Jim Schwartz likes Nick Fairley’s confidence


When Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley predicted that Detroit will go to the Super Bowl, it sounded like the type of boast that most coaches would tell their players to keep to themselves. But Lions coach Jim Schwartz said he was glad to hear Fairley is confident.

“He has high expectations, as everybody on our team does,” Schwartz said in an interview on ESPN today.

Schwartz said that Fairley is used to winning, and he believes that if Fairley (who missed nine games in his first two NFL seasons) can stay healthy, he’s going to help the Lions win a lot of games.

“He won a national championship in college, so I guess that’s the next step,” Schwartz said. “Nick is a very good young player for us and he went through a stretch last year where he was very dominant on the field. Unfortunately for him, his first two years he hasn’t been on the field enough for us because of injuries. Last year he ended the season on injured reserve. I think that’s a big thing for him this offseason is just being able to be available for us more, because his talent is there. I like guys who set the bar high.”

Fairley set the bar very high. Schwartz sounds confident that Fairley can back up his talk.

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  1. I like confidence too. I’d just rather hear “I think we’re capable of winning the Super Bowl” instead of “We’re going to win the Super Bowl.” Just went and jinxed us Nick. Thanks for that. Just ask Ryan Kalil. I’d still like to see them bring back Corey Williams for security measures and to bring some leadership to that d-line.

  2. “I like your confidence. I’m not sure that it’s backed up with some brains, though.”

  3. Now if they could just learn how to shake hands properly with opposing coaches/players that actually know what it’s like to be in a Superbowl.

  4. Anyone else seeing the irony in all these “witty” comments about Schwartz’s lack of brainpower?

  5. “I like confidence too. I’d just rather hear ‘I think we’re capable of winning the Super Bowl’ instead of ‘We’re going to win the Super Bowl.’ ”

    If you actually read Fairley’s comments, that’s exactly what he said. This author just took him a bit out of context to try and ridicule Fairley.

  6. In fact I do see the irony. Fellas on here that probably couldn’t hack community college calling out a guy that graduated from some school called George Town…with honors.

  7. Nick Fairley won a National Championship and had to get there by going through Division 1 Football’s toughest conference. His expectation of himself is to win Championships. So, why is it so crazy that he said that—that’s his reality? He’s won a title.

    On the other hand, every comment that laughs at his declaration is coming from some schlelp that has never done anything great in their lives. They’ve crafted these average, safe little existences—at best. So, of course they’d laugh at someone who would dare to personify his professional goals by, gasp, saying them out loud.

    It’s the difference in doing and watching.

  8. Detroit is the bottom dweller of the league. The coach is angry and out of control half the time.
    The offensive line in weak as well as the secondary. Your QB is average. The top defensive player is unanymously voted the dirtiest player in the league. Calvin Johnson is a stud and that’s about all you got. Truth hurts.

  9. @sgtdiver

    GEORGETOWN is one word, so don’t get all high and mighty on anyone when you can’t even spell the college write fool… and you probably researched where he went to school which is sad!!!

  10. Actually, if you listen to Jim Schwartz talk about the game of football, you’ll realize he has one of the brightest minds in the game. And yes, I’m just sayin.

  11. Dude did not “guarantee” a super bowl. Just describing the goals and displaying confidence in his team.

    I think that Fairly has grown up as a player and has put past misdeeds aside – and maybe learned from them.

    As a Lions fan, I’m happy to have this (new) guy on the team.

    Go Lions.

  12. lmao oh you got me. I’m not sure why you’re so upset. I made a valid point and you deflected completely. Insulting my intelligence because of a grammatical error while on my phone won’t upset me. Hey between you and me…are you one of those stupid people I mentioned in that post?

  13. @thewassabi

    It’s RIGHT not write…..
    Learn to spell the college right!!!!!
    If you’re going to be that annoying person and correct someone at least get it right!!

  14. Yea every time a Lion dares to utter the words Super Bowl, such as to state that they have the same desires and goals as every other player in the NFL, a story appears here for no other purpose than to provide fodder for all the haters

  15. Actually, if you listen to Jim Schwartz when he talks about football, you’ll realize that he’s one of the brightest minds in the game. And yes, I’m just sayin.

  16. I’d love to see how this crowd reacts to a player who says in an interview that they don’t think they can get to the Superbowl.
    Apparently, that would be the kind of player they want on their team.

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