Tony Romo cutting back on his golf schedule

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Perhaps Tony Romo is taking the responsibility that comes with a giant contract and increased influence seriously.

Whatever the reason, the Cowboys quarterback has cut back on his golf schedule — and presumably, the wearing of ridiculous hats that goes along with it.

According to Todd Archer of, Romo is skipping several tournaments he’s traditionally played and won in the past, and won’t try to qualify for the nearby Byron Nelson Championship nor the U.S. Open.

While it could be as simple as spending more time with his family (and his new gigantic pile of money), it could also mean he’s heeding owner Jerry Jones’ edict to put in “Peyton Manning-type time on the job.”

Either way, Romo’s problem has long been one of perception as much as reality, and stashing the clubs certaintly gives the appearance his full attention is on his day job.

31 responses to “Tony Romo cutting back on his golf schedule

  1. Maybe it’s time for the Cowboys GM to also start putting “Peyton Manning-type time on the job” and sign/draft a decent running back or two.

  2. That’s a good idea. NFL QB is a difficult job with lots of responsibility. I can think of somebody else with an important job who should golf less.

  3. Wow. Did I percieve Tony getting the Cowboys bounced out of, or not qualify for, the playoffs all those seasons?

  4. No, it’s been reality. He hasn’t won anything other than a single playoff game, yet all his backers want to send him to Canton. The same people will talk about how Peyton’s postseason numbers aren’t impressive, but he still has 8 more postseason wins, 2 more SB appearances and 1 more ring than Romo.

  5. You can bank on this is more about the new family. No wife is letting her husband out for fun time while she’s home with the baby. lol!

  6. romo was an undrafted rookie free agent and while not drafted for his golf game he wasn’t drafted for his football either. with that said jerry jones doesn’t need to do a better job drafting he needs to hire a pro to do it for him he will never draft better because he just isn’t any good at it for years the rams drafted poorly because the owner Georgia frontier like jones hired weakling yes men stan kronke then learned rookie coaches don’t work and hired a whole new crew and he STAYS OUT OF THE DRAFT PROCESS because unlike jerry who thinks hes smarter than everyone else he understands money but knows he doesn’t know how to draft pro football players

  7. If Romo really wants to help his team, he’ll convince Jerry Jones to spend less time with the team and more time at the course.

  8. J.J./ Cowboy insanity:
    #1 . Pay Romo elite QB $$$
    #2. Keep insisting Romo is elite Q.B.
    #3. Trot out his friend,room mate,n0. #1 target T.E.publicly defend him.
    #4. Have owner/g.m. give Tony huge new contract and then try to instill a work ethic in Romo by going to the media with it.
    #5. Watch Romo play golf.

  9. Is it just me, or does that hat make Tony look an awful like Carl Spackler?

    Let the “free bowl of soup” comment commence.

  10. I love RGIII hope he comes back 100%. His history for injury with his style has followed him into the NFL. Redskins fans should concern themselves more with the health of their quarterback than worry about Tony Romo, am I the only person that realizes all the bashing Tony gets, he never involves himself, and that makes me proud. Also Cowboy haters you best get prepared for what Tony will do to your team this upcoming season. Fredrick in the middle. Terrance and Dez on the ends, Miles in the slot, Murray/Randle tandem, Witten/Escabar two tightend set. DAMN I am excited! Not to mention DEFENSE Healthy! I need a job in PR for my “Boys”

  11. No amount of cutting back is going to make a guy clutch when he’s just not that guy.

  12. Seems Peyton never cut back on making his commercials. At least golf is a physical and mental activity.

  13. I wonder why Jerry would compare Romo’s work ethic to Peyton manning and not the qb that won him 3 Super Bowls..just shows Jerry doesn’t think much at all,he just opens his mouth and stupid stuff just flys out

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