Minnesota willing to allow Vikings to use TCF Bank Stadium


The University of Minnesota has agreed to allow the Vikings to play at the Golden Gophers’ TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis as the Vikings’ new stadium is constructed, the university said Wednesday.

The deal must be approved by the university’s Board of Regents, the university’s governing body. The board is slated to vote on the agreement Friday.

According to the Associated Press, TCF Bank Stadium would be the home field of the Vikings in 2014 and 2015 if the agreement is approved.

TCF Bank Stadium opened in 2009 and seats 50,720 people. The stadium was pressed into NFL action late in 2010 when heavy snow caused the roof at Mall of America Field — long known as the Metrodome — to collapse. TCF Bank Stadium hosted the Vikings’ December game vs. Chicago — a game that could very well go down as Brett Favre’s final NFL start.

The Vikings’ final season at the Metrodome is 2013.

33 responses to “Minnesota willing to allow Vikings to use TCF Bank Stadium

  1. Are you telling me this isn’t already a done deal?

    “…a game that could very well go down as Brett Favre’s final NFL start.”

    Oh, and “could?” Do you know something the rest of us don’t? Because, personally, I would welcome back Favre at this point.

  2. bet that stadium will get some nice upgrades at no cost to the university. not a bad deal.

  3. ” a game that could very well go down as Brett Favre’s final NFL start.”

    I love that we’re still not sure yet if he has started his last NFL game.

  4. This is touching. Those MN people are so generous that they’d give you the trailer home off their backs if you were in need. And many of them are.

  5. Good. Finally playing in the elements. About time. Such a shame they are paying an extra $200M to put a roof on the new facility, which by the way is not a “stadium”, since those are open air only.

  6. I thought this agreement was already in place? What a debacle this is turning out to be. On top of not having a firm plan on where the team plays after the metrodump is bulldozed, I also heard the pulltab game they issued to raise funding for this project isn’t raising nearly as much money as they initially expected. Ill give you one guess on who’s going to have to make up the difference. Hint: it isn’t the owner of the team…

  7. What do the Giants, Patriots, Ravens, Packers and Steelers all have in common? They are cold weather teams that won Super Bowls the past 10+ years. They simply cannot compete playing in cold weather, we need that home field advantage like back in the days at the old Met. Oh and if you haven’t noticed they have not reached the SB since they started playing indoors. I’m just calling it as I see it and I’m a die hard fan who’s not living in a fantasy football world.

    We are doomed if they build another dome stadium.

  8. Okay, we’ve known for over a year that the Vikings would be playing in TCF Bank Stadium while the Purple Palace is being built. This announcement is obviously just a formality. And are you going that far out on a limb to suggest that Favre won’t start another NFL game? He’s been out of the league for two years and he has a grandchild.

  9. TCF is a beautiful stadium with awesome views of downtown. Packer fan here who will try to see a couple games a year there if I can it will be a great way to spend an afternoon. The only knock is that it seats too few for an NFL stadium and currently does not allow beer sales (which will change).

  10. I never meant to cause you any sorrow.
    I never meant to cause you any pain.
    I only wanted to one time see you laughing.
    I only wanted to see you laughing in the Purple Rain.

    Purple Rain, Purple Rain.
    Purple Rain, Purple Rain.
    Purple Rain, Purple Rain.

  11. pootytang66 says:
    What do the Giants, Patriots, Ravens, Packers and Steelers all have in common? They are cold weather teams that won Super Bowls the past 10+ years.

    You failed to mention the colts and saints in an attempt to make a point. You should just be a fan of your Vikings and hope they win the Super Bowl like the fans of the other 31 teams. I mean, you have one of the greatest rb’s of all time on the roster, have some hope, man.

  12. This does not bode well for the Vikings at all. Some of their players might even catch a sniffle if they had to play outdoors in the winter.

  13. A smart compromise would be to just share the stadium and save millions and millions of dollars.

    but we have bigger issues to worry about. Like who’s gay and not gay

  14. Ya filthymcnasty……the trailer parks are east of the river in drunkin Sconi land. Minnesota is where all of you redneck Sconi’s come to work because it’s tough to make a living in one of Wisconsin’s most plentiful resources…..the liquor store. The only reason anybody from Minnesota even enters Wisconsin is to drive through it to get to Chicago. Green Bay in a nutshell……liquid store…bar, bar, bar, liquor store, trailer park, football stadium, liquor store, liquor store with a bar in it and Brett Favre steakhouse. It’s such a worthless armpit that teams have to stay in Appleton when they visit horrid Green Bay because they don’t even have a decent hotel. You should be proud. Now make sure your trailer door is locked, check on your pickup truck an call it a night.

  15. Think the NFL will pay for/mandate that heating coils be installed under the turf to avoid future “last play of career” moments?

  16. it’s just comical. the gophers built that stadium at 50000 intentionally. why? because they wanted to create the perception that they were selling out games. what’s funny is: 1. they don’t sell out the games, especially after the first two or three games. 2. even fewer people attend the games at TCF sold out than at the metrodome on an average game day. The dome only sold out for Iowa and Wisconsin, but even on the slow games they could pack in 55,000. tickets were cheap.

    Now they can barely get 45000 in that new stadium. the first year it opened, the last 3 games, the upper half of the student section was empty. it was cold, and the team sucked.

  17. The stadium will be used for more then just football … An to max out usage with tons of other events during the winter that will require a roof .. Like if we want to host a Super Bowl … This Super Bowl in NY will be the last cold weather outside an

  18. Get off it, people… this isn’t even news. They had a deal in place over a year ago. Now they’re just signing a piece of paper.

    Oh, and I like how well thought-out posts like this get to stay, but decent ones get deleted for no reason – “frankgarrett says: who cares . Vikings Suck”

  19. With the reduction down to only 50,000 seats, the local corporations (3-M, General Mills) will not longer have to be strong armed into snapping up remaining tickets to avoid the TV black outs. That alone should improve their bottom line.

    But pity the poor TCF employees, they are now forced to watch two pitiful football teams, the Gophers are more inept than the Vikings.

  20. What could go wrong? This is the same group that, according to Barreiro, LOST money selling $8 beers at stadium events. Ha ha ha ha.

  21. filthymcnasty1 says:
    May 9, 2013 9:06 AM
    It finally happened. The Vikings have been demoted to the college ranks.


    You literally sit at home thinking of these things and run to the computer when you think of them, don’t you?

    And Carl, at least U of M students and fans are responsible enough to handle beer at their college stadium. UW? No beer.

  22. Actually, U of M officials said the allowed beer because the football team was so bad. It took a little beer to allow people to have a good time.

    It’s not about responsibility. 95% of college venues don’t allow beer at events.

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