With no stadium upgrade, South Florida Super Bowl bids will be tweaked

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So with the Florida Speaker of the House blocking a bill that would have given citizens of Miami-Dade County the ability to vote on public funding of upgrades to Sun Life Stadium, there won’t be any Super Bowls in Miami, right?

That may not be the case.

Dolphins CEO Mike Dee explained on Monday’s PFT Live that the host committee will be submitting final bids on Wednesday for Super Bowl L and Super Bowl LI, which will be awarded by owners during their May 21 meeting.  While it’s believed to be unlikely that Miami will win the showdown with San Francisco for Super Bowl L or the next round with Houston for Super Bowl LI absent a renovation to Sun Life Stadium, Miami can still get the attention of the owners with the one inorganic object that talks:  Money.

By tweaking the proposal to put even more money in the pockets of the league’s owners, South Florida could make enough of them forget about the fact that the upgrades won’t happen.

In three weeks, we’ll know the answer.  You’ll know the answer to every question I posed to Dee much sooner than that if you watch the video of his visit to PFT Live.

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30 responses to “With no stadium upgrade, South Florida Super Bowl bids will be tweaked

  1. And this is the same reason the NFL claims that San Diego won’t be awarded a Super Bowl? Sounds like Czar Rog is talking out both sides of his mouth again. Or just prefers to take his talents to South Beach moreso than “America’s Finest City.”

  2. The more information that comes out about this process, the more it seems coercive.

    I don’t fault the rich for wanting to get richer–greed is an option we all have–but, there’s something wrong with the private citizens fleecing the public.

    The league has sufficient money to buy off politicians. The tax payers don’t.

  3. With no extra, extra, extra fancy upgrades, neither the NFL nor the Dolphins will make just that much more profits from the Billionaires and Millionaires and Fat Cat Liberal Corporations who think nothing of squandering huge blocks of money to pad the bottom lines of the NFL and the Dolphins.

    As for the rest of us who support the NFL throughout the rest of the regular season, we are left hanging outside of the back of the bus whenever reasonable cost access to the Super Bowl is even considered for the brief moments it ever occurs.

    No sympathies here for the NFL or the Dolphins with regards to their efforts to rape the taxpayers of Florida for the NFL’s and Dolphin’s greed and profits.

  4. And with no stadium upgrades, Stephen Ross will begin accepting bids on the Dolphins.

  5. Wait, and teams with stadiums that have the proper amenities can’t similarly “tweak” their proposals?

  6. Oh if only the billionaire owner could find the money to upgrade his stadium elsewhere. Maybe he could go door to door asking for handouts or host a telethon or …oh I don’t know, pay for it himself!

  7. So let me get this straight. The Dolphins/stadium committee submit a proposal to host a Super Bowl in S. Florida. That proposal/bid costs the Dolphins/stadium roughly 3-7 million dollars. The revenue generated by a Super Bowl for the host city is typically between 150-200 million dollars, with money going to the county and local businesses. So……the Dolphins were denied the right to access public money to renovate the stadium with the intent of brining more events to the area. Why can’t the Dolphins tax the State of Florida for directly generating hundreds or millions of dollars if they were to win the proposal/bid???

  8. Soooooooo the state won’t pay for upgrades to the stadium but all of south Florida is going to line the pockets of the other owners with cash to get another Super Bowl. If they have the cash for that why can’t they do the upgrades?…….what am I missing here?!?!?!

  9. You have to admire the rules that the super-rich have created for themselves. When they make money, they keep it. When they lose money, we bail them out. When they want public money to finance stadium upgrades that will redound almost exclusively to their own financial benefit, they expect the money delivered on a silver platter and threaten to move the team until they get it. BUT when any of the little people demands a farthing from them, it’s, “Stop being a lazy moocher. Get a job, pal.”

  10. Scenario 1: This is just throwing good money at a bad idea because what they need to do is build a new stadium at a location closer to downtown Miami. Ross would never go for that because he won’t be owner for too long and is having issues fronting a penny from his wallet for reno. No renovations and No SB until he sells or dies.

    Scenario 2: He sells team to new investors with deep pockets who can take care of the stadium issue or build a new one.

    Scenario 3: I would hate to see the phins move to another town but once they go, the vacancy will last days (my bet) and the new team will be coming in knowing a new stadium is the ticket.

    In any event, the loss of the dolphins in Miami will serve to illustrate more than ever how the NFL/Owners/Roger have assumed an aggressive gangster role and bribery of cities. We need tough SOB legislation to make it all stop.

  11. Don’t worry people of Miami, when this year’s Super Bowl is snowed or iced out, you’ll hold all the cards.

  12. Let’s see… Old Sun Life stadium vs. brand new state of the art stadium in the Bay Area where the home team will likely be playing in the big game… Seems like a no brainer to me.
    Go ahead haters.. Hit me with the thumbs down!
    Go Niners!!!

  13. People in Florida are DAF. Casey Anthony, anyone? Floridians repeatedly show their a$$. Why give the biggest game in the world to the biggest frauds?

  14. Have you guys forgot that Ross is among the richest owners in the NFL? I am not saying Ross should use his money to pay for the renovations. I see no harm in letting the public vote. The fact they are not given that option tells me politicians were not greased well enough.

  15. If Ross is too cheap to pay for renovations to his own stadium, then I can’t see him coughing up enough dough to get the Super Bowl.

  16. Who knew that one of the Beastie Boys was the CEO of the Dolphins, you learn something new everyday…

  17. Los Angels welcomes the Dolphins ! With rumors of a new stadium being built where Dodger stadium now sits and moving the Dodgers downtown , it’s a perfect fit ! The L.A. Dolphins ! welcome to Hollywood !

  18. You enter the Ross Estate and take a drive down a winding lane past regal fountains, sparkling pools, gardens looking like they belonged in a botanical exposition and a manicured lawn the size of Rhode Island.

    You climb marble steps until your legs are screaming from pain and enter Casa Steve through 12 foot high doors.

    Greeting you in the expansive foyer is a large, signed picture in a gilded gold frame.

    The image is a tanned, smiling, sharply dressed man, wearing a tailored Italian suit, complete with diamond cuff links and slicked back hair.

    The inscription reads:

    Dear Steven,

    Greed is good.

    Your Pal,

    Gordon Gecko.

  19. The owners can be bought. The last time Houston went up against Miami For a supper bowl Huizenga promised every owner a yacht to spend the week on. Miami won the bid and Houston, the owners and the NFL lost out.
    1. Wayne never delivered on the yachts.
    2. It rained the whole super bowl.

    It could not have happened to a more deserving bunch.

  20. Why not just place the Super bowl permanently in New Orleans? Best food, best location, plenty of accommodations, domed stadium, to which you can walk, not drive, by the way, clubs, joie de vivre-you name it, N.O. has it. Give us back our 2nd round draft pick next year, Herr Goodell, and it’s a deal.

  21. Tampa has some of the best weather in the country and one of the BEST stadiums in the NFL. If the NFL wants to have a Florida Super Bowl we will be ready!

  22. goldrush94 says:
    May 6, 2013 9:43 PM
    Let’s see… Old Sun Life stadium vs. brand new state of the art stadium in the Bay Area where the home team will likely be playing in the big game… Seems like a no brainer to me.
    Go ahead haters.. Hit me with the thumbs down!
    Go Niners!!!
    i would but I’m fairly sure you’ve been stabbed and shot already

  23. If I heard the proposal correctly, Ross was paying the bulk 70% and the rest would come from hotel tax that would be paid back over time not costing the city a dime in the long run. I get it, Ross is a billionaire, make him pay, but that is shortsighted, if the surrounding area benefits 150-200 mill for a superbowl not to mention other high profile events, its a cooperative venture. When you consider the money from public revenue was to be paid back over time, it was a win/win blocked by a former disgruntled owner who hurt the rest of miami and its businesses.

  24. As a Houston fan, we’ve been trained to not get our hopes up. (see Oilers v Buffalo, UH v NCSU, Astros v White Sox)

    Everything here points to a Houston Super Bowl. We have the hotel capacity, we have a train that goes from downtown straight to the stadium, we have 3 different downtown stadiums for other events.

    When the SB was here in ’04 it was a huge success, when it was in Miami last time it was a massive disaster….

    All that said, Ross will probably promise them each a Bentley and we’ll lose it. And then never actually give it to them….

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