Geno Smith narrows agent options to three


With plenty of negative articles coming out in recent days about Jets quarterback Geno Smith, he’d benefit from an agent who can bend and/or chew on the ears of the folks who are writing bad things about the agent’s client.

But Smith, who fired Select Sports Group last week, currently is unrepresented.  That status could change soon, now that the mandatory five-day waiting period for hiring a replacement has expired.

The finalists for the job, we’re told, are Rick Smith of Priority Sports, David Dunn of Athletes First, and Joel Segal.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reported over the weekend that meetings will be held with the candidates on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Segal, who represents former West Virginia receiver Tavon Austin, was believed to be a finalist for the original representation of Smith.

Dunn represents Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, which could make for an awkward situation, to say the least.  If Smith truly had concerns about Select Sports Group clients Kevin Kolb signing with the Bills and Chase Daniel signing with the Chiefs (two of Smith’s possible first-round destinations), it’s hard to imagine Smith hiring the guy who represents the guy with whom Smith will be directly competing for the starting job.

44 responses to “Geno Smith narrows agent options to three

  1. Hire me Geno. I will charge you half of what these other guys do an have the best advise available. Shut your mouth, work your tail off and produce on the field. All the money, glory and fame will follow.

  2. Which ever agent can do tie a tie for Geno is his guy….

    God knows his mom will not be there all time to do his tie for him

  3. Hopefully Geno will grow up and listen to the agents’ advice instead of his entourage.

  4. He’ll just wind up firing David Dunn when his second round rookie contract isn’t up to snuff with Aaron Rodgers’.

  5. hasnt taken a single snap in the NFL yet, but i can already tell how this kids career is going to end.

  6. This kid is going to be a disaster. I thought the trade up for Sanchez was a joke, then the Tebow thing… now this.

    Are the Jets even trying?

  7. Dear Geno, You don’t need an agent. You need a role model. Try this one: Peyton Manning. Copy his attitude and work ethic. Go ahead…. try it for a while……………

  8. Doomed before he even starts his career.

    It’s obvious his priorities are too far out of whack. Also explains why he dropped so far.

  9. Avoid this guy like the plague. He is the reincarnation of Vince Young. It would serve the team best if they didnt sign him at all. His hassle and distraction outweigh any potential he may have.

  10. I can’t recall ever hearing before who the finalists were to be somebody’s agent. And the unnamed source couldn’t possibly be one of the three “finalists” could it?

  11. I used to wonder why the media and other “unnamed sources” seem to love to tear people down all the time. Then I come to a site like this one and I realize why the do these things. They are just giving all the jerks out there what they want! I guess it is “cool” in today’s day and age to tear others down. So the kid needs to mature some big deal he is in his early twenties. I know a lot of people that are in their 40s that are just as immature if not more so!

  12. I hope he picks an agent who promtly quits because he wasn’t drafted as the #1 agent, and he wasn’t selected on the first day.

  13. Geno better worry more about the playbook, than an agent that won’t be able to get him one red cent if he fails. The kid is already behind the 8 ball, with reports coming in daily, about work ethic, leadership, and other nonsense. Go play, and the rest will come in for you.

  14. rpiotr01 says:
    May 6, 2013 11:28 AM
    He’ll just wind up firing David Dunn when his second round rookie contract isn’t up to snuff with Aaron Rodgers’.

    Aaron Rodgers was a first round draft pick

  15. Then he’ll fire his new agent when he doesn’t beat out Sanchez for the starting job.

  16. I wonder if he hires the guy who texts the most while the interview is going on, or updates their twitter.

    Geno is a clown. Glad he went to the Jets.

  17. He’ll just wind up firing David Dunn when his second round rookie contract isn’t up to snuff with Aaron Rodgers’.
    Aaron Rodgers was a first round draft pick


    Doesnt matter where Aaron Rodgers was drafted, that was irrelevant to the point the guy was trying to make.

  18. Another circus with this guy’s agent now. What else
    is going to happen??

  19. Sounds like Idzik and Woody are giving the young kid sound advice. Don’t rush to hire anyone, interview accordingly without outside pressure to rush a decision.

    Geno sounds like a man making smart thorough decisions. Good work!

  20. He should hire Jay-Z/CAA. CAA has the experience to get him a good contract, Jay-Z is probably one of a handful of people in the world who could properly keep Smith’s outsized ego in check.

  21. I’m so glad Geno Smith was never drafted by my team! All the pouting and promise of playoffs by this diva.. We got the right Smith, Alex Smith!!!

    Geno look forward to seeing more of that pout you’ve become famous for! Too bad football will be a distant runner-up to your love of being a baby!!!

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