Rex Ryan advised Chris Christie on weight-loss surgery

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Jets coach Rex Ryan has spoken publicly about having lap band surgery, which he says helped him lose more than 100 pounds. Ryan also spoke privately to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie about the procedure.

Christie revealed this week that he had the surgery in February, and he told Brian Williams of NBC News that Ryan was one of the people he consulted before making his decision.

One of Ryan’s most-quoted comments was the colorful and profane way he implored his players to go get a snack. But Christie cites another Ryan quote: “Listen to the band.”

Listening to the band worked for Ryan, and Christie says it’s working for him.

26 responses to “Rex Ryan advised Chris Christie on weight-loss surgery

  1. Did Rex provide advice on propper foot massage technique or being a jackass too? Why would Cristie want his name associated with Rex and his losing franchise is beyond me!

  2. Now theres a couple guys you don’t wanna have to go out to dinner with and foot the bill.
    Two guys the NY/NJ area would be much better off without. Sorry for ya

  3. There are these things called self control, exercise and healthy eating. Who wants a governor who can’t even manage his own health properly.

  4. Now it’s becoming clear….. that’s how Rex is able to keep his job, even though he clearly sucks at it. Gotta love them politicians, always with their hands in every place they don’t belong!

  5. As long as he doesn’t seek Rex’s advice on strategy for winning, or what staff personnel he should hire, I’m OK with it.

  6. Since Big Chris started sucking up to Osama Obama, Rexy is the only person that’ll hang with him. Or, maybe Ms. Christie has great feet!

  7. I’d like to see these two guys sitting side by side on an airplane. Getting up to use the bathroom from the window seat could be a problem. I don’t know ..maybe they go cargo plane.

  8. On hearing this news about Christie, I immediately wondered whether he’d talked to Ryan about the procedure, given the coach’s well-publicized success. Good for them! Whatever you think of their politics or football teams, getting healthier sets a positive example.

  9. people who get the surgery should be embarrassed not proud that they took the lazy way out and one way or another cant keep their mouth closed

  10. I’m a liberal Californian and I love Christie! He’s kinda polarizing and I like him better as a fat guy. If he runs for prez and wins, it would kinda be like having a cross between John Madden & Tony Soprano in the White House. Win

  11. How fortunate for Jet’s fans. They get to foot the bill for Governor Chunky’s surgery. It would’ve been cheaper for y’all had you just bought him a cross-trainer or a treadmill and a big sign that read; “Boycott the Bacon”………….

  12. All the self-righteous donut heads commenting about exercise and will power obviously don’t have a clue as to how difficult it is for some men and women to lose weight.

    I can’t stand Christie as a politician and I think he has a ridiculous high opinion of himself as the savior of New Jersey as well as post-Obama America, but I still give him credit for trying to get down to a healthier weight.

  13. When will nyyjetsknicks realize that a two party system in an illusion and is in reality a one party system in which all candidates are communist

  14. Why don’t some of you knock the guy who changes the oil in Rex’s car?
    Or his mailcarrier ?

    Be proud of your humanity!

  15. Not sure WHEN their conversation took place but you can be sure it took place over a vat of spaghetti and meatballs.

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