Report: Bucs have no interest in veteran DEs

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The Buccaneers are apparently content to let their existing defensive ends keep digging.

According to Mark Cook of, the Bucs have no interest at the moment in pursuing veteran defensive ends Dwight Freeney or John Abraham.

The reports cites concerns about Abraham’s character considering the rush-needy Falcons let him go (though that seems an odd rationale), and Freeney’s age and declining production.

While it would seem to us that giving Abraham two chances to stick it to his old team might be something both sides would be interested in, the Bucs appear intent on going with Adrian Clayborn and Da’Quan Bowers and that’s it.

Those two have a combined 12.0 sacks in two NFL seasons, just over the 10.0 Abraham recorded last year.

The Bucs haven’t been bashful about flinging money around in the secondary, and their faith up front in two guys who haven’t been able to stay on the field seems unusual.

At this point, the best bet for Freeney and Abraham might be to just wait, let teams realize what they have and don’t have, and sign up later when teams get to camp and realize a proven pass-rusher might help them.

8 responses to “Report: Bucs have no interest in veteran DEs

  1. wierd putting that kind of money into the DB’s, but not worrying about the pass rush much. Even the best DB’s in the world are going to look bad if you can’t get a consistent pass rush.

    Average DB’s look all world when they know the QB is only going to get 3.5-4.5 seconds

  2. So they are seriously okay with taking a chance with what they have? SMH…I think the Glaziers finally said enough with the spending–getting greedy again. I don’t understand why either one of these two guys aren’t seriously being considered. Freeney himself could still bring in four to eight sacks a year I think in the right 4-3 defense and Abraham just had 10 by himself last year?

    Character issues? I have never heard anything about Abraham having character issues? I think this is bogus myself or I must have missed something? I’m sorry but this I disagree with. They should at least have these two in for a visit. Especially Abraham, given one of the last articles about his displeasure with ATL? You mean to tell me you wouldn’t want a motivated guy, even on a one year deal to go against his team twice in a season and help you win? Just doesn’t make sense to me. I think both of these guys could be great situational pass rushers and insurance in case Bowers and/or Clayborne prove to be injury prone, yet again. Just my thoughts.

  3. @somekat

    Agreed. A dominant pass rush makes any secondary automatically better than they are. I think TB needs to re-think their position on this one. Dominic has to surely know that his tail is on the line this year–I really think it is. I think he either gets this team to the playoffs or it’s so long, nice to know you. The only reason this might not be, regardless of outcome for the 2013 season is because the Glazers are cheap and don’t want to have to pay for two GMs and a new GM would most likely want his own coach, which mean’s Schiano goes too–which would be bad at this point. TB needs to see what he can do with three to five years before cutting the cord. Constant turnovers on the coaching staff would set back many players on both sides of the ball–especially Freeman on the offensive side.

    Still don’t get this lack of interest, unless it’s smokescreen, but I highly doubt it.

  4. What a confusing title. Can you add an apostrophe or something?

    Since the titles on the main page always show up as all caps, I was struggling to think of a Veteran whose first or last name was “Des”

  5. But QBs can look all-world when their receivers are open almost from the get-go, which was what was happening against the Bucs’ secondary last year.

    The Bucs probably feel their pass rush will improve if the QB has to make more reads and wait longer for receivers to get open.

  6. It’s not hard to figure out. Since Dominik took over as GM, the Bucs have gotten younger and younger. The oldest player currently on the roster is a 31 year old DT(Ronde’s not technically on the roster right now,and his case is different anyway). With their philosiphy, they’re not bringing in guys on the tail end of their careers. That was the Gruden/Allen style and it put the team in cap hell for years.

  7. tampamac

    I can pretty much agree with most of what you said with the exception that there is nothing wrong with adding one or two older players if they are legitimately going to help the team be better and win a few more games–which I think either Freeney or Abraham would do. But who knows. And yep, that DT will be the oldest member with Ronde officially calling it quits. Sad day to see him go but it was coming sooner or later.

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