Mario Williams sues ex-fiancee for ring


When Bills defensive Mario Williams proposed to his fiancee, he sealed the deal with a $785,000 ring.

Now that the engagement has been scuttled, Williams wants the ring back from Erin Marzouki.  She refuses to surrender it, so Williams has sued.

According to KTRK-TV, Williams filed suit Friday for recovery of the ring, which includes a 10-carat diamond.  Williams reportedly alleges that Erin Marzouki “never intended to marry plaintiff and used the relationship as a means to get to plaintiff’s money and acquire gifts.”

She ended up with quite an expensive gift, but it came with a promise to marry Williams.  Regardless of how the law sorts this one out, she should give back the ring.

139 responses to “Mario Williams sues ex-fiancee for ring

  1. If SHE bailed on the marriage she should give it back. If HE bailed on the marriage it’s hers. It’s not that difficult. Gold diggers Suck!

  2. She should definitely give the ring back.

    A ring signifies intent to marry. If she didnt marry him, she needs to give it back.

    Now, if he cheated, or something stupid…he might not be entitled to get it back though. I think it depends on who broke it off.

    She should have almost no right to a 10 carat diamond for no reason though.

  3. $785K is probably more money than she will make in her entire lifetime on her own. If she keeps the ring, does that make her a prostitute?

  4. Legally she will need to give it back. If the ring was offered as a Marriage Proposal, it implies a contractual agreement, which she agreed to. The issue he will face is how long did they live together and where (Buffalo, NY, another state, etc.). Either way, she is getting a decent sum, but maybe not that ring.

    It goes without saying, she is a Gold Digger, but I would think he could have done better from the looks of her. She looks more like a 3/4 karat VS1, G-H type of Zales chick to me.

  5. First, spending that much money on a ring is real stupid. Having said that, if she broke off the relationship, she should give the ring back. If he broke it off, then he is S O L.

  6. Step 1 on how not to be broke 3 years after retiring-do not but almost 800K ring for gold digger.

  7. It’s an interesting contractual legal theory — the proposal is a contract offer and the ring is consideration for the promise to marry. If the marriage doesn’t happen, the contract isn’t entered, and the consideration (ring) must be returned. that’s the way it is in almost all states. The ex-fiance loses.

  8. 758,000.00 Diamond Ring
    230,000.00 Luxury Gifts
    108,000.00 Credit Card bill

    She’s a platinum Gold Digger if you ask me!

  9. It does not matter who bails on the marriage the ring should be returned.. The ring was given for a life long companioship, if it doesn’t get to that point the ring goes back.. Simple as that.

  10. Legally, the ring is hers.

    Rings are considered gifts. Its not a party to any contract in the eyes of the law.

    I dont think he has a leg to stand on here. Should have figured out a way to get her to give it back. Possession is usually 9/10 of the law – he could have said she gave it back.

    But if has it, and still wants it, he’s likely SOL.

    Shouldn’t have bought a million dollar ring. Thats just naive.

  11. I’m with azarkhan on this. The party that broke off the engagement doesn’t get the ring. Period.

    The law may say otherwise, but that’s how I see it.

  12. That Browns player that bought the $100 hooker isn’t looking too stupid now, is he?

  13. Laxcoach37, why would she be getting any sum of money? They werent married. Doesnt matter if they lived together or not, she’s not entitled to anything that is his.

  14. Most of us learn lessons that aren’t so expensive. Here’s hoping Mario learned his.

  15. This happened to an old friend 30+ years ago, and she gave it back after a police officer told her it was in her best interest after they stopped him from cutting off her finger and taking it. She gave it up quick.

  16. Kobe Bryant is laughing at how thrifty Mario Williams’ ring purchasing habits are.

  17. I’m not sure about NY law, but if it is the same as my state, the only way she can keep the ring is if he proposed on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and her Birthday. In those cases, the ring is considered a gift and it is hers regardless of intent to marry. Doesn’t matter if anyone cheated or who broke it off. But again, I’m unfamiliar with NY law….

  18. Sure hope Mario wins. It’s crazy that women keep engagement rings after breaking off the wedding. Had it happen to a friend. Most guys don’t have the money to go to court over a few thousand dollars so the girl keeps it.

    Note to guys. If you are dating a girl who has an engagement ring from a guy she didn’t marry, run.

  19. What he should have done is get a Cubic Zirconia stone and tell her he will replace it with a real diamond at the wedding. Even then he should have written it into the pre-nuptial so it was basically the ONLY thing she got.

    Dumb Dumb Dumb. No wonder these guys typically end up worse than broke when they leave football.

  20. Hi @rezdawg… as sad as this sounds in many states their are laws on the books for “Common Law – Property Right”. This depends on what State and how long. You do not have to be Married, trust me on this one.

  21. Nice to see him take a stand and not spend over $4 million on the ring as he would be expected to under the three month gross salary rule for purchasing an engagement.

  22. So he spent almost 1/50th of the 100 million contract (after taxes and agent’s fees0 on an engagement ring ?

    Not very smart. He better be more careful with anything he has left or he’ll be broke and crying 5 years after getting out of the NFL.

    He’s going to find out that when you resell diamonds that you’re lucky to get 20 cents on each dollar that you spent.

  23. rezdawg says:
    May 6, 2013 1:51 PM
    Laxcoach37, why would she be getting any sum of money? They werent married. Doesnt matter if they lived together or not, she’s not entitled to anything that is his.


    WRONG. Some states have laws that if you live together long enough, either party is entitled to the lifestyle they were used to living while you were together – which means she gets money.

    Read up kids.

  24. $785,ooo (now) is a bargain compared to child support payments over 24 years.

    Chalk it up as a lesson learned and move on to your next colossal financial mistake.

  25. I could be wrong but it could all come down to the day she got the ring. If it was a holiday (say valentines day) she will probably be allowed to keep it. If it wasn’t she will probably have to give it back.

    Cheaper to give a ring then half of everything. Williams got lucky he didn’t marry this ugly chick

  26. Who gets the ring depends on the state. IF the state considers it a gift, she gets to keep it regardless. Etiquette dictates that whoever breaks the engagement does not get the ring, but that is not legally binding.

    IMO it depends on who broke it off, unless the ring is a family heirloom, then she should give it back. Call me crazy, but I don’t think it was an heirloom.

    I couldn’t tell from reading the article, but who broke it off?

  27. n0hopeleft says:
    May 6, 2013 2:03 PM

    “WRONG. Some states have laws that if you live
    together long enough, either party is entitled to the lifestyle they were used to living while you were together – which means she gets money.

    Read up kids.”


    I’ve never heard of anything like this. In fact, the only relief I ever recall for a non-spouse “palimony” situation was rehabilitative (Lee Marvin’s ex-girlfriend was awarded about 100K so she could get training to get back into the job market).

  28. This would fall under a very simple contract law. The ring is NOt a gift, but a promise (contract) to be fulfilled by the receiver…in this case, marriage. She is in breach of contract for not fulfilling the requirement (promise of marriage) and therefore is required to return the ring.

  29. IRS wants her to get the ring……the tax bill on the gift will be significant.

  30. If she really wants to throw him a curveball, she should donate it to his favorite charity today and ask questions later.

  31. To me the story is $785k for the ring.

    I understand he has a $96M contract, but come on.

    First of all, he is unlikely to see all of, or even most of, that money.

    Second of all, let’s say he did and it was his last contract. Unlike you or I, who will probably be in the work force for 40 years and make more money later in life than we do now, that 96M represents virtually all of the money he will make in his life. If you take it and divide it up amongst a typical person’s 40 year earning life, that comes out to less than 2 million dollars a year, BEFORE TAXES AND AGENTS FEES.

    That means that after taxes, that ring cost him almost a year’s salary And that’s just dumb, I don’t care how much you make.

  32. WRONG. Some states have laws that if you live together long enough, either party is entitled to the lifestyle they were used to living while you were together – which means she gets money.

    Read up kids.


    Which states are these? So if you have a roomate who sponges off you and you want to move out they can be entitled to your money? How is a relationship prior to marriage legally binding?

  33. I agree with most posters–depends on intent, state statutes and who broke it off, etc—those will all play a factor I believe in how this shakes out. He should be happy that is all he is out though, as many of you have stated as well. Obviously not the right lady for him. And he probably should be more careful what he spends his money on or definitely be one of the next broke after 5-10 years of playing the game.

    A bigger thing I’d like to say at this time, however, is it is funny the people that say she should of been hotter or she isn’t even that hot, etc. Not sure if it is because I live in podunk Missouri or what, but to me she looks pretty good and it shouldn’t matter what she looks like.

    I’d wager many of us on this site haven’t been with a girl that looks as good as this one or happen to marry a girl that looks remotely close to her–so really it makes you look childish and ignorant to say dumb things like she’s not even that hot or she could be hotter etc. I won’t lie–if I were to get with a woman of this caliber, it would easily be one of my better looking women. Not sure if that is knock on me or my preferences or both. Relax with the whole looks aspect of this.

    In the end guys, lets be honest, you would be with her *wink* because we are guys and it is what we do–we are pigs.

    But I wouldn’t with this particular girl because as one poster said–if a woman has a ring from a previous engagement that fell through or takes/spends all your money (regardless of what salary or tax bracket you fall in) you should definitely run the other way. You know what they say about crazy women…

  34. I can top this…I was married for almost 6 years and when I asked for a divorce, my cheapazz ex wanted the engagement ring back!

  35. @flaccotoboldin the ring is not hers legally:

    In New York, An engagement ring is considered a conditional gift, where the condition is that the marriage actually takes place. This means that if the marriage does not take place and the bachelor asks for the ring back, then the potential bride will most likely have to return the engagement ring to the bachelor.

    It does not matter why the marriage did not occur. The courts do not consider “fault” in determining that an engagement ring is to be returned.

    There are two possible exceptions to this rule. Some courts have found that if the engagement ring was given while the “bachelor” was still married, then the ring was not made in “contemplation of the marriage”. This is because, an agreement to marry when one is still already married is void. Therefore, the ring was given as a true gift and not as a conditional gift.

    The second exception is if the conditions surrounding the giving of the ring indicate that it was a true gift versus giving an engagement ring. For example, if you give the ring to the potential bride at Christmas or on her birthday, she may be able to argue that the ring was not an engagement ring, but a Christmas present or a birthday present.

  36. Anyone(and I mean anyone…) shallow enough to spend 750k plus on a ring and then give it to someone who you think would accept such foolishness gets what they deserve…I find the both of them sickening…..

  37. Hes just trying to get it back cause he realizes thats the only type of ring he’ll see playing in Buffalo

  38. threedeep1998 says: May 6, 2013 1:47 PM

    Wow. The ring I gave my fiance’ was $500 and she put $100 of her own money in it.

    Bro…. it’s 2 MONTHS salary, not 2 weeks… and $500 for most people is closer to 2 days…

  39. Depends on the state where jurisdiction (and not sure if that would be place of residence or where he proposed), but NY case law says an engagement ring is a conditional gift. And NY is no-fault state for marriage (and engagements), so doesn’t matter circumstances of the split.

    Only catch would be if she can argue it was a regular gift and not an engagement gift… hence why gallaghedj311 referenced christmas, birthdays and valetines day. Regular gifts are non-recoverable.

  40. None of my biz, but, how can she be called a gold digger?? Not like she said buy me a ring the size of Texas, that’s his dumb fault for getting that big of a ring, its a gift!!! To ask for a for it back is pretty low!
    Now for the smack talk!!
    Really, was he over compensating for something!!! Lol
    Anyway, its why I don’t wanna be rich, good luck swooing the ladies now Big Guy!!!

  41. A lot of good questions here. I’ve been watching TV for some time now and I think it will ultimately come down to whether or not he got it at Jared.

  42. – 10-carat Diamond Engagement Ring: $785,000
    – Luxury Item gifts for your ex-fiancé: $230,000
    – Ex-fiancé’s credit card charges: $108,000

    – The peace of mind you’ll eventually feel for not marrying a gold-digger who shows her true character before you are legally committed to her: PRICELESS

  43. WRONG. Some states have laws that if you live together long enough, either party is entitled to the lifestyle they were used to living while you were together – which means she gets money.

    Read up kids.


    You should check those states. Read up, kid.

  44. A part of me feels bad for Mario until I realize that his dumb behind spent $785,000 on a ring. That’s a summer home, or 5 vehicles or $785,000 on cancer research. I have no pity for him.

  45. Considering the amount of money he COULD have been taken for, after a failed marriage – he should thank his lucky stars that he’s only on the hook for $785 K.

    Silver lining to mario’s cloud – It could have been so much worse…

  46. Hope the judge isn’t a Bills’ fan. For the production the Bills got for the $ they spent on Williams, he can kiss that ring goodbye.

  47. This site is starting to become too personal. No need for the TMZ type articles.

  48. Williams got off light at $785k….. The 2 month salary rule puts the ring he should have bought in $2mm range….

    He was being a little cheap if you ask me….

  49. Attention Men: This is why you ALWAYS buy a ring with a Cubic Zircona, and replace it with a real diamond several years later, only when you know the marriage is for real.

    Free life advice, thank me later.

  50. She’s just holding onto the ring to get some kind of settlement out of him. I’m sure she figures she can get a $100K payoff in exchange for giving back a $785K ring. Just as bad as trying to keep the ring, if you ask me.

  51. ny law:
    So, you decide to go your separate ways. But who gets the ring? It turns out New York State actually has laws about these situations. (Of course, we have laws for everything here.)

    A state law enacted in 1935 basically says that you can’t sue someone for backing out of an engagement. But a 1965 addition to that law (that would be New York Civil Rights Law Section 80-b), gave ring-givers the right to ask for the ring back. (Or, as the law puts it, “Nothing in this article contained shall be construed to bar a right of action for the recovery of a chattel.” Who says there isn’t romance in the law?) That law, along with various court cases, has made engagement rings in New York State conditional gifts governed by “no-fault” rules. That means if the engagement doesn’t result in marriage — the ring goes back to the giver. Even if the recipient skips out to another state.

    But, wait, there’s more. If the ring-giver was still married when he or she proposed, the ring is no longer a conditional gift — it’s just a regular gift. And those don’t have to be returned. (There was actually a case, Marshall v. Cassano, where this was decided.)

    So, the short story in New York State…
    + Broken engagement where both people weren’t married at the time of the proposal: ring goes back to the giver.
    + Broken engagement where the giver was still married: good luck with that.

  52. If he got caught messing around, she should keep it. If he called it off, she should keep it. If she just wanted out, she should give it back…..or at least negotiate. I bet the rings actual selling value is more like $375,000. Yeah Mr. Mario, we noticed your ring so you wouldn’t die. Maybe next time try and buy a more realistic ring instead of showing off. Yeah, I’m looking at you and noticing you now and laughing my a$$ off at you now.

  53. Shame he’s taking this girl through that. But, be careful of who you date, men and women. Don’t give costly items, until the wedding is sealed. Make them love you for who you are, not what you have and can provide.

  54. 13arod says: May 6, 2013 3:00 PM

    wgy would you want your ex boyfriends ring give it back


    Are you seriously asking that question?

  55. Whether or not shre “should” as opposed to being legally required depends mostly on what scuttled the relationship.

    If she caught him messing around on the side she should keep it.

  56. First ring I gave my wife, the stone was in competition with birdseed for hugeness. BUT, she and I love each other as much, or more now as then, AND “then” was 30-years ago.

    MARIO!!!! You listenin’ to me????

  57. Lets assume she cheated on him after 1 year of marriage, and that Mario would owe $20,000/year Alimony and $3,000/year Child Support. Guess what..The ring was a gift presented before marriage, so it is not joint property and it belongs to her. The net is though, Mario just saved himself a lot of money versus the other alternative.

    Moral of the story..Do what Ray Lewis did and just don’t get married and forget engagement rings, then you can’t get burned.

  58. Hope ya get the ring back! Be happy you didn’t marry her.

    Only one that is really screwed was the salesman that got the commission on it,,

  59. If my Fiancee and I dont get married…. I have too much pride to ask for the ring back. It seems petty to do so.

    I know that ring is expensive, but its 6.25% of his salary. A lot of people pay that %, or more… for an engagement ring.

  60. “…[why] would you want your ex boyfriends ring give it back…”

    You saw the part about it being $785,000, right? I want the ring and I don’t even know these people.

  61. I wonder if the split had anything to do with moving the two of them to Buffalo? (I was just about to cite the weather channel to justify my joke, but apparently Buffalo has been warmer than here in VA. Come on, weather: Get your sit together.)

  62. Not sure NY law applies, since the engagement happened when both were Texas residents.

    But even so, Texas law also would require return of the ring.

  63. Actually whether she should give it back or not depends on perspective and who and why the engagement was ended. If she broke it off for no good reason, she should give it back. If he cheated on her and she broke it off or if he broke it off, the ring was a gift and she should keep it.

  64. sfniners4life says:
    May 6, 2013 3:21 PM
    Not saying she a gold digger but she ain’t messing with no broke…. Lol
    Yeah…that line was funnier 3 hours ago when 4 other people used it…

  65. Don’t they say the right should be worth 3 months salary? She should keep the ring and receive a check for $690,000.

  66. A $785,000 ring.

    And when we read about athletes going broke we still believe them that it was a ‘financial adviser’ that lost it all and not their own stupid purchases.

  67. Sounds like Mario dodged a bullet. If he thinks he lost a lot with the ring, he should talk to a lawyer about how much he would have lost in a divorce. Divorce laws really screw men pretty bad.

  68. Nope, lesson learned don’t gift something that you want back and why buy a ring that expensive? Suck it up the way you’ve been playing your teams owner could sue you for his money back……now that is an interesting can of worms.

  69. Why didn’t she marry him then divorce him and take the dude to the cleaners….She probably left money on the table….

  70. If she’s this much of a gold digger, Mario was lucky to get out now while he can. The divorce would have cost him millions. Call it an expensive lesson on choosing your potential wife.

    There’s also a word for women who have sex for money…

  71. Thank God that Mario was able to get out before they married.
    …and none of this crap about “maybe it was his fault it was called off.” ALL NFL player cheat on their women. She was too stupid to figure that out ahead of time?

  72. When an engagement ring is given its basically a contract that you are going to get married. It’s called a gift in contemplation of marriage. If they do not get married then the contract is broken. Legally she has to give the ring back. She’s going to lose big time on this one

  73. Did’nt the same thing Happen to Former Cowboy and Lion Reciever Roy Williams not to long ago?

  74. I hope he sued her in New York State. According to New York law she has to give the ring back. Don’t know what Texas law says.

  75. If this is anything like what I went through, she already pawned it for $15K. And its not her fault – she didn’t know what it was really worth. Mario, you could be SOL.

  76. Just check NY state law regarding ‘the ring’ because this happens all the time. He says she is a gold digger and realized this after asking her to marry him. This is non-sequitur. Follow state law. In similar cases, he gets the ring back. He should be lucky he didn’t make an 18 year investment.

  77. He should just let it go. He pulled the biggest heist in NFL history on our city. $96 million contract with what, $50 million guaranteed? Just let the $785k go Mario. And start producing!

  78. Gold diggers usually go for more so he’s lucky she ended it

    But he should get the ring back She didn’t wanna marry him no more cuz buffalo sucks n she only dates champions aka see Kobe wife or last boyfriend at ihop in Houston

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