Buccaneers fixture Ronde Barber retiring


One of the longest-standing players in the NFL has decided to call it a career.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, Buccaneers defensive back Ronde Barber has decided to retire.

“I’ve had a better run than I ever could’ve dreamed of having,” Barber told Glazer.

One of the top two-way corners of his generation, the five-time Pro Bowler finishes his 16-year career with 47 interceptions

Of course, the Bucs sort of made his decision for him this offseason.

While he debated about his future, the Bucs signed Dashon Goldson to play the safety spot Barber occupied last year, and added Darrelle Revis and Johnthan Banks at corner, which likely left nothing more than a few snaps as a dime back for Barber if he had returned.

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  1. Thanks for everything Ronde, you are one of the greatest Buccaneers ever. Your pick 6 against Philly in 2002 is the greatest play in Buccaneer history. See you in Canton soon

  2. Thank you for representing the Bucs with so much class and dignity over the years. One of our all time greats. Best wishes going forward.

  3. As an Eagles fan, I have nightmares of Ronde Barber from the 2002 NFC championship. He was a great football player and to play 16 years with 1 team, that says a lot about the kind of player he is.

  4. Yes, Canton Bound for sure. Kind of expected this with all the additions in the secondary but I thought he would of provided valuable knowledge, mentoring for another season and a big play or two still. Kind of a sad day for a Buccaneers fan–IMO. One of the last remnants from the Superbowl Team and the great defenses in the late 90s through early 2000’s. Thanks Ronde for everything. I agree, the pick six against Philly is one of the best plays, if not the best in TB’s history and one I know I will never, ever forget!

  5. Barber certainly will be missed on the field. Great players are always enjoyable to watch, even on a division rival. It’ll be weird not seeing 20 on the field. Best wishes and good luck.

    Panthers fan.

  6. True Football player. In my eyes, best blitzing corner ever. Always played 110%. Will miss you as a player and hope you come back to coach or something to get involved.

  7. I thought it was closer to 25 sacks than over 30, but it definitely has to be put into the discussion. It makes him singularly unique, and will be the reason he finds his way to Canton one day. All the best to you, Ronde.

  8. One of the greatest Buccaneer players ever. He was a classy guy who was the better inside cornerbacks in his generation. 47 picks and over 30 sacks. We love our Rhondebear

  9. Great player, great person. Classy and dignified. Imagine how famous he’d be if he had played in the city his no-class twin played in.

    Have a great retirement, Ronde. You played great ball, you got a ring, you did it with class, and you went out when you chose to go.

    See you in Canton.

  10. Ronde is a player you admire even if you don’t root for his team. I hope to see him make the HOF in 5 years. He’s one guy I know will do well outside of football too. I’d like to see him get into tv. He’d be a heck of a lot better than some of the screaming fools who are there now.

  11. Guaranteed HOFer? What a joke. You starry-eyed buc fans kill me. Somehow the most overrated buc in history, Sapp, sneaks into the HOF and now you want Barber too? Forget it. Average corner with a long career. A compiler, yes- a HOFer, hell no. Got tired of Brees burning him and called it a day. Buh-bye. Tiki and his FABULOUS post-nfl career are calling…

  12. One of the greatest Bucs ever and one of the best nickel corners ever. His NFCCG performance v Philly is one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen from a DB. He was incredibly underrated in that defence along side Sapp, Brooks and co.

    And to think we were going to cut him his rookie year.

  13. Waddya mean not more than a few snaps at dime back? This is no way for an Iron Man competition to end! This leaves London Fletcher as “The Highlander.” So this is how it all ends, not with a bang but a whimper?

    Seriously, kudos to Barber for getting out while his limbs still function. An NFL career is hard on a man’s body.

  14. @CKL He would certainly be better than his brother Tiki.

    And I think he makes it to Canton–but not sure if he’s a first ballot lock. I think he gets in somewhere more along the lines of 7-10 year range. I think the logjam at some other positions and even better players who haven’t made it yet have to get in first. But he definitely belongs in the Hall and will be one of my all time favorite Buccaneers along with #55, #47 and #40.

  15. Ronde is a true example of the mentality you have to have to be a great player. His whole career people bashed on him, saying he was too slow or too small. Boy, did he ever prove them wrong.

  16. @skippynj:

    Want to tell me what other cornerback has even TEN sacks in his career? There has never been another nickle corner like him, EVER. When you redefine a position, you ARE a hall of famer. Just like Sapp redefined the 3 technique. Just like Brooks redefined the WLB position. People get too wrapped up in stats and fail to see the big picture.

  17. You were a pain in our arse for a long time. Always played the game the right way.

    This Panthers fan salutes you. Enjoy retirement, Ronde.

  18. Most members of All Decade Teams eventually end up in the Hall of Fame, although as a non-Bucs fan, I think of Derrick Brooks, John Lynch, and Big Mouth Sapp as more important to that team’s defensive success. Barber was probably underrated by me and many others.

    And speaking of that, that 2002 Bucs defense is certainly underrated compared to a team like the ’85 Bears defense, which I think was pretty much a one-trick pony Buddy Ryan gimmick defense of rushing 11 guys – which the league took exactly one off-season to figure out.

  19. Football won’t be the same without the Barber brothers. Congrats on a great career, Ronde.

  20. Amazing career Ronde – only cornerback in NFL history to have more than 40 ints and 25 sacks. Think about that, one of the all-time greatest zone defensive backs and also had more sacks than many modern DT get in their entire career. I believe he’ll make the HOF sooner or later, maybe not first ballot but he should get in. Once again congratulations Ronde on a great career and you will be missed as the Bucs last link to a once great and dominate defense.

  21. Congratulations to Ronde on a brilliant career! All those INT’s, tackles, Sacks and forced fumbles, the Superbowl ring and Pro-Bowl appearances and a streak of 215 straight games for a guy who is not even 6 feet tall and weighs all of 185lbs soaking wet! As great a player as he was, he is an even better human being! I will proudly wear my #20 jersey to the Bucs first home game this season! See you in Canton, Ronde!

  22. I wish him all the luck in his retirement but, as a Tampa fan, it’s hard for me to picture a Sunday where Ronde Barber isn’t in the starting lineup. 215 regular season consecutive starts. 215! Second all-time for a defensive player, tied with Alan Page, only behind Jim Marshall. 14 non-offensive TDs, fourth in NFL history. 47 INTs. 28 sacks, and averaged almost SEVENTY tackles a year as a corner for the 13 seasons he started every game. 70, for a CB! Add to that he made the one play every Bucs (and, not as happily, Eagles) fan remember forever by picking off McNabb and taking it back all the way in the Super Bowl year, the single greatest sports-related moment of my life.

    He’s been smart, classy, and consistent throughout his career, and, when people try to tar him with “zone corner” as some insult, I’ll just point at his consecutive starts and his absolutely ridiculous sack and tackle totals, and drop the microphone.

    I’m going to go put in on my red #20 jersey now, and re-watch that McNabb INT return about a hundred times. Enjoy your retirement, Ronde.

  23. A great career, a great player and a definite Hall of Famer (maybe Tiki can borrow his ring and his gold jacket). Man, that Bucs D had Ronde Barber, Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp AND John Lynch? Talk about having a BEAST at EVERY LEVEL. DL, LB, CB, & SS. And all of them should be Hall of Famers. I had a feeling he was leading toward retirement, so his consecutive game streek of 240 games is intact. Amazing durability. Take a seat on the couch, my friend. You’ve earned it. He will likely be on TV somewhere.

  24. Heck of a career. Well done. An astounding streak of consecutive games, especially for a CB. He was a class act his entire career.

    Belongs in the Hall of Really Good. Not Hall of Fame.

  25. WOW I respect the choice. I would always would have wanted one more year. I tip my hat and applaud you entire body of work in the NFL. The standard that you and the Super Bowl Bucs set and lived up to everyday in practice and every game is what brought this town a Super Bowl Championship. I will tell my son about that core group of players when he grows up. He will understand and respect the level of commitment that it takes to do things the BUCWAY…..thanks and good luck

  26. As a Packers fan, I was glad when we did not have to go against him twice a year.

    Great player loved to watch him play.

    Enjoy your retirement and smack Tiki upside the head for us.

  27. move over ronde the record is now London Fletcher’s. Thanks. HTTR.!!!!!!

  28. as much as i respect him as a player i question the timing. he was willing to start with players like ej biggers and johnson, who got burned on every play. but now he’s not putting the effort in that would give him one last shot with one of the best secondary in the nfl. i think this decision was made by somebodyelse then him.

  29. As a Falcons fan I won’t miss him jumping up to make big plays against us….congrats on a great career.

  30. Enjoy your retirement Ronde you have earned it . You did everything you were asked and more! You made Tampa proud! Buc forever !

  31. Great career for one of the best blitzing corners in history. No other corner has 30 sacks. So he is in a class all by himself.

    I will always remember him though for that pick 6 at Philly in the 2003 NFC Championship game, seeing as how their previous 2 seasons had ended there in wild-card defeats.

    Enjoy retirement Ronde!

  32. I was such a big Tiki fan and loved how he blew up the second half of his career. Look at his last 3 years stats. If he kept it up two more years he would’ve been a hall of famer and I was rooting for that. But then he turn into a big d-bag and alienated his former team, fans, and everybody by saying things, acting they way he did, or his family life, etc. I am disappointed that now I think he is whack. I want my money back for his jersey and pro bowl jersey. Giants fans domt welcome him anymore atleast I dont. I wish he was more like his brother and was humble and dedicated. Oh well, sucks for him and his former fans but I ain’t losing sleep on it. But he might be.

  33. Listerine- I think it was more so he wanted to stay until the secondary had some better talent to ensure they were in good hands before hanging up the cleats. He knew the team had to move on, and without a guaranteed starting spot, the timing is as good as any. Secondary is in good shape, and Ronde gets to ride off into the sunset on his own accord without the Bucs suffering from another PR nightmare like when Brooks was cut unceremoniously. Win/win for everyone involved.

  34. The Barber brothers have held a special interest for me, being possessed of identical genes. Their careers followed a somewhat hare and tortoise paradigm, with Tiki breaking fast and flaming out, and slower but steady Ronde building HOF credentials. Much talk concerning race centers on relative native intelligence or inate character differences. So explain to me the Barber brothers??

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