Arian Foster: I just want to bounce back


There are plenty of running backs that would have counted a season that saw them run for 1,424 yards and score an NFL-best 17 touchdowns as a smashing success.

Texans running back Arian Foster is not one of those running backs. Foster told Patti Smith of FOX Sports Southwest that he was not pleased with how last season played out and has decided to spend the offseason training in Houston without any other distractions as a result. No travel, no Twitter and nothing that isn’t about putting forth a better effort in the 2013 season.

“I’ve just been relaxing and working really hard. I think this has probably (been) one of my most intense training offseasons I’ve had since I’ve been in the NFL. I just want to bounce back. I didn’t feel like I had the best season last year,” Foster said, via the team’s website. “I set a lot of personal goals, a lot of things that I do. I just didn’t feel like I was at my best, and it’s gonna change this year.”

Foster dipped to 4.1 yards per carry last season, below his career average of 4.7 yards per carry, and he made fewer big plays as a receiver, but the season wasn’t otherwise out of line with his established performance levels. While Foster has been working hard to get himself back to where he wants to be, the Texans added wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and tackle Brennan Williams in the draft.

Foster would benefit if Hopkins can brighten up the passing game and Williams solidifies a right tackle spot that was problematic last season, so bouncing back won’t all be about his efforts. They can’t hurt, though, and the Texans have to be pleased that Foster’s not content to rest on his laurels heading into next season.

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  1. Damn, this guy is hungry to become the best RB in the game. Most running backs will be more then satisfied with 1,424 yards and 17 TD’s, then they will loaft around in the offseason. NOT ARIAN FOSTER, BEAST MODE!!!!

  2. Props to Foster for having such an intense work ethic, though is it possible he means more about how the team performed (or rather, didn’t perform) in the playoffs? The Texans were housed pretty badly by the Patriots, and they have been stuck in the divisional round for two straight years. If the Texans have any hopes of getting over that hump, the entire team needs to have Foster’s attitude.

  3. Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, JJ Watt all seem to have the same traits: Hungry, Prepared, Humble. And what that gets you is results.

    Steelers have their mold of what works, then there is the “Patriots Way”. Seems like the Texans are building their own.

  4. Arian Foster is an old school back. Less worried about the money, and more upon seeing his name remembered. There is an internal burn that he doesn’t want Houston to be Watt, Johnson, or Hopkins team. Fosters team.

  5. You guys are always thumbing down LogicalVoice, but I think he’s funny. You guys have to realize he’s a massive troll, and it’s humorous. Laugh a little, don’t take life so seriously.

  6. Signing Greg Jones should help out a bit as well. Thor was awesome but he wasn’t the bruiser that was needed for the power zone running game. If they can get that right side synced up decently, Foster could easily have his best season by far.

  7. With all the excitement of the Texans finally drafting a receiver, I forgot all about Greg Jones. This will be a key acquisition, more than ever. Now, they can truly run a two receiver set, that takes double teams off Andre, and opens up the middle for the hammer to knock guys out of Fosters way. Thanks for bringing up his name again.

  8. Doesn’t anybody remember before last season he decided to be a vegan? No wonder his #’s were down. Texans fans just better hope he was eating plenty of good red meat this off-season.

  9. you know what though, being a vegan was all good because he chose that way of life because he cares about what he puts in his body. I’m sure top 2 reasons were for overall health in life and how it would make him perform as a football player. He later realized there’s good in eating red meat as the season wore on. But as a Texans fan, i’m glad to see him say that. One more thing, josh alper, let’s pump the brakes on the “Hopkins team” talk. Although a good draft pick, hasn’t even taken an NFL snap yet. Don’t get it twisted, still Andre’s team who he conceits to shaub.

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