Jets ink third-round pick Brian Winters


One of the many causes of the Jets offense’s putrid performances in 2012 was an offensive line that lost the thump it had when the team went to a pair of AFC Championship Games.

As part of the process of getting that line moving back in the right direction, the Jets drafted three offensive linemen last month. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that one of those linemen, third-round pick Brian Winters, has signed his contract.

Winters played tackle at Kent State, but has already been given a ticket to the competition for the starting right guard spot. He’ll compete with Stephen Peterman and Vladimir Ducasse for a job with Willie Colon the odds-on favorite to start at left guard in 2013. Winters won’t blow anyone away with his athleticism, but the former wrestler wins a lot of battles right at the line of scrimmage and would fit well into the running game spearhead role once filled by Brandon Moore.

Winters will join the rest of the Jets rookies at this weekend’s three-day minicamp in New Jersey.

10 responses to “Jets ink third-round pick Brian Winters

  1. sounds like we have some competition in the AFC east this year, pats nation…..

  2. Ampats- I know you don’t like facts, but an offensive lineman rarely fumbles. So, I take it that your talking about Mark Sanchez, not a lineman.
    And speaking of Sanchez, do you remeber his best day last year? Of course you don’t remember.
    He lit up the Pats for 328 yards on 28-41 passing in a game the Jets would have won if Stephen Hill had not dropped a wide open pass at the 5 yard line. Pats were very lucky that day where Tommy Boy went 26-42 for 259 and was outplayed by Sanchez.
    Speaking of days, I think your boy also had his worst against the Jets in Foxboro in 2011. On that day (jan 16 playoff game) Sanchez posted a whopping 127 rating with 3td’s and zero turnovers as NY sent the Pats home with their 1st home loss of the season. Tommy was sacked 5 times that day and ran from the Jets Defense like a scared child. Now, that was a game to remember!
    Don’t kick a team when its down, because it will come back to you. We’ll see how TB does this year without his 5 yd passes to Welker. I’d keep my mouth shut and stick to comments about your own team. How old are you, 10??

  3. @ dan the jet man

    really dan? really? you’re really going to try to defend the second worst QB in the league (behind JaMarcus Russell)….wait, ok, worst?

    And you’re recalling a 2011 (2010 season) playoff game where – granted the jets did win – but then did nothing in Pittsburgh the next week. Really? That dumpster fire of a team will only get better when you move on from Sanchez – if you can.

  4. dlk…Ampats knows how to criticize these Jets blogs.
    I saw him whine on another team’s blogs when someone knocked his precious Pats.

    In my case, I noticed he gets my replies taken down.

    He’s as much a fan as Jeffrey Dahmer was a vegetarian.

  5. “Wonder if he can Buttfumble and be ready to start Week #1 ?”

    You have clearly made no effort to know what you’re talking about.

  6. This article is not very accurate or well researched. PFF graded the Jets OL as the 4th best OL in football in 2012. The jets had the 10th best running game in the league. All with a QB as bad as Sanchez and an injury riddled receiving core.

    Now the Jets do have gaps in the line as Moore and Slauson both left. The Jtes certainly need guards and OL depth. But the problem with the Jets OL was not the 2012 but losing 3 guards to FA. The odds of the Jets OL being as good as it was in 2012 are slim.

  7. hehateme2 says:May 9, 2013 6:34 PM

    Looks like Winters has plenty of ink already.
    The jets will be closer to the cellar than “competition” this season IMO.

    And this quenches your thirst for happiness in life? I’d say pathetic, but you’d have to aspire to be pathetic.

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