Accepting nominations for the Panthers’ Mt. Rushmore

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We continue to accept nominations on a team-by-team basis for the team-by-team Mt. Rushmores we’ll be carving with a pair of safety scissors and the corkscrew thingy from a Swiss Army key chain knife.

Next up, a team with a far more limited history than many of the 32 NFL franchises:  The Carolina Panthers.

Panthers fans, put your nominations below.  Even if one of them currently plays for a team based in Chicago.

178 responses to “Accepting nominations for the Panthers’ Mt. Rushmore

  1. John Kasay
    Steve Smith
    Julius Peppers

    And I’m stumped after that. Maybe Jimmy “I should start because I went to Notre Dame” Claussen.

  2. Steve Smith, John Kasay, Sam Mills, and Jake Delhomme (for now, spot reserved for Cam Newton soon).

  3. Lol at your insinuation. Neither Peppers nor James Anderson should even be in the discussion.

    My four: Smitty, Sam Mills, Jerry Richardson and one of these guys – Gross, Kasay or John Fox

  4. 4 heads of Cam Newton.

    You know, this Mt Rushmore thing sounds like a good idea, but in practice it is really uninteresting to 31/32nds of the fanbase at any given time…

  5. Sam Mills

    John Kasay

    Steve Smith

    Jake Delhomme

    As for Pep, no thanks. You cant deny he’s good, but you also can’t deny he took off plays and sometimes whole games. Hell he seemingly took off an entire season. Plus he wanted out of Carolina. I do miss his freakishly amazing plays, but as a fan, he drove me crazy too.

    As for Jake, haters and the less informed will say what they will. But the man loved Carolina, led the team during their most prosperous time (admittedly not saying a whole lot), has the heart of a lion, and was a great team leader.

    Rushmore should be about more than stats, it should take into account the “whole” footprint.

    Honorable Mention
    Mushin Muhammad
    Wesley Walls
    Mike Minter
    Michael Bates
    Jerry Richardson…I dunno…maybe?

  6. kingbeason52 says: May 9, 2013 11:25 PM

    Ughh..big Panther fan here..not sure we even deserve to particpate in this..
    Your team has been in more Super Bowls than some, and won as many as quite a few.

    It’s just for fun and discussion, anyway. For some teams (Giants, Cowboys, Bears, Steelers, Packers, 49ers, Raiders, for example), you really have to winnow it down; for others (Cardinals, Jaguars, Bengals, Lions, Panthers, Texans), you really have to stretch.

  7. Sam Mills
    Mike Minter
    Steve Smith
    Kevin Greene
    Wesley Walls

    with Jerry Richardsons mug at the bottom

  8. ……….

    For the love of God…

    This idea is the Mt. Rushmore of the NFL. Carolina and Jacksonville came joined in 1995 and has a rigged draft to boot.

    For those that do not recall both Carolina and Jacksonville had first over all picks for players in every round and to trade with. They also had there own private supplemental draft with six starting players from all of the other teams to pick from.

    Neither team should even be in play for this kind of…

    If you mug is going to be on the fact of the NFL version of Mt. Rushmore, it should not be judged by team. It should be judge by what that person did for the league and to advance it.

  9. Rae Carruth, , Tim Biakabatuka, Sean Gilbert & Kerry Collins

    But, seriously folks…

    (players only) Jake Del Homey, Steve Smith, Sam Mills & John Kasay

  10. Nobody’s said Kris Jenkins?

    At least he made it to the Pro Bowl more than once, unlike Delhomme.

  11. dollarsigndollarsign says: May 9, 2013 11:27 PM

    Please don’t use shtick and nominate Rae Carruth.



    Fred Lane was far more accomplished.

  12. Stephen Davis. Sam Mills. Jake gets in on super bowl credentials. Steve Smith. Best part of this exercise is seeing which fans nominate their owners. Crickets for Richardson…

  13. Mushin Muhammad
    Julius Peppers
    Steve Smith
    no one else really deserves it, due to not really being very good or not being with the team long enough.

  14. Kasay
    Maybe if the Panthers would give Deangelo Williams more touches he’d have made it. Pretty clear he needs more than 10 touches a game to get going. At the end of last season when Stewart was hurt the Panthers and Williams looked very good. Use him or trade him please!

  15. Uhhhh, let’s see……….well, there’s,………nooooo, not him……….maybe,………….naw………….but there’s,………oooooh, what’s his name?????……….Oh! Sure!….Uhhhh,……..oh you know who I mean………..and lastly there’s,…….that guy that caught a pass a few years ago,………….you know……………yeah, him!

  16. Mychode – actually it’s not sad because neither of those two belong on that mountain. Collins would be a better QB choice and DWilliams or JStewart would be better RBs.

    That said, none of those names deserve it.

    Sam Mills, Steve Smith and Julius Peppers are absolute locks and anyone who doesn’t include those three is just flat wrong.

    The fourth spot merits some debate. John Kassay, John Fox, Wesley Walls, Kevin Greene, Mike Minter and Muhsin Muhammad are all worthy of consideration.

    Yet when all is said and done, that fourth spot eventually will belong to Cam. Or Luke Kuechly.

  17. John Kasay
    Steve Smith
    Julius Peppers
    Sam Mills
    and, if we can have a 5th, Muhsin Muhammed

  18. I’m not so sure about players like Mills, Greene etc from the expansion years–I mean those guys probably belong more on the Saints and Steelers respectively.

    That being said, here are my picks:

    Steve Smith
    Julius Peppers
    DeShaun Foster
    John Fox
    Jake Delhomme
    Mushin Muhammed
    Wesley Walls (had most of his good years while with the Panthers)
    Future potential picks–Luke Kuechly, Cam Newton and DeAngelo Williams.

    As these are happening so quick and I’ll be out of town until Sunday, I would like to cast my vote now for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

    Lee Roy Selmon
    Warren Sapp
    Derrick Brooks
    Ronde Barber
    John Lynch
    Mike Alstott
    Tony Dungy (He changed the culture there and it was his team–not Gruden’s, that won the Super Bowl IMO).
    Honorable Mention-Warrick Dunn–though I think he had most of his best years with Atlanta, sadly. He did get to come back for one or two more seasons to Tampa but at the end of his career and he is more a Falcon now (minority owner of ATL now even) so I could see him not being associated with TB but also could see the argument for him.

    Guys with potential–if this were done again in 5-10 years–Josh Freeman, Doug Martin, Mike Williams, LaVonte David and Davin Joseph.

  19. Oh yeah–back to the Panthers–John Kasay definitely needs to be considered. Don’t know how I overlooked it when so many of you already suggested him.

  20. theirs an NFL team in Carolina I did not know that.? O you mean that team with an empty trophy case. O that team ya right I see…. The Carolinas is still and will be REDSKINS COUNTRY.!!!!!!! HTTR.

  21. kingbeason52 says: May 9, 2013 11:25 PM

    Ughh..big Panther fan here..not sure we even deserve to particpate in this..

    “Deserve got nuthin to do with it” – Snoop

  22. You can tell people who aren’t Panthers fans. LOL John Fox? seriously?

    As a fan since 1995, I would say:

    Sam Mills
    Steve Smith
    John Kasey (who hit a 63-harder, but in preseason)

    Spot 4 is tough. Obviously its Cam’s very soon, but for now? “The Rajun Cajun” had a good story, and Mr. Richardson is an obvious choice, except for the ongoing scandal. But for spot 4 it has to be our first superstar:

    Mussin Muhammad.

  23. original PSL owner here…

    it should be:

    Minter would be next in line. Hell no to Peppers. in terms of talent he was one of, if not the best, in franchise history but he is not someone that panthers fan would want to be associated w as part of their legacy. great player but he was so hated, even before he left

  24. The Panthers (and Jaguars and Ravens) haven’t really been around long enough for this kinda thing. Sam Mills should be on the Saints’ Mt Rushmore instead of the Panthers. Steve Smith has been their best offensive player for a while so I would put him on there. Cam is too new even for the Panther’s limited time-frame but his rookie season was great. Delhomme took them to the SB. Peppers was dominant. Richardson brought the team into existence.

    Richardson, Peppers, Delhomme, Smith

  25. mychode says:
    May 9, 2013 11:30 PM
    Unfortunately for the Panthers, Jake Delhomme and Stephen Davis are on that mountain. That’s oh so sad.
    That comment shows you have the perfect screen name. Sad that two players who had big roles in the team’s SB appearance (and in JD’s case 3 total playoff appearances)should be honored like this? Why do people come here to posts of this nature to trash people? Pathetic.

    Kasay, Smith and Mills are no brainers.

    Peppers I get ability and play wise but I am not sure he’s a Mt Rushmore candidate. To me that means a person who embodies the franchise because of their play/coaching etc and or their representation of the team. Things got a little weird at the end of Peppers’ tenure there.

  26. Sam Mills must be there. Your list is invalid if he’s not on it. I also want to say that Panther fans are some of the best in the NFL. I went to a home playoff game the year the Cardinals played there. What a fine group of people that support this team! I was invited to tailgate with them and shown true hospitality and class. Something I never experienced at any other away game. I always support the Panthers and they are my 2nd favorite team because of their fans. Thank you for showing this AZ boy how to treat a visiting fan. Go Panthers!

  27. Richardson
    Kasay are givens.
    I would say Mills next but would be OK with Minter. That’s it. No Peppers.

  28. Sometimes it’s easy. Saw this post and it was easy enough to cut and paste:

    Sam Mills
    John Kasay
    Steve Smith
    Julius Peppers

    Probably the clearest one that PFT has had so far.


  29. Steve Smith -Obvious unanimous choice
    Sam Mills-A Panthers legend and the man whose struggle inspired the Panthers to their only Super Bowl.
    Wesley Walls-The best player we had for a long time and through some really awful years.
    The fourth is tricky
    John Kasay should be in consideration but it’s far too lame to have a kicker up there.
    Julius Peppers left the team and never was as good as we all said he was, doesn’t deserve a spot.
    John Fox gave up on us in his last year and doesn’t deserve a spot
    Jake Delhomme was a player we had many good seasons with but I just can’t bring myself to get behind that one.
    Cam Newton looks promising but there is far too much to come in his career for him to be an option.
    DeAngelo Williams is who I’m going to go with. He has been on our team his whole career and has the off field presence you want in that kind of player. I sincerely hope he isn’t traded and stays with the team throughout his career.

  30. Sam Mills
    John Kasay
    Steve Smith

    for sure…and:

    Julius Peppers
    over Jake DelHomme for the 4th spot, I think…

  31. Jake Delhomme, Marty Hurney, Tim Biakabatuka, and Rae Curruth. Ok, now that the Hall of Shame list is in, here’s the real crowd:

    Sam Mills
    John Kasay
    Steve Smith
    Mike Minter

    Alt: Michael Rucker, Moose, and Wesley Walls

    Anyone who says Jake Delhomme is an idiot and apparently didn’t notice all the interceptions he threw in playoff games.

  32. Sam Mills

    John Kasay

    Steve Smith

    Jake Delhomme

    Runners up are Stephen Davis, Mushim Mohammad and Ricky Proehl, three of my all time favorite panthers

  33. Julius Peppers
    Julius Peppers
    Julius Peppers
    Julius Peppers

    Peppers is one of the most dominant defensive players to ever play in the NFL…

    College Football Awards and honors
    Sporting News Freshman All-American (1999)
    First-team All-ACC (2000)
    Second-team Associated Press All-American (2000)
    Second-team Football News All-American (2000)
    First-team All-ACC (2001)
    Consensus first-team All-American (2001)
    Bronko Nagurski Trophy finalist (2001)
    Chuck Bednarik Award (2001)
    Bill Willis Trophy (2001)
    Lombardi Award (2001)

    NFL awards and honors
    NFL Rookie of the Month (10/02)
    2002 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year
    Pro Football Weekly All-Rookie Team (2002)
    2004 NFL Alumni Defensive Lineman of the Year
    2004 NFC Defensive Player of the Year
    2013 Brian Piccolo Award
    NFL 2000’s All Decade Team
    100 Sacks Club
    2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 NFC Pro Bowl
    2004, 2006, 2010 All-Pro First Team
    2008, 2009, 2012 All-Pro Second Team
    Four time NFC Defensive Player of the Month (11/2004, 10/2006, 11/2010, 11/2011)
    Five time NFC Defensive Player of the Week (11/13/06, 11/9/08, 11/1/09, 11/18/10,12/23/12)

    Panthers franchise records
    Most career sacks (81)
    Most career forced fumbles (30)
    Longest Interception return: 97 (vs. Denver Broncos 10/10/04)

    NFL records and accomplishments
    Most interception return yards by a defensive lineman in NFL history: 178 yds
    Most interception return yards in a single season by a defensive lineman in NFL history: 143 yds
    Longest interception return by a defensive lineman in NFL history: 97 yds
    Most interception return yards in a single game by a defensive lineman in NFL history: 97 yds
    Most combined interception and fumble return yards by a defensive lineman in a single season since NFL merger in 1970: 203 yds
    Eighteenth most sacks in NFL history: 111.5
    Tied for tenth most forced fumbles in NFL history: 37
    Tied for second most interceptions by a defensive lineman in NFL history: 8
    Third most passes defensed by a defensive lineman in NFL history: 59
    Second most blocked kicks in NFL history: 13
    Tied for fifth most double digit sack seasons in NFL history: 8
    Tied for fourth most games with at least three sacks: 9
    Tied for fifteenth most multiple sack games in NFL history: 28

  34. John Kasay
    Steve Smith
    Jerry Richardson

    For the time being, I think that these three are the only people who should be considered. There are, of course, other players such as Mills, Muhammad, Peppers, etc., but I believe that these three are the only ones worthy of nomination, as well as the only sure-fire individuals who will be inducted into the Panthers Hall of Honor.

  35. Sam Mills (Founding Father)
    Steve Smith (#1 All-time Receiver)
    Deangelo Williams (all-time rushing leader)
    Jake Delhomme (Led us to our first Super Bowl)
    (And leave an open space for Cam)

  36. Sam Mills
    Steve Smith
    John Kasay
    Jordan Gross.

    There are plenty of honorable mentions suchs as:
    Jake Delhomme
    Chris Gamble
    John Fox
    Julius Peppers (He wanted out only reason he didn’t make my list)
    DeAngelo Williams
    Jerry Richardson

    Least in my opinion

  37. Sam Mills
    Steve Smith
    Julius Peppers
    Jerry Richardson trying to squeeze into his 1960 Colts jersey

    Hard to go beyond that, but that is still a lot better than the Falcons’ non-list of Tommy Nobis and three guys better known for playing somewhere else.

  38. OK. I said earlier that Carolina hasn’t been around long enough to have a Rushmore (same with Jacksonville and the Texans), but if I have to, here’s what I got.

    Steve Smith
    Sam Mills
    Jerry Richardson

    I only have 3. Wesley Walls was good, but not Rushmore worthy. I thought Peppers, but no. The 4th spot is reserved for Cam Newton, but he can’t be chiseled in just yet.

  39. How can you have a Panther’s Mt. Rushmore without Steve Smith? In nominating 4 names, I think we have to look back to the Superbowl run of the cardiac cats and include Jake… What a special year– he came of the bench week 1 of that season at halftime to lead the team to a victory in the final seconds with a TD pass to smith. My nominations:
    1. Steve Smith
    2. Sam Mills
    3. Jake Delhomme
    4. Reggie White
    Honorable mention DeAngelo Williams (franchise leader in rushing) and he’s so underrated!

  40. Jerry Richardson
    Steve Smith
    John Kasay
    Sam Mills

    If its supposed to be players only I’d replace JR with Jake Delhomme

  41. I’m disgusted that fans are voting for Delhomme and Fox! Seriously WTF?! If you’re voting for them you may as well have your mount rush feature Hurney, Armanti and Everett Brown….


    I think the 4th spot could soon be locked down by Cam or Kuechly though.

  42. The Core Four:

    Steve Smith
    Julius Peppers
    Cam Newton***
    Luke Kuechly***

    ***The last two haven’t fully earned it yet, but odds are in their favor.

    Honorable Mentions:

    DeAngelo Williams
    Kris Jenkins
    Jake Delhomme
    Jordan Gross
    Wesley Walls
    Sam Mills
    Muhsin Muhammed

  43. 1. John Kasey
    2. Sam Mills
    3. Julius Peppers
    4. Steve Smith

    Probably would have put Delhomme on there if it weren’t for the Arizona playoff game.

  44. Sam Mills. Anyone who’s ever been to Ericsson / BofA can’t argue this.
    John Kasey. Longest tenure, highest scorer, most consistent contributor…. Whale of a legacy for a kicker.
    John Fox. Huge record of success until Hurley cut his legs out from under him.
    For the last one, pick any. Probably Steve Smith, just by process of elimination. Probably not Jerry, as heis much more blindly loyal to the NFL and the owners than he is to the team. Just look at the logo in the center of the field if you have any question about that.

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