ProFootballTalk: Dolphins’ future in Miami looking ‘bleak’

The situation in Miami is becoming a political mess, but owner Stephen Ross has made it clear he will not move the ‘Phins out of South Florida while he’s in control. This now begs the question: How long will he own the team?

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4 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Dolphins’ future in Miami looking ‘bleak’

  1. this might as well be titled ” cowboys moving to LA” or GB or the niners. Too much history to move

  2. Honestly, Miami has not come out to support the dolphins in earnest for years. Even in the Marino years they had empty seats. Granted the product and past ownership have been pathetic but lack of attendance had equalized the hohome field advantage for opponents. Look around the league at teams with bad records who still manage to fill the house. After this setback Ross would be wise to move this team and as a long time Dolphin fan who lives in California I would welcome the Los Angeles Dolphins to their new stadium with a purchase of season tickets.

  3. Pancanfifan how can you claim to be a true Dolphins fan yet want to see them move from Miami. The Dolphins are Miami and always will be. If you take them out of Miami it diminishes all their history. The way you talk about my team you are no true phinphan sir. Keep the Phins in Miami!!!

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