Free agent Corey McIntyre arrested for battery

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Free agent fullback Corey McIntyre has played in all 16 games for the Bills for three straight seasons, but he so far hasn’t found a new team. And he just became less likely to find a new team.

McIntyre was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery in Port St. Lucie, Florida, on Wednesday, according to WPTV.

The police report says McIntyre was in his bathtub when he and a woman in his home began arguing about information on his phone. When the woman tried to throw his phone in the bath water, McIntyre started to get out of the tub and pulled the shower curtain, causing the rod to hit the woman. He then chased the woman and grabbed her shirt, ripping it as she tried to leave the house.

McIntyre was schedule to appear this weekend at a charity softball game he had helped organize in which he and some of his Bills teammates would play with local police officers and firefighters, and money raised by the event was going to help McIntyre’s cousin, Jahwann McIntyre, an area firefighter who was seriously burned on the job in December. Event organizers, however, announced shortly after McIntyre’s arrest that the event had been canceled because of “unforeseen circumstances.”

The last time McIntyre appeared in our police blotter, it was in 2009, when he was arrested for misdemeanor exposure of his sexual organs. He denied doing anything wrong, and the charges were later dropped.

21 responses to “Free agent Corey McIntyre arrested for battery

  1. Women trip me out trying to destroy property because they are mad. Seriously? Trying to throw the phone in the bath water and destroy the phone? He was trying to stop her from destroying his phone and now he is wrong? How is this any different than trying to take a bat away from someone about to bash your car? I am against domestic violence, but lost in all of this was he was trying to stop her from destroying his property and now he gets arrested for domestic violence. She tried to destroy his property. What, he should just let her?

  2. So she is about to destroy his property while in his house and he accidentally rips her shirt while stopping her. Hmmm…

  3. Showing his thingy is pretty weird, but to be charged for battery for this is ridiculous. And I rarely defend these guys.

  4. Stop playing around C Mac and sign with Buffalo. We need you blocking for CJ.

  5. A lot of these women are taking advantage of pro athletes. It’s sickening and should be stopped she’s in his house. Destroying his stuff and he’s in trouble?

  6. Exactly as godofwine330 said, was he really supposed to let this woman destroy his property? Especially since he hasn’t found another job since Buffalo let him walk…

  7. @godofwine330:

    Agreed. Sounds like maybe she waited for him to get in the tub so she could snoop on his phone, which was wrong to begin with…Then she confronts him, and tries to destroy the phone, and he ACCIDENTALLY causes the shower rod to fall and strike her.

    That said, I would not have chased her and torn her blouse, especially while dripping wet and naked.

  8. This guy is on a special level of stupid, this guy can only be a Bengal.

  9. An argument about information on a player’s cell phone leads to a charge of battery and diminished prospects for future employment. Come on, people … have we learned nothing from Chad Ochocinco?

  10. If a man were the aggressor in this situation, confronting a woman in the bath tub and throwing her phone, and she jumped out of the bath and chased after him, would that woman be charged with battery?

  11. “I’m picking out a thermos for you…not an ordinary thermos will do…honey who’s the happiest girl in the world…and who’s the happiest guy??”

  12. a woman snooping on a mans phone is the first and only sign to break it off with her. only crazy insecure women look for something when there is nothing there. he should change his locks and his phone number

  13. Tell the whole truth Smith. The charges were dropped when the real culprit was arrested. It was a case of mistaken identity.

  14. Let this be a lesson. LOCK your phone! Delete those texts from other women!

  15. I know his Girlfriend Carmella she was not going through his phone the media twisted this whole thing, She was left with many abrasions and if you all would like to know the TRUTH the police report is public for any of you siding with Corey! the pictures of what he did to her are on record so any of you thinking this is a joke over a cell phone your mistaken. be mindful that a WOMAN was hurt in this and its not over a cell phone get the facts dont believe the media!

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