Richard Seymour “definitely wants to play” in 2013


Big names are scarce on the free agent market at this point in the offseason, but multiple All-Pro mentions mean that defensive tackle Richard Seymour certainly qualifies.

There hasn’t been much discussion about Seymour landing with another team since his departure from the Raiders. Steve Wyche of the NFL Network has spoken to Seymour and reports back that his continued unemployment is not because Seymour is looking to find another line of work.

“I’ve had a couple of text conversations with Richard, and he definitely wants to play,” Wyche said.

Wyche believes Seymour will sign with a team before training camp. The Falcons reportedly put out feelers back in March and they’ll have more money to spend after June 1 after designating Tyson Clabo as a post-June 1 cut for cap purposes.

A lack of clarity about Seymour’s desire to play wasn’t the only thing standing in the way of a deal. There’s also the question of how much money he wants to sign up for another tour of duty and a report from Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports early this offseason indicated that he wanted to be “paid a lot” to suit up in 2013. If he hasn’t dropped those demands, there may not be a ton of interest.

14 responses to “Richard Seymour “definitely wants to play” in 2013

  1. Seymour always wants to get paid way more than his play warrants, that’s nothing new.
    If you are not humble (read: realistic) the game will humble you. Looks like he’s getting ready to learn that.

  2. guy is washed up. he could barely get on/off the field the last 2 years. AND he wants a big payday? does he realize that al davis has passed away?

  3. Oakland is where players go to die.

    I’m glad that Seymour remains active though.
    This guy should get a contract if he isn’t asking too much.

    Is anyone else concerned with the amount of active vets no on rosters?

    seems a bit shady to me.. collusion.

  4. Yea I want to get paid too buddy but I wouldn’t have a job for too long even if I was really good at one point if I worked halfarshed one day a week and for only half a season good redince Seymour its been nice watching you eat away my teams cap for years

  5. Great player…a few years ago. Now time, age, and wear and tear have done their job. He would be a great situational player now, just not for the money he is going to want.

  6. it seems reggie got a stick of dynamite and anybody that ws making more than 7m per was a casualty…Rich was at the top of the list at close to 18m per. I would love to see big Rich back in Oakland but at the right price.

    No doubt that Big Ben dropping like a rag doll from a seymour slap, will be one of the great raider clips much like Ben Davidsons hit on Len Dawson

  7. He needs a reality check.he doesn’t have big Vince wilfork to clog up the the lanes so he can get to the ball carrier.let him come back down to earth pay needs to match his declining production

  8. Forget Seymour, he is done like toast. His knees are shot, his attitude is selfish and he is a poor leader. Sign him for League Minimum, it’s all he is worth. Raiders didn’t play him last year so his contract would void out due to a clause. He “only plays when HE feels like it”.

  9. One place he will not end up even for the Minimum veteran salary is New England.When he last played New England he got thrown out of the game after a couple of roughing calls. Brady looked shocked because at one the time these were both close teammates. Seymour was angry about being traded but he priced himself out of New England with his excessive contract demands.And Bill Belichick said time to go and traded him to the lowly Raiders.

    So the Pats got Solder and the Raiders had to franchise Seymour for two seasons at 15M per.

  10. myeaglescantwin says: May 7, 2013 11:23 AM

    Oakland is where players go to die.
    Kamerion Wimbley, Shane Lechler, Michael Bush, Tommy Kelly, Michael Huff, Brandon Myers, Desmond Bryant, Nmandi Asomugha and others disagree. Well, Asomugha went to Philly to die, so maybe he was mostly dead in Oakland, but you get the idea.

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