Jaguars aren’t in a hurry to find a quarterback


The Jaguars waited until they were signing undrafted free agents to add a quarterback to their roster, eventually doubling down on two prospects to join Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne on the depth chart.

It’s not an approach that signals any great urgency to find a long-term solution at quarterback and Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports found that was the case during a visit to Jaguars workouts. Cole writes that that the Jaguars brass was privately “only too happy” to see the Bills and Jets draft quarterbacks early this year, presumably taking them out of the running for the cream of next year’s crop, while publicly playing a waiting game for a quarterback to do enough to grab the job this season.

“We’re going to give everybody a fair chance to see who can win the job and whether that person is the long-term solution,” Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell said. “Whether it’s from the pocket or if we run some rollout stuff, we’re going to find ways to give the quarterback more of a chance. And then we’ll see how it goes.”

Cole reports that coach Gus Bradley was similarly unruffled about wide receiver Justin Blackmon’s four-game suspension, another sign that the new team in charge of the Jaguars is approaching this as something closer to a redshirt year than one designed to challenge for a winning record. Given the state of the roster, that’s probably the best approach as Caldwell and Bradley find the kinds of players they want to build their team around in the coming years. For this year, that meant players like tackle Luke Joeckel and safety Jonathan Cyprien while the top college quarterbacks were left for other teams.

That’s unlikely to happen again next April.

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  1. Why waste a pick on a QB that isn’t the franchise guy you need? We already have two backups, why bring in guy like Geno Smith, Ryan Nassib or Matt Barkley, when next year’s draft class is filled with much better talent? I like what Caldwell’s doing. Patience is part of building a winner, something that Gene Smith never had.

  2. Well expect them to give the fans a red-shirt year at the ticket office….

    Please no threats this year from the organization about being at the bottom in revenue and if we don’t support the team it wont exist. Deal??

  3. So – they’ve already decided to suck for another year in order to wait for a qb in the draft next year.

    And they won’t be able to sell tickets, because the fans take one look at the roster and can see they are losing on purpose for the 6th straight year.

    And they won’t give Tebow a shot even then?

    This is madness. Either that or a bold move to get the hell out of Florida and over to Los Angeles before Miami gets there first.

  4. I’m rooting for the Jags (and Bucs) as a Dolphin fan. I would love to see all three become competitive at the same time and perhaps even play each other in the playoffs or even, gulp… the Super Bowl??? Highly doubtful but at least be competitive in the years to come, get into the playoffs and see where it goes, I would hate to see any one of these teams get relocated in the near future as they all have a solid foundation to build on for years to come at key positions.

  5. I agree 100% that they should not have reached for a QB in round 1 or 2, but I was perplexed as to why they didn’t add one in rounds 3 or 4.

  6. I don’t ever agree with setting yourself up to lose and waiting for “next years crop” if that’s what they are doing. Losing especially if you have been losing for years isn’t how you build a winning program. Football isn’t basketball and next year isn’t always a given. Dru Breese, 2nd round, Russell Wilson, 3rd round, and the list is long. Barkley was considered a 1st round pick last year regressed as a senior and went in the 4th round. One never knows, do they?

  7. *Sigh.* I hate people with no knowledge of Jacksonville who opt to make uninformed comments. Let’s break them down:

    “So – they’ve already decided to suck for another year in order to wait for a qb in the draft next year.”

    No, they’re being realistic about the fact you can’t fix what was done to the roster in one offseason. The last regime tried the whole notion of “win now” and it put the team in the mess they’re in, because they over-pursued some players and positions and gave up a lot of money and draft picks in the process. The team won’t “suck,” but it’s not going to be a playoff contender. Jaguars fans known and understand this.

    “And they won’t be able to sell tickets, because the fans take one look at the roster and can see they are losing on purpose for the 6th straight year.”

    Season ticket sales are going strong this year, after people sold out the stadium during a 2-14 season which provided less hope than this new staff does. Oh, but people miss the fact the Jaguars are selling tickets, don’t they? The team isn’t “losing on purpose.” They aren’t trying to win it all this year because they know they can’t. It’s just not possible. They also believe they have a better QB than any of the rookies, which I believe as well.

    The fans cheered the drafting of Joeckel, turned out in huge numbers for the draft event, and turned out in large numbers for the rookie camp. The fan base is supporting the team. Maybe whatever loser fan base some of you folks are part of wouldn’t support their team, but the Jaguars have plenty of fan support right now, and the fans are speaking with their wallets as well.

    “And they won’t give Tebow a shot even then?”

    Why? Chad Henne might be a better QB than Tebow. To qualify that, let me know I’ve got a Tebow Gators jersey, I love the Gators, and I loathe Chad Henne for being able to throw ANY game away in the 4th quarter. But Tebow’s claim to fame in the NFL is being made the starter on a team that then limited his plays, he didn’t play well as a QB objectively, barely squeezed into the playoffs with an 8-8 record without beating a single team with a winning record, managed to find Thomas on a short pass that Thomas then ran the distance to get a touchdown to win a playoff game, with the next week seeing Tebow get destroyed by the Patriots after the Broncos opted to try to let him actually throw the ball.

    Meanwhile, T.J. Yates steps in for the Texans as a rookie and wins a playoff game while playing pretty decent (before losing the next week in a close match against the Ravens, while looking much more competent than Tebow did against the Patriots), and people don’t clamor to trade for Yates. Heck, Trent Dilfer won a SUPER BOWL with the Ravens. Clearly that means Dilfer was a great QB, right? I mean, you can’t give the Ravens’ defense or running game credit, because then you’d have to admit the Broncos weren’t just one man.

    “This is madness. Either that or a bold move to get the hell out of Florida and over to Los Angeles before Miami gets there first.”

    Neither. Especially since Khan has been investing a lot of money already in the stadium AND the city. Oh, right, you’re not someone who actually follows the Jaguars or this city, you folks just pop up to bash them. So you don’t know how much Khan’s put into the area. You don’t just pack up and go elsewhere. Especially when L.A. has already had two teams and lost both because it’s a crappy place for an owner to move a team. Also, the Jaguars’ lease agreement wouldn’t allow it, there’s only one situation the Jags could negate the agreement and move, and that’s not remotely going to happen any time soon.

    The coaching staff didn’t see a QB who was worth getting (which is why they all slid so much and the Chiefs traded for Alex Smith while the Raiders traded for Matt Flynn, other teams didn’t really see anyone either). They also see signs that there’s a pretty good young QB on the roster who just needed the right tools and staff to bust out. Why waste a pick?

    Also, Matt Scott’s not looking so bad. Jordan Rodgers has a chip on his shoulder, but he’s still just “average” overall. Scott’s a guy who looks like he has some talent, and plays with passion (which is how he sprained his ankle in camp, he actually went after Cyprien after Cyprien intercepted one of his passes, even though it’s just rookie camp… I love that fire in a rookie!).

  8. Bradley learned from his time in Seattle. Faced with a free-agent market that was hamstrung by the lockout, and draft prospects that mostly screamed “huge reach”, Seattle checked their bet by hiring Tavaris Jackson as a placeholder. Bad move? Consider that he was signed less than a week after the Cards traded for Kolb and gave him $60 million….should they have made that move instead?

    By not committing to a new QB, the Jags may not be as good this year, but, they will have the freedom to address their numerous other issues while waiting for the QB market to come to them.

    In the meantime, maybe one of their guys can step up and distinguish himself. Stranger things have happened.

  9. What is it you guys don’t get? They DID NOT like any of the QBs in the draft enough to think they wer an improvement over Gabbert/Henne……PERIOD! Why waste a draft pick? Maybe they think they can improve the QB play by improving the rest of the roster. It is not far fetched. Let them do it according to their plan and then judge the results…I think they know a little more about what they are doing than you knuckleheads.

  10. Once you draft a QB high, you’re married to him, in a sense.

    See what you have first, build from that and then determine your legacy. Too many young GM’s let outside influence interfere with their objectives, hence, back into the scouting ranks.

  11. I think Gabbert isn’t the answer–living in Missouri I can attest that he was way over-hyped and drafted way too high. He probably will never be anything more than a solid backup down the road.

    However, they needed to wait and see what they have with both Scott and Rodgers. I agree–Rodgers has a chip and could still become better in time and Scott is talented as all get out. I can’t attest to what happened with him in the rookie mini-camp, but if that is the case, definitely a good start, plus he is probably better than Gabbert or Henne. You never know what you have? And if nothing else, like many have stated, next year’s QB crop looks tons better than this year’s class–therefore, be patient and wait for a good one next year.

  12. “We are moving to LA… But we can’t do it if we win games and sell tickets!” -David Caldwell

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