49ers strike 20-year, $220 million deal with Levi’s

We heard earlier on Wednesday that Levi’s would be buying the naming rights to the new 49ers stadium under construction in Santa Clara, but we didn’t know just how deep into their jeans pockets Levi’s would be dipping for those rights.

Now we know. On Wednesday afternoon, the 49ers and Levi’s announced a 20-year, $220 million deal to name the 49ers’ home field Levi’s Stadium. In a statement announcing the deal, 49ers CEO Jed York played up the deep San Francisco roots of Levi Strauss & Co., which was founded in 1853 and introduced blue jeans in 1873.

“49ers have worn Levi’s jeans since the Gold Rush era. We are so honored to have the perfect partner for the premier outdoor sports and entertainment venue in the world,” York said in the statement. “A model of innovation and sustainability, Levi’s Stadium will bring to life all that is special about the Bay Area.”

York answered another burning question during the press conference. Would the deal with Levi’s include a clause that would force coach Jim Harbaugh to give up his khakis?

“We’re working on coach to get him into a pair of jeans. I don’t know whether he’s been in anything other than khakis,” York said, via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee.

Luckily, Dockers are among the brands in the Levi Strauss & Co. line so that crisis can likely be averted.

Photo via 49ers.com

43 responses to “49ers strike 20-year, $220 million deal with Levi’s

  1. I hate the corporate stadium sponsorship program. The stadiums names are a joke – and that amount over 20 years is nothing in the operating capital of an NFL team.

    The communities end up paying for the stadiums – and the names should be regional.

  2. “Levi’s Stadium will bring to life all that is special about the Bay Area.”

    “But we will never share a stadium with the Oakland Raiders.”

  3. Seeing a stadium named after a product makes me want to buy the product. Not.

  4. I would rather we play in Candle Stick for another 20 years then play in “Levis stadium”……in Santa Clara….and this is coming from someone who goes to just about every home game and has for the past 6 seasons

  5. Move over Steel Curtain defense, say hello to The Denim Curtain defense. First 1,000 fans get free jean shorts and a case of PBR.

  6. “I would rather we play in Candle Stick for another 20 years then play in “Levis stadium”……in Santa Clara….and this is coming from someone who goes to just about every home game and has for the past 6 seasons”

    So you would rather they stay at a terrible, outdated stadium because you don’t like the name? This is beyond stupid. I’ve been a STH for the last decade and I could care less if its called Candlestick, Monster, Levi’s, whatever stadium. This team deserves a better place to play then Candlestick. It’s terrible there now.

  7. And just to clear up all this talk about the city paying for the stadium. As far as I’ve read, the city is only loaning the Niners money, so the risk to Santa Clara only exists if the Niners default. Anyone actually see that happening? So pump the breaks on the whole Niners fleecing the community, this is nowhere near what the Dolphins tried to do to Miami.

  8. Site of the 2016 Super Bowl !!

    Thanks, Miami !!
    You wouldn’t have won the bid, anyway !!

  9. Hey “hesteelers”, your little field is named after ketchup. Oh and the Ravens are World Champs and are dominating your division.

    Think about the 70s. It will help you sleep.

  10. Reebok made a suit for Mike Nolan. Will Levi’s make a jean suit for Harbaugh?

  11. Why do these owners ask for taxpayer money when they get advertisning deals like these? How about the beer signs and other advertisement all over the football stadiums? Come on owners are raking money hand over fist. I will never allow any taxpayer money tobuild a stadium.
    As much as I don’t like Jerry Jones, he didn’t ask for anything, and he could do whatever he wants with his stadium.
    Owners that ask for taxpayer money should allow access for the city to use stadium when not in use like concerts, etc. That way the taxpayer can recoup some of the money back.

  12. raiderinvader says: May 8, 2013 4:00 PM

    once they move into the stadium,I wonder if Levi will be impressed by the 49ers “”brand”” of football

  13. I’ll bet “Levi’s” is already lobbying to change the team name to the 501ers….

  14. Awful name for a stadium. At least Lucas Oil sounds kind of cool. Strauss Stadium would have been so much better.

  15. The city helped secure the LOAN. They are NOT paying for it. Do some research people. 49ers are paying 96% of the 1.2 billion in costs. Not to mention the city gets the proceeds of any superbowls or other events held

  16. Now thats embarrassing name for your stadium then again your in S.F. need no more comment.

  17. Most stadium names ARE regional and this one isn’t any different. Levi Strauss is one of the oldest company in California (1853), founded and headquartered in San Fran. People will still say they’re going to the Niners game, so naming rights aren’t critical to the team except when that naming rights check clears every year.

  18. the new stadium already looks fantastic and they’ve got a year to go. this thing is WAY overdue- Stick is a rusting, embarrassing relic. It had its day long ago, but WAY past the sale date. Blow it up, and move into a modern stadium ready for SB Trophy #6.

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