Nominate your candidates for the Redskins’ Mt. Rushmore

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Next month on Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network, we’ll carve out a Mt. Rushmore for each and every NFL team.

Before we can conduct a team-by-team vote on the four figures who’ll appear on each mountain, we need nominees.

And I just realized I still have to come up with 30 different ways of setting this up.

We’ve already asked for nominees for the Cowboys.  Next up, their arch-rivals in the NFC East:  The Redskins.

Nominate your Mt. Rushmore candidates below.  And don’t expect RGIII to make it after only one season.

303 responses to “Nominate your candidates for the Redskins’ Mt. Rushmore

  1. Please don’t give “logicalvoicesays” a vote. For the love God don’t give him a vote.

  2. Thank you for pointing out RG3 cant make it yet. Unfortunately there will be more than one person who says RG3. The Skins have a storied history. Lots to choose from. Joe Gibbs has to be one.

  3. Darrel Green, Sonny Jurgenson, Joe Gibbs, and Sammy Baugh. Art Monk could also be in there

  4. Mark Murphy. Long over-looked for the Hall of Fame, let’s offer some recognition for his career.

  5. Joe Gibbs, Sammy Baugh, Darryl Green, & George Allen…..and maybe John Riggins.

  6. Baugh, Jergenson, Gibbs, Monk.

    Hard to leave Riggins off but there are a lot of notable Washington players.

  7. Sammy Baugh
    Sonny Jurgensen
    John Riggins
    Darrell Green

    or you can go with:

    RG3 and the 3 logos of the giants, cowboys, and eagles since we own them! LOL!!!!

  8. RGIII??? Seriously? Some kind of joke?? His hype versus output is eclipsing Tebow.

    Doug Williams? Horrible QB save for 1/2 of a season. Career 49% passer.

    Sammy Baugh, John Riggins, Darrel Green, Bobby Mitchell.

  9. Giant fan showing respect…

    Joe Gibbs (Must have big 80’s glasses)
    John Riggins
    Darrell Green
    Sammy Baugh

    hard to leave off Art Monk, but who do you bump?

  10. Daniel Snyder, Steve Spurrier, Jim Zorn, Albert Haynesworth

    I keed I keed

    Joe Gibbs
    Sonny Jurgensen
    Darrell Green
    Art Monk

  11. Baugh, Green, Monk and Gibbs. In that order. Art Monk over John Riggins. Riggo also played for the Jets.

    ~A Giants fan.

  12. Anyone who doesn’t include Sammy Baugh lacks any concept of the history of the NFL. At different times, the guy was the league leader in passing, interceptions, and punting.

  13. Sonny J was not a winner, so he’s not on the Mountain. Not his fault, but the stats are unfortunately there. My Top 10 Redskins players of alltime : Baugh, Riggins, Green, Monk, L. Brown, C. Taylor, Sonny, Portis, Houston and RGIII. Robert has Sonny’s passing magic with World Class Speed for legs. Truly a rare player. So grateful he wears Burgundy and Gold. #HTTR

  14. Joe Gibbs, Sammy Baugh, Darrell Green, and Russ Grimm (you need at least one hog)

    Riggins is questionable since half of his production was in a Jets uniform.

  15. Joe Gibbs, Slingin’ Sammy Baugh, Art Monk, & Darrell Green! Riggo was a great player for us, but we are talking the Rushmore of Skins…he was a jet first and the 4 above are much more accomplished as Redskins. Honorable mentions go to Riggo, Theismann, Jurgenson, and Bobby Mitchell.

  16. Lawrence Taylor, Eli “Clutch” Manning, Sam Huff, Frank Gifford

    That’s a real Mt. Rushmore.

    The Skins Mt. Rushmore is so bad and uninspiring it’s highlighted by a RB we nicknamed “1 yd gain”


  17. First four things that come to mind are The Diesel, George Allen, Doug Williams, and a Hog.

  18. pinchekeith says:May 7, 2013 7:55 PM

    Crazy Horse
    Sitting Bull

    Its a good thing you can google, huh?

  19. Joe Gibbs (Coach for all 3 Super Bowl wins)
    Darrell Green (2 Super Bowl wins, 4 time all pro)
    Sammy Baugh (2 NFL Championships, 7 time all pro, 6 time passing yards leader)
    Art Monk (On all 3 Super Bowl teams, 1st player ever to have over 900 receptions, 2 time all pro)

    Honorable mention:
    John Riggins (Super Bowl MVP and the most memorable run in team history)
    Sonny Jurgensen (5 time passing leader, 4 time all pro with Skins, no Super Bowl wins)
    Joe Theismann (1 Super Bowl, 2 time all pro)

  20. Let’s break it down:
    Sounds like everyone agrees with (1)Joe Gibbs.

    Any CB that plays for the same team for 20 years, wins 2 SB, model citizen on/off the field, HOFer has to be in – (2) Darrell Green

    (3) Sammy was one of the first pioneers of the pass – HOF, world champion, and really established the franchise in DC

    Let’s be honest, the golden days were the 80s and only a few are HOFers while winning 3 SBs, and also led the league in catches when he retired with 3 different QBs – (4) Art Monk (not to mention a class act too).

  21. Patrick Ramsey, Michael Westbrook, Andre Johnson, Desmond Howard

    What a bunk organization. Please move onto the Giants and Cowboys…i.e. the big boys of the division. thanks.

  22. Why would Sean Taylor be one? The Skins have a lot of great player. What happened to Taylor was awful but he didnt play long enough. RIP

  23. Donovan McNabb, Heath Shuler, Jason Campbell and Patrick Ramsay.

    With those guys the coaches surely were standing on the sideline saying “Okay, we’ve gotta rush more.”


  24. Darrell Green.

    Joey Heisman

    Joe Gibbs

    Slangin’ Sammy Baugh

    (honorable mention to George Allen and Doug(ey fresh) Williams).

  25. Darrell Green
    Charley Taylor
    Sammy Baugh
    Art Monk

    Honorable mention:
    Joe Gibbs
    Joe Theismann
    Sonny Jurgenson
    John Riggins
    Bobby Mitchell
    Russ Grimm
    Joe Jacoby
    Dexter Manley
    Charles Mann
    Ken Houston

  26. pinchekeith says: May 7, 2013 7:55 PM

    Crazy Horse
    Sitting Bull

    I think Squanto, Pocahontas and Sacajawea deserve a spot on the nomination list.

  27. ustintuckrule says:
    May 7, 2013 8:21 PM
    Patrick Ramsey, Michael Westbrook, Andre Johnson, Desmond Howard

    What a bunk organization. Please move onto the Giants and Cowboys…i.e. the big boys of the division. thanks.
    Redskins- 31 Hall of Famers
    NYG- 28 Hall of Famers (Nine spent two seasons or less with the team. In fairness, the Redskins have three.) So realistically it would be Washington- 28, NYG- 19.

  28. Sammy Baugh. Unanimous charter member of HoF. Should be on the most general Mt. Rushmore of Football.

    Darrell Green of course. Redskin lifer. One of the best corners that ever played. Even better person off the field.

    Russ Grimm exemplified The Hogs, and major force in our 4 Super Bowls. Can’t put in Riggo or Theisman without Grimm, no way.

    Joe Gibbs if we are including non-players. Only coach to win 3 SBs with 3 different QBs. Try that nowadays.

    If only players included: Valid arguments for John Riggins, Sonny Jurgenson, Art Monk. Maybe even Bobby Mitchell, Charley Taylor, Ken Houston.
    I would go with Art Monk.

    BONUS: Madden Mt. Rushmore for Redskins:
    Russ Grimm, John Riggins, Sammy Baugh, Gary Clark. Loved Gary Clark.

  29. John Riggins, Doug Williams, Mark Rypien and Coach Gibbs… The reason behind this is because they were all Super Bowl MVP and Joe Gibbs coached all three. I know that it is players who have contribute alot to the organization but when it came down to the big game these players and coach performance put us in the record books.

  30. Sammy Baugh(#1 seed /discussion)
    Joe Gibbs (He Coached 3 Super Bowl winning teams for Washington)
    Darrell Green (An icon/face of our franchise for years)
    Art Monk (because he was Jerry Rice before Jerry Rice was Jerry Rice)
    Love Riggins as a “5 seed” but these guys are all more important to our history.

  31. You think about that 80’s and 90’s era and there are so many guys to choose from. Then there are the guys from before that time as well. My choice would be guys that were around the longest… Sammy Baugh, Joe Gibbs, Art Monk, Darrell Green. That has to be at least 60 years of Redskin history right there combined.

  32. Ok Green was fast and played with the team for 20 yrs, but not worthy….should be impact guys…so

    2.Sammy Baugh
    3. The Hogs
    4. Dexter Manley

  33. The Redskins are an old team. Gotta go way back for some of these…

    Cliff Battles
    Sammy Baugh
    Wayne Millner
    Turk Edwards
    Charley Taylor

  34. 1. Sammy Baugh
    2. Joe Gibbs
    3. Dexter Manley
    4. Ken Houston

    HM: John Riggins, Art Monk, Chris Hanburger, Sonny Jergenson, Darrell Green, Charley Taylor, Russ Grimm

    So many great Redskins it’s hard to choose.

  35. Sammy Baugh , Sean Taylor,Darrel Green , John Riggins
    Just QBS Sammy Baugh, Sonny Jurgensen, Billy Kilmer, Doug Williams and Joe Thiesmann
    Coaches Vince Lombardi, George Allen, Joe Gibbs

  36. Darrell Green not impact? Whoever heard of a hall of fame player as some guy on the field? Green is Mr. Redskin.

    Dexter Manley, good player not for a rushmore though.

    1. Joe Gibbs
    2. Darrell Green
    3. Sammy Baugh
    4. The Hogs

  37. slingin sammy baugh (the best nfl player of all time (and i’m a broncos fan, jussayin)), and of course… logicalvoicesays. both the best at what they do

  38. Sammy Baugh
    Joe Gibbs
    Darrell Green
    Art Monk

    Riggins/Monk is a hard call, but Monk edges him out. Not having an Over the Hill Gang representative also hurts, but this is Mt. Rushmore.

    I failed to get into the spirit of this exercise when the Cowboys went first and responded in typically snarky fashion. I’d like to remedy that here on the Redskins section:

    Tom Landry, Roger Staubach, Randy White and Emmitt Smith are certainly players and men who transcend rivalry in historical terms.


  39. Jurgensen put the Redskins back on the map
    Gibbs took them to the Promised Land 3 ti,es
    Green exemplified what a HOF player is
    Sammy Baugh is All Time All NFL – Check the stats

  40. Sammy Baugh, Joe Gibbs, Jack Kent Cooke, and a coin-flip between John Riggins and Darrell Green. Mt. Rush-less? Albert Haynesworth, George Preston Marshall, Jim Zorn and Deion Sanders.

  41. 1. Deion Sanders
    2. Brad Johnson
    3. Larry Johnson
    4. Albert Haynesworth

    then subtitle it “The Washington Redskins: a day late and a dollar short”

  42. For the backside of the mountain:

    Heath Shuler
    Gus Frerotte
    Donovan McNabb
    Jeff George

  43. In no particular order: Joe Gibbs, Darrell Green, Sonny Jurgensen, Robert Griffin III. If too early for RG3, put in Theismann or Baugh.

  44. thecapitalball says: May 7, 2013 7:26 PM

    Darrell Green
    Art Monk
    Sammy Baugh
    Joe Gibbs

    I can go with that, although there are lots of good choices beyond that. Honorable mention to–

    George Allen
    Charley Taylor
    Bobby Mitchell
    Jack Kent Cooke
    The Hogs
    Dave Butz
    Larry Brown

    And if Joe Theismann were making the decision, it would be Joe Theismann, Joe Theismann, Joe Theismann, and Joe Theismann.

  45. 1. Joe Gibbs
    2. John Riggins
    3. Art Monk
    4. Darrell Green

    I don’t think any of the QB’s really stand out if we are only considering 4.

  46. justintuckrule says:
    May 7, 2013 8:21 PM
    Patrick Ramsey, Michael Westbrook, Andre Johnson, Desmond Howard

    What a bunk organization. Please move onto the Giants and Cowboys…i.e. the big boys of the division. thanks.

    Giants Mount Rushmore:

    1. No player from 1966 to 1983. They all sucked!
    2. Ray Handley
    3. Joe Pisarcik
    4. Herman Edwards (most famous play in Giant history)

    Joe Jacoby Joe Gibbs

    Sammy Baugh
    Sonny Jurgensen
    John Riggins
    Darrell Green

    Russ Grimm
    Art Monk Charley Taylor
    Ken Houston
    Bobby Mitchell

  48. Donovan McNabb, Heath Shuler, Jason Campbell and Patrick Ramsay.

    With those guys the coaches surely were standing on the sideline saying “Okay, we’ve gotta rush more.”
    Don’t forget Joltin’ Jay Schrader, The Gators Shane Matthews and Danny Wuerfell, and of course our combination KR-QB Brian Mitchell.

  49. Baugh, Gibbs, Bugel & Cooke.

    I add Bugel because he made the Hogs and Cooke because all he was is a winning SOB! From the Lakers to the Skins. He is a true legend.

  50. justintuckrule says: May 7, 2013 8:02 PM

    Lawrence Taylor, Eli “Clutch” Manning, Sam Huff, Frank Gifford
    Ask Sam Huff – he would never be caught dead on the Giants mountain.

    While we are at it, how about for all the Giants trolls, legends like Joe Pisarcik, Allie Sherman, Ron Dayne, and Dave Brown? Oh, and Lawrence Taylor only qualifies for the Convicted Felon Mount Rushmore.

  51. Sammy Baugh
    George Allen
    Joe Gibbs
    Darrell Green

    and for the Mt Rushmore of shame:

    Albert Haynesworth
    Adam Archuleta
    Brandon Lloyd
    Jim Zorn

  52. Love Gibbs, but this is more for the players I think.

    1. Darrel Green
    2. Art Monk
    3. Sonny Jurgensen
    4. Monte Coleman

  53. Joe Gibbs hands down, without him I’m not sure the Skins are as a good as they were in the 80’s.

    Darrell Green because he epitomized what every Redskins fan could hope for in a player.

    Sammy Baugh because he is a legend…

    The final spot would go to anyone of the following;
    Sonny Jurgenson
    John Riggins
    Joe Thiesemen
    Art Monk

  54. Front office: Joe Gibbs, Jack Kent Cooke, George Allen, George Marshall

    Players: Sammy Baugh, Darrell Green, John Riggins, Art Monk

    Both: Gibbs, Baugh, Green, Allen

  55. Minnesota Vikings Nominees:

    Cris Carter
    Adrian Peterson
    Randy Moss
    Fran Tarkenton
    Randall McDaniel
    Ron Yary

    Alan Page
    Carl Eller
    John Randle
    Jim Marshall

  56. Baugh
    Marshall/ Da Squire

    My rational is who is the greatest offensive player, defensive player, coach and owner in franchise history. Didn’t want to put Marshall on the list but its hard to leave the founder off. Love the Squire, he brought a winning spirit to this town and we will always be grateful for him.

  57. Anyone who doesn’t include Sammy Baugh shouldn’t be allowed to vote. He was one of the greatest football players of all time. He was a star on offense defense & special teams.

    After that, maybe Gibbs, Monk, & Green, but everyone after Baugh is fighting for second place.

  58. Here’s a thought, for teams who have never won an NFL Championship or Superbowl, take one spot away and distribute them among the teams who have won at least one title. For those teams who have been in existence for more than 30 years with no Championship wins, take all of their Mt. Rushmore spots and give them to the franchises with a history of WINNING. That way the Redskins wouldn’t need to leave very deserving Winners off the list. We don’t need to know who those perennial losers are anyway.


  59. This may sound crude, but I say put a hog’s head up for one spot. It really is impossible to differentiate between them. All those Hogs made that team work.

    I say Joe Gibbs for a second spot.

    Sonny Jurgenson for a third spot.

    And last, I say put John Riggins.

    I hope that’s a good enough list.

  60. Tonto, Wahoo McDaniel, That indian looking at the trash with the tear and Kal Penn

  61. For the purpose of this exercise, our fake Mt. Rushmore should be allowed to have 5 iconic figures — 4 players and 1 Coach. It kills me to leave my all time favorite Redskin, Sonny Jurgensen, off this list but I think these are the best 5 for various reasons.

    Sammy Baugh

    When he retired, Baugh owned 13 NFL records in three player positions: quarterback, punter, and defensive back. Two of his records as quarterback still stand: most seasons leading the league in passing (six -tied with Steve Young) and most seasons leading the league with the lowest interception percentage

    Bobby Mitchell

    Broke the color barrier in Washington and when he retired, his 14,078 combined net yards was the second highest total in NFL history. Worked for the Redskin organization for 40 years.

    Art Monk

    When Art Monk retired he owned the NFL record for most receptions with 940 for 12,721 yards. He also retired with the most consecutive games with a catch (183), became the first player in the league to record a touchdown reception in 15 consecutive seasons as well as the only player ever to record at least 35 receptions in 15 consecutive seasons. Monk converted nearly two-thirds of his receptions into first downs.

    Darrell Green

    Redskin records held:

    Most career interceptions (54)
    Most game starts (258) and games played (295)
    Most game starts by a defensive back (258) and games played (295)
    Most consecutive seasons (20)
    Longest fumble return for a touchdown (78 yards)
    Most interceptions returned for touchdown (6)

    Joe Jackson Gibbs

    3 Super Bowl wins with 3 different quarterbacks. That is all you need to know.

  62. Obviously has to start with Sammy Baugh. Art Monk and Darrell Green next. 4th spot is up for grabs among several, but I’d give Sonny Jurgenson the edge.

  63. 1. Sammy Baugh
    2. Joe Gibbs
    3. Sonny Jurgenson
    4. I hate to honor anyone as racist and unsavory as George Preston Marshall, but he did bring the team to D.C., hired the marching band, brought in Sammy Baugh, so for football’s sake, I’ll give it to him.

  64. 1. George Preston Marshall (for bringing the team to DC)

    2. Vince Lombardi (for chaning the loosing culture that persisted for decades)

    3. George Allen (for all of his contributions, Super Bowl, Redskins – Cowboys Revilry, etc.)

    4. Joe Gibbs

    Now if you are talking about Players, in order of their service:

    1. Sammy Baugh
    2. Sonny (QB and 3 decades of Radio/TV)
    3. Joey T.
    4. Doug Williams

  65. Art Monk and Darrell Green are no brainers the next two should be Joe Gibbs and Slingin’ Sammy Baugh.

    The only other two that should even get consideration are John Riggins and Sonny Jurgensen.

    That’s not to say there haven’t beet many other great players but if your talking the best of the best. That’s the list.

  66. I would nominate Larry Brown over Riggins. Brown sold his soul for the Redskin nation. What a heart of a lion that guy had.

  67. Joe Jacoby has to be on it so he makes a speech at the unveiling. 6’8″, 350+, speaks with a lisp, and has a voice like Michael Jackson. That’s entertainment.

  68. Baugh and Gibbs are the only two absolute shoo-ins. The remaining two slots in my opinion are Sonny Jurgenson and Darrell Green, with Riggo on the outside looking in.

  69. Joe Gibbs, arguably the greatest head coach in the NFL’s history, the only head coach to win superbowls with different QB’s.

    Sammy Baugh, the George Washington of Quarterbacks, he was the first true great QB in the NFL, and transformed the way that football is played.

    D. Green, a face of the franchise for 20 years, one of the last “greats” to ever play his whole career with one team.

    and my wild card:
    Joe Bugle, the o-line coach who gave us the Hogs.

  70. Redtails are so garbage, all 200 commenters named the same 4 players. All of which would be denied admission to even see the giants mt rushmore

  71. Jack Kent Cooke, who made the 80’s run possible

    Joe Gibbs, who led the team 3x for Lombardi’s

    Sammy Baugh, a lot of his records are still standing, or have only been eclipsed once (and first of two rookies to ever get their team into and win a championship)

    John Riggins, who symbolised the 1980’s run

    Place all of their busts on top of the Hogs so that they may be included. (who says we cant carve the mountain the way we want)

  72. Joe Gibbs
    John Riggins
    Sammy Baugh
    Darrell Green

    And just for trolls like justintuckrule, the Giants in their entire history have had NO player as great as Sammy Baugh.

  73. I’ve got two Mt. Rushmore’s.

    Sammy Baugh
    Darrell Green
    John Riggins
    Art Monk

    Joe Gibbs
    Jack Kent Cooke
    Joe Bugel
    George Allen

  74. as a Ravens fans I have/still root for the skins. So my vote only counts as 1/2’s but I always liked
    Green, Riggins, Gibbs, Jack Kent Cooke

  75. Sean Taylor, really? Obviously a horrible tragedy and I understand the emotional connection to him because of that. As an Eagles fan, we have the same thing with Jerome Brown. But there’s no way he can be ahead of guys like Darrell Green, Sammy Baugh, Sonny Jurgensen, George Allen, Joe Gibbs, John Riggins, Russ Grimm, Art Monk, and Joe Theismann.

  76. That moronic Deadskins fan who thought of the “idea” to put HTTR on every post. Are you a grown man or a 12 year old girl?

  77. You could put RGIII up but then you would have to chisle him off once the season begins. RGIII is going to get destroyed worse than Vincent Smith after a Jadeveon Clowney hit.

  78. It should be…

    Sonny Jurgenson
    John Riggins
    Joe Thiesman’s Leg – Top Half
    Joe Thiesman’s Leg – Bottom Half


  79. kjp0810 says:

    I don’t think any of the QB’s really stand out if we are only considering 4.

    Omigosh!!! Read up on Slingin’ Sammy Baugh!!! He’d be a contender for a league-wide Mt. Rushmore! Glad to see so many Redskins fans have included Baugh on their lists. It’s nice to know some people still appreciate the history of the game.

  80. Lots of kids on here that can’t see history past the 80s.

    Sammy Baugh must absolutely be on your list.

    Think of it this way — 33 is the only officially retired number.

    Baugh has a record that will never be touched…. 4 TD passes in a game to go with 4 INTs…. not thrown caught!!!

    He was an all star QB, DB and Punter!

  81. Even this Titans fan knows it should be:
    Sammy Baugh, John Riggins, Joe Gibbs, Darrell Green and Art Monk.

  82. Redskins are easy (Slingin’ Sammy Baugh, Sonny, Riggins, and Darrell Green).

    The Colts’ Mt. Rushmore may need an extra 20 spots for all the HOF.

  83. Darrell Green
    John Riggins
    Art Monk
    Joe Gibbs

    Joe Theisman
    Doug Williams
    Sean Taylor(left this earth to soon)
    Russ Grimm(gotta have a hog)

    Current players
    London Fletcher(the defense don’t run without him)
    Alfred Morris
    ????? Would a fourth man please stand up!

  84. Needs more love for Art Monk and the Hogs. Sammy Baugh and Darrell Green.

    I’m heartbroken that Sean Taylor didn’t have long enough of a career to make the list, because he would have.

  85. 1. Sammy Baugh
    2. Joe Gibbs
    3. John Riggins
    4. Sonny Jurgensen
    The top 3 are a must and a given. Baugh built this team, changed the game and QB position (while playing 2 other positions), leading the team from 1937-1952, winning the first 2 NFL championships for the team. Gibbs ran/built the 3 superbowl championship teams. 3 superbowls (4 appearances for this era) around the offensive line and John Riggins. The RB always gets all the credit, but we can’t put the whole line on a mountain. Jurgensen took the team to its first superbowl, even if he lost to the only undefeated team ever. Jurgensen was the team for a decade, which brought excitement back to football in the city.

    You can argue Darrel Green, Charley Taylor, Bobby Mitchell, Turk Edwards, Wayne Miller, Chris Hanburger, Sam Huff, Art Monk, most of the members of the hogs o-line and a few others, but the 4 men who had the most impact on winning football in DC are the 4 I listed.

  86. theguywhosaidit,

    One thing you got wrong, George Allen didn’t start Sonny in the Superbowl, he turned to Mr. Play it Safe Kilmer.

    If Allen had swallowed his pride and started Sonny… we would be talking about the 16-1 Miami Dolphins of that year.

  87. Sammy Baugh (arguably one of the five most important players in NFL history. The Peyton Manning and Darrell Revis of his era(s))

    John Riggins (He was the reason that the Hogs were the Hogs, he carried this team to two Super Bowls and established the identity of the franchise. So much personality.)

    Art Monk (Everyone is chirping about Darrell Green. I have met Darrell many times, and he is often rude to fans. Seriously. Art is a class act in every way and, at one point in his career held most of the key receiving marks all time…Gibbs called him the exemplar of what it means to be a Redskin.)

    Joe Gibbs (He is THE MAN! Three super bowls with three non-HOF quarterbacks, won on the ground, in the air, and remains such a great ambassador for the sport and then team.)

    If no coaches, then you have to go with Jurgensen. He was the face of this franchise for a decade, and has been the voice of the franchise for the last forty. Sonny is LEGEND.)

    No to Darrell Green.. Not Portis (really?!)

  88. 1. Darrell Green
    2. Joe Gibbs
    3. Sammy Baugh
    4. Art Monk
    5. Sean Taylor. Make him a part of it.

  89. Art Monk
    Darrell Green
    John Riggins
    Joe Gibbs


    Jeff Bostic
    Russ Grimm
    Mark May
    Joe Jacoby
    George Starke

  90. Baugh, Monk, Green and Rig.

    Or take Riggins out and put a Hog on the Mt to rep the whole line cuz they were one of the best o lines ever

    Go Hawks!

  91. This is very simple, shouldn’t be any discussion on this. Jack Kent Cooke, Joe Gibbs, Sammy Baugh, and Darrell Green!!!!!!

  92. This is my final list.

    1. Joe Gibbs
    2. Sammy Baugh
    3. Darrell Green
    4. John Riggins

    HM: Dexter Manley, Charles Mann, Chris Hanburger, Ken Houston, Sean Taylor, The Hogs, Art Monk, Charley Taylor, Larry Brown, Bobby Mitchell, Sonny Jurgensen, Joe Theismann, George Allen, Richie Petitbon, Joe Bugel, Bobby Beathard, Jack Kent, George Preston Marshall

  93. Some franchises have more storied history than others, tough to leave at just 4. But here goes:

    Joe Gibbs
    John Riggins
    Joe Thiesmann

    Mainly based how they were associated with the team.

    George Allen
    Doug Williams
    Billy Kilmer
    Darrel Green
    and, of course,
    the Hogs

  94. Say the point of the Mt Rushmore is to honor significant contributors in the history of the franchise. Then recent contributors would be excluded because time hasn’t shown their achievements to be lasting (yet). Although beloved in the hearts of today’s Skins fans,  will John Riggins and Darrell Green be household names in 30 years? Before you scoff, how many today are fans of Skins HOFers Cliff Battles or Ken Houston (look ’em up, true fans). If the carvers of Mt Rushmore were shortsighted instead of taking the long view, the portraits outside Rapid City would be of Coolidge, Harding, Wilson, and Taft.

    So who should be memorialized so that future generations of Skins fans will learn of the significance of events before their own time? My suggestions:

    George Preston Marshall
    One of three original partners when franchise established in Boston, moved franchise to DC when his partners dropped out. 
    Bonus: his wife wrote the lyrics for “Hail to the Redskins”

    George Allen
    Ended two decades of loosing by defying NFL logic and trading draft picks for veterans, making the playoffs 5 of 7 years and taking the “over the hill gang” to the Super Bowl. 
    Bonus: Allen ignited the Skins-Cowboys rivalry into the frenzy it has become, often taunting Cowboy players and even accused their coaches of spying (what, you thought it started with Belichick?) — “Dallas Week” started with him.

    Joe Gibbs
    Built the first Redskin Dynasty (1981-1992), his teams were perennial contenders for the Super Bowl, making the playoffs 8 of 12 years and winning 4 NFC championships.
    Bonus: 3 Lombardi Trophies.

    Sammy Baugh
    Perennial All-Pro whose achievements have stood the test of time: set 13 NFL records, two still standing: most seasons leading league in passing(6)-  most seasons leading league fewest interceptions (5). Only player to throw 4 TDs and intercept 4 passes in a single game, only player to lead league in passing, punting, and interceptions in the same season. 
    Bonus: He’s a born-and-bred Texan who by his very presence as a charter member in the HOF reminds Cowboy fans that the greatest QB ever to come out of the Lone Star state is a REDSKIN!

    The weakest of these candidates would be Allen. In comparison, Ray Flaherty coached the Skins to 2 NFL championships (’37, ’42), but though Allen’s teams never won a Super Bowl, what would Dallas Week be without him? Still, I could easily see Green here over Allen and even Riggo, if only because John was a Jet first and Darrell played his entire career as a Redskin.

  95. Sammy Baugh and Joe Gibbs are locks.

    The third is debatable, but I’d pick Darrell Green. He’s an HoF corner and has always been great to the community.

  96. Impact on the franchise

    Sammy Baugh (He is #1 for a reason)

    George Allen over Joe Gibbs (super bowls matter but Allen transformed the franchise)

    Charley Taylor (if you need to ask you do not understand the difference between great and good)

    and finally

    Mr. Darrell Green

    I say this even though my favorite football player of alltime is Billy Kilmer who always brought beer to practice.. Thank you Billy!!!

  97. Sammy Baugh (duh)
    Joe Gibbs
    Darrell Green
    Dave Butz (or Riggins)
    Ken Houston/Jack Kent Cooke
    NOT GP Marshall; he was an ultra-racist

    Yeah, yeah, I know it’s four, but how can it be four?

  98. To clarify, I picked Butz because when he stepped on the field, the other teams showed fear. Real fear. And when you looked at that helmet that showed the battle scars of a season’s wear, not allowing it to be refinished after every game, he was a real warrior, a real monster on the D-line. I so miss him and his type…

  99. Sammy Baugh: the “original” Redskin and probably the most complete football player (pound for pound) the game has ever seen.

    John Riggins: he was the face of our franchise and one of the most dominant physical forces the game has seen.

    Darrell Green: “Mr. Redskin” personifies not only the paradigm of a teammate, but also of a human being.

    Coach Joe Gibbs: Championships and Class.

  100. Joe Gibbs (the list is a joke without him)
    Sammy Baugh
    Darrell Green
    Art Monk

    Maybe too ’80s-heavy, but that 10-year stretch was as good as almost any in pro football.

  101. Sonny Jurgenson
    Joe Gibbs
    Art Monk
    Doug Williams

    Williams was an important historical figure for the NFL and the Redskins reap the benefits of that. Even if his career numbers weren’t spectacular in Washington, this isn’t the Redskins HOF its the 4 faces that best represent this team.

  102. Joe Gibbs
    Sammy Baugh
    Darrel Green
    Charley Taylor
    (It’s hard to leave out Art Monk but when Taylor retired you could have made an argument that he was the best ever at his position. You couldn’t do that for Monk. Gibbs, Baugh & Green were definitely in the argument for best at their respective positions.)

  103. 1. Sammy Baugh
    2. Joe Gibbs
    3. Darrell Green
    4. John Riggins
    The first 3 are a given to me. It’s that #4 slot that’s hard. I feel that to be on Mt. Rushmore they had to do something so special that no one, or hardly no one, ever did. Change the game in some fashion. Or hold so many records that still stand, and I’m talking NFL wide.

  104. 1) Joe Gibbs
    2) Darrell Green
    3) John Riggins
    4) Art Monk
    5) Joe Jacoby

    We get five because hail to the Redskins!

  105. Sammy Baugh
    Bobby Mitchell
    Darrel Green
    Charley Taylor

    Close, but no cigar:
    Joe Gibbs
    Chris Hanburger
    London Fletcher
    John Riggins
    Art Monk
    Jerry Smith
    Russ Grimm
    Dexter Manley
    Sonny Jurgensen
    Chris Samuels
    Gene Brito
    Larry Brown
    Sam Huff
    Ken Houston
    Joe Jacoby

  106. Gibbs is obvious.
    We had 0 Super Bowl wins before and 0 since he left.
    After his first stint he was 124-60 (.683) in the regular season and 16-5 in the postseason.
    In those 12 seasons the Skins won 4 Division titles, 8 playoff appearances, only 1 losing season, and is the only coach to win 3 super bowls with 3 different QB’s and 3 different starting running backs.
    He should be on the NFL coaches Mt. Rushmore, let alone ours.

    Sammy Baugh
    Charter member of the HoF. 2 World championships. All-time Skins passing td leader, 3rd in passing yards, and highest single season qb rating.

    Darrell Green
    (Even though his preaching about himself now is getting really annoying.)
    54 career ints is the all-time Skins record. Longest tenure with one team and longest career in team history. 7 Pro Bowls, 4 all-pros, 2 Super bowls, 3 Conference Championships, 1990 all decade player, and 19 seasons with at least 1 int.

    Honestly the last face needs to be of a “Hogette”
    I know this is unpopular, but the Hogs signified the glory days of the Skins. They were the life blood driving all of the team’s later success. Also the influence on the local region and the nation can’t be overstated. I mean, they just retired last year I think. C’mon they were a pillar of the team if there ever was one.

    So, Gibbs, Baugh, Green, and a Hogette.

  107. I see that PFT thinks it would be “impossible” to pick only 4 Steelers for their Mt. Rushmore. Maybe. But the Steelers are NOT the only team like that.

    I find it “impossible” to only pick 4 players for EVERY POSITION for the Redskins:

    Sammy Baugh
    Eddie Lebaron
    Sonny Jurgenson
    Billy Kilmer
    Joe Theismann
    Doug Williams
    Mark Rypien
    (too early to tell: RG3)

    Cliff Battles
    Larry Brown
    John Riggins
    Joe Washington
    Earnest Byner
    Stephen Davis
    Clinton Portis
    (too early to tell: Alfred Morris)

    Charley Taylor
    Bobby Mitchell
    Charlie Brown
    Ricky Sanders
    Art Monk
    Gary Clark
    Santana Moss
    (too early to tell: Pierre Garcon)

    Tight Ends:
    Jerry Smith
    Doc Walker
    Donnie Warren
    Clint Didier
    Chris Cooley
    (too early to tell: Fred Davis)

    Offensive Line:
    Turk Edwards
    Len Hauss
    Mark May
    George Starke
    Jeff Bostic
    Joe Jacoby
    Russ Grimm
    Raleigh McKenzie
    Jim Lachey
    Chris Smuels
    (too early to tell: Trent Williams)

    Line Backers:
    Sam Huff
    Chris Hanburger
    Neil Olkewicz
    Monte Coleman
    Wilbur Marshall
    London Fletcher
    (too early to tell: Brian Orakpo)

    Defensive Line:
    Ron McDole
    Diron Talbert
    Dave Butz
    Charles Mann
    Dexter Manley

    Pat Fischer
    Brig Owens
    Ken Houston
    Mark Murphy
    Sean Taylor
    Darrell Green

    Special Teams:
    Mike Nelms
    Mark Moseley
    Brian Mitchell
    Chip Lohmiller
    Lorenzo Alexander

    George Allen
    Jack Kent Cooke
    Bobby Bethard
    Joe Gibbs
    Joe Bugel

  108. letting all rivalry aside, i am cowboys fan paing respect to great redskins, i think the list would be

    joe gibbs
    john riggins
    joe theisman
    art monk

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