PFT Live: Newton won’t let young QBs overshadow him

Mike Florio runs down the hottest news of the NFL offseason. The Jacksonville community is publicly pleading with the Jaguars to bring in Tim Tebow, but Florio says radio ads won’t be enough to sway the front office. Cam Newton vows to his team and himself to improve in year three with the Panthers, and Florio lies to rest the thought of a connection between Rob Gronkowski’s partying ways and his nagging forearm injury.

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1 responses to “PFT Live: Newton won’t let young QBs overshadow him

  1. Is it possible that the owner of the Jags should go with what his instincts are telling him about Tebow, and hold the coach and GM responsible for what they can do with Tebow? If, after one year, when what Tebow was doing was not being done in the NFL like it is now, and Denver had a level of success that was sufficient for its fan base…why not hold the Coaches and GM to that fire? Why does one player hold all the responsibility? If Tebow was still in Denver (without PM), would they be slated to make the playoffs? Where does the others come into play, when judging good coaching, good leadership, and good football?

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