Seahawks waive tight end Darren Fells


The Seahawks have waived tight end Darren Fells, the brother of Patriots tight end Daniel Fells and a one-time professional basketball player. The NFL disclosed the move in its Wednesday transactions.

Fells (6-7, 281) had stints as a professional basketball player in Argentina, Belgium and Finland and played college basketball at the University of California at Irvine from 2004 through 2008. The Seahawks signed him to a three-year deal in March.

The move leaves the Seahawks with five tight ends on the roster entering Friday’s rookie minicamp, with Zach Miller and Anthony McCoy the most experienced of the group.

7 responses to “Seahawks waive tight end Darren Fells

  1. The money will be better in basketball.

    The crowds won’t match the NFL’s, but it’s a sport that you can have fun in.

  2. That is indeed sad. I had seen some tape of a workout he did and there was definitely potential, but it did look like a project of more than 1 off-season. Hopefully the coaching staff can put him in touch with some personal trainers that can do him some good. I’d like to see him give it a shot after a full year of intensive work, maybe a little CFL or even arena ball (we really do need a training league – other than the college ball), he just needs some experience to condition his cerebellum.
    We’re too stacked for that to happen on the active roster or PS right now – and that’s a good thing!
    So, McGrath or Willson?

    Pretty sure Miller and McCoy are the #1 & #2 (at least to start Camp), I’m thinking McGrath and Willson are wrestling for #3, I don’t think we’ll carry more than 3 TEs onto the 53 and there’s other depth with potential that may keep the rest off the PS.
    I don’t know if Helfet is up to the competition, but it looks like at least 2 of those three are headed out at some point over the next 3-4 months.

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