Eagles sign five draft picks

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Five members of the Eagles’ 2013 draft class will be bringing signed contracts with them to the start of the rookie minicamp.

The Eagles announced that they have reached agreement on contracts with tight end Zach Ertz, safety Earl Wolff, defensive end Joe Kruger, cornerback Jordan Poyer and defensive end David King. That leaves three picks unsigned, including first-round tackle Lane Johnson.

Eagles coach Chip Kelly is very familiar with Ertz, who played his college ball at Stanford. The second-round pick made the All-America team in 2012 and joins Brent Celek and James Casey at tight end in Philadelphia. It remains to be seen how Kelly will deploy all of them with Ertz looking the kind of player who can make for a tough matchups on defense.

The team has talked about Wolff, a fifth-round pick, focusing on special teams as a rookie while he familiarizes himself with the responsibilities of a safety in the Eagles defense. After signing Patrick Chung and Kenny Phillips, the Eagles hope to have the defensive needs covered for the short term.

Kruger (the younger brother of Browns linebacker Paul Kruger), Poyer and King are all seventh-round picks. Kruger and Poyer also went to Pac-12 schools, joining Ertz and fourth-round pick Matt Barkley as players known to Kelly before they all arrived in the NFL.

19 responses to “Eagles sign five draft picks

  1. Glad to see the guys get locked up, hope Kelly’s offense can score 40+ a game cause this D has more holes than swiss cheese.

  2. Who knows or cares if this will help the Eagles compete with the Giants and Cowboys for the NFC East runner up title. It’s the toughest division in the NFL, since even before the season opens those teams can count on two losses to the Redskins. At least teams in other divisons have a chance to win a division title before losing to the Redskins in the post-season.

  3. Jeez Redskins fans are delusional. Their team barely makes the playoffs for the 1st time in 20 years, their franchise QB for whom the team mortgaged its future tears up his knee, they have no draft picks to speak of, no cap space, and they think they’re a dynasty.

    Back to planet Earth, I could see each team in the NFC East going 8-8 this year, every team has major question marks.

  4. I really like a lot of the players that Chip Kelly has brought in through the draft and free agency. Significant change can be seen on every level of this team, and that is quite refreshing to see after the many monotonous years of Andy Reid.

    The Eagles offense will undoubtedly benefit from Chip Kelly, but I still have some questions on the other side of the ball.

    1. How will Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher handle covering the top wideouts on opposing teams?

    2. Considering the majority of our pass-rushers are smaller, speedy, 4-3 scheme players….Who will be the Eagles options as 3-4 defensive ends?

  5. logicalvoicesays says: May 9, 2013 5:27 PM

    Redskins 42 Eagles 0. Monday Night Football opener 2013. #WelcometotheleagueEagleRookies

    So when this does not happen and the Redskins lose will you just vanish like every other troll? Or will you still be here spitting out dumb rhetoric?

  6. I wonder if there is another city more trolled than Philly of the teams that have 4 sports. I hope and pray every day the Birds dont take a season to develop just to shut Cowgirl and Redsux fans the Hell up. Giants fans are the only ones that can crow with RECENT titles. Weve played in a Superbowl more recently than either of those lousy teams. u had to mortgage ur future just to get an overhyped injury waitin to happen in RGIII. Eagles dont have a Superbowl but they have many football championships. Just beat the Skins and Dallas I could give a crap about any other game. and anyone calling Ertz another Celek hasnt done any research.

  7. Cowboys fans really are morons. I guarantee the majority of them aren’t even sure where Dallas is. Maybe its the shiny helmets. I liked shiny things too, when I was four. As far as the Deadskins fans they’re delusional. RGIII will come back and be just a mediocre QB. He will not be the same runner he was and that will kill him. If you don’t have to worry about his legs his arm isn’t going to beat you. I know all the skins fans will jump all over this with last years stats. They don’t matter his legs set up his arm. They’re done.

  8. @captainwisdom: Conner Barwin, Fletcher Cox, Trent Cole… Tons of talent for the 5 technique in the 3-4,

  9. westernpaisdirty IR G3 has a pretty good arm too… saw many a tight passes come from him last season, many to be dropped, BUT he can throw well.

    eags fan just excited for a change from…
    “we’re fine there”
    “I’ve got to do a better job”

  10. Chip Kelly is putting together a team that should challenge for the PAC-12 title. Too bad he is in the NFL and the NFC East. Otherwise a good plan.

    This just gets more hilarious everyday.

    Cue up, you are very scared of 2013 Eagles comments.

  11. @westernpaisdirty
    says: Cowboys fans really are morons. I guarantee the majority of them aren’t even sure where Dallas is.

    I know where Dallas is located. North of Philadelphia in the NFC east. Enjoy the bottom of the division haters.

  12. @dallascowgirlsdishingthereal
    Since 2000 Eagles v/s Cowgirls 16-11 philly favorite. Get a clue there is a reason Dallas is located at the bottom of the state. Thats were you guys belong! Romo we look forward to your INT’S.

    @the deadskin fans BEAT IT! Like westernpaisdirty said rgIII without his legs, QB rating will be dropping faster then Eli Manning being sacked by Trent Cole.

    As for the Little Giants, well the only way the cha cha is going to dance is on dancing on the stars (yes, that was a shot at the cowgirls, get it. cowgirl star). No run game with a wiltering D. You do the math.

    Chip and the Eagles are flying high this year baby

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