Bernard Pollard wants to lead by hitting

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Part of the reason safety Bernard Pollard is in Tennessee is to provide some leadership to a defense that allowed 471 points last season.

Pollard isn’t one for leading with words, though. He’s more into leading by hitting opposing players as hard as he can in hopes that it inspires his teammates to do the very same thing.

“I’ll say a few things, but for the most part, I’m going to go out there and knock the (heck) out of somebody on the field and hopefully you follow,” Pollard said, via John Glennon of the Tennessean. “That’s the mindset that we have to have on this defense. If a guy come across the middle, if a guy comes up to you … if a guy wants to pick a fight, we as a defense, we’re going to fight and ask questions later. The guy has the opposite jersey on so we’re going to fight and we’ll beat him down. Then we’ll talk about it afterwards. We’ll laugh and hopefully our team didn’t get beat up.”

You could probably guess from that quote that Pollard’s already fond of Gregg Williams, whose post-bounty absence from football ended when the Titans hired him to be a senior defensive assistant. He called Williams “very passionate” and said that the Titans were going to play “smack you in the mouth football” this season thanks to Williams’ tutelage.

If you want to get tougher on defense, it makes sense to bring in guys who are known for physical play. Pollard and Williams certainly qualify.


13 responses to “Bernard Pollard wants to lead by hitting

  1. I don’t know how he was voted better than Percy in the NFL Network Top 100 of 2012. He’s only a Hitter and if that cause he’s slow to catch anybody smh.

  2. I miss B Pollard in Houston. I always loved that “knock people out” mentality. He can definitely hit hard, but he’s terrible in coverage and got beat consistently by top flight TEs. He only lasts 2 years wherever he goes because teams figure out that his hard hitting doesn’t make up for his liability in coverage.

  3. If you heard that interview about the Raven’s offseason, they weren’t even interested in bringing Pollard back. Not a money issue or anything. Something’s up

    Gregg Williams?
    “Kill the head…and the body dies”

  4. Overated. He will fade into the wallpaper and start doing rediculous things or say things to get noticed..

  5. giantsalldaysb42461 says: May 8, 2013 4:13 PM

    I don’t know how he was voted better than Percy in the NFL Network Top 100 of 2012. He’s only a Hitter and if that cause he’s slow to catch anybody smh.


    MJD made the top 100 with 400 yds rushing and 1 TD…. That top 100 players thing is a joke…. Jacoby Jones over Percy Harvin…. just ignorant.

  6. And here I thought he was trying to lead by not wrapping up his tackles and by getting burned more in pass coverage then any DB in the history of the game.

  7. ? Y does it seem like this site always try to nitpick everything a player say. Y shouldn’t he say we gonna hit u. It has nothing to do with G.william. It’s football . And with the way the nfl work kill or be out of a job. Smh he still don’t get it. Maybe if we all could write pointless articles and still get paid. Maybe thEn and only then could understand. B.Pollard is a great player loved watchn him crush clowns.

  8. And the players voted top 100. I think they would know the top players in the league better than ppl who didn even suit up once . But hay what do I know

  9. I have heard he can be a trouble maker in the locker room. I do not want him on my team, but I enjoy and respect the way he plays the game. Dude will crush you.

  10. watch Pollard in coverage of 2nd half of super bowl and you will see why he was cut

  11. I think greg williams will use bp in an enforcer type roll, to intimidate team’s and hopefully cause receivers and tight ends that go over the middle to hear footsteps and short arm some catches, and we know backs will be looking for him after that hit he put on ridley. And the end of the day I believe George Wilson will be in on the obvious passing downs and when pollard is in on passing downs im sure he will be better than the guy who was there last year

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