Gerald Sensabaugh calls it a career


The Cowboys re-signed safety Gerald Sensabaugh on Thursday, but he won’t be fighting to retain his starting job this summer.

Sensabaugh has decided to retire and is signing a one-day contract so that he can call it a career while a member of the Cowboys. Nick Eatman of the Cowboys website reports that the team will place Sensabaugh on the Reserve/Retired list on Friday.

When they do, it will drop the curtain on Sensabaugh’s eight-year NFL career. Sensabaugh played four years with the Jaguars after they made him a fifth-round pick in the 2005 draft and then four more with the Cowboys. He signed an extension with the team in 2011, but was released after the 2012 season to save the cap-strapped team some money. He didn’t have a very good season in 2012, which might have made him expendable at any price as the Cowboys shifted gears defensively this offseason with the hiring of Monte Kiffin as defensive coordinator.

Sensabaugh turns 30 next month and drew some interest in free agency. He would have likely drawn some more as teams tweak their rosters between now and training camp, but that obviously wasn’t enough to convince Sensabaugh to keep his career going a little longer.

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  1. I remember when the Saints wanted to sign this guy.
    It was between him and Darren Sharper. Sensabaugh ended up signing with the cowboys for a few years of futility and Sharper ended up signing with the Saints and winning a Superbowl.

    Good decision Gerald!

  2. Player has a solid career, keeps his nose clean, probably saved his money, and goes out on top. What an absolutely delightful thing to read, as opposed to players smashing their females’ faces, getting DUI citations, whining over every dime their teams won’t pay them and crying long and loud if the teams don’t like their non-football activities.

    Speaking of which, how come the arrest meter is up at 10-days? There were a couple of busts two days ago. Daryl W. of the Cards was busted just a few days ago.

  3. “Sensabaugh did the most Sensabaugh thing he could do. Call it quits when you’re still young.”

    Really? A Sensabaugh pun? Well played, sir. Well played.

  4. He only retired cuz he didn’t the money is was asking for

    Cuz if Dallas didn’t release him due to high salary he would still be playing that’s for sure

  5. This is carrying the one-day contract thing way too far. It should be for stars who played a long time with a team. Sensabaugh was an adequate player who would be totally unknown if he had played for almost any other team besides perennially over-hyped, overrated Invincible Dallas.

  6. Shouldn’t retiring as a Cowboy also include a going away hooker, a sterling crack pipe, or something truly symbolic of the organization?

  7. seaeagle707 says:May 9, 2013 4:45 PM

    Player has a solid career, keeps his nose clean, probably saved his money, and goes out on top.

    Except for getting arrested while he was a Jaguar for driving around his hometown with a trunkful of loaded assault rifles and other weapons…

  8. People will never waste an opportunity to take a shot out of the cowboys. It’s quite pathetic that, for such an irrelevant team, you can’t stop talking about them. Than you make the garbage excuse “Because the media always talks about them”….the media goes off of what the fans want, and you people LOOOOVE to talk about the Cowboys. It’s ok, theres only a handful of teams with a legacy similar to theirs.

  9. I’m a cowboys fan, I have to admit that comment about the “going away hooker & sterling crack pipe” was absolutely hilarious and made me laugh out loud. We’re the Cowboys, we haven’t been good in 20 years. Trust me, the laughing keeps me from crying

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