Cam Newton: Other young QBs motivate me to improve


In 2011, Cam Newton burst onto the scene looking like the league’s best young quarterback and the best rookie quarterback the NFL had ever seen. But in 2012, Newton was largely overshadowed by young quarterbacks like Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick.

Newton said on NFL Network that he’s not envious of the attention those other quarterbacks got, but he is motivated to show he’s the best in the business.

“No, by no means,” Newton said. “I’m a fan of those guys. Colin Kaepernick, I got an opportunity to know him well; we were roommates at the Combine when we were coming out. RG3, he’s won the Heisman. Andrew Luck – those guys came in this league and took it by storm. Am I envious? No. If anything it challenges me to get better and just remember about this league that if you’re not getting better, you’re getting forgotten. So for this whole offseason I’ve been challenging myself, one, to lose weight, two, to become not a stronger player but a smarter player. That’s one thing I’ve been focusing on with our quarterback coach Ken Dorsey and offensive coordinate Mike Shula. Those guys have been helping me progressing in those different areas.”

Newton said he’s working on “becoming mature about each and every situation” and that he believes the Panthers can win the NFC South this year.

“Absolutely. Absolutely,” Newton said. “We’re not going to bat an eye for anybody, especially anybody in this division. We know that our conference is very challenging with seeing Tampa Bay twice a year, Atlanta twice a year, the New Orleans Saints twice a year. It’s going to make us better and it’s also going to let us know where we stand as a team come midway or during the latter part of the season.”

If Newton can play like the best young quarterback in the league, he may have the Panthers in contention at the end of the season.

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  1. Thats what I love about these young qb’s, is that so many of these good ones mentioned in this article have great attitudes…The league is fun when there are so many young, good qb’s to go with the usual suspects of Brady, Manning et all. It would be even better if at least one/two of this years guys can join them..
    it just goes to show you that no matter how much skill you have, it isnt enough…

  2. If and when this guy grows up, he could really be something special.

    Until then though, there’s no hope.

  3. That’ll show ’em Cam. Now just make sure you don’t get yo face up in them referee’s grills when you get yo panties in a bunch.

  4. “So for this whole offseason I’ve been challenging myself, one, to lose weight, two, to become not a stronger player but a smarter player….”

    Funny, I recall an interview prior to Cam being drafted and he was asked how he compares himself to Brady, Manning and Brees. I believe he said, “his god given talents will make him great”.

    You have to want to become great by being a student of the game, Mr Icon and Entertainer.

  5. I love how athletes refer to the “motivation card”. Regardless how other QBs play, shouldnt you be motivated by the fact that you make a zillion dollars and if you dont keep it up you could be the next Jamarcus Russell or Akili Smith. Cam Newton has out of this world ability but Im not so sure he will ever be at the level that RG3 or Luck are at. Cam should be motivated by the mere fact he stunk throwing the ball last year instead.

  6. I like it, I don’t care what anybody says this guy is my qb and I believe in him. I hope he has a great season.

  7. Addendum:
    Oh wait Mr. Icon and Entertainer, in your interview with Deion Sanders, you said that, “No offense to Brees and Brady, but Preparation is Not God Given” Now you want to be a smarter player? I thought you had God Given abilities to just go out there and sling it.

  8. I’m a true Carolina Panther fan, but a realist. Does Cam need to improve? Yes. Does the team? Yes. Those questions are obvious. I would like to point out though that Luck had a ton of interceptions, more than Cam. Which means what? Luck made more mistakes correct? Also, was RG3 amazing? Hell yes! Though, RG3 had a more established team. Same is said for Colin and Wilson. Yes, Cam has made mistakes on the field, but 11-16 games the defense let them down. Fact check, the only reason why the Panthers were remotely competitive is because of the play of Cam. I am not making excuses, just shedding the light on the facts.

  9. He is the best young quarterback in the league.
    He doesn’t have the defense like Kaepernick and Wilson do, and he doesn’t have the benefit of playing the lousy jaguars and titans twice a year like luck does, amongst other AFC cupcakes. Yet his numbers are all better than theirs.
    Cam’s rookie season was still better than all of theirs, he took what was in 2010, one of the worst offenses in NFL history and made them top 5 in scoring.

    However, I have a strong feeling Mike Shula is really going to hurt Cam’s progress. I still think we should’ve bothered Hue Jackson.

  10. If I didn’t know any better, I would say Cam is growing up a bit. Good for him. I still don’t care for the dude but if he gets his mind right he could be as good as anyone.

    And mancave – I’m a Denver fan so don’t much care about the NFC South but I am a fan of football first. Why don’t you take a look at the Roster of Tampa Bay. It’s littered with Pro Bowlers. I’m not so sure you’re going to be laughing at the end of the year

  11. Seattle, san fran, Washington have complete teams while Carolina doesn’t.

  12. “Cam should be motivated by the mere fact he stunk throwing the ball last year instead.”

    Except he didn’t. His passing numbers were pretty much the same as his rookie season, and with less interceptions.

  13. “Cam you have potential. but its hard to win with that defense and steve smith is like 34 now”

    That defense finished 10th in the league.

  14. I love how everyone hates on Dalton. These rookie stars have to make the playoff’s for two straight years. We’ll see if the league is on to them this season.

    Hopefully Dalton gets his first playoff win or at least has a good showing in the playoffs. Looks like potential won’t get him as far as it has with Cam or some of these other young qb’s. Crazy how much heat he’s taken this offseason. Even with all the accomplishments and records he’s had his first two seasons.

  15. Scam might have a better season if he stuck to playing football, instead of talking down to female reporters, stealing laptops, being an insufferable prick, and just generally an entitled POS.

  16. I don’t get why hes getting so much hate. He had the best rookie season in NFL history regardless of position. He had something like 5200 yards and 35 Touchdowns all purpose. Those are video game numbers. In what some could call a “down” year, he almost equaled those numbers with less INTs.

    If he really has matured as he seems in this article, he could quickly become an elite QB.

  17. If the haters of Cam Newton used half of the energy they use for coming up with Snide comments to be more productive and positive, the world would be a better place! HATERS GONNA HATE!! So much wasted energy. lol…. ok in 3,2,1….. let the hate mongers come out

  18. Suddenly Washington is this established team. Nobody was saying that going into the season last year. According to most we had the “worst receiving corps” “no offensive line” “no running backs” pshh, excuses.

  19. DIE HARD Falcons Fan here; And This Dude Scares me! If he had a TOP 15 Defense the Last Two Seasons! Carolina Might have went to Back to Back Super Bowls! This Dude is a STUD and his team is TERRIBLE And they still manage to be in EVERY game, only losing in the end to to a last minute drive by the opposition! I’ll take him in Atlanta any day And Matt Ryan, is a stud himself!

  20. it sounds like the light bulb went on….fact is one day be it sooner or later, one of these young Qb’s are going to replace me….maybe i need to improve, grow up, and WIN.

  21. Could you imagine this guy with Wilsons poise and preparation?

    There is no reason why he cannot grow into the kind of leader Rg III is, and maybe Luck is, now. But both those guys will grow more mature too.
    I doubt he will ever catch them in that regard, and he will never touch Wilson.

    Cap is very similar to Cam though, in ability and temperament. But on a much much much better team.

  22. I don’t get the notion that Kaepernick and Wilson succeeded because they had great defenses or because they had more established teams. Kaepernick was a 2nd round pick that took over for a proven veteran in Alex Smith and when he did so he had to prove to everyone such as his teammates, coaches, 49er fans, and analysts that he was deserving of the job. He had to take that 49ers team to the NFC championship game at least and win that game to prove that he was deserving of the 49ers starting job. Russell Wilson was a 3rd round pick and a rookie and he was given the starting job over veteran Matt Flynn who everyone believed was going to receive the starting job. So he had to prove that he was deserving of the starting job and that Seattle did not make a mistake when they made him the starting QB. Did Kaepernick and Wilson have good teams? Yes, they did but they also had huge expectations that they had to live up to. They had to have winning records and they had to win playoff games. They succeeded under tremendous pressure. Cam Newton has no such pressure because he does not have one of the better teams. I think Cam is a pretty good QB but to suggest that Kaepernick and Wilson only succeeded because of their teams is wrong.

  23. What expectations did Wilson have on him? He was a third rd pick. I’d say Luck and RGIII had way more expectations. Kaep had expectations, but not like the first and second overall pick, sent to save a franchise. It’s certainly impressive what Russ and Kaep did, but I don’t think that was the expectation.

  24. Just curious.. how can you use defense as an excuse.. then turn around and defend them as top 10. Can’t have it both ways. Cam maturing will work wonders for him. Don’t need excuses for that

  25. Skinsfan you are crazy.. no expectations? Maybe not for Russel but expectations for Kaepernick were superbowl and nothing less.

  26. I really don’t care for Cam being a Saints fan but I have to say he seems like a great guy! He could easily be a “look at me i’m the best their is” kind of guy but he gives credit where credit is due! I must say out of the 3 QB’s we face in our division Cam scares me the most!

  27. Cam on the Falcons < Superbowl
    Cam on the Bucs< Strong Playoff team
    Cam on the Panthers<8-8 at best
    Cam on the Saints<Best backup QB in the league!

  28. As far as I am concerned it only comes down to Cam and Kaepernick as far as these young running QBs go, they are the only one with the actual body mass to run and not get hurt like other QBs, Griffin will have trouble staying healthy if he keeps taking hits out of the pocket, and Russell Wilson will NOT have nearly the season he had last year. In fact the whole Seahawks team will not

  29. I like the attitude, and hope he improves.
    But I never understood millionaire athletes who need something external to motivate them.

    As a professional – shouldnt you ALWAYS be motivated to be the best? You need someone else getting attention, or dropping a few rounds in the draft to light a fire inside you?

    Always sends up a red flag for me.

  30. Now if could just get those other qbs to throw for him, lead for him, and give interviews for him, the Panthers may have found their qb of the future!!!

  31. Cam doesn’t care to improve. He thinks the NFL is one big party. He’s got his commercials. He’s got his endorsements. That’s all he cares about. Plus he has goofy looking ears.

  32. At least he didn’t take the money and just lie down like Jawalrus and Leaf. Cam’s rookie year convinced me that he can finally break the long streak of Heisman trophy QBs are absolute busts in the NFL. He needs to mature and keep the motivation to always improve. Not a fan of the Panthers, but I’m looking forward to watching him improve.

  33. Carolina’s record is indicative of several factors. Yes, Cam’s decision making early in the season probably cost the team a run at playoff position, but for folks to get on here and put him down you are either a hater or you haven’t watched EVERY snap the past two season. Ask the fans of the Bucs, Falcons, & Saints and I guarantee the majority will give praise. Cam is 2-0 against the Redskins, both dominating performances over an inferior defense that particular day. If I used your cherry picking logic, based my opinions on a handful of games, I’d say RGIII hasn’t impressed me as much as Cam. But I know that’s not true. Cam struggled, but who hasn’t in their first two seasons after inheriting one of the worst teams in NFL HISTORY. Chill out everyone. We are witnessing a birth of something special with several young QB’s proving they have what it takes to man a team.

  34. people who hate on cam are just ignorant. the guy has improved after being drafted by the leagues worst team. came in to an entirely new system WITHOUT an offseason. Yea his records that he set may have been broken (except rushing TDs) BUT that was by 3 different QBS!!!! CAM SET ALL THOSE RECORDS, as ONE person. ignorant. 2-14, 6-10, 7-9. you dont rebuild in one year. he cut down on turnovers in year two THATS HUGE. lost a LOT of close games….not all his fault. shoddy coaching. Cam cant play qb and DB at the same time.

    his will and determination to be great, to be on top is undeniable. and if you hate on a young man, knock a young man who is DOIN IT because he HATES to lose….IGNORANT. everyone who talks about him sulking (usually analysts only) obviously never played a sport, or wasnt a leader when they did.

    and to the ones saying “how do you need motivation as a professional athlete” its not that they need it…its that it helps them that much more. they are human beings too. with human being feeling and emotion, reasoning, etc. to say that they shouldnt get motivation out of little things like this and that just like a person gets motivated to lose weight when they see others do it….quit smoking, anything in life….is IGNORANT.

    Cam will prevail and continue a long, healthy, and stellar career. for the panthers if they are lucky. while the RG3s, Russels, and Caeps fall out and fade away.


  35. Yep, this is the time of year when all the poor Panther fans crawl with hope in their hearts and tears in the corner of their eyes back into Cam’s corner, predicting that THIS year will be the season he matures and starts focusing on TEAM instead of on ME.

    I hate to be a bubble popper, but Cam over the off season has shown absolutely zero sign of being a more mature Cam. Instead, he’s started a clothing line for a Charlotte department store. Wow, that’s sure an indication that he’s made the big time. The only problem, of course, is that it usually takes a winner to have a clothing line, and Cam to date has a lousy win-loss record, which is the only record that means anything.

    It’s sad because of his immense physical talents, but Cam Newton doesn’t have the personality, the upbringing, or the inner stuff to ever be an elite quarterback like the other young winning QBs he’s so obviously deeply envious and jealous of.

  36. “Thats what I love about these young qb’s, is that so many of these good ones mentioned in this article have great attitudes…The league is fun when there are so many young, good qb’s to go with the usual suspects of Brady, Manning et all. It would be even better if at least one/two of this years guys can join them..
    it just goes to show you that no matter how much skill you have, it isnt enough…”

    I too would like to see that but there’s just not enough room for the talent we have. The other leagues are going to need some more attention, if anything football needs support in other countries where it’s growing. You can get recognition anywhere in Soccer, we need that with football too.

    Careers are being wasted.

  37. nfloracle,

    you are so misinformed. he actually started the clothing line a while ago, it just launched. he went BACK TO SCHOOL to finish so He doesnt preach to little kids the importance of education, without having finished one himself. he has worked out, gotten a nutrition coach, lost pounds and gained muscle. all the while attending the panthers voluntary workouts, charity appearances and events, ill just stop. because you are gonna hate that this young man has accomplished more than you in the last 2 years of his life than you will in your lifetime. u know ZERO about his upbringing as well.

    i wonder what peyton mannings win loss record was his first two seasons? tom brady (oh wait)… any of the actual greats and not the ones we think will be great. start talking without hatred and you might, jusssssst might….so a bit more intelligent.

  38. Redskins fan here and everyone needs to lay off Cam it isn’t his fault that they haven’t built anything around him to help him succeed minus the big contract that their old lame ass GM handed out to crappy Stewart! They will be better this year defensively but idk about offense cuz they didn’t really do a whole lot to upgrade it

  39. Btw Luck, RG3, Wilson, and Kap all had a very good ground game to help them out. I had Stewart in fantasy and he didn’t do jack last year. Just some food for thought…

  40. Luck had a bad defense too, and his ground game was spectacular, hes just a gifted qb who knows how to win, only reason for the high int. was bad defense and they put the team on his shoulders, alot for a rookie, but he did pretty good!! this year he will have a better D and a better o-line

  41. the thing to remember is most of the time when Cam had big runs he ran because the OL was bad LT-Gross is old & won’t be around to much longer
    LG-Silatolu is very young maybe too young
    C-Kalil is likely our best OL men maybe he can shut up this yr
    RG-Geoff Hangartner was never great & even at his best was only good but he’s far from that now
    RT-Bell is a 3rd RT on most bad teams

    but they did draft a RG this yr another project

  42. u got to be kidding me. You must not have any football skills whatsoever. This guy been in the league 2 years and yall expect him to deliver a championship. This is pro football. Take him off that ped and give him time to develop into that type of qb before you start to say anything.

  43. here’s a stat for ya.. Four teams finished with an offense and defense ranked in the Top 12 — the Broncos, Texans, 49ers and the Panthers

    some of ya’ll got to understand that Cam is still playing on pure talent.. he isn’t the polished product that RG3 and A. Luck is.. He and his coach is still learning on the job.. Panthers were a less than 25 total points from having home field advantage in the Playoffs.. so to say he’s overrated, is not true.. dude is no where close to hitting that ceiling.. when he do.. O BOY..

  44. Look…the kid’s a star…and im not a panthers fan…put some real talent around him like the other guys and he’d be putting up the wins. I don’t care if he has a giant ego, what great player didn’t? But you have to admit that the guys has serious ability…he’s no scrub

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