unexplicably gave up a whole draft on the pothead Williams.

  11. His long, slow slide to being a caricature of himself continues. Sad really.

    Does this guy ever have any information or insight that the guy at the bar couldn’t come up with?

  12. He’s also the guy who traded his whole draft for Ricky Williams, so…

    Great player; not so great talent evaluator.

  13. I would never let you run my football team. If you gave up your whole draft to bring in Ricky Williams what the hell would you do for this guy?

  14. They guy takes a team going absolutely nowhere, turns their entire season around, gets them in the playoffs and actually wins a playoff game against a very good team.

    Contrast that to Romo who just signed a huge contract for leading one extremely talented team after another to nothing. Tebow has something that can’t be taught.

  15. the decision to trade everything for ricky Williams was not smart no question but in this case if you read the whole article he said he might have to play tight end or h back type role and he comes basically for nothing money wise now unlike the jets who acted like he blew a chance and never got one they could say you get a week to show you can be a qb for us then shut up and go play blocking tight end or h back and you will be our 3rd string emergency qb

  16. chio1town:
    Tebow “was winning playoff games”? Playoff games? Games? As in more than one?
    The Broncos won ONE postseason game with Tebow. That lone win was the last victory in the final five games of Tebow’s Broncos career. A 1-4 career-ending record illustrates that not all Tebow does is win and that he also has a penchant for LOSING…

  17. Ok I don’t usually comment on tebow stuff or any other player who can’t play and isn’t currently on a roster. But let’s just say the jets killed tebow chances of getting another shot in the nfl. He should’ve went to the jags last season instead of the jets. I’m not sure of all the details that made him choose the jets but that decision pretty much ruined his chances. Atleast the jags would’ve given him a chance with how terrible their qb played.

  18. Ditka made himself a HOF player,

    Sweetness and Buddy Ryan’s 6-4 defense made him a HOF coach,

    SNL and the “Superfans” made him a God,

    Ricky ruined him.

  19. I agree with Dikta. Tebow would likely create a great deal of interest from NFL fans of a city that he plays in. He has proven he can pllay and many NFL teams have worse QBs on their current rosters.

  20. This is coming from a guy who gambled his entire draft class- you know what forget it, everyone already knows the story.

    Ditka, you’re an ESPN analyst now, and you just said something that has a lot of people paying attention to you now. Chalk that one up as a job well done.

    Break their attention on other unimportant matters!
    Make them want to talk to you!
    Like hell, should you care, its the offseason!

  21. why is everyone posting such bitter stuff about Tebow and Dikta. the NFL isn’t a religion and both of them are entetaining regardless of what you think about their views or their abilities. Folks need to lighten up.

  22. Ditka hated Flutie and said McCaskey was the one who wanted him. Ditka saying He would want Tebow just adds fuel to the Anti-McCaskey hatred that is 85 Bear fans. Cutler gets hurt, we have a backup who struggles and they will burn up the Score and ESPN phone lines saying McCaskey is cheap and we could of had Tebow. Ditka is still thought of as a deity in Chicago. HE blasts a player and the fan base turns on that player. Lovie was crtiticized because “Ditka” would have done things differently. Wannstedt is unfairly treat like crap here because he followed Ditka and was considered McCaskey’s boy.

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