Former Giants second-round pick Clint Sintim retires at age 27


Clint Sintim, a linebacker who had enough potential that the Giants took him in the second round of the 2009 NFL draft, has retired at the age of 27 after an NFL career in which he had more torn ACLs than games started.

Sintim, who last played in 2010, confirmed on his Facebook page that he will never play again.

“I never actually announced it but I am officially retired from the game of football,” Sintim wrote. “I want to thank everyone who supported me throughout my movement but it was honestly time for me to walk away from the game. Ambition should not be limited to a sport and in my case it is not.”

Sintim played in 24 games in his first two seasons, starting just one, and then tore his ACL twice and never saw the field again. Sintim spent the 2011 season on injured reserve and was cut by the Giants before the 2012 season.

10 responses to “Former Giants second-round pick Clint Sintim retires at age 27

  1. Make fun of him all you want to daysend564. Still doesn’t eliminate the fact that he played in the NFL and we never did/will.

    Clint Sintim was explosive and had a lot of potential but unfortunately for him the injury bug latched onto him. Best of luck in your future endeavors Mr. Sintim!

  2. I really wanted him to be good when they picked him up. Unfortunately it doesn’t always happen that way. At least he’s able to walk away while he can still walk. I wish him well

  3. I really love these incredibly slow news days for the NFL. “Lions first round draft pick crosses the street!”

  4. #52 should really be retired by Giants by now…..

    no one wore that 52 like Pepper Johnson

  5. Although it is injuries that ultimately cut Sintims career short he was offered numerous opportunities in the Giants weak LB squad to secure a starting , and producing, role.
    The competition wasn’t fierce or strong enough to justify a 2nd rounder not making it as a starter quickly.
    He never could achieve that and has to be considered a bust as a 2nd round draft choice based on those facts first.
    24 games played is more than enough to show what you can be in this league.
    I wish the young man well in whatever endeavors life brings him now.

  6. On the bright side:

    1) he is still just 27
    2) if he managed his money well, he probably has enough money to spend the next decade doing whatever he wants
    3) he has a Superbowl ring

    Good luck, Clint!

  7. What a shame. I was wondering what became of him. Hopefully he lands on his feet. He was good enough in college that maybe he could be a LB coach or assistant at some D-I school.

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