Nominate your Giants Mt. Rushmore

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The process of nominating players, coaches, executives, etc. for the a team’s Mt. Rushmore moves to New York.

As we wrap up the NFC East, we open the floor for nominations from Giants fans.

Eventually, the nominations will be whittled to roughly eight finalists per team.  We’ll then put the measure out to a vote, and we’ll present each team’s Mt. Rushmore during the month of June, on NBC Sports Network’s Pro Football Talk.

So make yourself heard below, like Cowboys, Redskins, and Eagles fans already have done.

188 responses to “Nominate your Giants Mt. Rushmore

  1. wellington mara goes above everyone. that much is a given.

    ‘the real’ lt, strahan, frank gifford, eli

  2. Phil Simms, Bill Parcells, Michael Strahan, David Tyree.

    No, seriously, David Tyree. The Catch was that big for the franchise.

  3. Wellington Mara, Lawrence Taylor, Bill Parcells, Eli Manning as the top four.

    Behind that, it’s Michael Strahan, Charlie Connerly, Harry Carson, Tom Coughlin

  4. I’m not a Giants fan, but I’m chiming in anyway.

    Wellington Mara, Lawrence Taylor, Michael Strahan, Phil Simms.

  5. Gonna go with..

    Parcells, Simms, Eli and LT.

    As influential as Mara was..think those are the 4 names people think of right away. However..if Coughlin wins another..could make a case.

    Honorable mention: Gifford, Carson, Strahan, Travis Beckum 🙂

  6. 1. Lawrence Taylor
    2. Phil Simms
    3. Michael Strahan
    4. Eli Manning

    I’m sure there are GREAT G-MEN from before the 80’s but since I didn’t see them play or relate to them as athletes … This Is MY Mt. Rushmore!

  7. I agree Wellington Mara must go above everyone. Then for me, along with Wellington it’s Harry Carson, LT, and Eli Manning.

  8. Is it just for the on-field stuff? If off-field is taken into consideration at all LT (as great as he was) is undeserving. If it is only on-field stuff then he is a no-brainer

  9. LT on the rock of Mt. Rushmore? Haha

    Add Gifford, Strahan, Manning and it’s a wrap.

  10. Wellington Mara / Lawrence Taylor / Tom Coughlin and Jerry Reese.

    This way there is an owner, player, coach and General Manager all worthy of being on thus mountain and all played huge roles in Super Bowl Championships

    Honorable Mention: Eli Manning / Michael Strachan / Bill Parcells / Phil Simms / Sam Huff / Frank Gifford.

    Definitely open for debate and discussion.

  11. L.T., Emlen Tunnell, Jimmy Patton. (Giants didn’t start playing in the 80’s)

  12. Oh, the Gints! Gotta go:

    1. Wellington Mara
    2. Frank Gifford
    3. Bill Parcells
    4. Carl Banks

    The ’80s defense could not be ignored, but the obvious, glaring choice, given his unquestioned on-field dominance, disqualified himself with his sordid personal conduct. This is supposed to be Mt. Rushmore, right? And, with the possible exception of Eli, who is making a strong case for himself, no Giant of the last 20 years rises to the level of franchise-defining.


  13. Roosevelt Brown – The dominant offensive linemen when the game revolved around the run.

    Harry Carson – who lead the team out of “the desert” of the 70s when the team almost collapsed because of the Mara family feud.

    LT – If I have to tell you why, you don’t know a damn thing about football

    Eli Manning – Two time Super Bowl MVP including the biggest upset in Super Bowl history, best QB NY ever had, and probably the only NFL QB that could withstand the beating the 49ers put on him and, not only didn’t miss a snap, but won the game. How many HOF QBs would have limped off that muddy field in San Fran complaining their line let them down. Eli stood tall and never pointed a finger.

  14. Seahawks fan, but I will chime in….

    1) Wellington Mara. without him, the NFL may well have never become what it has.

    2) Bill Parcells, not only did he bring home the Lombardi, he created a coaching tree that has dominated the NFL for the better part of 2+ decades

    3) LT, nothing more needs said.

    4) Eli Manning, two Super Bowls and he hasn’t even finished yet.

  15. We could nominate many more, I’d suggest the following if space is limited:

    Wellington Mara – for his vision of the NFL and influence on the Giants Franchise over the years.

    Lawrence Taylor – the Legend that changed the game and made us watch every play…standing up.

    Eli Manning – not just the best QB to date, but when the game is on the line…can he drive his team down the field and win on the biggest stage of them all. Yes he can!

    Tom Coughlin – (rather than Bill Parcells). Coughlin has done more with less. He coached both SuperBowl Champions to greatness as a team. Parcells had better talent to work with.

  16. Roosevelt Brown
    Wellington Mara
    Frank Gifford
    Y.A. Title
    Harry Carson

  17. Wellington Mara
    Bill Parcells
    Tom Coughlin

    Jerry Reese, Simms, Eli and Strahan are runner-ups

  18. * scott norwood
    *stickum on tyrees head
    *the 49er punt returner who fumbled 50 times
    * the wind in 86 title game

  19. LT wellington parcells eli strahan Gifford coughlin Carson … all those are worthy to me. if I had to pick 4 it would be all players LT eli strahan Gifford . covers their greatest moments. wellington parcel and coughlin are all worthy but I think it should be players.

  20. Lawrence Taylor& Frank Gifford should be automatic, then Eli ?? And…. I’ll leave the rest to Giants fans….

  21. Frank Gifford
    Emlen Tunnell
    Lawrence Taylor

    Those 3 are locks in my mind, gets trickier after that – compelling arguments could be made for Sam Huff, Harry Carson, Rosey Brown, Red Badgro, Phil Simms, Michael Strahan and Eli Manning all. And if you want to go off the grid-iron, Tim Mara,, Well Mara, Steve Owen, Bill Parcells and Tom Couglin could all be considered deserving.
    Forced to pick one I’d probably go with Owen.

  22. Problem with franchises with so much history is that just about everyone who reads this site never had the opportunity to see anyone before the 80’s.

    Frank Gifford, Sam Huff, LT, Eli Manning

  23. Lawrence Taylor
    Eli Manning
    Bill Parcells
    Frank Gifford

    Honorable Mention:
    Tom Coughlin (Surpassed Bill Parcells in terms of wins and 2 SBs, gotta give him credit)
    Amani Toomer
    Harry Carson
    Michael Strahan

  24. LT (no reason needed)
    Bill Parcells (don’t care if he coached the Cowboys too)
    Michael Strahan (HOF next year)
    Mike Bavaro (NOBODY exemplified the NYG attitude better than Rocky)

  25. 1. LT – Obvious, he is the greatest defensive player in NFL history and was the face of the 80s Giants defense.

    2. Wellington Mara – Not only did so much for the franchise but for the NFL.

    3. Eli – 2 Time-SB MVP, responsible for both Super Bowls (especially 2nd). Will hold every team passing record when he retires. Will be first ballot HOFer when retires.

    4. Coughlin – Had less talent than Parcells did, coached longer.

    George Young or Jerry Reese both responsible for 2 SBs (JR had help from Accorsi). George Young drafted multiple HOFers, would be 5th on my list. Also 5 time NFL executive.

    Parcells was great but didnt coach long enough for NYG. Coached with too many other teams.

    Strahan was great but if they didn’t win in 2007 would you still put him on? Did have most games played in franchise history.

    You have to leave off Sims because he didnt play in SB XV and Eli will be clear best QB in franchise history.

  26. Mark Bavaro,Phil McConky,LT,Bill Parcells,Tom Coughlin and the toothless cracker.

  27. Bill belichick, who basically won the giants their first 2 super bowls, Deserves a spot

  28. Wellington Mara
    Lawrence Taylor
    Bill Parcells
    Eli Manning

    Also considered Simms, Coughlin, Strahan, Carson, and George Martin. But those four names rise above the rest.

  29. How did it take so long for someone to mention Sam Huff? I’m not even a Giants fan but come on.

  30. Sam Huff
    Michael Strahan
    Lawrence Taylor
    Eli Manning

    honorable mention: emlen tunnel, phil simms, tiki barber, amani toomer, mark bavarro, fran tarkenton, y.a. title

  31. LT can’t be on two mt rushmores. He’s already on the all time mt Rushmore with Jim brown, joe Montana and Johnny Unitas.

  32. You can tell that today’s Giants fans are kids. Let’s make it easy for you: LT, Sam Huff, Frank Gifford, Michael Strahan (and maybe Rosie Brown, one of the greatest NFL O Linemen of all time)

    Honorables for Harry Carson and a vintage D back named Emlen Tummel. First black player enshrined in Canton. One year Tummel had more interception and kick return yards than the NFL’s leading rusher. The guy was a beast whose likes will never be seen again.

    lastly – Y.A. Tittle > Eli

  33. 1. Wellington Mara – One of the most significant and influential owners of all time.
    2. Lawrence Taylor – The one and only. The number 56 is synonomous with LT just as 23 is with MJ.
    3. Michael Strahan – 14 seasons for Big Blue and 5th all time in sacks. Lovable personality and respected game changer.
    4. Eli Manning – Led the Giants to two Lombardi trophies and has made more dramatic, game winning plays than any other Giant quarterback.

  34. @east96st

    “biggest upset in Super Bowl history”

    Really??? Did you somehow forget about the Jets/Colts game a few years back?

    Try to refrain from using the word “history” when you clearly don’t understand the meaning.

  35. If you know this franchise, the top 3 are easy. Well Mara, Eli, LT. Now, the 4th spot could go to a few guys. Coughlin, Parcells, Steve Owen, Tim Mara(the founder, not the douche bag nephew who sold half the team), Simms, Huff, Tunnell, and some others. But I’d go with TC. Three rings with Big Blue.

  36. I live in Maryland. Funny thing is that most people here think “logicalvoice” is a chump a$$. LOL. He talks about hater but I saw his a$$ doing the same hating on Eagles Mt. Rushmore. He does what he says people do about the Redskins. Straight chump….

    Anyways, just for fun here Giants fans. Mt. Rushmore.

    Derek Brown
    Thomas Lewis
    Cedric Jones
    Ron Dayne

    Where’s the dynamite?

  37. For me I would go with

    1. LT
    2. Frank Gifford
    3. Eli (narrowly over Sims, he beat Brady twice with a lesser team both times IMO)
    4. and it pains me to say but Strahan

    honorable mention to Simms, Rosey Grier, Harry Carson, Carl Banks, and Y A Tittle.

  38. I think many of us are suffering from the disease of recency.

    If it is players only, you could choose any of the following:

    Emlen Tunnell
    Andy Robustelli
    Roosevelt Brown
    Harry Carson
    Frank Gifford
    Mel Hein

    with an honorable mention to Tuffy Leemans and Ken Strong

    Really, you young guys need to learn from your grandfathers about Emlen Tunnell and Mel Hein. They were arguably the two greatest G-men of all time.

  39. Wellington Mara
    George Young – look at the Giants before and after GY
    Roosevelt Brown
    Frank Gifford
    Lawrence Taylor
    Bill Parcells
    Harry Carson
    Eli Manning

    There is your 8

  40. Wellington Mara ,Tom Coughlin, Michael Strahan, Phil Simms, Dave Meggett, Bill Parcells, Eli Manning, Mark Bavaro, Jumbo, LT, Harry Carson, Pepper Johnson, Jason Sehorn, OJ Anderson, Ahmad Bradshaw, Hakim Nicks, Victor Cruze, Frank Gifford, Jess Armstead, Jeff Hostetler, Shaun OHara, Chris Snee.

  41. Recall 1964 – 1981; Wellington Mara never. Dismal
    Giants football at its best.


    All trendsetters in their time and past Giants
    greats. Shame have to limit to only 4 greats.

  42. Mara, Taylor, Gifford, Huff. And the great thing is Huff would never accept it, because he is now a Redskin for Life. So the loser Giants would end up with only three faces.

  43. “Really??? Did you somehow forget about the Jets/Colts game a few years back?
    Try to refrain from using the word “history” when you clearly don’t understand the meaning.”

    Oh, you mean the Super Bowl where the Colts came in with a 13-1 record? NE was 18-0. Where the Colts played their backup QB who threw three INTs, giving the Jets the game? Tom Brady started, completed 60% of his passes and had no INTs. Where the Colts won in the NFL because they were the only team that played a zone defense, while the Jets faced the zone D regularly in the AFL. The ONLY reason the Jets win was considered a “big” upset was because sports reporters were all old, white guys who didn’t want to believe the “hippie” AFL could ever compete with “their” NFL. If teams were scouted, filmed, and followed like they are today, everyone would have seen the Jets matched up well against the Colts. Especially, with Morrall at QB. The guy bounced all around the league for a reason. He just wasn’t that good. I know my history. All you know is hype.

  44. Lt, parcells (save for a few down years in the 90s, parcells ushered us out of the 70s dark ages into the 30 year golden age of today), gifford, tunnell

  45. If Phil Simms gets it, do we have to listen to him speak? If so, that’s too high a price to pay. Eli is much better (and I’m a Pats fan).

  46. Bill Parcells

    It is tough – very tough – to leave out some other deserving candidates:
    Tom Coughlin
    Frank Gifford
    Mark Bavaro
    Sam Huff
    Michael Strahan
    Spider Lockhart
    Mel Hein
    Charley Conerly

  47. Not a Giants fan but there still hasn’t been a LB that could do the things LT did!

  48. Mark Bavaro

    Eli Manning

    Wellington Mara

    Michael Strahan……Would of been LT, but that whole under-age hooker thing doesn’t sit well with me.

  49. @jh500

    Typical from you – remember this pearl of wisdom?

    “jh500 says:
    Jun 13, 2012 12:32 AM
    He was top 20 and 2010 and you people think he can’t do it again this year?

    Let’s face it, If Vick had actual receivers, an actual running back, and an actual defense in ATL, he would have won multiple Super Bowls. He was a win away from going to the Super Bowl with his best weapon being an out of shape tight end (who no one wants now). He has weapons in Philly and now will have his first proper off season since 06. Vick is going to win a Super Bowl this year! He will also start every game he is in.”

    Those words distinctly illustrate your football acumen.

  50. The coaches/execs mountain:
    Wellington Mara
    George Young
    Bill Parcells
    Tom Coughlin

    The players mountain:
    Lawrence Taylor
    Frank Gifford
    Harry Carson
    Eli Manning (if he wins a 3rd SB)
    Phil Simms (if Eli doesn’t win a 3rd SB)

  51. Not a Giants fan but I’d say LT and Gifford are locks and Giants fans born before 1981 decide the rest. I’d personally put Eli ahead of Simms, based on the fact the Giants wouldn’t have won either of their latest SBs without Eli just pulling it out of nowhere. I’d pick Tuna over Coughlin simply because Tuna built those teams/defenses and his overall NFL legacy. Otherwise Giants fans need to decide between Carson and Strahan and all those remaining Hall of Famers.

  52. Not saying he should be on the Mt… but im surprised dave meggett hasnt been mentioned more times than tiki barber.

    LT was a gangster. Thats a no brainer.

    Eli knows how to win.

    Ill leave the rest to giants fans…

    Go Hawks!

  53. YAT
    Phil Simms

    +at least two dozen other players, a half dozen coaches, but not Wellington Mara. He’s the number one reason I was never a Giants fan.

  54. mel hein is the greatest Giant pre-WWII. lawrence taylor is the greatest Giant post-WWII. They MUST be on the list. No debate.

  55. There are so many good ones to choose from, but if I had to pick 4 it would be:

    Wellington Mara
    Mel Hein
    *Sam Huff

    Eli will replace Huff when his career is over.

    Just look at all the other names who would make 90% of other teams Mt. Rushmores:

    Bill Parcells
    Tom Coughlin
    Michael Strahan
    Phil Simms
    Y.A. Tittle
    Frank Gifford
    Harry Carson
    Carl Banks
    Mark Bavaro

    That’s a ridiculous group that didn’t make it right there.

  56. Emlen Tunnell, Mara, LT, Strahan
    Tunnell may be the greatest DB in the history of the NFL in addition to breaking race barriers.
    Mara without him we don’t have revenue sharing or the AFL joining the NFL (with the help if Hunt of course) I.E. the NFL isn’t as competitive as it is today or as storied.
    LT on the football field may…may have been the best payer ever play either side of the ball.
    Strahan (this is the hardest choice) was the face if the team for over a decade and got fans through hard times and sub par quarterbacks wents out on top in a storybook ending. I thought of robistelli, huff, tuffy lemans, our two Super Bowl winning coaches and Eli. In the end Mike Started and ended a giant gave it all he had and brought out the best in his teammates, most importantly he gave me something to cheer for in a long run of under 500 seasons and was always a class act.
    The 4 people represent the Giants through the course of NFL history Mara is GW the beginning an the eternal presence of the team.
    Tunnell is Lincoln broke race barriers
    LT is TJ maybe one if the most influential people in history. (And a slightly publicized personal life)
    Strahan is FDR got us through bad times and brought us victory in the end.

    Just my thoughts.

  57. As for the Maras, they’re the gold standard of NFL owners. Tremendous character and vision. However, don’t forget that Wel Mara was a disaster as GM. The fans became so exasperated they had to hire a plane to fly over the stadium with the banner “30 years of lousy football is ENOUGH!”. His worst move was trading the 2d pick in a draft that had Walter Payton and Randy White to Dallas for Craig Morton. The Commissioner had to personally intervene to tell him to hire a GM. Tale of the tape: Between 1960 and now the Giants have drafted ONE Hall of Fame player in the first round. Dallas has drafted SIX (including Randy White).

  58. Mara and LT are the two must-haves.

    Sam Huff and Frank Gifford would be my other two, with Strahan, Carson, Mel Hein and Eli Manning being my other nominees.

  59. Tim Mara (Wellington’s father)
    Eli Manning
    Lawrence Taylor
    Bill Parcells

    I personally don’t think Gifford or Simms belong on the short list. Maybe the long list.

  60. letting rivalry aside, i’m cowboys fan but there have been great giants in nfl history… for me it should be

    Lawrence Taylor (no doubt here)
    Phil Simms
    Bill Parcells
    Harry Carson

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