Ex-Jet Cliff Harris arrested for second time in a week


Last week we mentioned that the Jets cut cornerback Cliff Harris after he was arrested for possession of marijuana in New Jersey. After the Jets sent him packing, Harris went back home to Oregon — where he was arrested again.

Portland TV station KGW reports that Harris was arrested on Friday night for domestic harassment after witnesses said they saw him pushing his girlfriend at a Buffalo Wild Wings.

Harris (pictured during his time in the Eagles’ training camp last year) has a long history of trouble with the law. He was kicked off Oregon’s football team in 2011 after a string of off-field incidents that included marijuana possession and several traffic offenses. He may be best remembered for an incident in which he was pulled over for driving 118 miles an hour while his license was suspended. The officer who pulled Harris over reported that he smelled marijuana in Harris’s car, and when he asked Harris who had the pot, Harris answered, “We smoked it all.”

It’s a shame that those incidents are what Harris is best known for, because he has undeniable talent: As a sophomore in 2010 he was an outstanding player on both defense and special teams, leading the NCAA in both passes defensed and punt return touchdowns. But it appears that Harris is intent on letting his talent go to waste, and at this point, it’s hard to see any NFL team giving him another chance.

45 responses to “Ex-Jet Cliff Harris arrested for second time in a week

  1. You’re not allowed into UO without being a certified weedhead and violent offender.

  2. Been smoking for over 10 years and never been arrested…how the hell does this idiot get caught twice???? Lol maybe he should lay off it for awhile…

  3. This guy…

    He went to Oregon and stayed in trouble. Looks like he will never learn. Way to throw away a potential life of making millions.

  4. @thegreatgabbert its obvious you know nothing about football by not only your name but the fact that you don’t know that hat is a pre-practice walk through item for scout team guys…

  5. Perhaps he should have had a joint or two or three before he went to BWW. He’d have eaten more, but he’d also have been non-violent.

  6. The officer who pulled Harris over reported that he smelled marijuana in Harris’s car, and when he asked Harris who had the pot, Harris answered, “We smoked it all.”

    HAHA! I’ll have to this this one out.

  7. This dude is going to wake up 20 years from now and ask himself, “What have I done?”. Hopefully he learns from his mistakes and makes a good life for himself.

  8. Regardless of the particulars, when you get arrested twice in the same week, on separate criminal matters, in different places – you have a problem – whether its hanging in the wrong places – or with the wrong people – or your life is just simply out of control.

  9. aaronrwest says: May 6, 2013 1:21 PM

    Don’t count the Bengals out. He meets the #1 requirement to play in Cincy.

    Thought that honor went to Detroit as of 2010.

  10. Can we stop calling this guy an “ex-Jet” please? He literally never even practiced with the team. All that’s missing is a Tebow reference.

  11. Some 30 million of us (in the U.S) will smoke some reefer today……can’t lay this fellows shortcomings on smoking the peace pipe…..straight up idiocy and alcohol are the most likely culprits….

  12. Seems like there are historically good coaches at giving some perspective to young kids like this who don’t realize everything they’re sacrificing by shucking professionalism. Be nice to see him turn it around on the practice squad for Jeff Fisher or Marvin Lewis.

  13. aaronrwest says:
    May 6, 2013 1:21 PM
    Don’t count the Bengals out. He meets the #1 requirement to play in Cincy

    I thought the #1 requirement to play in Cincy was you had to be good enough to make the playoffs 2 years in a row and 3 out of last 4 years?
    Since the lsit of those teams is small, I’m guessing your team isn’t one of those!

  14. Talent be damned, the NFL is better off without him. I know that there are many who seeing this, will moan and groan about making pot legal, but weed has little to do with it. Its more about not running afoul of the law and the public image one projects by doing so. But few will give up their vices, if only for a little while, even if that means losing out on millions. Its more of a mindset that says, I want my vices AND the millions. Forgetting for the moment that deterrents like Roger Goodell, stand in their way.

    Does Roger smoke weed? You don’t know that for sure, do you. Because even if he did, he’s not stupid enough to flaunt that bad behavior in public. So, we can only speculate, without any proof, and he can happily go on making his millions. Imagine that, good behavior has its rewards.

  15. The real travesty is that when (not if) he winds up on welfare, i’ll be paying taxes for this idiot.

  16. Blowin trees is not his problem..Decision makin is. These dudes dont like being HOME. What’s the use of having the big multi-million houses if you always wana be in the streets? And for Any pro ball player to actually get caught drinkn & driven or havin Trees on them in public is super stupid. THATS what ya entourage is for. They hold the sack..they drive you around. DUHH!!

  17. who still hot box? ride and smoke green at the same time with windows rolled up, dont these folks have a house to do that at, we used to do dumb stuff like this when we was in HIGHschool, not as adults, smh!!!

  18. He will straighten out once he gets a new team and can afford a top lawyer to tell everyone he is innocent and being picked on by racist white cops.

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