Report: Chargers haven’t reached out to Max Starks


The Chargers were hot on the trail of tackle Bryant McKinnie last week before McKinnie decided to return to the Ravens on a two-year deal, a decision that left San Diego without a surefire starter at left tackle.

There aren’t many other veteran options on the market at this point in the offseason and none are better than former Steeler Max Starks, but the team doesn’t appear to be moving in that direction after missing out on McKinnie. Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the team has not reached out to Starks before or after McKinnie’s decision to return to Baltimore.

According to Acee, the Chargers “figure” to go into the season with King Dunlap at left tackle with Kevin Haslam given a chance to wind up with the job. Mike Harris, who struggled when put at left tackle with Jared Gaither injured last season, isn’t given any consideration as a competitor for the job. Dunlap started 19 games in the last three years with the Eagles and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone with a rave review of the work he turned in during any of them.

Acee dropped the note about Starks into a longer column about the need for Chargers fans to believe that the team’s new brain trust has a plan in motion that will get the Chargers headed back in the right direction. He uses the left tackle spot is a reminder that neither Rome nor a better Chargers team can be built in one day or one offseason, although that probably won’t make it any easier for those fans to watch someone beating Dunlap and hitting Philip Rivers for a sack early next season.

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  1. The one key factor from this year to last. While i know the offensive line issue hasnt been addressed like it needs to.

    We wont have the most predictable offensive in the NFL anymore. I could nail just about every third down play call Norv ever handed out. And obviously so could other teams.

    That doesnt fix the offensive line issue, but it allows for at least an extra moment of separation when you’re not sure what the Chargers will call.

    Not saying it’ll be better, but I KNOW it can’t be worse

  2. As a Steelers fan I’ve never understood why Starks seems to get so little respect in NFL circles.

    He’s not a shut down guy on the left side by any means, and the Steelers’ OL has certainly been a weak link for years, but Max has been a pretty decent LT for a while. He’d be at worst, an excellent backup.

    Last season the Steelers cut him loose (again) and he saved their asses when we got rocked with injuries. Max stepped in and played every snap, and a high level.

  3. steelbydesign:
    Your assertion that the Steelers’ OL has been a weak link for years is a fallacy.
    Teams simply do not win three AFC titles and two Super Bowl championships over a six-year period without having a good to very good O-line. Even last season’s young and injury-depleted O-line allowed just 37 sacks.
    It is so tiresome hearing and reading about the Steelers’ alleged porous offensive lines. I suggest you stop listening to the Roethlisberger Apologists and start paying attention.

  4. Wow. If king Dunlap ends up starting at LT, they’d b better off bringing a one legged Gaither back. Dunlap has use only to raise arms to try and block field goals w his height cos he cannot block defensive ends for anything.

  5. This just in:
    Report: Chargers haven’t reached out to Tim Tebow to play Max Starks’ position, but still could happen.

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