Kluwe doesn’t know whether being outspoken cost him his job

On Monday, the Vikings parted ways with punter Chris Kluwe.  On Tuesday, Kluwe joined PFT Live to talk about the move, and his football (and non-football) future.

And while Kluwe previously lamented to PFT that “speaking out on human rights has a chance of getting you cut,” he said Tuesday that he doesn’t know whether it actually was a factor in the Vikings’ decision to go with fifth-round rookie Jeff Locke.

Common sense tells us that, at some level, someone in the decision-making hierarchy in Minnesota was influenced, consciously or not, by Kluwe’s penchant for non-football interests — especially since special-teams coach Mike Priefer voiced those concerns last year, after Kluwe wore a homemade patch during a game to support Ray Guy’s candidacy for the Hall of Fame.

If those kinds of things could affect Kluwe’s future job prospects in the NFL, Kluwe doesn’t care.  He said Tuesday that he’s not changing, and that’s a good thing.

Another good thing is Kluwe’s first book, Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies:  On Myths, Morons, Free Speech, Football, and Assorted Absurdities.  You can pre-order it right here.

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53 responses to “Kluwe doesn’t know whether being outspoken cost him his job

  1. I watched every vikings game last year and I noticed a drop off in his play. I think the vikings made a good FOOTBALL move in letting him go.

  2. The anti-Viking posters and the knuckle-draggers will undoubtedly have bad things to say about Kluwe, which of course he’d laugh at and revel in, but the Vikings lose a decent (though not great) punter who has one of his best years last year. That’s a shame.

    Kluwe was especially good at hang time, least good at Inside-the-20 punts. He was decently paid, though as PFT pointed out, not even in the top dozen of punter salaries.

    But Kluwe was pricier than the rookie Locke, and we have to assume that Locke won’t be so outspoken. I’m assuming Kluwe gets picked up soon so the NFL won’t be the loser here, but the Vikings and their fans will lose a really interesting character. That’s something the NFL needs more of.

    The book looks good…

  3. What about Brian Moorman, Mat McBriar, Donnie Jones, Shane Lechler, Nick Harris, et al. Did their views on same-sex relationship cost them their punting jobs with their respective clubs?

  4. Two weeks ago, he was going to be able to compete for a job.

    That didn’t happen.

    It’s quite clear that he did get let go for being outspoken.

    I’m surprised more Vikings fans aren’t upset about this. He had their best interests at heart.

  5. Be the best at putting the ball deep inside the 20 and nobody will care what you say. Quit making those kicks and youre outta here!

  6. Soooo, because I came out in support of gay marriage if no team gives me a job, it’s a conspiracy and they’re all bigots. Good business move Kluwe.

  7. Get ready for all the posts saying this was strictly about declining performance. Of course it was.

  8. I sincerely hope he does not resort to making this claim (that he was removed for being outspoken). Doing so would make him look small, and come across like sour grapes.

  9. Hilarious– only one minute in and I’m cracking up:

    “We were all awaiting word on Monday as to what would happen to Chris Kluwe”

    lol lol lol Who exactly is “we”?

  10. Well for a punter who was 17th out of 32 in the league for punters in total yardage & 31st out of 32 for pinning it inside the 20. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because you were outspoken, But if that’s what makes you go to sleep at night, then go ahead and believe it

  11. His Fate was sealed when the Vikings took a punter in the 5th round of this years draft.
    He can say he was released for whatever reason, but they are just excuses now.

  12. In the end this helped both parties. The Vikings get a better, younger, cheaper punter the special teams coach likes and Kluwe gets some publicity to help sell his book.

    Now, can we shift to real football stories?


  13. Maybe it has to do with the fact that they just signed 3 first rounders and can pay a guy a MILLION dollars less to potentially do the job better, money they will definitely need to pay out those first round rookie contracts. AND this other, cheaper option might also focus more on keeping his game tight and not be known for ignoring his coaches and being generally insufferable as a teammate.

    His outspokenness definitely didn’t help but there was WAY more at play here.

  14. Last week, Jason Collins came out as the first active athlete in a major sport to come out. He did the interview circuit and was lauded for a few days. This week, he is yesterday’s news and no one cares, Book publishers rejected his book proposals, and the interview requests are drying up. It is a joke to think that Kluwe, by taking the position advocating by everyone in the media, Hollywood, and anyone in the public eye who does not want to be ostracized, is somehow being controversial. The minute anyone breathes anything less than full support of gay marriage and the gay lifestyle, they are pounced on, ridiculed, and called a bigot. Now, if Kluwe really wanted to be courageous and take the controversial position, he would have come out against gay marriage.

  15. Let’s try it this way. Kluwe says he’s speaking out for human rights. I say that there are hundreds of millions of people in the world who are suffering without basic human rights. I think those people would be insulted by what Kluwe thinks is a human right and they would probably wonder why this guy would care so much about gay marriage while not speaking up at all about their plight. He has a political agenda, nothing more.

  16. If Kluwe was the GM or HC of a football team which had, say, an outspoken Christian defending the Right To Life– does anyone in the world doubt for a moment that Kluwe would cut the guy?

    He’d not only cut the guy, he’d give a profanity-laced tirade announcing the move.

    “Free speech for all- as long you agree with me.”

  17. Outspoken or not, 1.45 million is way to much for a 31 year old punter and punter only.

    Especially when the vikes are about to sign urlacher and Charles Woodson for the same price tag.

    We comin.

  18. On another point and not to toot tebows horn any more than it needs to be tooted but why is it okay for Jason Collins to be gay but not for tebow to be Christian?

  19. Kluwe finished 23rd in the NFL last season and is one of the higher paid punters. He’s atrocious on grass where the Vikes play the next two seasons. If not for his off the field popularity this would be looked at as a reasonable football move.

    But in our progressive controlled mainstream media and culture we just can’t help ourselves can we? Hell if Kluwe had been outspoken about not changing the definition of marriage, and used humor and obscenities to drive his point home, most folks would be calling for his head on a pike and furious with the Vikings for not cutting him. But since his point of view is “progressive liberal approved” we go after the Vikings for cutting him, even though the move is not out of the ordinary.

    It is just such a weird double standard that we live by. I really like Kluwe and think he is hilarious and humorous. I agree with his stances but find his intolerant and abusive language and bully tactics to be a little out of place with his position and what I would call morality.

    But if someone had made statements similar to Kluwe’s that were not inline with the approved progressive liberal message then we’d be calling for his head, not questioning his employers motives for cutting him. Do most people even realize the ridiculous double standard we live by and our illusion of freedom of speech.

    Freedom of speech as long as it agrees with the majority of those in power. Hmm. How is that different than Iran?

  20. I think it’s probably performance as much as the distraction factor, but what I don’t like is being lied to yet again by Spielman. Open competition, really? Why not just say “we’re moving on with younger and cheaper?”

    What else is he lying to us about? Ponder? The real reason why Percy wanted out? The truth behind why they keep Webb as QB backup? Why we paid $25M for John Carlson to not play football? Why we keep Chris Cook around?

  21. Kluwe is as stupid as they come! He let the LBGT community use him as a pawn. Everyone knows “Punter should only been seen, and not HEARD!” The question remains Kluwe was is worth your economic livelihood, because no team wants you?

  22. When your punter becomes better known as a golfer, a video game expert, and a human rights activist….long before anyone besides his own teammates and fans knew he was a punter, then it is time to go.

    He became way too comfortable.

  23. And honestly, as far as gay union goes, just don’t call it marriage and I guarantee there would be little opposition. For those of you who ask “why can’t they call it marriage?”, realize that’s greedy. You want to not only change the law, but change the meaning of an important word? Just compromise so it can be official sooner. Hard not to support that

  24. Less money for a young equal if not better talent. Ya, the vikings made a real dumb move.

    We should have an ex lawyer that works for NBC speak to this like it’s a workers rights violation that he was released.

    Anyone who lives in Minneapolis should understand that the city, state and team do not get in the way of gay rights. I’m surprised we still allow same sex marriage,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,now give me your tax money.

  25. What is Kluwe opinion on polygamy though? Is he one of those bigots that believes only in couples being able to be married? Polygamy has been practiced openly all throughout recorded history and it’s the natural state of man — I would hope that he would fully support this movement. Amazingly most people for gay marriage are against polygamy while they they call people against gay marriage close minded and bigots.

  26. A punter wrote a book …. While he is still playing …. and has never made a pro bowl. Yeah, shocking no team wants him.

  27. Won’t be getting the book. I’ll obviously be able to read most of his opinions here over the next few months.

    Then again, anyone can read similar Genius Modern Thought in the comment sections by any random twenty something pothead on any yahoo article on gay marriage etc.

    It seems clear to me that the guy has some sort of social disorder. Search ‘atheism + aspergers’ for more insight.

    And it’s just plain weird that he is so obsessed with other people’s sexuality. Maybe it’s a gay player on the Vikings who said to management– “Just please get this guy outta here!”

  28. the other issue here is the special teams coach…you think he would be on his punters side on Ray Guy not being in the hall of fame…..talk about a joke….

  29. Considering the Vikings aren’t exactly an offensive fire power and wouldn’t be anytime soon as long as Ponder is the starting QB, you can’t blame the Vikings for wanting to improve the punting position.

    If Kluwe wants to believe its because of an agenda, his misinformed opinion has plenty of company in Minnesota along side the fans who are claiming a Superbowl because the Vikings have 3 #1 draft picks. No Qb, no middle linebacker but three #1’s to be sure.

  30. So is Kluwe now going to view his firing and his failure to perform as his latest ‘Social Justice’ cause?

    I’m a ‘Live and Let Live’ kind of guy, but that statement has to go both ways, and Kluwe couldn’t leave it at that.

    Further, any employer would be concerned about a situation where an employee was dedicating too much time and energy to sometime other than what he is being handsomely paid for.

    And Puckhog: You might actually want to do a little homework on your ‘facts’ before you commit them to written scrutiny… The coach was supportive of Guy, but not of Kluwe’s insubordination.

    And that leads to final point. Is Kluwe so naïve that he thinks there are not consequences to his actions (not his opinions… his actions) ?

  31. Everyone’s talking about this younger, cheaper, and better punter. I’m sorry, but I must have missed the start of the season, this damn kid has not touched a game ball yet. Never had the game on the line, up by 3, punting from his own 10 yd line with Reggie Bush awaiting the return. Honestly I could give a rats ass what a punter has to say off the field, or omit for that matter, as long as those 3-4 times a game (that’s right Ponders the QB) 8-10 times he puts foot to ball the returner doesn’t score. Kluwe is 31 and makes around1.4-1.5 mil. 31 is prime age for a position that has see players go into their mid 40’s, and do we know if before the draft they discussed a pay cut. The staff was sick of the character that Kluwe is, and now they should be praying that Locke turns out.

  32. Rick Spielman is a Magician says:
    May 7, 2013 5:55 PM

    And 27xplayoffs is channeling his inner Carl Gerbschmidt


    That’s pretty low, man.

    I’m just saying, I’d like honest answers to questions that don’t put the team’s success at risk. I don’t think that is too much for the fans to ask of the front office.

  33. Can we have a media member question an athlete on the sickening abortion trial in Philadelphia so we can debate the merits of a baby’s “human rights?”

    Oh wait, that wouldn’t advance a liberal agenda, forget it.

    Let’s just pretend that people weren’t snipping off necks or drowning little babies. That’s not a “human rights” issue.

  34. No, it increased the coverage of this non-issue.

    “Kluwe’s off-the-field activism will be blamed for his release, but he simply wasn’t worth his $1.4 million salary after coming in 17th in net-punting average (39.7 yards) last season”
    source; Rotoworld

  35. Go be the grand Marshall in another city’s gay parade kluwe….maybe if you woulda concentrated just on football you wouldn’t have lost your job….

  36. Wow, it’s just great to let us know “he’s not changing”. We also know he hopefully, will just fade away now, please….

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