Andrew Luck: I’m 100 percent more comfortable this season


For most quarterbacks heading into their second NFL seasons, a change in offensive coordinators would be a very bad thing.

Andrew Luck’s experience has been a little different. The Colts quarterback had to say goodbye to Bruce Arians when Arians got the head coaching job in Arizona, but the transition to Pep Hamilton should be fairly smooth given that Hamilton was on the Stanford staff for Luck’s final two collegiate seasons. While there will be some tweaks to the offense, no one is expecting massive changes in Indy and that has Luck feeling more at home than he did at this time last year.

“I am 100 percent more comfortable,” Luck said on the NFL Network, via Phillip B. Wilson of the Indianapolis Star. “On this day last year, I was probably sitting in class. It is nice to be able to have the full offseason with the team. We have changed (offensive) coordinators, but I have had a great relationship with Pep Hamilton from before. To be around him and talk his style of offense has been great. It is just nice to be around the guys.”

The change in offensive coordinators may prove to be less significant than other moves the Colts have made this offseason. The Colts signed a pair of offensive linemen as free agents and drafted two more last month, additions that should provide Luck with better protection than he received as a rookie. That would make anyone feel more comfortable about going to work.

20 responses to “Andrew Luck: I’m 100 percent more comfortable this season

  1. Naturally being a #1 pick, he already has his bust in canton. Following such awe inspiring QB’s Palmer, Bradford, & Russell to name a few current #1’s.

  2. Luck may not be the “best” QB in the league (yet anyway), but if there were a list of the “coolest” QBs in the league, you’d have to believe he’d be pretty high up there.

  3. Not a Colts fan, but I think Luck is going to be an outstanding QB (better than Griffin and Wilson, no disrespect to them). Luck has all the physical tools necessary to be a great passer, but, more importantly, he has an awareness and ability to read defenses that will enable him to excel. Wish my team had him.

  4. So was he 0% comfortable last year, and now he’s fully 100% comfortable? Or has his comfort level merely doubled?

    Can someone push for more details? I NEED to know.

  5. Hopefully the Raiders will make him a little bit uncomfortable come week 1.

  6. And your point is??? As well he should be, he’s not a, pointless article yet again. Unlike the other QBs that lit it up last year, Lucky Andy has hit his ceiling, what you saw from him is what you’ll get pretty much the same as Peyton ironically. ALOT of numbers and stats, a lot of INTs, no real substance behind it. Him getting to the playoffs was a fluke, Peyton has a losing record in the playoffs and one Superbowl victory and he’s being called maybe the greatest ever??? Nah, the greatest ever hasn’t gotten to the superbowl yet..but..he will..soon, and his name never was and never will be lucky. 😉

  7. And the Colts 100% wish they had chosen RG3 instead of this mouth breather. HTTR!!!

  8. I wonder if he said he was %100 comfortable before or AFTER he found out about the Shipley trade.

    I am a die hard Colts fan, always will be, and our team WILL be great this year.

    But we still got the wrong guy last year and Werner I think is also a mistake.

    Go Colts!!!!

  9. look for a step back year. not playing for coach this year, and the colt’s string of luck will run out (no pun intended).

  10. Teammates still aren’t used to Andy Gump shouting the Delta Phrat Derp Pyylon greeting slogan at them when they make a play. They don’t understand the secret “jumping up and down while making monkey faces” fraternity greeting, either.

  11. other teams wish they had him, Luck knows he hasnt been close to reaching his full potential, hes not arragount like rg3, Luck will be the best when all said and done!!

  12. The only person/child Luck didn’t throw an interception to last year was Peytonsneck 18. P-18 missed the punt pass and kick competition at Lucas field or he could have tried for one.

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