ProFootballTalk: Ryan Clark needs to tread carefully

Steelers safety Ryan Clark said the Patriots have taken a step back and Tom Brady is easy to rattle. Mike Florio appreciates good trash talk every so often, but says Clark now needs to watch his back on the field.

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17 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Ryan Clark needs to tread carefully

  1. Ryan Ckark is 100% right. Why would he have to watch his back? Without all the over protection by refs instructed by the NFL Brady would be just a slightly above average QB not the God that the NFL wants to portray. He freaks out under pressure…just watch his last few playoff games…it’s all on video.

  2. Whether or not Clark is right or wrong is irrelevant. He has no business saying a negative word about a QB, an offense, a coach who takes delight in pounding the snot out of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
    The Steelers’ win against the Patriots in 2011 was only one of two against a team with a winning record en route to a 12-4 record and a first-round loss in the playoffs. They followed the 2011 season with an 8-8 record against the league’s weakest schedule.
    The Steelers are in decline; therefore, they should say NOTHING about ANYONE.

  3. Clark is right, and butthurt Patriots fans need to stop acting like teenage girls losing their first crush to the girl who bullied them throughout middle school MY GOD.

    There is tons of film that shows that what he said about Brady is true. Plain and simple.

    As far as Amendola, I do not agree, but that is subjective and we will see.

    There is no disputing Brady ducks when his first two looks aren’t there. The Giants made him start doing that in 2007, and it is what he does when he has to check down. This is not opinion. It is fact.

  4. Ask athlete a difficult question > receive honest answer > rip athlete for difficult and honest answer.

    Its a vicious cycle.

    Steelers also ended the Pats 18 game (or whatever) winning streak so I’d say the 2 wins they have against them are pretty significant.

    Get used to Ryan Clark hes a great personality and will be on TV long after his career is over.

  5. While I’ll agree that Tommy boy is not the most manly of men. The Steelers two most recent Super Bowl wins they won while lucking out by not having to play the Pats in the playoffs. I’d also like to point out the fact that in our Super Bowl wins (two) we kicked the Steelers teeth in. The Patriots have owned Pittsburg since the turn of the century and will continue to long into the future! See you in November!

  6. Clark could care less about where he treads. Though McGahee still his his treadmarks on his chin, so he might care.

  7. This is why 98% of interviews with players/coaches are the same thing over and over. “We gotta play hard, put some points on the board, play good D” blah blah blah…. As soon as someone gives a real answer, they are talking smack, and instead of us (fans) just taking it AS a real answer and realizing it is NONnews, we smash the athlete.

    Example, Everyone hates Tebow because of the media. He seems like hes probably one of the nicest guys, actually wins games, fights for first downs. but because he was jammed in our faces for 2 years, we’re sick of hearing his name. I know I’m sick of him.

  8. The Pats haven’t done nothing in 10 years but lose in the playoffs. The steelers have won 2 superbowls since then. To those pat fans who want to talk trash about the steelers, Let me remind you, the steelers owned you the last time we played and kicked the Bradys teeth in the ground 25-17. Thats what matters, not when the patriots were spygate champions a decade ago. The steelers will win another superbowl before the pats do. Mark it down!

  9. Right or wrong, I’d prefer Ryan did his talking on the field. Nothing good comes from giving other teams bulletin-board material.

  10. Championship players don’t spend their days talking smack, they spend their days figuring out how to pick apart the other team’s weak secondary. This is why Ravens are Superbowl Champions and Steelers are barely average.

  11. Funny how patriot fans bring up beating the Steelers in line to their superbowls but fail to mention that those were won thanks to videotaping other teams. Remind me again how many super bowls they’ve won since they can’t cheat. Had the patriots not cheated the Steelers could have won at least 4 super bowls in the previous decade.

  12. Steeler fans are always coming up with more and more excuses for why they lose. How do you explain your 8-8 season? Videotaping? Ray Lewis murdered your best players? Rolando McClain drove his car with tinted windows over Big Ben’s foot? C’mon, we’re waiting.

    Ravens don’t make excuses. They just win. That’s why they Champions of the World.

  13. I like ryan Clark, but he shouldn’t insult other players. What’s the point?

  14. This is a stupid article. “Ryan should watch his back” Let’s make this clear. NO ONE IS FRIGHTENED OF THE PATRIOTS!!! Fools keep yapping about this defense and they’ve had the #1 ranking like 5 out 6 seasons. And Big Ben blitzkrieg’d that Patriots defense.

    Did I mention “Jumpball Joe” today?

  15. NFL players have spent their lives mastering the art of trash-talk, as a means to intimidate/frustrate their opponent. I find it humurous the backlash they get when it happens outside the lines.

    I’m glad Clark despises the Patsies/Brady and verbally trashes them every chance he gets. I’m only sorry Clark won’t be able to de-cleat Welker over the middle again. That was fun to watch.

  16. @JoemontanaFlacco …

    Ravens don’t make excuses??? Are you kidding? Hey, I’m normally known for being very sportsmanlike and generous to the Ravens and their fans. But that has to be the most idiotic comment ever posted on a Steelers board. Honey, in the years I’ve been a regular on CFT, it’s a wonder I haven’t drowned in Raven tears. You may be new here, but a lot of excuses were made before this February.

    And while I think Flacco has always been underrated and underappreciated–more by his own fans than anyone else–comparing him to Montana is just … bizarre.

  17. Clark is 100% correct. Brady is easily the most well protected QB in the league. The whole Patriots’ system is designed to do just that. Tommy can’t deal with pressure and without Belichick’s system he wouldn’t have had nearly the same results.

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