Dez Bryant says he’s catching ball better despite injured finger


Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant broke the index finger on his left hand early in December but elected to play through it with the Cowboys still in the playoff hunt.

He had surgery on the finger after the season but knew that delaying the procedure with cause permanent damage to his finger. However, Bryant doesn’t believe it will ever be an issue for him.

According to Carlos Mendez of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Bryant believes he’s actually more effective catching the ball than before he injured his finger.

“It’s never going to be normal, but I promise you, it’s never going to be an issue,” Bryant said. “I’m ready to go and catch some footballs. I actually feel like I’ve been catching better with the finger problem.”

It didn’t seem to be too big a hindrance at the end of last season. Bryant caught nine passes for 224 yards and two touchdowns against the New Orleans Saints two weeks after breaking the finger. Bryant has high expectations for himself this season. It appears he doesn’t want the finger to be used as an excuse if he doesn’t live up to his own standards.

“It’s no more games, no more wondering,” he said. “I know what I’m doing, so I’ve got to come in and do what I did at the end of last year and hope to build on it.”

17 responses to “Dez Bryant says he’s catching ball better despite injured finger

  1. He broke a finger. You’d think it was a heart transplant listening to him.

  2. Not a Cowboys fan, but Dez is a tough dude. If he can keep his head straight then he has the potential to be one of the greats.

  3. If this guy stays focused and if Tony has the time to throw the ball….and that’s a big if….he could be a top five receiver easily

    This guy has unreal physical tools and could be the beast we all know he can be

  4. If I remember correctly Dez got completely shut down by D. Hall the last game of the season. No where to go but up from there Dez! Thanks for sucking in a game the Cowboys needed you the most! Romo sure didn’t help things and never will as long as he’s your QB when it counts. Good luck!

  5. Ha Ha. This is funny. Bryant caught nine passes for 224 yards and two touchdowns against the worst defense in NFL history that didn’t even have their head coach. And here’s the kicker; The Cowboys still lost that game to the Saints. That’s right. the Cowboys lost. And the game was in Cowboys Stadium. Ha Ha. You failed to mention that Curtis. And the Saints and Cowboys play again this season and the Saints will stomp the Cowboys. Rob Ryan and his aggressive 3-4 defense will pound Romo all day. Ha Ha. Geaux Saints!

  6. DEZ is going to be a beast this year. Top 3 WR and a Pro Bowler.

    Let the hating begin…

  7. Personally I hope Dez will have 1 of the best year of all receivers in the league. The way he came on last year was great now he just needs to add to what he did. Put him and Williams on the field together along with Harris and Witten Dallas would be hard to stop. If the line will give Romo time to throw. I’m excited about this years draft if they can that new center/ guard on the field and get rid of Free and sign Winston. They need to start grooming one of the new QB’s that they signed to start him ready to take over for Romo. I personally like Romo he may have only 1 playoff win but I think he is one of the better QB’s in the league.

  8. “shut down by deangelo hall.” “abused by deangelo hall.” 12 catches, 217 yds, 2 tds, 18 yds per catch in 2 games. give me two of whatever it is that you guys are drinking/smoking because LaLa Land is where I’d prefer to be.

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