Santonio says Sanchez is the starter in New York

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The Jets claim that the starting quarterback position will be determined via competition — a competition that the organization perhaps believes incumbent starter Mark Sanchez won’t win.

In the mind of receiver Santonio Holmes, Sanchez already has.

“Right now Sanchez,” Holmes said when asked to identify the starter during Wednesday’s Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network, “and that’s who we’re going with and we’re going to continue this road until time permits.”

Pressed on the question of whether Sanchez regards himself as the starter, Holmes said that Sanchez is focused on “being Mark Sanchez, the team leader.”

Holmes added that he and Sanchez are working to learn the new offense, implemented by offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg.  And Holmes remains firmly in the corner of arguable lame-duck coach Rex Ryan.

“I love this guy and his attitude and beliefs about winning ball games and what it takes and bringing the right people around,” Holmes said.  “He’s a young head coach whose been given an opportunity regardless of how many years as a defensive coordinator or just as a coach.  Learning as time progresses for him and he’s building his team the way he wants it built.  [Owner] Woody Johnson gave him an opportunity to be himself and I think select his own group of guys and being in a position he wants to be in, I think its all working out for the best for him.”

There’s one fairly significant caveat to that statement.  Ryan surely wanted to keep cornerback Darrelle Revis.  Holmes apparently did, too.

“I didn’t believe it,” Holmes said of his reaction to the news that Revis had been traded.   “I was constantly getting text messages and phone calls asking me about the situation and all I can say is congrats to Revis.”

It remains to be seen whether anyone will be congratulating Holmes or any members of the Jets based on the team’s performance in 2013.  While it currently doesn’t look promising, anything can happen.

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36 responses to “Santonio says Sanchez is the starter in New York

  1. If I were him I would want Sanchez to start too, that way he has a excuse for when/why his production has dropped off so much

  2. Santonio is a receiver with top 5 skills. Here’s to hoping he comes back as good as or better than ever.

  3. If they go with Sanchez, as the starter (and they have 8-million or so reasons to do so) and he doesn’t prove to be any better than he was last season (pathetic at best), the fans will go ballistic. This isn’t Cleveland, where the fans are so used to dismal teams that they’ve given up hope of it being otherwise. This is the harshest sports city in the world, where they will let their feelings be known. I’m glad it ain’t me wearing number 6, in the Jersey Swamps.

  4. Last I checked, Holmes didn’t make the decisions in NY. It is also a sad state of affairs, if Sanchez is the Jets best option. You should have stayed in Pittsburg there Mr. Holmes.

  5. Does it really matter who the Jet’s starter is?

    They’re staring down the barrel of a 4-12 season regardless of who’s under center. Way too many holes and distractions.

  6. Forget all of the other stuff, this guy is being a really good teammate. This is exactly what you would want from a veteran. I couldn’t care either way about the Jets, but good for Holmes.

  7. He will win the job, cmon guys, Im not saying he is an All -Pro by any means but look at the team he had last year, the O-line was decimated, the system was horrible, where they went wrong was getting rid of Schotty….I,ve always been a Jet fan but refuse to spend a dime of my money on this team until Rex is gone and Woody sells the team.

  8. Despite the worst OC in football, DC who leaked every dirty little secret and most of the highest paid skill players out most of the year, the Jets still won six without doing it the SONY way. The Jets will be back in the playoff hunt THIS year!!!

  9. Holmes is part of the problem in NY. Not the name that comes to mind when I think of the phrase “taking one for the TEAM”. As if he had any other option than to cut his contract & stay relevant given he’ll be lucky to return from his injury by week 1.

  10. Rex Ryan gets a ton of flak but he’s really not a bad coach. He’s had a few deep playoff runs with a horrible QB, and now he’s pretty much handcuffed to Sanchez by their past GM. Idzik is really on the right track, but I think the best thing to do would be to just eat the money and dump Sanchez. Go with Garrard/Smith, no distractions and a new era. If Rex does well and buys in, keep him, if not move along.

  11. Sanchez should try to force a trade, he has no chance in this circus.

  12. Rumor has it that Geno Smith is indifferent to who starts once he signs his contract

  13. My question is if Rex’s job is on the line won’t he go with whoever gives them the best chance to win right now? Is it even his call? I think Santonio is blowing smoke here, because if Geno shows up Sanchez at camp you have to go with him now. Look at what Russell Wilson did.

  14. Up next: the butt-interception! Sanchez throws behind Holmes, it bounces off his hind-end into the defender’s arms for a pick-six!

  15. Woody needs to sell this team. It’s like Dolan owning the Knicks. They made the franchise worse. It all started when we decided to share the stadium with the giants in dirty jers.(no dome really 2 billion dollars pleaseee) If he made something happen in NY the franchise would of doubled in price. I also hate that he said he rather see Obama lose the presidential race then see his team win a superbowl. As for you Rex Ryan haters. He brought this team to 2 AFC championships. His defensive coaching has been great. As they will be this year. There offensive line sucked sucked the past 2 years. Sanchez is a pretty boy who does not think football first. Holmes is a cry baby. Give all qbs a shot at being a starter let Chris ivory ground and pound. 7-9 this year the worst 9-7 at best. Rex keeps his job.

  16. I think the Jets are going to be a lot better then what people think. Everybody allowed there opinion but some just bash the Jets to bash them. There not a coach in this league that would had won 6 games last season with that Jets team. Giving all the injuries and QB play.

  17. If he didn’t see the revis trade coming why believe him about sanchez? He obviously doesn’t have a grasp on anything.

  18. Oh here we go. hopefully Holmes doesn’t tearfully claim this is my quarterback(as in TO style)….

    look hoss, if Sanchez was any fu$$king good over at least the last two seasons, there would be no Geno Smith or D Garrard, Tebow or any other QB on the Jets roster.

    The guy is not, nor ever have been the player the Jets need at the QB position going forward. Stop sucking up and making yourself look like an idiot for proclaiming Sanchez as the starter. he’ll, he’s had his chance to cement himself and he did not do it.

  19. This is the problem with the Jets as a whole: Too many people are speaking about team matters that don’t have a reason TO speak on team matters to the press!
    They’re like a rudderless ship, constantly just bobbing up and down and going where the current takes them.
    “Blah, blah, blah our QB… , Revis…, We’re the best defense…, Tebow did it to himself… blah blah blah”

    If the GM has said that it’s open for competition, and the head coach hasn’t denied it, then shut up and let Sanchez fight for his own job!

  20. This isn’t Cleveland, where the fans are so used to dismal teams that they’ve given up hope of it being otherwise.

    didnt realize the jets were held to such high standards….

  21. I don’t care what anyone says – This isn’t a 5 man QB comp it is a 2 man QB comp between Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez. Holmes has to say he’s with Sanchez bc chances are Sanchez will start the first few games just to keep the seat warm for Geno UNLESS Geno Smith blows everyone away and wins the job.

    As a Jets fan I’m hoping Geno wins the job in the offseason so we can cut Sanchez and move on from this distraction. Sanchez is going to get booed when he throws an incomplete in presason so I’d cut my loses now if I were Jets management bc either way you have to pay him….Get rid of the negativity.

  22. In reality both these losers ( Sanchez and Holmes ) should be cut, if it wasn’t for Tannenbaum’s incompetence they’d both be looking for another team to look silly by signing them.

  23. I’d just like to take a moment to savor the fact that Ryan and Sanchez are still somehow on the team. I was worried there for a while what with the losing record, legendary buttfumble, and general keystone cops behavior (they were actually called this during a live national broadcast!). But we came together and rallied and managed to keep them around for another year of hilarious hijinks and cherished future memories. I’m so proud of you all that it’s getting a little dusty in here.

  24. Santonio, why don’t you concentrate on your position? You’re no lock. Hell, Fireman Ed probably has better hands than you do. Stop running your mouth until you do something. But with that cast of losers you have at qb, that ain’t gonna happen any time soon.

  25. The absolute best part of that interview was when Kuselias asked him to give one word for Tebow and that pause sounded about one hour long. I was starting to wonder if the call got dropped.

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