Woody eager to move on from Tebow, but not Sanchez


Jets owner Woody Johnson is clearly a successful businessman.

He is also a master of understatement.

Johnson put a bow on the Tim Tebow Era in New York by calling it “something that didn’t work for us,” and “the fit obviously wasn’t perfect or he’d still be there.”

Johnson offered that and other thoughts on his team’s quarterback situation while speaking at the league’s career development symposium at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

The Jets quarterback situation has been a hot topic since they drafted Geno Smith, thereby making Mark Sanchez a bit of a lame duck and Tebow completely extraneous.

That leaves just five quarterbacks, including veteran David Garrard, in camp.

“You make a lot of decisions in football that are not helpful, and you have to move on from those decisions,” Johnson said, via Don Banks of SI.com. “You make bad decisions, you make a decision that doesn’t work, a decision that doesn’t help the team, you move on. You learn how to do that.”

That bait-cutting philosophy, however, does not extend to Sanchez, as Johnson reacted with surprise at the suggestion he might cut him before camp to clear the way for Smith.

“Why would I want to do that?” he said. “Absolutely [they’ll compete]. We’ve been pretty consistent about that. Competition at every position, particularly quarterback. Competition makes you better. I would expect [Sanchez] to compete. He’s under contract.”

Yes, a contract which was given to Sanchez in the same spirit Kobe Bryant gave his wife Vanessa that big ring once upon a time.

The Jets have made a mess of their quarterback room that only time and Smith becoming a starter will fix, as the draft seemed to render moot Sanchez’s long-term viability.

Much of that blame should fall on Johnson, who fed the Tebow hysteria by saying things such as “I think you can never have too much Tebow,” and generally involving himself in areas beyond his expertise.

13 responses to “Woody eager to move on from Tebow, but not Sanchez

  1. I’d rather watch grass grow then read another article on Tim Tebow, Chris Kluwe, or anything gay player.

  2. Last year showed that coaching really does matter. The way Denver’s Fox and McCoy handled Tebow was near coaching genius and the way the Jets/Rex/Sparano handled him showed the disparity in coaching talent.

    I’d definitely keep Sanchez, though, and at least see what Marty Mornhinweg can do with him. You’re losing money anyway so you might as well see what happens.

  3. Mr. Gantt, Woody Johnson is not “clearly a successful businessman.” He has not worked in the corporate world since the early 80s, and instead has devoted his time and efforts to charitable endeavors. His forefathers founded Johnson & Johnson, inheritance is the source of his wealth, not a particularly keen business acumen.

    I am not trying to pick on you, I just found it odd that you decided to open your article with an obviously false statement.

  4. Lets not forget to pass some of the blame on the Rex, huh? He brought in Spags and who can forget that tatt of his wife “Tebowing” in a Sancheese shirt.

    Maybe next year the tatt will feature Geno pouting in the green room as a backdrop.

  5. “something that didn’t work for us,”???

    How do you know it didn’t work? Your team never TRIED to make it work.

    “Jets owner Woody Johnson is clearly a successful businessman.”

    No, he’s clearly a silver spoon trust fund baby who got where he is the old-fashioned way, via fabulously wealthy forebears. Like his counterpart John Mara, he was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple; unlike Mara, he doesn’t have competent people making him look like a success.

  6. Gantt there’s three QB’s quit trying to drum up the story, truth is Johnson’s right why would he want to get rid of Sanchez without seeing what he can do with a proven offensive coordinator which he’s never had since he’s been in the league, I want to see what Smith and Sanchez can do under this system which is very QB friendly so yeah for once I can agree with Johnson’s philosophy let the best man win through competition .

  7. @jetslakersfan

    I think you do the same as philly did with Vick and Kolb. Start Geno in a quarterback friendly system so he shows he has Franchise QB ability and trade him for a 1st and a 3rd to a quarterback deprived team just like the Eagles did. Coincidently, we have their old OC so I see something like that happening in 2014 or 15′

    That being said, I think Sanchez does turn it around. He’s got a fire under his but and has proven he can play. Take out the down field passing to open up the run game that Tony Sparano incorporated and put in the short to intermediate pass system that Morhinweg believes in and you have a Mark Sanchez friendly system

  8. Woody Johnson, a successful business man? The only thing that guy ever did right was be born!!! he is a terrible owner and was one of the only two tightwad owners that wanted to keep out the real refs until they cracked and agreed to work without a pension. Rich boy has Trump envy. he doesn’t care about football and only bought the team to get his name in the papers. Thats why he wouldn’t pay Revis. Revis doesn’t get him press. Only a 10 ring circus of a team and drastic QB moves get him in the news and thats all he really wants. He poisons everything he touches…romney, west side staduium, rex ryan…

    i can’t believe I am saying this but I wish the Dolans had bought the team!

  9. Unless Geno Smith is a total bust in training camp and preseason, Sanchez is history as the starting QB of the Jets, even David Garrard will beat him out , on a level playing field that is. Sanchez will be the most highly paid back-up QB in the NFL, and will be cut after the season, thank God!

  10. I think it’s going to be amazing to see how quickly Sanchez gets outplayed by both Garrard and Smith. Neither of those guys is comically inaccurate, and the Jets lack of talent won’t look as pronounced when they can get receivers the ball in a position to succeed.

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