Florida lawyer buys ads urging Jaguars to sign Tebow


The White House wanted nothing to do with a petition aimed at compelling the Jacksonville Jaguars to hire Tim Tebow.  But Jacksonville-area TV and radio stations will have no quarrels with cashing checks used to purchase advertisements arising from the same plea.

Orlando-based lawyer John Morgan has developed an ad aimed at cajoling Jaguars owner Shahid Khan into signing Tebow.

The spot has been posted by the Orlando Sentinel.

“I’m John Morgan of Morgan & Morgan, and I wanna talk Tebow for one minute.  Here’s the evidence.  Tim Tebow played on two national championship teams.  He won the Heisman as the best college player in the country and was drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos.  Somebody knew somethin’.  And after he got his only chance to start, the Broncos were 1-4 and he led them to the AFC playoffs, and beat Pittsburgh.

“The Jaguars are 27-42 in the last five years, one of the worst records in NFL history.  And more in store for this year.  We can’t even fill an entire end zone.

“Tebow is one of us.  He has class, character, and he’s a winner.  Let’s win, Mr. Khan.  Once upon a time, so-called experts probably doubted your potential, and now look at you.

“Give our guy a shot.  I’ll even buy that box your tried to sell me.  Remember this:  You can’t TiVo Tebow.  Let’s do this Mr. Khan.  For the people.  Let’s win.”

Khan would likely be inclined to give it a try, but he has entrusted the football operation to a General Manager who has made it clear that none of the clocks in Jacksonville ever will be set to Tebow Time.

Instead, the Jaguars will go forward with Blaine Gabbert, Chad Henne, Matt Scott, and Jordan Rodgers at quarterback.When looking at it that way, maybe Morgan has a point.

131 responses to “Florida lawyer buys ads urging Jaguars to sign Tebow

  1. This is getting to the point where even Tim Tebow is getting embarrassed.

  2. 57 years old, went to U of Florida undergrad and law school. Head of a big firm of ambulance chasers.

    Just a lawyer trying to put his name in the papers, probably written off as a business expense of his firm.

  3. Seriously, enough is enough. I don’t want him on my jags because A) he is not a good QB and B) the headache his cult following brings out, you tebowmaniacs are bordering on clinically insane at this point. I want real jacksonville fans at games, NOT tebow fans. The jags had a great draft, stop trying to drag them back thru the mud.

  4. Tebow is from the area, Jacksonville loves the hometown kid. He’ll sell seats. Shoot, why not? It makes sense from a business point of view.

    Just prepare for the media circus that follows him.

  5. If a team goes 0-16 but still continues to sell out every game because their fans love their failing QB… I just can’t decide if that is a success story or not.

  6. So this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard of but I just kinda laugh at the thought of an NFL game with a bunch of “let Tebow play” posters being held up by the crowd. LOL

  7. Jacksonville definitely need a franchise player and Tebow could be that guy. the Read Option would work with MJD and Tebow.

  8. Mike Bianchi, John Morgan are the Ultimate Gator homers….they do not live in Jacksonville, they don’t go to Jaguars games…they are not one of us…Please stop!

  9. It is hard to imagine that a guy like Tebow can’t find a place to learn in the NFL. Great college QB. Needs some work in the NFL but the kid is willing to work at it. Meanwhile Blaine is garbage and he said “We are satisfied here at QB” – and some posters think Blaine is smart.

    Meanwhile QB’s like Kurt Warner have to have an injury to a guy to get his chance. Russel Wilson was a great college QB and he drops to the third round. Joe Montana was a 3rd rounder. Alex Smith goes first overall and Rogers slips to the 20’s (Jags took Matt Jones too). Anyone know the QB’s taken before Marino? Yep the “brain trusts” of the NFL always get it right. Tom Brady 6th round. Drew Brees 2nd round.

    Cam, Locker, and Blaine go in the first but Kaepernick and Dalton go in the second.

    These are the guys that say Tebow can’t develop? He had over 600 yards rushing in the games he started in Denver and they only let him pass a few times per game and they were not dump offs.

    I feel like that dude in a clockwork orange with his eyes pried open watching Blaine again.

  10. It will be interesting to see if Khan changes his mind and forces the GM to sign Tebow.

    No doubting the short term revenue boost; long-term it will be a problem unless TT suddenly becomes accurate and is capable of reading defenses.

  11. You have to be kidding me…Most Jags fans want nothing to do with Tim Tebow, and this is the reason why.

  12. If I owned the Jags, there’s no way the 5th linebacker or safety could make me as much money selling Jags tickets to the infantile Florida football fans to watch Tebow practice carrying a clipboard 8 times a year.

    I would never list him as a QB. On road games I wouldn’t even bother to dress him. But 8 weeks out of the season, I’d have him carry a clipboard. I might even allow him to talk to the coach and pretend it mattered. I’d allow select Jags season tickets to pay me handsomely to even let them watch Tebow actually throw the ball, which he’d never otherwise be allowed to do. Popularity asde, I’d never even consider playing him at starting QB, but I’d never discourage Jags fans from giving me their money. That’s just bad business.

  13. Great college player, one of the best ever for the college game. Sometimes that college talent just doesn’t fit in the NFL game.

    You have to start considering Tebow as a “bust”. First round draft pick,three years in the league, two teams , demoted to a special teams player, now he is not on a roster and no team seems to want him.

    He does have the qualities to become a HC. To be a HC you have to be a leader and motivator. He should join the OSU staff and learn under his mentor, so he can complete the circle and take the HC job at UF in about 5 seasons.

  14. Jacksonville has absolutely nothing to lose by signing Tim Tebow and potentially everything to gain. Nobody thought Tebow could do anything in this league and then all he did was win games. We’ve all counted him out before and he proved us all wrong in ridiculous fashion. Jacksonville as a team probably won’t make a big splash in the playoffs whether they have Tebow or not, but they should at least benefit from what Tebowmania will do for fan interest, ticket sales, jersey sales, etc.


  15. Just when you thought that there wasn’t any more of a reason to hate lawyers…

  16. Tim Tebow is the most influential person only to ignorant sheep who know nothing about football, and are okay with a man pushing his religious beliefs for no other reason than to fill his bank account. I’ll hand it to the guy, he’s a savvy businessman. Should be a used car salesman – would make a killing!

  17. If they sign him for cheap and win games (which they haven’t done in forever) they look pretty smart filling up the seats along the way. If they don’t sign him and have another losing season they kind of look dumb and have plenty of empty seats again. Make him the #3 guy and see how does away from N.Y.

  18. Maybe someone should point out to this clown the fact that Denver’s defense kept them in all those games they won and the ones they didn’t Tebow wasn’t able to do crap to win them.

  19. Tebow is not a upgrade over Henne or Gabbert , stats wise Gabbert wasnt horrible when he had time which coach bradley mentioned in a interview so they drafted a T to make their line awesome but they might just be setting up for failure to get a QB next year suck for luck worked for the colts 😛

  20. This is embarrassing. This guy is an idiot and not a jags fan but a tebow fan. Tebow sucks. Go take your man crush and lack of football knowledge somewhere else

  21. Sign him! Gabbert and Henne haven’t won as many games combined as Tebow has in ONE SEASON!

    Say what you want but TEBOW went further with the Broncos than Manning did. So the Broncos actually took a step back this season, because Tebow got them to the Division round! haha

  22. When a “liar for hire” tells you to add a certain player to your roster, RUN! You don’t need what’s sure to follow.

  23. Alright this is all crazy and whatnot but seriously maybe it isn’t a bad idea.

    What’s the worst that happens? They cut him out of training camp and the fans hate their own team even more? Is that possible?

  24. just gonna point out that the more this weird gnostic cult of Tebow continues, the harder it gets for any NFL team to justify signing him and willingly bringing upon themselves the circus of his followers.

    so good job, Mr. Morgan, you are helping make it harder for Tim Tebow to actually get signed with the Jaguars.

  25. What do they have to lose?

    They’re gonna suck this year without him anyways.

    Might as well sell a few more tickets and get the entertainment value of some grade a scrambling.

  26. The petition was made by a guy from New Jersey, yet the perception was it was by Jaguar fans..Now John Morgan is showboating…He is from Orlando, doesn’t attend Jaguars games, isn’t a fan…but if we sign Tebow, says he will buy a box…No thanks..If we have to trade him (HA) like the Broncos or cut him, like the Jets…what would you do, Morgan?
    Yeah, that’s what I thought…Tebow fan, not a Jaguars fan…Let out new regime develop without your nonsense!

  27. Jacksonville is stupid. You can get as many fundamentally sound QBs as you want and still never have a winning record. Fundamentals can be taught to anyone with a strong arm. However, the intangible ability to win and find ways to win cannot be taught (which is what Tebow possesses). Heck, Peyton got a better team and a better defense and still never made it past the first round of the playoffs like Tebow did.

  28. There should be a ban on news from Jacksonville, it’s not even really a part of Florida anyways. I mean who wants to go vacation in Jacksonville? Ugh. Hey lets go to Jacksonville, we can all go stare at their ugly blue bridge and then… we can drive 2 hours to Orlando.

  29. Tim gets much credit for intangibles… being the ultimate leader and teammate. I wasn’t in Denver so I don’t know the answer to this question: Did Tebow ever once make a public request of the Tebowmaniacs in the Denver area who were crucifying Kyle Orton from Day One to “Please stop what you’re doing and support us as a team”? IMO, that’s what a teammate with real class would have done.

    Or did Tim just sit back and bask in the adulation of the mob while the unceasing vilification of Orton took it’s toll?

  30. Actually this wouldn’t be a bad idea. Tebow was a gator, is very popular, the Jags are hurting at QB competition, AND..they can’t sell tickets.

    Just saying!

  31. As far as Tebow selling tickets… That all ends when the team is 1-5. If this lawyer is SUCH a fan, why hasn’t he bought a box already? Odds are he is related to Tebow’s agent.

  32. Give gus a shot with his new guys.
    Give gabbert a shot behind a new oline

  33. Tebow to the Jags has been teased since he was a Gator. Either sign him, or release a statement, saying that he will 100% NEVER be a Jaguar. End the charade, already.

  34. The thing that Tebow haters apparently don’t understand is that the more they attack him, belittle him and suggest that he has no value, the more a lot of us get behind him.

    Also, when people say that they dislike him because of his playing skills and then randomly, for no apparent reason, mention their disdain for his faith, it makes the person making the comment seem as if his faith might be the main reason for not liking him as a player. This also causes people to flock to Tebow’s defense.

    So, if you claim you’re tired about hearing passionate defenses for Tebow, it might make sense to stop slamming him in such a personal way. This will only cause you to hear more stories about people defending Tebow. Just a thought.

  35. The Problem with the whole “sign him to ride the pine and sell tickets” philosophy is his fans, the redneck contingent of the “GOGATERS!” crowd, wouldn’t be happy with that. They’d insist that he start at QB. The first bad pass from ANY QB on the team and the Tebow chants would start.

    Then once he got in, no matter how bad he stunk, it would NEVER be Timmy’s fault. Ever. It would be the receivers, or the line, or the Coach, or the GM, or the peanut vendor or whoever, but not Timmy, cause Timmy is a winner! Didn’t you see him at UF? GOGATERS!

    Thats why the only person in the building at Everbank Field that might want him is the one guy who can not be fired…Shad Khan. Everyone else doesn’t want to touch him with a ten foot pole because they know that when you hire a player because he’s popular, and you aren’t him, you become expendable.

    I live in Jax…and the day they get Tebow is the last day I go to a game until he is gone, because it will mean that the team has decided to stop being a pro team, and become the Gators North. The team is selling tickets without him. You’re building a good team with a new GM and coach….don’t bring the circus to town.

  36. … or perhaps that tells you exactly where Tebow is in his development. Come on already! The guy wasn’t as great s his fans remember him, and he just isn’t smart enough to translate it to the next level. In college, a QB can get away with raw talent, great supporting cast and a good coach who can scheme to make him succeed. At the NFL level, the 32 QBs who play have to be smarter than anyone else on the field.

    Tebow can’t cut it. Get over it. The fact that the Jaguars don’t want him when they have Gabbert, Henne, Scott and some guy named Rodgers tells us not that they are stupid, but that Tebow just isn’t worth it. The guy couldn’t supplant Sanchez last year, despite HIS lack of talent. Nevermind the media circus that is inevitable around a QB who has never done anything in this league.

    His fans are either Gator homers who don’t get the big game, or evangelical freaks that will never believe he is the problem, and will always blame his “lack of opportunity” for his failures. His inability to read a defense or to complete half his passes have nothing to do with his failures as a starting QB? Really? Perhaps it is his tendency to spend more time preparing sermons than for his next game? Of course not! It’s all his doubters bringing him down. Can we move past this guy yet?! If the owner of the Jaguars looks at this and knows he’d double his ticket sales this year with Tebow and still goes with his “football people” to reject Tebow, isn’t that enough evidence?

    Let him learn some humility, and maybe he will make the effort it takes to succeed in the NFL. Until then, he will be yet another example of a Heisman winner without the tools to make it at the next level.

  37. My impression?

    Half drunk … 3/4 hick … 95% mental case.

    Not the classiest of endorsements.

  38. People haven’t signed Tebow because he actually ISN’T VERY GOOD.

    If Tom Brady was a free agent – he wouldn’t have this problem.

    I applaud the jags for staying away from this.

  39. I feel sorry for khan, he’s pissing his money away on a fanless team of perpetual losers. Nobody on that team sells tickets or jerseys, tebow isn’t any more than average at any nfl position but he is however very very above average in his ability to sell tickets and merchandise. He also does have a track record of winning wherever he goes, albeit ugly, he finds a way to get it done in crunch time. My family lives in jax and the only fan I know is their next door neighbor who btw is very pissed that he cant even watch his home team on the tube. The only way that team developes a fan base is to get themselves back on tv, which requires them to sell tickets which tebow will do.

  40. tomtravis76 says:
    May 7, 2013 11:28 PM
    Great college player, one of the best ever for the college game. Sometimes that college talent just doesn’t fit in the NFL game.

    You have to start considering Tebow as a “bust”. First round draft pick,three years in the league, two teams , demoted to a special teams player, now he is not on a roster…

    Hm, that’s funny… this seems to me to be the perfect reason to want to take a chance on him.

    I’m not saying he’s going to be the best QB ever, but there are A LOT of bad QBs in the NFL (or at least ones that will clearly never bring a team to the Super Bowl.. or even the playoffs). Tebow might not have had the best stats in the world, but he brought the Broncos to the playoffs and they beat the Steelers (which is more than can be said for, let’s say.. Tony Romo). That’s not too bad for a guy who had just started his NFL career.

    I have nothing wrong with his religion, but if Tebow wasn’t thrown into the media circus, and if him being a man of faith wasn’t “such a big deal,” I think a team would be willing to take him. Him being the #1 focus of every media outlet from Day 1 is what killed him, in my opinion.

  41. In order to build a fanbase, you need wins. The Jags cannot get those wins and I’m not going out on a limb here saying that chances are, they won’t be getting many this year. I have family in Florida, and right after Tebow was drafted, there were Bronco Tebow jerseys EVERYWHERE. They literally worship him there. So what I’m getting to is, if they want the fans, sign Tebow. No he’s not a great QB, hardly average really, but 1. He’s an upgrade over Gabbert 2. He will sell tickets for a team who game after game can’t fill their stadium 3. Who knows what you could stir up with Tebow and MJD.

  42. @onebucplace

    I know that someone in freaking Tampa (Worst sports city) isn’t talking. Jax has been a part of Florida longer than Tampa has, I tell you that. What’s to do in Tampa besides going to Busch Gardens Tampa (the inferior cousin of Busch Gardens Williamsburg in VA)? In speaking of ugly, how about that ugly beer can skyscraper in Tampa? That’s a sight for sore eyes.

  43. jetslakersfan says: May 8, 2013 12:34 AM

    If Tebow would put his ego to the side and play another position we would be on a NFL team right now.

    I argue this point all the time. I was born and raised in Jacksonville. Real Jaguars fans don’t want him. He is a perfect example of a person who let their pride get the best of them. As I’ve heard, the Orlando Predators have already offered him a contract. Mr Morgan wouldn’t have to leave town…

  44. Just face it. Give TT his shot to start from the beginning of a season and ride it out and see what happens. Say what you will, but people would love it, whether he fails or prevails. Tim Tebow deserves another shot.

  45. Gabbert is the Jaguar’s quarterback for the forseeable future, so if Tebow goes there it will be as a backup or at another position. It’s pretty obvious at this point that Caldwell and Bradley have faith in Blaine. They made no serious effort to bring in any competition for the position this year. Just a couple of UDFA camp arms. Who are both injured at the moment.

  46. So the Tebow fetish continues.

    I just wonder why the liberal zealots on the left love to hate this guy so much?

    I guess the lame stream media would rather focus on this instead of the atrocities of Dr Gosnell and the cover-up in Bengazi!

    If Tebow ‘came out’ as a Christian gay man, the media would embrace him in a NY minute. He would probably even score more the 1.2 points per game!

    I guess judgmental hypocrites and bigots are not restricted to churches. They can be found in abundance on the political left.

  47. Yeah, well reality rarely comes with this guy’s love of editing. Yes, a lot of what he says is true…
    but more important is the vital stuff he hides: that Denver had to re-vamp their offense to accommodate TT’s shortcomings. And no amount of “fixing” ever seems to result in a TT throwing motion that produces a catchable pass. In the last 50+ years of NFL football, QBs have needed to complete passes…which is not part of TT’s skill set.

  48. If Kahn trusts his guy and stats clear of Tebow, that bodes well for the future.

    I feel like if he sends a message that the fans aren’t going to make the team choices, that will help create an environment that people will want to work for in the future.

  49. captainwisdom8888 says:May 7, 2013 11:30 PM

    Jacksonville has absolutely nothing to lose by signing Tim Tebow and potentially everything to gain.

    Yeah – how’d that work out for Mike Tannenbaum and the Jets?

  50. jbreese1970 says: May 8, 2013 12:19 AM

    Jacksonville is stupid. You can get as many fundamentally sound QBs as you want and still never have a winning record. Fundamentals can be taught to anyone with a strong arm. However, the intangible ability to win and find ways to win cannot be taught (which is what Tebow possesses). Heck, Peyton got a better team and a better defense and still never made it past the first round of the playoffs like Tebow did.
    Tebow lost 4 of his last 5 starts. Peyton did lead the Broncos past the first round of the playoffs. He earned them a bye.

  51. Tebow Nation. Please get a hobby. Or better yet, let it go. You are only reinforcing the notion Timmy brings a circus with him anywhere he goes. The Jags will have Bridgewater, Boyd, Murray or Manziel on the roster a year from now anyway. They are not signing the golden child. Stop embarrassing yourselves.

  52. Why do all Tebow Obsessives point out that he led a 1-4 team to the playoffs but overlook the fact that that same team was 1-4 in his final five games? Just wondering.

  53. Okay, lemme get this straight. Although Tebow’s completion percentage was worse than Gabbert’s ROOKIE season completions, and despite his being unable to beat out #buttfumble Sanchez for a starting job with NYJ, Jaguars organization should forego rational thought, “fulfill the prophecy”, and sign Tim Tebow as a starting QB, not so much in an effort to win more games, but in a statistically unbelievable HOPE to win more games, to give HIM a chance at being successful in his hometown, to sell jerseys (?), to sell tickets, (the amount of which has only been found to be 2k more tickets than usual), and to gain some imagined ultra-popularity for the franchise..which is exactly what the Broncos & Jets each have already done..use Tebow. These out-of-towners have made a fool out of this man, and we should follow suit and do the same thing, huh? I’m sorry, but I like to think my Jaguars organization has a little bit more respect for Tebow as a person, for the NFL, & for the city of Jacksonville, than to play on the intelligence of weak minded people. The people that laud Tebow’s accomplishment of a fluke playoff run, without acknowledging Peyton Manning’s acheivement of a 13-3 record with the same team the following year, which is a better record than the previous 2 years combined. The people who ignore how “Tebow” got THRASHED 43-10 in the following game by Tom Brady. The people that, apparently, don’t know anymore about the game of football than the color jersey of their college alma mater. STOP! The rookie QBs of 2010 were drafted and trained to start, Gabbert was drafted to sit out his 1st year like Aaron Rodgers did, only to be thrown into his first season without any training from Del Rio, (remember him? The coach we fired mid-season!), then was coached by our Defensive Coordinator interim coach, then spent a year being coached by Mularkey, the whole time getting sacked every other down. Yes, I would rather have Gabbert as QB under our new coach and management, with our new offensive weapons, because HE has taken the lumps and earned the right to be the Jaguars starting QB. Tebow just sells jerseys..and it’s starting to become kind of pathetic. Wouldn’t you agree?

  54. All of you “gator” fans clamouring for the Jags to bring in Tebow with grand illusions of increase in ticket sells (don’t need it) 16th in attendance last year and have averaged 63,000 plus for the last 3 years.

    Now please read this definition, because it is proof positive not only for everyone begging for Tebow to be signed, but for all of the articles posted on this site.


    doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


  55. The Jags owner doesn’t want to win. He’s letting those clowns run Jacksonville’s team, and they think they can win with Gabbert? They’re fooling themselves! They are going to continue to lose. Is
    Tebow the answer? Maybe, maybe not! But Blaine’s diffently not!
    I’m sorry for the fans.

  56. I think just based on morals, Tebow can never work for an employer that looks like Ron Jeremy!

  57. Why wouldn’t they give him a tryout? They bring in a lot of undrafted rookies and given their lack of quarterback talent why not?

  58. Anyone remember that last time Tebow and Henne went head-to-head?

    Tebow had just ball-hogged his way to the Heisman by “leading” the Gators to an 8-3 record and the Citrus Bowl. THE CITRUS BOWL. Henne and Michigan spanked the Gators and the “great winner” Tim Tebow “led” his team to … nothing but an 8-4 record and a ton of personal publicity.

  59. You cant tell me that a serious Jaguar fan even wants this to take place. They have so many other roster spots to fill with TALENT. They dont need a 4th string QB.

  60. wow!!!! How hard is it for someone to Google jags home attendance numbers?? WE are doing just fine when it comes to ticket sales.. Just to let everyone know,9 out of ever 10 jag fan does not want Tebow.

    I am prepared to give Gabbert one more shot.. If he stinks it up great, we will be in perfect position to draft one next year.

  61. That’s a damn good advertisement spot…as long as you only have to hear it once, and looking at their QB roster they have nothing to lose. Sounds like good business. Throw Tebow back there w/ Jones-Drew and alternate running duties!

  62. QB’s I’d take before Tim Tebow: Blaine Gabbert, Chad Henne, Matt Scott, Jordan Rodgers, Spergon Wynn, Antwan Randle EL, Jamarcus Russell, Byron Leftwhich, Tony Pike, Tim Couch, Ryan Leaf, John Reaves, Reggie McKenzie, Matt, Leinert, Trent Dilfer, Bubby Brister, Kyle Boller, Tim Rattay, Brady Quinn, J.P. Losman, Chris Weinke, Joey Harrington, and Tony Romo (eh, maybe not) ….to name a few

  63. After reading some of these comments, I get the feeling that Jacksonville shouldn’t allow internet access in bars anymore…

  64. Funny how so many of you haters liked Tim Tebow and what he did in college. I did also, learned that his skills didn’t translate to the NFL, and left it alone. Again, Tebow didn’t ask this lawyer to post a billboard, call Skip Bayless to defend him, or inform ESPN that he was filing a lawsuit if he wasn’t mentioned every 24 hours. Leave the man alone.

    I wish he would make a formal.statement that says “please stop placing my name in the media. I’m just a man, that you have tried to make a God, like so many that have come before me. I’m not news, but the Boston Marathon was, the rape of a little girl was, the white collar crime down the street was. Please enough already, thank you.”

    But, then, the closet Tebow hater lovers would say he seeking media attention. What is wrong with you people….?

  65. For the people saying the Jags should release a statement saying there is no way we are signing Tebow, well the new GM already has cleared that up. “Even if he’s released.”

    People at ESPN and the NFL network just choose to ignore it. Whatever happened to doing research for an article? Most journalists at ESPN have lost all credibility in my eyes.

  66. What’s the deal with the Tebow ban? Tebow is a soldier a NFL game is like a war. I would want a soldier leading my troops to victory. He is a man of faith and a good role model. You give undrafted free agents a chance. Give Tebow a chance.

  67. John Morgan is right! Tebow has accomplished all of those things. He is a winner. He has intangibles that (I guess many don’t see). He wins. It is the score at the end of the game that counts. It isn’t one guy that wins the game, that’s on the whole team. Winning puts money in everyone’s pockets. I’ve seen his team mates play to a higher level, when he’s been off – in order to win! On many teams when someone is having an off day, team mates don’t pull together to pull off a win, on his teams they do, and he plays better when the game is on the line. He showed that in Denver time after time.

    I’ve been to the Jags stadium, all four corners of the end zone are tarped over so it doesn’t count against ticket sales (thus no black out). What’s up with that!?!?!? Hire Tebow, and pull those tarps off – fill the stadium!

    Get him in camp, and get him reps! Don’t let this opportunity fade away unrealized!

    I’d like to see him as a back up in Baltimore as well.

  68. So if its to sell tickets and the Jags are 20th in attendence at 64,984 I would think the 12 teams lower should sign him.
    That would be
    bills, lions, bears, bengals, steelers, cardinals, vikings, chargers, dolphins ( 7k less per game), rams, bucs(almost 10k less fans per game) and raiders.

    So suck it up Steeler fans and sign tebow to sell more tickets and jerseys!

  69. John Morgan is a lawyer, and not a talent evaluator for the NFL.

    The thousands he spent on a lame newspaper ad could’ve been better suited for other purposes, like a clue, for example…….

  70. For all those Tebowmaniacs who claim Timmy doesn’t love or seek the spotlight, please let us know when he denounces Mr. Morgan. Just like he denounced all those who undermined Chris Leak at Florida, Kyle Orton in Denver and Marc Sanchez in NY.

    My guess is he will call another press conference to talk about how he doesn’t like to talk about himself. (Except for all the press conferences about himself and the book about himself).

  71. I’m having a hard time getting a post in with all these people posting about how they want to stop talking about Tebow.

  72. I believe Jesus went through the same thing. Devout followers and Devout non believers.

  73. Morgan is actually a marketing genius!

    He’s managed to get national exposure for his firm by piggybacking on the Tebow frenzy.

    He’ll be the first lawyer I’ll call to milk my case if I ever get whiplash in a fender bender.

  74. Remember Tebowites. The harsher the suffering, the greater the glory. Tebow will rise.

  75. I have never seen a fan base with a desire to be mediocre/suck by bringing in bad players

  76. Tebow is being moved around like a pawn on a chess board. But ultimately (and obviously), it’s he who has to choose what his future holds.

    He seems content to let this drama continue but until he has the wisdom to change positions from QB to HB, he really has no future in the NFL. What is he waiting for? A burning bush? [sorry] Does he enjoy playing the martyred winner? He is silent.

    The Jaguars’ owner seems to be a logical businessman. He knows that winning games is what will fill his stadium. Tebow-ites are Tebow fans–not Jaguar fans, so filling it with cult followers is not a long term solution nor does it contribute anything to building a winning team.

    I suspect the zeal displayed by this ad-buying lawyer is driven by a small-c christian agenda and not by the love of football and I think that Kahn suspects the same.

  77. If John Morgan has anything to do with it run for the hills, as unscrupulous an Attorney as you will find. Instead of “For The People” his slogan should be “For My Wallet”.

  78. I’m a Gator alum. I live in Jacksonville and am a Jaguars fan. I am a fan of Tebow. And I hope he ends up proving the doubters wrong. But this is just getting stupid – the Jaguars do not want him and I for one agree with that decision. They’re going to see if they can get more out of Gabbert with competent blocking and if not, move on – but giving in to a vocal minority of people who aren’t fans of the team but fans of a single player is just not smart football. Perhaps Tebow could go to Miami or Tampa, who can’t even avoid blackouts after dropping their number to 85%, or go play in Orlando with the Predators.

  79. You know, Tebow could have avoided all of this if he had signed with the Jags instead of the Jets last year! What were his handler’s telling him at that time? If it came down to performances of Gabbert vs Sanchez, the later had made the playoffs twice his first two seasons. If he has talent at all he could have taken over the Jabs job last year. Doesn’t make any sense……

  80. Khan needs to sign Tebow just for the hullabaloo. One of the worst teams in the NFL will sell out all their pre-season games, as well as, a ton of regular season tickets. Merchandise sales will skyrocket. Then after the 4th pre-season game cut Tebow from the team. Money is made and the 4th string distraction is removed.

  81. People don’t realize that sending petitions to the White House, putting up billboards and taking out ads only complicate Tebow’s ability to find an NFL home even more. What team would want to deal with this?

    No team, the Jags included, can ever allow it’s fans to dictate football decisions. Once you give up that control it would be nearly impossible to get it back. It would destroy a franchise.

  82. The main reason I dislike tebow is the idiotic supporters who call people Tebow Haters when we say we dont think he is a good QB. I can care less wether or not the kid loves Jesus, Budda or Muhammad. All most people judge him on is wether he can succeed at QB and the answer is no. The Jaguars dont have to sign Tebow to appease the small group of nut cases that think he is the end all be all football king. The Jaguars are going to do the right thing and build through the draft and find quality players in free agency and not worry what a few dummys have to say about Tebow. John Morgan should go back to chasing ambulances and stop being a fake Jaguars fan. GO JAGS

  83. If Tebow wasn’t a WHITE fanatical christian, he would not even be mentioned, anywhere. If the man was of any other skin tone or religion, he would be nothing more than a first round reach and bust. What I really want to know is why Warren Moon hasn’t chimed in yet….

  84. This lawyer/firm is constantly on TV all over central Forida. Commercial after stupid commercial. It is almost as bad as the incessant political adds in the month before an election–only there is no end in sight with this guy. The Tebow thing is nothing more than an association ploy for publicity. Tebow = clicks/coverage and with every one the lawyers get more name recognition.

  85. football is a 22+ man game on both sides. Tebow has never single handedly won a football game. nobody ever has. It is the ultimate team sport where everyone must contribute in order to be successful. This isnt basketball where one guy can score 20 points off iso plays alone.

  86. This attorney would be better off spending that money to hire Tebow to give spiritual talks to the poor saps this guy is ripping off.

  87. Every business owner in Jacksonville would like to feel the economic impact that Tebow brings. This should not be a shock to anyone. What should be a shock is why Khan doesnt want the revenue?

    (see Jaguars stadium lease – 4 years of lost revenue voids lease).

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