Caldwell reiterates: No Tebow

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He’s yet to invite anyone to read his lips.  Eventually, he may.

For now, Jaguars G.M. David Caldwell is reiterating his position that quarterback Tim Tebow will not be joining the team that plays in the city where he was raised.

“For us, it was always about a fresh start,” Caldwell told Alex Marvez and Bill Polian of SiriusXM NFL Radio  “It was about new energy here with coach [Gus] Bradley, with Shad Khan being our new owner, myself as a first-time general manager and a coaching staff that has a lot of first-time coaches there, too.

“We just wanted a fresh start.  We didn’t want the same recurring themes coming up.”

That’s the same point Caldwell made last month in an appearance on PFT Live.  The team wants to move past some of the same old things that have been dragging down the franchise.

Polian, who as we reported earlier today served as an off-the-radar consultant to Khan during the 2012 season, applauded Caldwell’s decision.

“David has been around a lot of really good quarterbacks,” Polian said.  “He knows what a really good quarterback looks like.  He’s able to judge quarterbacks.

“My opinion is he’s made the right judgment.  It’s time to stop beating that [Tebow] drum.”

So the door is closed in Jacksonville, and it will stay that way.  Making Tebow even less likely to join the team is the presence of former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson, who’ll do what Tebow would likely be doing if he were to join the team as a jack-of-all-trades.

Caldwell said Robinson will participate in 10-15 snaps per game as a running back or a receiver.  Marvez speculates that Robinson also could play quarterback in short-yardage/red-zone packages.

So to all Tebowmaniacs who hope to see Tebow return to the town he spurned last year for a chance to supplant Mark Sanchez, while it’s true that we all can go home again, count Tebow among the millions who won’t be going home to play for the local NFL team.

112 responses to “Caldwell reiterates: No Tebow

  1. That’s good to hear, one person on your team who knows what it feels like to win a playoff game would just sink that ship.

  2. What is the league not telling the fans about Tebow that makes him plague-like?

    The guy did well enough in Denver, goes to Jets and flounders but for whatever reason he can’t get a sniff at QB…
    Plenty of QB’s flop and move on and get a another shot, but not this guy?
    It makes the fans wonder what this guy could have done to warrant this kind of could shoulder.

    For comparison: David Carr is still in the league and he stunk in Houston…

  3. I’m no Tebow fan, and he has some flaws in his game, but I don’t understand what he did that was SO awful that he can’t get a backup job anywhere in the NFL at the very least.

  4. The Jags should now buy some ad space telling that lawyer who he should hire at his law practice.

    Makes about as much sense.

  5. Ironic that an evangelical fundamentalist has been eliminated from the universe of professional football by natural selection, isn’t it?

  6. The Jaguars better watch out. I’m no Lawyer but if anybody can figure out a way to sue the Jags over “No Tebow” it will be John Morgan, you know, “For The People” offices ____________.

  7. First, I’m not a fan of Tebow the QB. As a person, he seems like a real nice guy. I wish him a happy life.

    BUT Tebow did not “spurn” Jax to go play in NY. He was told (honestly) by Gene Smith that he would not get to compete for the starting job. And Tannebaum told Tebow he WOULD have a chance to compete for the starting job. Of course, we now know Tannebaum was outright lying (Woody Johnson was really the bad guy here though). Tebow chose NY for that chance.

  8. I agree. Blaine Gabbert showed vast improvement in leading Jacksonville to a 2-14 record and the #2 pick in the draft.

  9. Tebow or not …. How are the Jags selling change by bringing back 2 QBs (Henne & Gabbert) who won 2 games in 2012

  10. So is he saying there is a chance that they will bring in Tebow?

  11. Have fun with Blaine and Chad!

    Sticking with Blaine given his piss poor performance to date is just a case of sticking with a horrible decision. He was a marginal player in college who has turned out to be a horrible player in the pros.

    What else is to be said about Henne except it is probably not a good thing when you have two QBs that turn the ball over more than they throw or rush for TDs.

    It makes zero sense not to give Tim a shot. It isn’t like they have probowl QBs in waiting.

  12. It’s all about a fresh start! Well, except for they’ll have the same crappy QB they had the past two years. Oh, but drafting LT to play RT will cure him. And they found the fountain of youth for MJD, so no need to get a RB either. I predict a 50% increase in wins, which still makes them only 3-13.

  13. Let’s face it: the NFL has arranged all along to shipwreck Tebow’s career — he’s bad for their beer and jersey business. This is just another owner obeying the edict from the high command.

  14. Cheer up Tebowites-the offer from the Omaha Beef is still out there. Seventy five a game is looking better and better.

  15. Dang. Tarvaris Jackson has a job. What does that say about Tebow? Not one team in the NFL wants this guy on their team.

  16. I’m not in the Tebowmaniac camp but as a business person,you would think that based on the fact that the Jags do not have a NFL starting calibur QB and appear destined for the AFCS basement yet again, getting Tebow on the roster would be at worst a financial boost as it would create excitement for the redneck Gator fanbase and sell tickets and luxury boxes as that lawyer
    from Florida promised.

    Do you really feel this team is going to be compettitve with Blaine Gabbert,Chad Henne and some free agent QB’s.

    Looks like Caldwell is setting himself up for the 2014 draft to get a QB.

  17. I hate to wish ill on anyone, but if Timmy could accidentally stick his arm in a wood chipper, that would be great. Do us football fans a favor Timmy. Thanks

  18. They haven’t seen Denard Robinson on the field yet. How does Caldwell already know how many snaps he’ll play?

  19. What is the real deal with Tebow? Is it his un-quarterbackness? Or is it his uber-religious, polarizing, personality?

  20. “Caldwell said Robinson will participate in 10-15 snaps per game as a running back or a receiver. ”

    Wow. The young man was just drafted and the GM already is stating how they will use him. GMs acting as coaches are about as useful as owners acting as GMs.

  21. Let me reiterate…you are retarded.

    Tebow would increase ticket sales, merchandising, and wins. He would bring passion and identity to an organization that has none.

    If you want to know why “him”, Mr. Khan….you’re not paying attention.

  22. makes sense, get a fresh start with the same losing qb’s you have. please do not bother with threatening to move to la in a couple of years due to the lack of attendance. just go on and leave. a fresh start would be to bring home the guy who has been a winner his whole life when given the chance. he was not given that chance with the jets and you saw what happened them. unless a team is willing to work with him and give him a legit shot I hope he doesn’t play again. he did the job with the broncos and they won a playoff game with his passing. I don’t care if it was a blown coverage he still had to make and complete it with his awful throwing motion right? and maybe he would have gotten better with a off season of work but they were not interested and went in another direction. how did that work out for them in the playoffs? he chose the jets because he knew sanchez sucked and thought he would be given a chance to compete and he was not. if you say otherwise then you are just blinded by your hatred of him. I can’t believe a coach would tank a season just so he would not be proven wrong and still have a job. the jets deserve everything that happens to them and so do the jags for not giving Tebow a chance.

  23. Is this the new plan- call the Jags every week, and publish a new article saying they are still not interested in Tebow? This is laziness. This does not merit an article. Do better.

  24. I’m sure alienating fans outside of Jacksonville will help the team ranked dead last in value. Idiot Jerry Jones’ Cowboys took in $500 million in revenue last year, Jags took in $238. Guess you don’t need ‘idiot’ gator fans, eh?

  25. The idea that Jacksonville is passing on Tim Tebow now when they could get him cheap shows just how clueless this team’s management is. Tim Tebow coming to Jacksonville is a slam dunk for this team on a variety of levels. That GM David Caldwell says they want a “fresh start” is laughable when the one guy they could sign that would turn this team around almost overnight and be the shot in the arm they so desperately need they are turning their back on. Stay tuned for another dismal year in northern Florida with this mentality.

  26. Can you igamine if they actually have singed Tebow and kept it a secret until opening day?

    Ladies and Gentlemen….your starting quaterbacki for the Jacksonville Jaguars……Tim Tebow!!

    Now that will blow

  27. As a resident of Jacksonville, I can say that there is not one fan here that doesn’t want Tebow on the roster. I know these sentiments dont drive management decisions, but the Jags are so hapless and pitiful, not to mention the 20,o00 seats they could uncover from that embarrassing tarp. At this point Tebow will have been the NFL’s most successful QB to be booted from the league.

  28. If he knows what a good QB looks like then he sure as hell will have trouble seeing one in Jacksonville…

  29. Results are what matter. Like him or not, football teams that Tebow plays QB for win games. It’s luck, the defense works harder because they know the offense won’t score points, insert random comment here about why it can’t be connected in any way, shape, or form to Tebow.

    Whatever it is, it works.

  30. I would say hopefully this will put this nonsense to rest but if I know the Tebowites correctly this will only make them crazier. Please fans from other teams dont judge us real Jaguars fan based on these crazy Tebow fans. We are good football savy people that are completely ashamed of what the Tebow fans are doing.

  31. “David has been around a lot of really good quarterbacks,” Polian said. “He knows what a really good quarterback looks like. He’s able to judge quarterbacks.

    Let’s accept this, now tell me what are you going to do for 2013 because from what I seen, only the Vikings are more delusional about their qB play than the Jags.

  32. Poor Tebow. His fans are his worst enemies. The more vocal they are, the harder it is for Tim to get a job. If they would just keep quiet then he could probably get a job as a backup somewhere where he could develop for 2 or 3 years. Instead all of this constant pressure that his fans are going to put on any team that signs him to start is what’s keeping him from getting a job.

    Yes I know he’s not a good passer. But there are a lot of bad QB’s that have jobs in the NFL and none of them have done what Tebow did which is win a playoff game against the top ranked defense in the NFL while throwing for 316 yards. If it wasn’t for his fans then I guarantee that some team with a great offensive coaching staff and QB guru would take a chance on him and see if they can work their magic and develop him into a good passer. I mean you think that wouldn’t look good on someone’s resume? Turning Tebow into a good passer? But because of the way his fans are, Tebow will probably never get another chance in the NFL as a QB.

  33. This is silly.

    1.) Dernard Robinson is gonna play 10-15 snaps per game-News Flash, he hasn’t even played 1 down in the pre season.

    2.) Henne and Gabbert are the same ole same ole in Jacksonville. Tebow would be fresh meat for defenses to intercept.

    3.) Caldwell should just shut up about Tebow. The fans around here are more loyal to Tebow then the JAgs.

  34. Tebow, if you really are a Christian soul full of charity and compassion, please take a broadcasting job or retire from football or announce that you’re going to live in that cool monastery in Greece or whatever, and put us out of the misery of the sports media and your own fans’ insane obsession with you.

  35. I am sick of these delusional fans.. The Jets didn’t purposley ruin Tebow. The fact is he couldn’t beat out Mark Sanchez!! I am hoping he gets a chance again I really am so when he sucks and shows he doesn’t have the accuracy or the ability to read NFL defenses, all the Tebowites can make up new reasons about how it’s not his fault and he was sabotaged.

  36. Tim Tebow may or may not make it in the league. That is fair and true…what I can not fathom is the out of control hatred for what appears to be a very fine young man… Why are these haters so vile in their comments? I read one comment about Tebows arm and a woodchipper… That’s messed up …The Devil talkin’? Just sayin’ the hate is way out of proportion and there has to be a reason why…

  37. You know, UF was my schools primary rival so I hated Tebow for 4 years. I detested him when he was with Denver. In short, I have 6 years of Tebow hatred under my skin.

    Now, thanks to to all the Tebow bashing, I actually feel bad fo him. Gee thanks PFT.

  38. Like most I am weary of this so this is my last post on this subject but I couldn’t help but notice Calwells quote “a lot of first time coaches as well”. As I have said on here before, good luck to the Jax fan base. You went from one of the most experienced new staffs in the NFL to clearly the most inexperienced by far in the league in terms of NFL credentials. The guy praising Caldwell for having been around some good QBs. Caldwell has been two places. Indy and Atlanta, both places had already acquired their stars, Manning & Ryan, before he worked there. I would like for somebody to tell us one QB that Caldwell identified during his time as a scout and then had the clout to get him drafted, who then turned into something. Fact of the matter is that Khan became chummy with Daddy Polian who in turn pushed Caldwell knowing that Caldwell would then take care of his son who had been fired by the Colts, which in fact has now taken place. Any factual misrepresentations in my points please feel free to point out. I like Jacksonville, both as a town and a sports venue. I just think their fans are getting sold the old Emperor with no clothes on trick.

  39. Everybody says “bringing Tebow would be a good business decision.” Yes it would be, if this was a typical business of revenues and profits. But….it’s not. It’s a football business. With football the first order of business is building a winning team. This franchise does not want to build a team around the skill set of Tim Tebow. Yes, he is a phenomenal athlete and has a big arm. But just about the only thing consistent about his play is inconsistency. If you were a Honda Dealership and your view was to make money with selling Honda vehicles. Would you all the sudden change your business plan to try to make majority of your profits selling Pre Owned Toyotas at your Honda Dealership? I mean it’s proven vehicle with many JD Power & Associate Awards right?!! (Wins and championships and college awards) The front office of the Jaguars have a vision of how thei team will look. They have a vision on how they want to conduct “business” and Tebow is not included in that vision. Not at qb at least. And I’m pretty sure the vision does not include Blaine Gabbert either. He is just along for the ride this year. Any somewhat intelligent being knows this is not a one year turnaround for Jacksonville. There is a good crop of Qbs next year in the draft. They will find a guy there. Half of these fans that “know football” who scream for Tebow probably couldn’t begin to fathom what even goes into a gameplan or scheme on the high school level. Stop playing NFL GM. Sit in that computer chair and keep reading and commenting on posts. Know your role, I do 🙂

  40. Enough ALREADY – I think Tebow is a winner and a great person and a great football player, BUT so were many others. Not everyone makes the transition and bringing in someone as a PR boost isn’t part of the NFL mind-set. Remember, Troy Smith, Matt Leinart, Jason White, Eric Crouch, Chris Weinke, Gino Torretta ALL won the biggest award in college and some even won Nat’l titles. Tebow may just be a member of the same list of QB’s that were glorious college players but not NFLers, enough ALREADY

  41. Good seats still available for your 2013 Jacksonville Jaguars! Really. Any seat you want. Come cheer on Blaine Gabbert as he shudders under the hateful glares of DE’s across the league! Watch Blaine check down and fearfully throw the football behind his #3 receiver! Move those chains, move those chains!

    Come be with the “real” fans as we hope to double our home wins to 2 this year! No, not the guy disguised as a chair, but the other guy.

  42. “Let’s face it: the NFL has arranged all along to shipwreck Tebow’s career — he’s bad for their beer and jersey business. This is just another owner obeying the edict from the high command.”

    Hardly. If Tebow has anyone to blame (besides himself) for his downfall, it would be the ESPN circus which has decided it’s his entourage. After watching how it went down with the Jets, Tebow, and the media last year, no team wants any part of that. Not enough gain for the pain.

  43. If Tebow were to sign with the Jacksonville Sharks, how funny would that be if the Sharks’ attendance numbers were to grow where they exceeded the Jaguars’ ever shrinking attendance numbers?

    What would that say about real “football” managers?

  44. Mark Brunnell says a left handed, devout christian, unorthodox delivery QB better known as a runner than thrower would never make it as a QB in Jacksonville.

  45. From simply a football perspective, if anyone truly believes that Chad Henne and Blaine Gabbert are better QB options than Tim Tebow, you are insane. Gabbert soils himself at the sight of a pash rush and Chad Henne has proven time and time again that he is not a starter in the NFL. No way Tebow can be worse than those two options.

  46. Wake up. Your team stinks and they want to move the team to L.A. Bringing in Tebow might spike ticket sales and they don’t want that.

  47. How is it that we still have people saying “I don’t know what all the anti-Tebow backlash is about”.

    Newsflash: Nobody hates Tim Tebow. They hate his delusional, psychotic fans who deify this nice kid while contradicting their “moral” fiber by wishing bad on anyone who “stands in Tebow’s way”.

    I think many of us know some really great people who live Christian lives and donate time, energy, and money to charity. Some can even play sports at a semi-pro / collegiate level. That doesn’t entitle them to “first dibs” at a starting job in the NFL at a position of their choosing.

  48. A fresh start would seem to be try something new…I am sorry, I missed when Tebow was playing for the Jags. How did that work out for everyone?

    Is this a case when someone just does not want to do something, and all the “You should” It would be better it” etc is falling on deaf ears with Mr. DC?

    Pride goes before you fall flat on your face.
    Be careful.

    What would the Jags loose by signing Tebow,
    it would be great entertainment for at least this season, and if your goal is to get the #1, 2, or 3 selection for next year, and you think Tebow is so bad, let him excite the community and then release him.

    This just seems to be a pride issue, the same pride that traded Tebow after signing PM, the same pride that gave all those wonderful plays to Tebow (do you remember the idea that Tebow would run all the extra points in, and they would not kick any…every time Tebow got close to the End zone there was a penalty or something dumb by the team, and then they got MS to come back in and fumble or throw an interception).

    Just try it, give the hometown kid a shot, let this be a good story for a year, and roll the dice. If Tebow does not impress with a year as the starter, then he may pull himself from the NFL and get into the next phase of his working life?

    I think I speak for a lot of people that all this talk is wearisome, and until he gets a shot, there will be story after story reminding us until he says himself he is done…

    Lord have mercy!

  49. I am a BIG tebow fan, so I will be upfront with, but let me ask one question to pro tebow and tebow haters alike, and be honet ith yourself….

    If you are the defensive coordinator of The Kansas City Chiefs or The Head Coach, whom would you want to face Blaine Gabbert of Tim Tebow?

    I know whom I wouldn’t want to face!

  50. I think the Tebow stories are becoming nauseating. Just write a story when he signs–AFL, CFL, whatever or agrees to finally change positions. He just doesn’t have it in the end to be a QB in the NFL. And I care not about his beliefs or faith and think people need to stop bringing it up so much, as well as he should of not put it out there so much–he has himself to blame for that part of this mess. I think Gabbert and Henne stink too but they have a plan in place and a better QB class next year.

    Also, hate to say this–but one of the three teams in Florida is definitely one of the teams that will move to L.A. or London, as much as I hate to say it. It’s only a matter of when. The writing, I fear is on the wall–poor ticket sells, cheap owners (normally) the stadium vote-fiasco etc,
    If Ross plans to donate his $4 billion in net worth or whatever to charity–then serious question–how does he intend to pass on the team to whomever? I think he sells this team to someone interested in moving them on out to L.A. or London. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Tampa or Jacksonville end up leaving either–with Tampa even being sold at some point in the next 5-10 years. I think the Glazers are still more concerned with Manchester United than the Buccaneers these days.

    Back to Tebow–seriously, enough already.

  51. They had better hope that Tebow signs with a team, because a free agent Tebow is probably worse for the Jags than a third string Tebow on the Jags. If Gabbert and Henne stink it up early in the season, imagine the pressure they will have to sign Tebow.

  52. I think he should do like Flutie and go to the CFL. He won’t be successful through his arm like Flutie was, but he will succeed through his legs. It is a passing league and a wide open field and it would be impossible to contain Tebow when the receivers have cleared the field and he decides to tuck it and run. He ran through some of the best defenses in the league and when they dropped 8 and 9 in the box he beat them in the air (refer to steelers game). There is no doubt Tebow could dominate the CFL and he should just close the door on the NFL prospect and concentrate on getting some tryouts and getting signed to a team up north. Then we will have to watch some NFL films documentary on how the NFL could make the same mistake twice.

  53. Why do people neglect to mention that Tebow choose the jets over the Jags last year.
    We don’t want him no one wants him if he is so good then start a petition on the white house page for him to go to your team.

  54. ANY TEAM that does NOT go after Teanuts is a SMART ORGANIZATION!!!! the dude cant play, give it up you people on the religous right!!!

  55. Graham Harrel, Charlie Whitehurst, Caleb Hanie, Dan Orlovsky, Brady Quinn, the list goes on. If your starting QB goes down and you NEED to have a chance to win a game, you’d want Tebow over at least half the backup QB’s in the league. It’s not the Tebow’s ability that GM don’t want, it’s the distractions from inevitable circus that he brings with him that makes him radioactive.

  56. All I know is that if you can’t beat out Mark Sanchez you have got to stink. One thing Tebow can’t do is throw — kind of essential for a QB in the NFL (48% completion percentage). Switch to TE and FB or go play in the Arena League.

  57. The funny thing when people say teams don’t want a circus or distraction like Tebow is that he’s not creating ANY of this by himself. It’s all from the fans and media. THEY are the ones making such a big deal about Tebow while he’s just sitting there quietly trying his best to be the best person and QB he can be.

    I hope the Jags go 1-6 with 6 game losing streak and goes calling Tebow to sign.

  58. In 2011, Denver started the season 1-4 with Kyle Orton. They finished 1-4 with Tim Tebow, once he had his day in the sun and the Denver offense got figured out. All this nonsense about his being a winner means nothing. He can’t throw like an NFL QB and he can’t grasp a real NFL offense.

    Given his leadership skills and his work ethic, he would be an ideal guy to have in the huddle if he’d learn the actual skills of an NFL QB, but since he hasn’t figured that out and has shown no effort to do so, credit to the Jags for sticking to their guns.

    I am no Gabbert fan, but sorry, Tebowners, he’s better than Timmah

  59. It’s amazing how delusional some of these posts are. The Jags aren’t moving, yes they cover almost 10k seats, but the average attendance is still about 65k. Tebow is a nice guy, but not an NFL QB. Get over yourselves. The arrow is pointing up for this team, and that really bothers some people.

  60. They should just bring him in to push their young QBs. Gannets is terrible. Henne is mediocre. TT is a proven winner, albeit in the ugliest way….but there’s def some devine intervention there. Arguably, Peyton had a better broncos team in 2012, yet the didn’t go any further…..give TT credit….he won a playoff game. TT will def sell more jerseys in Jax then it will cost to pay him the league minimum….if nothing else, it makes business sense.

  61. Caldwell reiterates: No Tebow

    The headline says it all. Congrats Jax, your GM has just taken the first step in making you relevant again.

  62. Tebow has charisma and he has a strong, enduring faith in God. What he doesn’t have are the skills to be a QB in the NFL. It wasn’t him that produced the victories for Denver. He had a part in them to be sure, but he wasn’t the primary cause. It was he that chose to spurn Jax, and go to the circus in the Jersey Swamps. That was his chance and HE, blew it.

    Stop treating him like he has some special anointing from God. He doesn’t. His pride is proof enough of that. He won’t change positions, even though he might have more of an opportunity to play if he did. No, he wants to be the star, the center of attention. That, isn’t being humble, as the Lord instructed His followers to be.

    He won’t be a Jaguar, anytime soon, and as long as he insists on doing it “his way”, he may not be anything ever again, in the NFL. Those are the facts. Deal with it.

  63. Let’s get one thing straight… there is no such damn thing as a “winner.” A team with good players in the right system will win. You can take a team full of so-called “winners”… guys that will kill themselves to try to win a game… and they will get mauled by a team full of better players who merely want to win.

  64. Gabbert is not better than Tim and Chad is inconsistent. But that’s your loss Caldwell, whatever vision he has I’m sure hope it included staying in the basement of his division.

    Not even willing to try something different. Claims “fresh start” but in reality just the same ol Jags. Back to laughing at them.

  65. @houndofthebaskervols …..i am a season ticket holder for 10 years, I am a fan of the Jags, therefore there is one fan telling YOU I don’t want Tebow !!! And neither does ANYONE sitting around me. Also, there are only 8,000 seats covered not 20,000. Another thing, last year when the Jets came to town, the Jags took the tarp off of two of the sections expecting “extra” ticket sales because of TT coming to town, well hate to inform you, but they only sold 100-150 extra tix. So, get off of that “Tebow would send ticket sales thru the roof campaign” because it has been there, done that and IT DIDN’T WORK !!!!!!!!

  66. I dont know many things but I know this.

    Tebow and his ugly brand of 1930s football would have got Jacksonville more than 2 wins last year.

    Also, if Gabbert is your starting QB again this season you are going to be terrible…….again.

  67. Good for Caldwell. Stick to your guns.

    Tebow is not an NFL QB. Its plain and simple. He would not make the team any better, and would only cause fans to be disgruntled if Gabbert starts off slow this season.

    If Jaguar fans are actually complaining that they want Tebow, then they deserve a losing, garbage team with tarps covering the seats.

  68. Caldwell is delusional.

    Khan should fire him.

    Why is Khan ok with Caldwell literally taking money out of his pocket.

    Tebow = Bank for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    A franchise without much history, who no one outside of northern Florida cares about, is refusing to sign what Forbes magazine determined was “the most influential player in ALL of sports.”

    That is just crazy! The Jags are proving they want out of Jacksonville. That is the only reason they would prefer obscurity to Tebowmania.

    And, don’t chime in that they want to “win.” They aren’t winning anything for the next few seasons at least.

  69. Caldwell, your only playmaker 4 games out, JAX talent good for a1-15 ,bring the Kid , at least to sell out the opening day

  70. For those parroting the Skip Bayless narrative, (Gabbert is awful, give Tebow a shot)this needs to be considered, Gabbert is actually a pretty good practice player. As has been documented, Tebow is very poor..How will the coaches justify starting Tim over Blaine…especially early on. It doesn’t make any sense. Of course, the screaming Tebowites would cause such a distraction for this team. It kind of worked out in Denver, but they were already stuck with him.( and couldn’t wait to be rid of him). The Jaguars don’t need to be put in that situation. Good for Caldwell. Next year will probably be somewhat painful, but the team is moving forward. It’s just unfortunate that we continue to be saddled with the Tebow thing.

  71. Rick Spielman is a Magician says: May 8, 2013 10:30 AM

    If Denard Robinson can be successful in the role Jacksonville envisions for him, Tebow should be able to do the same kind of thing for another team.


    Denard is much faster and has a better arm than Tebow. Tebow simply doesn’t have NFL athleticism as a runner and his throwing motion is too slow and inaccurate for him to be a passer.

  72. I guess PFT loves to keep running Tebow stories because they attract eyeballs, so hopefully this comment will attract eyeballs as well so we can put this to rest.

    1)Tim Tebow is not an NFL-caliber quarterback. If he was, a team would have signed him already. Winning a half-season of games by averaging 15 points a game and letting your defense keep it close is not a winning formula. Tebow does not have some magic Jesus Juice that causes his defense to play better.

    2)Tim Tebow will not help sell tickets in Jacksonville. College football fans do not shell out tickets to NFL events to see their favorite players sitting on the bench.

    3)Khan, Dave Caldwell, and Gus Bradley seem to have some pretty smart ideas on how to rebuild the team. They do that by finding the 53 best players for the roster, not by saving a spot for a media sideshow.

    Bottom line, you sign Tebow if you want all eyes on your team during training camp. If you want eyes on your team during January, because they’re playing in the playoffs, you build the best roster possible from the ground up, and that’s what the new Jacksonville management is doing.

  73. Anyone who knows football knows he sucks as a QB. Fox in Denver had to dumb down the offense to the Pee Wee level for him to be not too confused….he is where he belongs… Out of football

  74. Guys with morals are not welcome in this league! No Christians!

    I am an agnostic and this makes me sick. Tebow getting blacklisted.

  75. It’s funny how all the non-jaguar fans think they know how we are doing as far as tix sales, but are completely clueless! We outsold 12 teams last year, yet people still think we have ticket problems.

  76. The reason Tebow can’t get a job in the NFL is because he’s a terrible quarterback who can’t hit the broadside of a barn with his passes. He refuses to switch to another position, and he undermines the quarterback who actually is the starter.

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