Giants next on the Josh Cribbs tour

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Free-agent receiver/kick returner Josh Cribbs flew across the country to get from his Monday team visit to his Tuesday-Wednesday session.  His next trip will be a lot shorter.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Cribbs will follow his visit to the Jets with a visit to the Giants.

The Giants previously showed interest in Cribbs as a potential replacement for Domenik Hixon, who signed with the Panthers.   But Cribbs’ knee caused him to delay the process of finding a new team.  Now that he’s healthy, he’s looking — and the Giants remain interested.

Cribbs launched his tour with a Monday visit to the Raiders.  He arrived in the New York area on Tuesday night, and he visited the Jets on Wednesday.

28 responses to “Giants next on the Josh Cribbs tour

  1. At one time, Cribbs was the NFL all-time leader in kick returns for TD – which overshadowed the fact he’s also been one of the best kick coverage guys of his era. Still an asset to any teem needing to upgrade in those areas.

  2. Over rated & nothing more than a taller Hester or Dante Hall…good return specialist that is trying to b a wr. Doesn’t work

  3. Cribbs is a very underrated WR, Bwowns didn’t utilize that and I hope whatever team that gets him does. Great hands, good size and plays tough. He’ll be a great pick up unless the Jets get him, then he’ll just waste away to nothing

  4. How about if Cruz would just sign what he’s been offered already!! No fault of the Giants at this point. If Cruz wants a Dwayne Bowe type of deal, $11mil a yr, then let him walk

  5. Im sure his tour stops here. All 3 teams that he visited probably r offering him a veteran minimum contract, so he’ll probably pick the giants since they’re the best team and most likely to make the playoffs from the bunch.

  6. Hey logicailvoicesays, didn’t make the playoffs last season, but THE NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS we have been piling up the division wins, division championships and the all important SUPERBOWL TROPHIES. When was the last time the redskins won a division play off game???

  7. To be honest we don’t even need him, we drafted Jerrigan in the 3rd round a couple years ago and he hasn’t had a chance. As for logicailvoicesays says: I suppose this is big news for a team that can’t even make the playoffs.
    Worry about IRG3 and you “Alleged” Rich Owner fixing that field about how you guys had an #EpicCollapse in the Playoffs after being up 14-0 #Failure Lmao

  8. wilson was the only solid return guy last year and he is now the starting running back. cribbs would fill a need as kick returner (the giants are not looking for him to contribute at wideout) if and only if they can sign him cheap.

  9. Giant fans as a whole are just looooossssseeeeerrrrrrsssssss. I hate being around any of them fat beer breathed jobless idiots there football intellect is par with a one celled organism. They walk around this planet breathing through there mouths and chant like Alice the goon but instead of saying I love popeye it’s in Reese we trust as if over Reese’s tenure they have been great they are a robust 9-7 average record with only playoff victories coming in two seasons ill give you they were superbowl seasons but when a team backs into the playoffs like that good teams over look them. The marlins won two World Series titles nobody confused them with a dynasty but giant fans oh boy watch out for big blue lol. You’ll soon see Reese has litterally done nothing to make your team any good Cruz will leave in the next offseason and you’ll spend the rest of Eli’s years watching the playoffs

  10. How many “idiots” like Paul-smith run off there mouths, not having a clue, about the NFL, football and the hate of the best all around franchise in the history of this league, the 4x super bowl champion New York Giants! As a 50+ year fan, I watched as the giants did all the wrong things, hired all the wrong people, and could not draft a “real prospect” for decades!
    That all changed when Wellington bought out Tim, and with a agreement in place to bring in, and outsider, George Young {former GM Miami}
    who turned the ship around, and the come back began. Parcells, HOF 2013, LT, Carson, Simms, yes sir, we do have some reasons to be on top.
    Your hate, jealousy, and puke, all make me even prouder, fool of fools!

  11. Dear mr Reese
    It’s getting close to training camp and our LB & DB groups are looking abysmal. Please stop wasting time with FA’s like Cribbs and get On the horn with some veteran guys to add depth to our defense. Teams ripped through our d like a wet paper bag last season and it was really hard to watch. I pay good money for 3 season tickets, PSL, parking & the over priced food, beer & memorabilia. Please, do the right thing. Defense wins championships, so lets make sure we have a championship d on the field this season.

    Giant fan for life

  12. Cribbs is relevant because of his kick return skills. But they were amassed BEFORE the NFL moved kickoffs to the 35 yard line. The new rule results in almost a 50% touchback rate now. When Cribbs got his contract touchback rate was about 15%.

    The new rule takes away kick returners value and they don’t garner high wages no matter how dynamic they are. Until teams figure out how to crack the puzzle of consistently getting good returns from fielding kickoffs 5 yards deep in the end zone kick returners don’t have much value these days.

    And what team wants to pay a bunch of money for a guy that is going to hold a roster spot as the 5th WR on the team and 50% of the time be taking a touchback?

  13. Id take him, if the price is right of course. David Wilson will most certainly NOT be asked to carry as much of the workload in the return game, if at all, now that he is part of our 1-2 punch with Andre Brown @ RB. If anyone remembers, prior to David Wilson and Domenik Hixons return from injury our special teams return men were dismal. We were signing people off the street to retun kicks….SMH. We def need to address the return game sooner than later. David Wilson was a pleasant surprise last yr in the return game, but its time for him to grow up and earn that #1 draft spot. ALL HAIL THE NY FOOTBALL GIANTS!!!

    P.S. Is it me or does “logicalvoicesays” spend more time looking at Gaints updates and news than he does his own whack a$$ DEADSKINS… Stop pretending and come on over. Admit it….ur a closet Giants fan. Probably of the bandwagon variety but hey we take all newcomers. I mean I have to admit we are easy to like. We win!!! A superbowl win in each of the last 4 decades doesnt lie baby!! Anyways keep talkin and hating. It only further proves your envy of our storied franchise

  14. He supposedly had a visit with the Browns this week as well. I hope they bring him back at the right price — he’s not a very good WR, but he’s still a solid returner and his greatest value is as a gunner.

  15. If there’s money to burn, I’d rather see it spent on the defensive side on someone like Karlos Dansby or even Dwight Freeney or something.

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