John Kasay to retire as a Panther today


John Kasay made his first NFL kick with the Seahawks, and his last one with the Saints.

But John Kasay, as much as anyone, was a Carolina Panther, and he’ll retire that way today.

The team announced they’re signing him to a one-day contract so he can retire a member of the team for which he created so many memories. The franchise’s all-time leading scorer, he was one of the first two unrestricted free agents signed by the expansion team in 1995, and kicked for them through 2010.

He retires eighth on the league’s all-time scoring list with 1,970 points.

Kasay on the outside was a quiet and humble man, avoiding every opportunity for praise as he climbed various charts. But he also had an edge about him, as he mentored many young players, but none more so than Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith.

“Miss or make, he’s my boy,” the sometimes-volatile Smith said once. “If I’m going into a back-alley, I want John.”

That image always seemed a little out of character for those who didn’t get to see him every day. But for the many years in Carolina, no one worked and fought harder to perfect his craft than Kasay did.

12 responses to “John Kasay to retire as a Panther today

  1. John was missed after he left, for both his great football ability and his even greater character. God bless him and his family and I wish him all the luck in the world in his post football life.

  2. If we didn’t have Seabass in the Raiders Org this is the man for the Raiders,loved his tuffness on the field and his strong leg!! Carolina took a hit here and John wasn’t afraid to give one! He was the Ronnie Lott of kickers!!! God Bless John and family.

  3. “here we go again. another tool who thinks you have to retire from a certain team and that it somehow matters”

    You sir are the tool for even talking about John Kasay in that manner. If you knew anything about him, you wouldn’t say such a thing.

  4. retire #4.

    Certain players Panthers fans will always put above any others.

    John Kasay, Brad Hoover, Steve Smith, Mike Minter, Thomas Davis…

    Good luck John, one of the classiest players ever and a heck of kicker!

  5. Perhaps it doesn’t matter, but it’s the kind of gesture that makes all parties concerned feel good, except for a few sour-grapes types who aren’t involved yet feel the need to be a Debbie Downer. Where’s the harm?

  6. I love John Kasay. I met him at Incredible Universe when I was 15. He was signing autographs and my mom worked a night shift there. After hours John stuck around and hung out with me at the in-store McDonalds. I got a picture of him sitting on a Ronald McDonald statue next to me. Great guy.

  7. Got to love the tools that still bring up the super bowl kick out of bounds. Either the defense could have stopped Brady or Brady might have gone on to get the team in field goal range from wherever he started.

    The guy’s body of work speaks for itself.

  8. John Kasay is a class act and was an incredible kicker! So happy he retired as a Panther! He was a very important part of this organization for years! Good luck, John! Here’s to ya!!!!!

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