Austin, Bryant welcome Terrance Williams

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A year after the Cowboys’ arch-rivals reached into Waco, Texas and found a franchise quarterback, the Cowboys have grabbed one of Robert Griffin III’s former targets at Baylor.

With a third-round pick, the Cowboys selected receiver Terrance Williams, who ostensibly will take advantage of all the attention given to Dez Bryant and Miles Austin.  And Bryant and Austin are happy about that.

He’s a great receiver,” Bryant said, via Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  “He can stretch the field.  He can go deep.  He can make a short-yardage play go long.  He’s got that type of ability.  He can go up and grab the ball.  That’s what you want in the guy.”

Austin agrees.  “From what I’ve seen, I think he’s a tremendous player,” Austin said.  “He seems like a really nice humble guy on the interviews and everything like that.  I’m going to try to teach him things and learn things from him.  I’m sure he has things he’s done over there.  But just try to bring as many of the guys along as we can.”

In 2011, Laurent Robinson had a big year as the team’s third receiver, catching 11 touchdown passes.  Last year, Kevin Ogletree was a disappointment in that role.

As Williams (Charean) points out, Williams (Terrance) eventually could end up allowing the Cowboys to move on from Austin.

21 responses to “Austin, Bryant welcome Terrance Williams

  1. It doesn’t matter who the receivers are as long as Oh-No Romo is throwing the ball.

  2. Ok, Mr logicalvoicesays, I know you’ve got your war feathers all in a huff because your team had ONE good year against the Cowboys, but lets try to at least be objective with our analysis. Truth be told, over the past several years since these two have played against one another, Dez has undoubtedly gotten the better of DeAngelo. DeAngelo = aging veteran. Dez = young blue chip player coming into his prime. I’ll take my chances over yours anyday….

  3. I think Jerrah did a fairly decent job getting some upgrades or adding depth to key positions on offense, T. Williams being a good example.

    Can’t believe I just typed that JJ didn’t wipe out as GM.

  4. @logicalvoicesays saying the Redskins are God’s team is extremely disrespectful. You have some disappointment come football season and some wrath in the long run.

  5. sure sound confident with a QB that cant run and the season 3 months away……i guess i actually never realized how bad the skins were…until they go 9-8 and skins fans start posting on americas team articles. oh and congrats to beating a cowboys team that was decimated by injuries….sure played well in the playoffs didnt you.

  6. I believe WIlliams will prove to be an upgrade over Ogletree. He has good size and may be useful in the redzone which is where Robinson was so effective.

    Austin needs to step up this year or it may be his last in Dallas.

  7. @logicalvoicesays

    if 2 games, 215 yards and 2 td’s is “stoning a WR as usual”….I’ll take it….

    gotta love skins fans, 20 years of sucking…win a bad division but still choke a playoff game away and here they are pounding their chest more than Baltimore fans whose team actually did something.

  8. Can logical voice just be banned from posting anything? The guy is more delusional than Charlie sheen! Dez took marshmallow hall to school the past two years, but ol LV saw an entirely different outcome!

  9. logical its time to come out of the close ur a BLIND DEADSKIN FAN cause u had to be watching the game we play u guys wit ur eyes closed if u think ur hype man d.hall locked MR.DEZ up make sure u guys get it right it MR.DEZ too u bums he abused ur whole team everytime we play u bumskins…………..KNO THAT………..IS HE EVEN IN THE TOP 100 PLAYERS …………………..NOPE

  10. No we need to keep logicalvoicesays what other Skins fan is so hilarious while thinking he’s serious?? He’s like a bad 80s movie. Incredibly funny but he’s not supposed to be. I am quite glad the Skins resigned Hall because thats one side of the field everyone that plays the Skins this year can safely throw to. As far as the biggest steal in the draft, Terrance Williams is slightly faster than Dez and is going to seriously wear out the horrible NFC East secondary. Its a shame that Bobby Griff will be on IR by the 1st Cowboys/Skins matchup because I know thats the excuse Skins fans are going to use when they get destroyed.

  11. I believe WIlliams will prove to be an upgrade over Ogletree. He has good size and may be useful in the redzone which is where Robinson was so effective.

    Austin needs to step up this year or it may be his last in Dallas.

    Austin needs to stay healthy. One thing to help that would be to use him in the slot. His strength has always been YAC so he doesn’t really need to be used as a deep threat to score. And I believe running deep is much more a strain on his hamstrings

  12. logicalvoice smokes diesel blunts one after another..

    its the only explanation

  13. Well Mile’s problem has never been working hard or catching the ball. His problem’s been injuries. He seems to get hurt every year and can’t stay on the field.

    He keeps having hamstring issues. He’s got this year to show he can stay healthy and not pull his hammy again before the team moves on from him.

    I would MUCH prefer to see Miles stay healthy all year and have him, Dez & Terrance stretching the field, with some Dwayne Harris mixed in.

  14. With Miles Austin it’s all about those gimpy hamstrings. They can’t be trusted.
    Reasons I won’t feel terrible for Miles if the Cowboys cut him loose in a year:
    1. He’s going to fit in somewhere else just fine,
    2. He collected a huge signing bonus, and
    3. He has memories of banging a Kardashian at her prime.

  15. This guy will be an upgrade over Miles Austin eventually–as much as I’d like the Cowboys to continue to be stuck in mediocrity.

    Of course, like one poster said, they still have Romo throwing the ball so there is always hope.

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