PETA advises Von Miller to pass on poultry

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Broncos linebacker Von Miller aspires to be the Gustavo Fring of North Texas.  (The legal stuff, not the secret underground meth lab.)  But before Miller fully embarks on his desire to raise and then kill chickens for food purposes, PETA has offered up its two cents.

In a letter to Miller, PETA Associate Director Michelle Cho suggests that the All Pro focus his time, money, and effort on a food industry other than poultry.

“We’re hopeful that with the global shift toward healthful, humane, and environmentally friendly plant-based vegan lifestyles, you’ll consider going in another direction with your farming venture,” Cho writes.

“Studies have long shown that raising animals for food damages the environment more than just about anything else.  If every American skipped one meal of chicken per week, the carbon-dioxide savings would be the same as taking more than a half-million cars off U.S. roads. . . .

“For these reasons and for the sake of sensitive, inquisitive birds who don’t want to experience the terror and pain of having their throats painfully slit and being thrown into scalding-hot water to remove their feathers, we hope you will rethink your decision to create a poultry operation and invest in healthy, eco-friendly, and humane business ventures instead.”

And then there’s the possibility that chickens have individual personalities.  If they do, I’m not sure we should be eating them.

I’ll ponder that one tonight over a box of McNuggets.

36 responses to “PETA advises Von Miller to pass on poultry

  1. Is there even any real chicken in McNuggets? Those things are disgusting.

  2. I hope he decides to add beef and fish to the menu. Then he can have surf and turf and really annoy them.
    Although, chicken is low in fat. That way your wife can eat all she wants and still look great in that fur coat you get her for Christmas!

  3. Sign him up,Big Reg ! he could bring valuable leadership to the team and play making ability to special teams and a veteran presence to our receiving corp.

  4. Vegetables feel pain, too. If you could hear them scream in agony, PETA people would feel compelled to slowly starve to death. Fortunately for them, plants don’t have mouths or discernible personalities.

  5. and please dont chop down any trees to build the place and put some people to work cause there may be a spotted owl in there.

  6. I’m going to have some chicken for dinner tonight, in honor of Michelle Cho

  7. Speaking as a vegetarian for over a decade, as well as an athlete (not NFL level obviously), I have to say that I hate preachy vegetarians. I get what PETA is trying to do, but if someone is going to choose that lifestyle, they’ll come to it on their own and for their own reasons. I don’t tell other people what to eat, just like I expect the same. Trying to push your values on someone else, whether it is religion or diet, is a sure fire way of both pssing them off and losing friends.

  8. Oh thanks I just spent a few years of my life studying poultry, but because PETA doesn’t like the idea

  9. The possibility that chickens have personalities, are you kidding me, chickens. Hey PETA what about that soy bean you so enjoy, what if it had a personality, think on that. Food is food is food. Humans need meat, juicy, bloody, animal flesh mmmmmmmmm.

  10. so god put chickens on earth so we could admire them beside without the hen houses what would the fox have to get into this PETA is way way too far left

  11. “raising animals for food damages the environment more than just about anything else”???

    go home Peta, your drunk.

  12. ahhhhh PETA, if a lion eats a human its just them trying to survive, if a human kills an animal for food its TERRIBLE!!!! people need to work out thier priorities.

  13. but seriously, PETA has brought absurdity to a new level these days.

    They even said they are developing drone’s to fly over rural areas and farms to detect poachers!

    If I EVER saw a little peta plane flying over my property…

  14. Who gives a flying flock about PETA besides their own members? The BB sized brains of the birds may be more capable of rational thought than their supposed advocates.

    Believe me, there’s nothing inquisitive or sensitive about chickens. They are cannibals and gladly peck each others eyeballs out. Unlike most others, I’ve had to deal directly with the dirty beasts.

    I’d love to see the actual research that documents the environmental impact of not eating chickens. It probably does not exist. Eating vegetarians would probably save far more energy, and the reduction in hot CO2 emissions would be immediate.

  15. Ms. Cho, i dont believe you’ve spent much time with chickens… Sensitive and inquisitive?!

  16. You know people always talk about how these animals are treated and what not. Do they not understand if it wasn’t for a chicken being just good food it wouldn’t still exist? There is no way a chicken could survive in the wild.

    On another note I feel bad for the poor plants that get killed just so someone can eat them. Poor things.

  17. I liked this post so much that I just registered after a very long hiatus.

    Finger lickin’ good!

    Just awesome.

    Those folks do make occasional points worth looking into, but pork chops are good. Bacon is good.

  18. Animals kill other animals all the time for their food, humans kill animals for their food. It’s the food chain, it’s just a part of nature. Get a clue, PETA.

  19. The only reason we eat the animals that we do is because they were too dumb to run or fight back. There is a reason early civilizations ate chickens-the flightless bid, Cows-the passive bovine, and pigs. Instead of mountain lion, eagles and rhinoceros. It’s not that they taste better just easier to catch. So get over yourselves PETA and take up a worthy cause like feeding some chicken to some homeless people.

  20. I’m a vegetarian and I want PETA to shut the hell up.

    And right on to jrebar88 for your comment, sir.

  21. The Chickens we eat today are domesticated birds developed solely for human consumption through selective breeding. Humans are omnivores and peta should stop pushing there vegan agenda and consetrate on its original mission, treating animals ethically (and that means good farm practices for raising and killing animals for food).

    Pigs clearly have ‘dog level” personality, are very smart and inquisitive, and are delicious. As long as we treat them well before death, and kill them with the least amount of pain, then I have no issue with eating them.

  22. It’s simple chemistry/biology. If humans weren’t supposed to eat animals, they wouldn’t taste good. Our bodies (most of us anyway) crave the nutrients in meat and our taste buds have evolved to support that desire and craving.

    I saw this on a bumper sticker:
    If God didn’t want us to eat animals, then why did he make them so delicious?

  23. In case anybody hasn’t noticed, we have these long, sharp teeth in the corners of our mouths called Canines. You think those came to be by gnawing on plants, like a brontosaurus?

    Check out the work of Sally Fallon and the Westin Price Foundation. Animal fats are SO key to a healthy diet- especially on the cellular level. Thats right, FATS. Watch the Massai tribe go to town on a freshly slaughtered goat in their native land- these 7-foot super skinny boys are ONLY eating the fat! They throw most of the muscle meat to the dogs! This information is not hidden.

    Anyone riding the Vegan train is devouring a high-carbohydrate (sugar molecule) diet consisting largely of the most estrogenic plant on earth. Soy. Need I project where that train is actually headed?

  24. I thought I posted this yesterday, but it didn’t work:

    I live on a farm and raise chickens mostly for a hobby and for their eggs, along with other poultry and livestock. I love raising animals and even name a lot of them and make them pets, but I also love eating them, I’m just not to crazy butchering the ones I raise myself. Animals are all in a food chain and we are on top of the food chain. If we didn’t eat animals other predator animals still would. What is PETA going to do next, lock up all the lions, wolves, coyotes, minks, and etc.? We’re technically animals too.

    Animal products are used in almost everything from food to insulin to makeup, so it is pretty hard to avoid using them so I bet most PETA and other animal rights activists are being hypocrites. Most of them have never been around animals in their life and need to realize that raising any kind of animal takes a lot of time, caring and dedication. They are some people out their that do things they shouldn’t that are inhumane, but those are very rare (ever notice they always show the same video clips or pictures) and shouldn’t be raising animals. Animal welfare is good, but animal rights is a little carried away. We take care of animals for a purpose and not to worship them.

    In the wild, most farm animals would be preyed upon in nature so they would only live a few years on average. Not to mention they wouldn’t have anyone to treat them if they got sick. Most animals don’t have a concept of death, so you can’t be hurting their feelings. Also if males of any given species get over populated they will naturally fight and may severely injure or kill each other which is nature way of survival of the fittest. The way animals are slaughtered is about as painless and humane as possible and if they do feel pain its only for like a second.

    If you don’t want to eat animals, that’s fine, but don’t judge or try to stop other people. Remember, animal products are used in nearly EVERYTHING so just try to avoid them and see how long you live. Spread the word.

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