Tebow is both irrelevant and influential


Somehow, the 2012 Jets killed Tebowmania.

Or did they?

A survey released Monday by Forbes.com finds that Tim Tebow is the most influential athlete in America.

According to Tom Van Riper of Forbes.com, the determination was made via surveys taken “over the past several months.”  Though Tebow had an NFL job before last Monday, he nevertheless had become largely forgotten from a football standpoint during the most recent regular season.

A whopping 29 percent of the respondents deemed Tebow to be influential.  He was followed by Olympians Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, and then by Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter.

Finishing fifth was Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, the man who allowed Denver to throw Tebow overboard.

Being influential may not make a team more inclined to give Tebow a job.  But it suggests that even if he spends the next decade languishing in various pro and/or semi-pro football leagues, the name will still carry weight when the time comes to transition to something else.

113 responses to “Tebow is both irrelevant and influential

  1. He drew a crowd of (i’m sorry I could be wrong) 40,000 people to hear him talk for a sermon? Of course he’s an influential athlete. If only he was an influential quarterback….

  2. You can’t really say Tebow is irrelevant, seeing as how the media, including our beloved PFT, makes Tebow relevant on a daily basis.

  3. He could sell out that stadium in Jacksonville, sell more jerseys than anyone else currently on the team (maybe the league) and probably get you a few more wins than Gabbert. Of course, by a few more wins I mean 7 or 8.

    If you look up the word “irrelevant” in the dictionary you’ll see the Jacksonville Jaguars logo. Why wouldn’t they want him? Blaine Gabbert? C’mon.

  4. TEBOW was never given a chance in NY.
    SANCHEZ was, and we all saw how that turned out.
    If TEBOW had been given the starting roll as QB last year for the JETS, I firmly believe that they would not have had a top 10 pick.
    Although I agree his style is unconventional, he would have won more games than SANCHEZ. The guy deserves a shot…there is no way in hell he is not better than ONE player currently on a starting roster in the NFL

  5. Let’s see. Timmy’s out of the league but Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn and Adam Weber are still in. Apparently the Broncos depth chart was correct after all…………

  6. I wish he would just say “I’m a football player”, and become a tight end/H back. He can be as influential as he wants to be.

  7. Great kid. I certainly wouldn’t mind my kid looking up to him as a role model. I just don’t want him as QB of my team.

  8. Based on his work ethic, good nature, and has won in the league he should get a spot on a roster somewhere. I’m not a tebow fan, and a lot of trolls are going to rage and say “the denver defense won those game.” May be true, but the Denver defense wasn’t winning those games before he got out there.

  9. Sad part is he does not realize , he is not a QB.
    A football player , yes . But now i doubt anyone
    will take on the circus atmosphere he creates .
    Wasted talent .

  10. In accepting his award, Tebow said, “I’d like to thank the media for making this possible despite my hardly ever playing a down of actual football in 2012.”

  11. As a Gators fan, I love Tebow, As a jaguars fan, I would welcome him to the team but not as a QB. The kid is a motivator through and through, his QB skills just arent up to par. Yes, he had a very fun ride to watch in Denver, and The Jets screwed him over big time. He is a great “football player” and needs to accept a different role to find a team.

  12. Tebow is a nice kid and influential but more of a distraction on an NFL team then a legit contributor. Heck, even justifying a roster spot on him is enough to get a GM fired. I think he needs to get into politics or religious pursuits.

  13. He’s a heck of a lot both more relevant and influential than his arch-nemesis, the ever-useless Merrill Hoge.

    I’m still pulling for this kid.

  14. Usain Bolt is influential? What does he influence other than 100 meter race results?

  15. He’s very influential. He influenced Elway to sign Peyton. He influenced the Jets to start Sanchez and McElroy over him. He also influenced them to cut him.

  16. So how did Forbes come up with this? Influence can mean a lot of things. He does influence a lot of conversation. But the most influential athletes are the winners and the guys who actually start.. How about P. Manning? Cars, tv’s, satellite dishes he has way more $$ influence.. How about Tom Brady, Lebron James, Sidney Crosby?!! These guys have much more influence and more notoriety as actual ATHLETES!!! Not missionary’s!
    What does he influence? Besides a bunch of unrealistic gator fans and bible thumpers?

  17. Kluwe is more infuential than Tebow. At least Kluwe publicly stands for something and writes his points and rebuttals out both eloquently and hilariously. Tebow simply has this high level christian image he has to manage and market. He doesnt ever speak or stand up for anything, he simply allows people to portray him based on their views toward christianity. He’s just a cash cow that will pose for a prayer picture. I would have so much more respect for Tebow if he would join the 21st century and use this so called influence through social media for the good of humanity. Even Kluwe (a non-influential punter) is willing to challenge the status quo and respond to politicians. It’s time Tebow steps up and uses some of that influence before he’s forgotten.

  18. So what exactly does he influence as an athlete? And the rest of the top five? What do they influence. Great athletes, but I wouldn’t don’t see a Roberto Clemente here.

  19. As a role model he is the perfect athlete for your children to look up to. So what if he is not an “NFL” caliber qb. How many of us are? He won’t get another shot due to the circus atmosphere that the media puts ot there. (Case in point this article. It’s not football news)

  20. Winning record and playoff win in one year as starter. With a team with a losing record when he became the starter. And the same team did not win a playoff game with Manning as starter. He’ll get a job by training camp. These coaches are supposed to be the best on the planet. Surely someone has the ability to coach him up.

  21. im sick of hearing about this dude, turn on nfl am in the morning and all u hear it tebow, turn on first take and theres tebow, turn of sportscenter and theres tebow, they do know there are hundreds of other nfl players that can be talked about, right??

  22. Im a Raider fan and i think tebow deserves a shot with a franchise. Everyone says his accuracy is horrible, but has the 2011 season progressed he was getting better. The problem he presented when he played the raiders was that he was acting like qb/running back. He would go step back to pass and then the middle of the field would open and tebow would take it. I liked that he lost 15lbs of muscle also. I think having that much muscle on him hurts his throwing ability. Have you seen any body builders throw lately? Look at the all tie greats they all have flimsy qb average body types. He deserves a real shot before all the unfunny old tebow jokes keep going on. I think Jacksonville would be perfect but the management of that team only wants profit not wins. I’m not even a tebow fan but it would be cool to see him get a real shot behind a descent franchise.

  23. When have Phelps, Bolt, or Jeter captured our attention this year? I can think of at least 100 athletes more influential. Forbes, stick to something you know anything about. Non-story.

  24. Roethlisberger: Hey Tim – do you guys know where I can get one of those gold necklaces with a “T” on it?

    Tebow: That’s a cross.

    Roethlisberger: Across from where?

  25. I still say that if Mark Sanchez played well last year, Tebow would have played a lot more. Wrecks didn’t want to further erode his starting QBs confidence when he was struggling the way he was last season.
    The guy got one shot in Denver and led them to the playoffs (after they traded away his best WR Brandon Lloyd). They then lost to a team they were never going to beat. I’m not sure how many starts he even has (<16?). We've seen the comparisons between him and the top QBs over the beginning of their careers, and Tebow has the rushing yards as well….Anyone would naturally conclude that he would improve as he gets more comfortable and the game begins to slow down for him. Leave it to the Jets to ruin a guys career!

  26. This reminds me of SciFi shows where people are basically sheep and conditioned to eat, drink, consume and act like dull witted zombies controlled by Corporations and Big Pharma to condition you to the alter of oligarchy…

  27. Do Tebow fans really think that the Broncos could have won with enough consistency to win a championship with Tebow? The Broncos won a half dozen games because the rest of the team played exceptional (especially the defense). I.e., they won *despite* Tebow’s play not because it. They had one of the worst 3rd down conversion rates of any team. How many games did they win on a last minute field goal? Tebow is the equivalent of having a TE that can’t catch and can’t be a lineman. What good is he? He lacks the single most important ability of his position: throw the ball with accuracy and strength. Unless there is a single-wing league out there his professional football career is over.

  28. GenXJay says:
    May 6, 2013 8:41 PM
    ShAaron Rodgers star power is not on the same level as Tebow!

    ———————————————————————————————————————————– that’s Mr. (130million dollar) man to haters like you. you can alway’s tell the people who aren’t successful in life, all they do is hate on the people who are.

  29. I will give all the credit in the world for Tebow standing up for his religious beliefs & being a Christian athlete but he seriously needs to give it up at wanting to be just a QB, there are other guys who came out of college that were QBs & just had to face the reality that it was either change positions or don’t play in the NFL at all. Guess he’s gonna have to learn the hard way & watch football from the tv rather than watching it from the sidelines…

  30. Apparently Tebow’s celebrated work ethic does not translate into practice at QB; has not not led to off season QB camps or rigorous drills with WRs. Instead we get a kind of naive eagerness to become this kind of Quasi- Quarterback mutant that requires an individualized system only he fits.

  31. I’ve not a big fan of Tim Tebow the QB, but I can only admire Tim Tebow the man. The guy carries himself with more class than any hundred of his peers put together.
    Anyone who says that “he got a fair shake” or that “he’s not an NFL quarterback” is either a liar or a fool with an agenda. The jury is still out. To many in the NFL and especially in the media—like Merrill Hoge—Tebow’s only “crime” is that he is a devout Christian. If he was a crackhead or had numerous women on the side, he’d be fine in their books.

  32. You just got to be a believer in the Tebow magic…only way it works is if you get him off the bench so I don’t know what the Jets were doing though…

  33. Please just go away Tebow. Please go away. I’m tired of seeing, hearing and reading stories about a nice guy who can’t throw accurate passes to be a QB in the NFL. PLEASE GO AWAY

  34. Influential???

    Did he influence people who are mediocre in their line of work to feel exceptional about themselves???

  35. Tebow’s game plan, I would guess is if the football career doesn’t pan-out, transition to his charity work full time ,helping 3rd world people in the Philippines ,lots of people living on a buck50 aday here.His money helped build a $10 million hospital. Hes gona be in NFL Charity Hall of Fame

  36. boswivel says:
    May 6, 2013 8:35 PM
    Thought Forbes readers were supposed to be smart.

    Where’d you get that idea?

  37. Tebow’s an oddity in that survey. Any influence Phelps, Bolt, and Jeter have is solely the result of their athletic skill. Tebow gained attention because of his athletic accomplishments in college, but his influence comes from his personal charisma and spiritual mission. I don’t think he’s cut out to be an NFL quarterback, although he could succeed at other positions. But if he chooses a life in the public eye, I expect he’ll continue to be influential long after most athletes are forgotten.

  38. all the dude does is win, i guess going 2 and 14, 3 and 13 and no fans in the stadium is what a new owner wants. sounds like a solid investment putting your franchise in the hands of blaine gabbert and chad henne. you go shahd kahn!!!! oh yeah, and the jets giving him such a chance, you too are a smart owner woody johnson. that mark sanchez kid is such a proven winner that you went out and drafted another qb!!!!!!!! don’t let me forget sexy rexy, you have such confidence in that bum sanchez that you basically fired yourself instead of giving tebow a chance!!!!!! i guess all of the nfl is afraid of a god loving man to give him a chance!!!!! backup qbs like dan orlovsky, david carr, bruce gradkowski and the like can have jobs, but a guy who leads his team to the playoffs cannot, great job in blackballing a guy because he professed his faith, yeah nfl, you are ready for a gay player in the nfl, just not a christian!!! bravo !!! this is the world we live in.

  39. The public obsession over an athlete who lacked the ability to (1) keep his starting position in Denver; (2) win a starting position in New York; and (3) find any job with any other NFL team completely escapes me. There is a long list of Heisman winners whose skills failed to translate to the NFL. He seems like a very nice man, but I’d rather read about players who have won positions in the NFL rather than one who has lost his. When will it be time to move on and let this man get on with the rest of his life? “Stand up,” Mr. Tebow, “pick up your mat, and walk.” No one owes you a job in the NFL simply because you are a nice person.

  40. Denver gave up on him and signed Manning, who had a very good year, but went no further than Tebow. Manning will drop off this year. Just like Favre in year 2 in Minnesota.

    The Jets picked a selfish moron with a lousy work ethic who will melt down in front of the New York media before the end of week 4.

    Tebow may never get another chance. But he chose NY over Jax last year. There are consequences to one’s decisions.

  41. And how many of the respondants are actually football fans? Its not like that poll was taken here or from a sports network…

  42. I’m not sure it’s fair to call him irrelevant. After all, Mr. Irrelevant actually has an NFL team interested in him. What’s less relevant than irrelevant? That’s Tebow now.

  43. The Denver Defense had a hard time “believing” they could win with Kyle Orton. They always thought they had a shot with Tebow in the game.

    Too bad it made Elway cringe when they won with Tebow. Fox and Elway always had Peyton in the back of his mind. Even Jake Delhomme would have be given a shot over Tebow.

    In this league, any quarterback who can’t scramble or gain yards with his feet to extend the drive is not going to win it all. Flacco can and did.

    Even Eli Manning has made incredible plays because he could avoid the rush.

    While Peyton would prefer to take a knee, Tebow only takes a knee after each touchdown he scores.

    Any losing team is nuts for not wanting Tebow. He took a bad team the playoffs.

  44. Derek Jeter in front of Peyton Manning.. c’mon!

    Gabby Douglas more influential than Aaron Rogers and LeBron James!

    David Beckham is in the top ten, but Tom Brady, Colin Kaepernick, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe, Calvin Johnson and Eli Manning are not.

    Forbes list is BS!

  45. I also remember how Tebow brought the Broncos to a winning season after a series of comebacks. He even won one more playoff game tha n Peyton Manning did in 2012 for the Broncos. I think Tebow was railroaded by Peyton Manning,Elway and then from Rex Ryan and company at the Jets.

  46. Polls and surveys typically only prove one thing…..

    That most Americans are idiots.

  47. I said since he was in college, Tebow will make more money as a Christian then as a football player.

    You are looking at the successor to Billy Graham right here people.

  48. And behold, Tim went to Jacksonville, and the Lord said, “Go, and win no more.” And Tim said, ” No, Lord, you meant to say go and….uh, never mind.”

  49. I think it’s downright hilarious how everyone says he’s not a QB and should switch positions to TE/WR. Did people not seem him try to go in motion or catch a pass last year? It’s even worse than his throwing motion. Why do you think the Jets stopped using him that way? He is absolutely no good to the CFL or Arena League either since they pass even more in those leagues than in the NFL.
    Tebow pretty much brought all this on himself by always wanting to be the center of attention and flaunting all of the Jesus crap. If he was just another guy I’m absolutely positive some team that has a running QB and runs that type of offense would be glad to have him as their backup. The problem is no one wants a marginal talent (at best) that brings that much distraction to the locker room.

  50. Forbes polled a bunch of non-sports fans, and name recognition (due to endless, non-stop media coverage) propelled him to the top of a bunch of other names unfamiliar to the respondents. And he still only got 29%.

  51. To Floriosbigtoe, you said that tebow brought this onb himself with the jesus crap. since when have we become such an evil society that we cannot mention christian concepts? I think Tebow has been discriminated against because he is christian. also tje Jets started all that marketijng nonsense like they always do. The jets are no substance, and all marketijng. if people would give tebow a chance, he is a hard worker. now ESPN is considering hiring Tebow as a football analyst

  52. I don’t understand why no one wants to give him a chance. the jets didn’t give him a chance. They did not play him enough. Look what he did for Denver. There are a lot of teams that do not have a Peyton manning. I think he would be very valuable at Jacksonville or other teams. Even if they want him as just a second string qb he can at least try to fight for a first string position. Hell I wouldn’t mind if he came to my team the bengals. yes die hard fan and will always will be. We have a decent QB not great not elite, I wouldn’t mind having tebow as a second string QB.

  53. Since the Jets have been terrible and irrelevant for the past 40 years except for sad and stupid New Yorkers who are too dumb to follow and cheer for the only real football team who claims New York (NY Giants, Super Bowl winners), how is it that the sports media still finds advertisers to pay them to provide any degree of coverage on arguably the most irrelevant and poorly performing NFL team in America? When has the Jets really competed and been a legit factor to win the Super Bowl? Not since the Namath days so it is the Jets who are really irrelevant.

  54. Tebow will never be as influential as an athlete as Roseanne Barr was influential as a singer.

    Fact, homies.

  55. While I like his tenacity, I’d much rather my kid look up to a person who is aware of his limitations and strives to build on the positive aspects of his makeup. Much more like a Manning or Brady or even a Denard Robinson.

  56. modhairken says: “Tebow may never get another chance. BUT HE CHOSE NY OVER JAX LAST YEAR. There are consequences to one’s decisions.”

    Thank u modhairken!
    Finally someone who “gets it.” I’m a die-hard Jags fan, but I certainly wouldn’t waste my time on a player with NO set position.. He had his chances, if he thought Gabbert was gonna have a better season than Sanchez (who showed “some” promise as a QB), I think the majority of ppl here would’ve chosen JAX in a heartbeat.. The mighty Jets FO from top to bottom straight up “lied” to Tebow just to lure him in, & sadly it worked but karma is a big bitch to those who sin, right JetNation/Tebow??

    I’m not saying he doesn’t have the athleticism needed to make a transition to another position, but he’s clearly dead-set on proving ALL his critics wrong playing at QB, which is the worst part of this Tebow drama..

    The Jags selected Michigan QB Denard Robinson in the 5th round, & he’s what u would call a true football player.. He’s saying he doesn’t care what position he plays, he’s just hungry to get out on the field & showcase his skills.. Hmm, something doesn’t sound right.. A rookie who was just as liked in blue & yellow nation much-like Tebow was at UF is “willing” to do ANYTHING to step out on the field, be it a position change or not..

    Hey TEBOW, I don’t know u, probably wouldn’t care to meet u, but the only thing that comes to mind is 2 things:
    1. “Theirs no I in TEAM”
    2. As bad as u finally wanna be a Jag, u pressed your luck last year & opted to be traded to the Jets (twice), while Jax had a better offer down on the table for u.. You betted on yourself & u lost while getting lied to, sad but true.. Jax is finally in the right direction as a franchise, heading ^north^ under the likes of GM Dave Caldwell & coach Gus Bradley.. Much-like u didn’t want us last year, “most” of us down here don’t want anything to do with u,” believe it already!!

  57. The people who were polled were obviously pop culture celebrity worshippers. Try polling people who read or do not watch television. Perhaps then the poll response will reflect people of merit.

  58. I swear for every Tebow post all the Tebow backers flood the page with ‘likes’ and ‘dislike’ every negative post on Tebow. I doubt smart NFL fans are behind Tebow at all. He may be a great guy but he is a horrendous NFL player. When the Jaguars are passing on you with the QB situation they have, then you know you are bad.

  59. He’s
    Certainly won a lot more games and have more playoff appearances/victories than some quarterbacks you people deem relevant…

  60. Could it be that people think Tebow is relevant because of the way he is handling the events in his life. America is watching to see if what he believes matches what he says. He is culturally relevant.

    On the athlete part–even Rex Ryan says he’s an amazing athlete.

  61. Not a Tebow fan by any stretch. However, what the Jets did to him last year was ridiculous and a disservice to him. Hope he’s able to find a new team (or new career) soon.

  62. His “influence” is what’s keeping him from getting a job in the NFL. No team wants their locker room to be “influenced” by the clusterfudge that follows Tebow around.

  63. It’s funny how hypocritical you are on two similar situations. Chris Kluwe is irrelevant (in terms of his football position), yet it is a huge deal when the punter gets released from the vikings. On the other hand, you seem to love this crusade against someone who speaks out just as much, this person being tim tebow.

  64. Tebow for a short time introduced people to pro football that had no interest in the game at all and only cared about his so called Christian values now his football star has faded next up a long career as an obnoxious Televangelist

  65. I would play Tebow in that read option offense. Tebow would have to get a feel for the offense, get chemistry wih the WR’s but he would definitely be effective in that Read Option with an effective RB, and a Dynamic WR, Something like Buffalo, or Minnesota, who I believe Tebow is better than their current QBs.

  66. Ok I clicked through to the Forbes article. It even admits at the end that the list members were popular due to media coverage. Maybe you can make an argument that Tebow is somewhat influential but Phelps? Influential means more than popular, it means using your status to do something through others. Athletes who are using their status to advance a cause are influential.

  67. I personally like the man….I think the NFL has given him a raw deal….I know he has some mechanics issues. But I live in an area of the country where we are force fed Bronco games, and he looked a whole lot more raw & unrefined, at the beginning of his playing time in Denver, than he did at the end. As for NY….they didnt even give him a sniff of the field.
    As for his relevance (or lack there of)….if that is indeed the case….why do you media ppl keep talking about him?

  68. It’s been a long time since I was this happy when I read that the Jets had dumped that loser Tebow. This coming from a long time Dolphins fan. Maybe he has enough money saved to buy a tent and crisscross the country telling his life story to the masses? I might even pay two to three cents to hear it.

  69. Honestly, how the heck is Usain Bolt influential? We see him about once every two years?

  70. No fan of Tebow’s but I find it ironic that Romo just got a huge new contract, Orton has a contract and Tebow has no team.

  71. A whopping 29 percent of the respondents deemed Tebow to be influential. He was followed by Olympians Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, and then by Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter.

    What does he influence?…certainly not the Jets to keep him, or many of the NFL teams now that don’t want him…the Lingerie league…all that beef but no gravy to help them…..Phelps I suppose influences Subway sandwich buyers or did and Bolt purchases of Infinity TV packages(Insane you be Insane) and Jeter still employed is irrelevant…couldn’t influence the re-lacing of a of a glove….

  72. Go to CFL, start throwing the ball more.
    Turn some heads because of your success throwing the ball.
    Have an NFL team finally take a chance on you.
    Have a pretty good NFL career and make your name even bigger.

    Haven’t we seen this before? Doug Flutie?

    I understand that Tebow doesn’t sling the ball around like Aaron Rodgers, or have the accuracy like Peyton Manning. But he does win games. And you can’t take that away from him.
    So far he has more playoff wins than: Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert, Kevin Kolb, Jake Locker and probably a few others I can’t think of. His winning % is probably higher than theirs as well. So where is the logic here? I don’t get it.

    Tebow will be back, and he will win.

  73. I don’t know if he’ll be back and win or lose but the last thing he needed right now was more off the playing field publicity. I hope he gets another chance but I checked my copy of the US constitution and it’s not a covered right that is guaranteed. The amazing thing is that the NFL is doing so well that it seems no team wants all the PR buzz (both good and bad) that surrounds Tim. Have they all forgotten that football is a kids game played to entertain us and from the 100 or so posts it sure seems Tim has us entertained.

  74. Tebow fans are funny. They cry about Tebow not getting a chance. 1. That’s what practice is for. 2. He is not “owed” a chance any more than any other person. Then they ignore the fact that Tebow threw a tantrum and opted out of special teams when he didn’t get the start. They justify the tantrum by pointing out what an injustice it was to have a third stringer leap frog the back up and he had a right to be angry.

    Funny thing though. I don’t remember him or any of his fans having any issues when Tebow leapfrogged Brady Quinn on the Broncos’ depth chart. Hypocritical much?

    Furthermore, while I’m sure Tim is a fine human being, it’s time to put to rest the myth that he’s such a great leader. He’s been on two teams and multiple teammates on both teams threw him under the bus. When you’re a great leader this kind of thing doesn’t follow you around like that.

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