Cowboys asking Doug Free to take a paycut


The Dallas Cowboys have asked right tackle Doug Free to take a pay cut and are apparently more than willing to wait it out to get what they want.

According to Ian Rapaport of the NFL Network, the Cowboys are asking Free to take a “sizable” pay cut in excess of $2 million. The Cowboys are willing to wait it out knowing the longer the process drags out, fewer teams will be suitors for Free should he ultimately be released.

It’s still a bit of a gamble for the Cowboys but one they are apparently willing to make. If they wait and Free refuses to take the reduction in pay, the Cowboys will be forced to either pay him his full salary or release him without a proven option to turn to. Jermey Parnell would likely be next in line but has limited experience in four seasons.

Dallas could try to hedge their options by signing another free agent such as Eric Winston or Winston Justice in case Free won’t submit to the pay cut. However, a lack of cap space could complicate that option for the Cowboys. It still seems to make sense for both sides to find a scenario both can live with. It may just take a while for the parties to finally agree upon what exactly that is.

23 responses to “Cowboys asking Doug Free to take a paycut

  1. “Dallas could try to hedge their options by signing another free agent such as Eric Winston or Winston Justice…”

    And don’t forget about Eric Justice or Winston Winston. I’m sure they exist, too.

  2. This is one of the many reasons I hate Jerry Jones. Rather than just going out and getting the better player in Eric Winston or Winston Justice, Geriatric Jones would rather fiddle fart around over saving $2 million and keep Free, who is purely a liability on the line at this point. It’s like, in his mind, the only way for him to save face for having signed Free to such a ridiculous deal in the first place. Kind of like how he’s insisting on Romo putting in Peyton Manning like hours and being more devoted to game planning than he’s been after handing over 9-figures to a guy who has won less playoff games than Rex Grossman. He makes it so hard to be a fan.

  3. Dallas’ failure to draft a credible replacement gives free a lot of leverage. Dallas doesn’t have the cap space to cut him and replace him with an experienced free agent because of the huge cap hit that would result from cutting him, even after June 1. They would have to release another veteran to get enough cap space to replace them both. Free should just hold out. Dallas has little choice but to pay him given the ridiculous contract JJ gave him.

  4. The way this guy played just cut him and take your losses.Typical Jerry Jones signing.Player has a moderately successful year and then the G.M overspends to keep him(see Austin,Sensabaugh,Scandrick,Ratliff).

  5. Cut him this is Jerry’s fault he shoulda never gave him the money until he has proven himself. add a Cowboy fan we all know he is no good

  6. Depending on the size of the pay cut, Free might have the last laugh after all. Somebody’s tackle will go down in training camp. Many teams are 1 tackle away from a panic attack. There will be plenty of work for veteran tackles in a few months.

  7. Just cut this dude….tired of hearing about Dallas and Doug Free. Why is this even a story?

  8. Bring in a vet to compete and the best of the 3 wins the job (including Parnell). If Free wins….Romo is going to have a turnstile on his right side.

  9. Parnell graded out as good or better last year when he played so Dallas, in a role reversal, actually owns the upper hand in this.

  10. Don’t do it Doug..!!!!!!! Make the cowgirls make a counter move. stand your ground.

  11. i never see any teams asking the way overpaid qb’s to give some of there money to keep other players!

  12. Jerry is clueless!! He should’ve drafted multiple OG’s and OT’s this past draft. Our O-line is in disarray and he only drafts a center? No tackles or guards are added via the draft or Un-drafted FA’s , nor has he added any UFA!! Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is what is describe as insanity! I am sure Eric Winston and Winston Justice will be signed by other teams that have legitimate GM’s running their teams and not the moronic Jones clan!!

  13. Go ahead Jerry gamble on him like you did with Nagy and Detroit will scoop him up like Nagy. We need a right tackle anyway. Go Jerry big head Jones.

  14. Free should be asked to take a hike! Jerry would have been wise to sign Clabo (too late now) and just send Free on his way.

    Keeping Free for less money makes the Cowboys no better on the field what so ever.

    Jerry is more focused on the money issues than making the team better. Anyone really surprised?

  15. Jerry is hopeless. Could have had a much better lineman in Clabo for half the price. He’s wasted so much money over the years on players who don’t deserve it, why worry about dead money for next year. I’ll take the dead money if signing a better player helps us make the playoffs at least.

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