Ravens still looking for Boldin’s replacement

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As they have most of the offseason, the Ravens spent the draft checking off boxes on defense.

That leaves a bit of a hole at wide receiver after they traded Anquan Boldin, and assistant general manager Eric DeCosta said they’re still looking for potential replacements.

I think the hunt goes on,” DeCosta said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “We’re still working. The roster is not set. We’re always evaluating. We’re always looking at guys. Guys get signed, guys get cut.

“Our pro personnel department looks at all available players and we’ll make a decision at some point of what we want to do at that position. There are definitely some players out there. We’ll consider all options.”

There’s not that much out there. The starting wideouts on our All-Unemployed Team at the moment are Brandon Lloyd and Devery Henderson, which speaks to the depth of available talent.

Mostly, the Ravens are hoping Jacoby Jones can continue with his playoff success, and perhaps prove he belongs in the NFL’s Top 100. Otherwise, they’re counting on development from a group including Tandon Doss, David Reed, LaQuan Williams and Deonte Thompson to complement Torrey Smith.

Their only addition in the draft was Elon’s Aaron Mellette in the seventh round.

“We’re very excited about Jacoby and the progress he made throughout last season,” DeCosta said. “We think we’ve got some very good young players that can step up and contribute. Deonte Thompson isn’t a heralded name, but a guy we think is going to be a good player. We’re excited about Tandon Doss. David Reed is a guy who’s had a lot of injuries. He’s flashed in practice and made plays.

“We’ve got some tight ends who can pick up the slack. Ed Dickson made some big plays last year in the Super Bowl, really played his best football in the playoffs. We’re excited to see him become what we thought he was going to be. We really think this is his chance to become a really good tight end in the NFL. Obviously, we’ve got Dennis Pitta, we’ve got Torrey Smith. We’ve got playmakers. We’re excited about what we can do on offense.”

Mostly, they have a quarterback who has proven himself able to make plays. But among the current options, the Ravens don’t have that kind of sure-thing target on third downs, which might erode some of Joe Flacco’s confidence when the games start without Boldin.

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  1. The Ravens FO is to smart and knows players like Boldin don’t grow on trees. Newsome had to make some hard decisions having an aging team and CAP issues. Boldin was an absolute beast in the playoffs but that’s just how it rolls in football.

  2. Ray Horton’s attack defense is going to have Flacco running for his life. Should be very entertaining.

    Let’s hear the excuses, Ratbird fans…

    Go Browns!

  3. Boldins replacement or someone to play Boldin’s position? Because we have no in house replacement for a great possession receiver like Q who played lights out playoff time but will struggle all season to get separation and only muster up 900 yards and 4 TD’s in 16 weeks. What we have is a lot of speed at the 1 2 and slot possesion. I realize that non Ravens only have what they saw in the post season as the staple of his impact which is understandable because you did see great things out of him but this guy has NEVER been a true #1 receiver in fact Anquan simply played the Derrick Mason role for 2 years by being Joe’s go to guy to move chains on 3 downs. Would I have liked to keep him? Oh yea you bet. But was I the guy screaming when they let Derrick Mason walk, the guy who was more important to Flacco then anyone ever? Yep. Point is there’s no “replacing” the Reed’s Lewis’s and Boldin’s you just have to trust your in house guys to step up. Can’t wait to see how it pans out.

  4. Only mistake of the off season letting q go. He was the best we had and the most reliable.

  5. Letting go of Boldin will prove to be the only mistake the Ravens have made this offseason. Maybe they do a trade like they did with Boldin to land someone to replace him, but I just didn’t like this move where all the others I was completely fine with. But I think the Ravens finally got into an offensive rhythm they have never had since being in existence with the guys they had and now it’s a bit corrrupted. I think letting go of Leach would have been the better move, especially after drafting the #1 FB out of the draft. I understand the whole “getting younger/faster” thing and it’s good we got a pick for him, but the things Boldin did for Flacco are just not replaceable. Every year Ozzie lets go of guys that fans scream why? why? but i think this may be the one to bite us.

  6. Do you really think the Ravens are going to announce their replacement for Boldin in May? Do you really think they want the other teams pouring over hours and hours of tape? Ever heard of strategy? This is why we are the Superbowl Champs and you are NOT. Begone!

  7. I hated to see Q go because of his experience and leadership – not his play. Most people only saw him in the playoffs, where he WAS great, but he had many regular season games with no catches and only 4 TDs all year. (I also saw him miss balls that would have beaten the Steelers and other teams over the years – so he’s not a GOD). He was a threat to be defended, and will be hard to actually replace – but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world for the Ravens.

    They will be contenders, as usual, and that is all we can ask. No team has repeated their SB win in a decade, so why is everyone so concerned about us…because they are jealous…period! They just have to boost their own ego by downing someone else, rather than admitting that their team wasn’t as good last year. They may be this year, but talking about it isn’t doing it! We’ll just have to see what happens on the football field, instead of in your head. Until then, worry about your own team!

  8. Boldin will be missed for his character. He even fired Drew Rosenhaus as an agent, which also speaks highly for him.

    But pay attention to DeCosta’s comments Knowledgeable fans remember several key parts of last year’s team were not acquired until just before the season began. If necessary, it’s likely there will be good veteran WRs on the market at that time this season, too. Lots of time.

  9. Why did they get rid of Boldin? Every Ravens fan boasts about what a cheap, team friendly contract Flacco signed – which should mean they can bring their entire Super Bowl team back for another run.

    Maybe it’s not as team friendly as the fans seem to think?

    Next thing you know they’ll have to part ways with Ed Reed and other Super Bowl players.

    But again, Flacco took a cheap, underpaid, team-friendly contract so I’m sure that won’t happen.

  10. I love all of these Boldin worshipers coming out of the woodwork. Where were you all when he had a very average regular season? The Ravens will be fine. Receivers these days are a dime a dozen if you have a good QB. Check. Haters just looking for. Reason to question the organization.

  11. It’s interesting that most of my Ravens’ fans remember how great Flacco and McKinney looked during post season, but keep bringing up how average Boldin’s regular season was 🙂

    Boldin brought certain qualities that other receivers don’t have. I’m not sure that there is another WR in the league that can replace Boldin, because he is unique, but let’s not pretend that he is he is the best WR in the league and his production can’t be replaced.
    They have bunch of talented young receivers, Jones, Doss, Thomson, Williams, Streeter, Reed, and Mallet, etc, who they want to give opportunity and reps to during OTA and training camp. If these receivers don’t step up, they’ll sign/trade for someone else, like they did with Housh, Evens and Jones last year.

  12. Technically speaking, you don’t need to replace Boldin, just his productivity. The best thing the Ravens can do to that end is get a better QB.

  13. @crown – you mean better than the one that had 11 TDs , no INT’s, and a rating over 100? Is that the qb play that isn’t good enough for you. Jen hasn’t had a playoff as good as flacco did last year,

  14. @crown — why does a quarterback have to be the subject of multiple rape investigations in order to earn your respect? Why? Why?

  15. joemammy says:
    May 7, 2013 9:01 AM
    Ray Horton’s attack defense is going to have Flacco running for his life. Should be very entertaining.

    Let’s hear the excuses, Ratbird fans…

    Go Browns!
    Excuses for what??? Do we need an excuse for winning the superbowl? or are you looking for excuses why cleveland’s team is so bad? why they haven’t made the playoffs in over a decade? if thats the case then that is your cross to bear my friend…

  16. Boldin hasnt been the same since he got here he really was a bigger derick mason his regular season numbers wasnt that good so he can be replaced i didnt like the trade at that great he just steped up when it mattered in the playoffs other than that you can easily forget he is in the game

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