Nick Fairley thinks the Lions are going to the Super Bowl


The Lions are the only NFL franchise that has been in existence every year of the Super Bowl era without ever actually playing in the Super Bowl. Nick Fairley thinks that is going to change this season.

Fairley told the Detroit News he doesn’t see any reason why the Lions won’t go to the Super Bowl.

I expect big things,” Fairley said. “I am going to say we are going to the Super Bowl because I am competitive and that is what I want for the team and it is one of the goals. I am sure we are going to take it game by game and day by day.”

Last year the Lions were one of the NFL’s biggest disappointments, going from the playoffs to 4-12 amid a raft of off-field trouble. But Fairley says this year’s Lions will be the NFL’s most pleasant surprise.

“I expect big things,” Fairley said. “We picked up some good guys in the draft. It is going to be up to us (players) to getting the chemistry up to where we can play off each other. We are going to do some big things this year.”

By the standards of the Lions, just reaching the playoffs qualifies as “big things.” But Fairley is thinking bigger than that.

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  1. First you have to beat the teams in your own division, all of whom have also improved this off-season…That said, the Lions should be much better this year.

  2. Which means they won’t make it. At least he wasn’t like other morons and take out a full page ad to doom their season.

  3. Mr. Fairley, please fill this cup to the line, then have a seat. Mr. Goodell will be with you shortly.

  4. I would not be surpised if they did.

    I wonder what two teams they’ll be watching play in it.

  5. What do you expect him to say? “I think we will improve to 7-9 and miss the playoffs yet again”
    Judging by the work he’s done this offseason, I have high hopes for Nick

  6. Good luck The lions have a better chance of finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow than they do making it to a super bowl . Try winning a playoff game first big boy

  7. Doesn’t everybody at this time of year think their team will be going to the Super Bowl?

    I am a Jags fan…there are actually some people down here who think the same thing.

  8. The other Lions are going to be very happy Fairley is buying them all tickets…

  9. This was a great interview. He also spoke to how he is studying the great DT’s of NFL past to craft his game and other subjects. It seems like he’s maturing this offseason, which is great to hear as a Lions fan compared to this time last year.

  10. Nick will have to stand in line at the ticket window just like everyone else if he wants to go to the Superbowl this year.

  11. Instead of trying to poke fun at teams and players, what about reporting the news? Or, if you have an opinion, don’t suck at it.

  12. I’m sure being and NFL franchise they have better connections than most to get enough tickets for the entire team to go. Sounds reasonable.

  13. ? What he suppose to say we going to go 8-8 sneak in the playoffs and lose in the first round. everytime a player say we going to the superbowl media make him look bad. Last i checked that was all 32teams goal. Its superbowl or bust! come on mike david smith

  14. I’d say the Lions have a better chance than GB and their terrible defense and awful O-line.
    They have a great passing game like GB and boast a killer D-line. I’s take Suh, Fairly, and Ansah over Clay and whoever those bums are that play next to him.

  15. lol, they won’t even win the division! leave that to the vikings or packers!

  16. Stafford to Johnson will never make u to Super Bowl. They were more worried about breaking records, instead of winning games Lol

  17. The Lions are full of talkers. They also have a team with players of questionable ethics. They routinely come up short in crucial situations.

  18. Like a lot of people, you CAN go the Super Bowl!

    If you buy your tickets early.

    Even if they do improve, still way to many NFC teams to leapfrog. Be happy for 8-8.

  19. Every NFL player should say their team is going to the Super Bowl. I don’t see the point of this story

  20. The only way the Lions go to the SB this year is if Nick Fairley buys tickets for the team.

    Hint: You need to get to the playoffs first.

  21. Being competitive and wanting to go the the Super Bowl are admirable… but your coach & team mates haven’t figured-out how to consistently beat the Packers, Bears & Vikings. Until that happens those are 3-6 losses every year. You definitely have a better chance than when Millen was your GM, but a long way to go, yet.

  22. Great that’s what he should say. That’s what pretty much every player *should* say.

  23. Statements like this is why I write snarky comments dissing the author (that this site deletes within minutes of me posting them), because you just can’t resist snarky comments like this when you write an article :

    By the standards of the Lions, just reaching the playoffs qualifies as “big things.”

    Completely unnecessary comment and probably an over-reaction on my part, but this is why I don’t watch ESPN or NLF network. You guys in the media just can’t resist treating these forums like it’s open mike night at the local comedy club.

  24. If they buy a ticket. Zing!

    I’m just kiddin’. Good luck this season and stay healthy!

  25. Just another instance of a player saying what they have to. It would be much worse if he said “After last season we are just hoping to get to .500”

    Also one of the things that makes pro athletes so good is that they honestly believe they are the best out there

  26. If you want to be in the prediction business an easier prediction is there will be about 1 to 6 Lion players arrested by the superbowl. And you probably will be one of them mumbles.

  27. On paper, this is a better team than their 2011 playoff team. If they stay healthy and get hot at the right time, why can’t they make it to the Super Bowl? They have a 5k club qb, anything is possible if he’s on his game.

  28. Anyone else sick of hearing guys from the worst team in NFL saying
    There going to Super Bowl every year…….yawn

  29. I’ve been a Lions fan longer than I’m willing to admit, and I really like the outlook of this team. I really REALLY like Fairley. But for Fairley’s statement to be true, EVERYONE needs to step up, from the starters to the coaches. I’ve heard the whole “We expect big things”, and year after year the team falls flat.

    Time to see if the team can cash the checks these boys mouths keep writing…

  30. Each NFL teams get a certain allotment of tickets so if I’m Fairley I’d be especially nice to Lions’ owner Ford because that is about the only way he gets to go to that game as a spectator

  31. They do have the talent, now if they can just get their heads screwed on right. I’d like to see the Lions finally win after the last 50 years of fail.

  32. With the possible exception of the Chiefs, Jags and Raiders, and the obviously exception of the Jets, EVERY team should think their going to the Super Bowl.

    It’s May. Fans dream big, so should players.

  33. I’m a Pats fan and I have to say that this team has been doing all the right things to make themselves contenders. Like the previous posts have said, they have drafted well, obtained talented players and have everything in place to put them there, they just need to avoid the injury bug.
    Good luck to them. I’d really like to see them in the mix at the end of the season.

  34. His optimism is admirable but sorry,it just aint gonna happen,at least not this year.the improvement in talent the Lions have made are many but they were so bad for so long fielding a decent team just brings them up the ladder to what an NFL team is supposed to look like,the elite teams go to the Super Bowl and though the Lions may now resemble a real NFL team they have a ways to go before anyone can put them in the elite class of teams they must play and beat to get to his goal.if they ever did how would the long suffering Lions fans ever handle that kind of success without their hearts giving out from all the excitement.

  35. Any player that does not believe his team is going to the Super Bowl is a loser. In order to accomplish great things, you have to believe them. Remember everyone mocking Flacco for his statements last year that he is the best QB in the league? It doesn’t matter what losers on chat boards like this think. If your team’s players do not think you are going to the Super Bowl, you have a problem. And I am not a Lions fan (nor do I think they have a shot with their current head coach).

  36. “Will your team go to the Superbowl” this year is one of the dirtiest questions you can ask a football player. They HAVE to say yes. Can you imagine if they say no what would happen?

    Then, once they say yes, you can either insult them for being delusional because everyone knows they are a long shot to make it, or insult them for being arrogant if they DO have a good team.

  37. Hey Fairley! The Browns are looking for their SB game reels. Please send it to them.

  38. this is the time of year for this type of optimism so its the lions and jags in the super bowl actually would anyone buy a tix for that game lol

  39. If only they played in the NFC West. Couldn’t imagine how many playoff runs they’d have if they were playing against Arizona, Seattle, and SF the past ten years. Obviously SF has improved now but pre harbaugh days that division was and had been a joke

  40. “Yeeeeeeaaaaah riiiiiight!

    Your QB & RB gets hurt every year!

    You might have been thinking the Tigers are going to the World Series???”

    Um… Stafford has been as healthy as any other QB the last two years, and Javid Best has been out 2 full years at this point… not injured every year. Leshore played a full season after being “injury prone” last year. And they have depth at RB for the first time ever.

    Are they going to the super bowl? Hell, I’ll take 8-8 at this rate. But I don’t think they are making THAT kind of jump losing a bunch of good players.

    Maybe if we still had titus young he could show us which fence to jump over to get into the super bowl?

    Just sit back and enjoy the show with Reggie, Stafford, and Calvin on the same offense together…

  41. greengayfackers says: May 9, 2013 8:17 AM

    “lol, they won’t even win the division! leave that to the vikings or packers!”

    Or, dare I say it, the Bears.

  42. They may very well have enough talent to make it to the SB, but as long as they remain the same undisciplined, self-destructive group that they have been the last couple of years….they have no chance.

  43. And I think I have a chance at the powerball drawing. Oh wait that would mean I have to buy a ticket.

  44. I can’t decide if the article photograph is him stomping on someone’s head, or falling over backwards after one too many chicken wings.

  45. What you guys don’t realize is that the Vikings and lions think “the Super Bowl” is getting the first pick in the draft; something they’ll be battling for for the next decade.

  46. NFL players better say this about the Super Bowl. It’s the only thing worth winning.

  47. I don’t understand why this type of stuff is news. If players on my team didn’t have high hopes and set lofty goals for themselves I wouldn’t want them on my team. Seems normal to go into a new season with such high expectations and until your team is eliminated statistically it should remain your expectation. The real story would be if a player said “Nah, we aint gunna do sh!t this year.” That should make headlines.

  48. I hate these posts. If you have a player on your roster that hasn’t made winning a championship a goal then you cut him right NOW. End of story! C’mon MDS….be better than that.

  49. As a Lions’ fan, I hope he’s right. As an optimist, I think they have the talent. As a realist, I think they will fall short of their goal. The discipline hasn’t been there. The depth hasn’t been there. And health concerns seem to arise annually. But again, being a fan is different than being a player. As a player the burning desire to prove people wrong rages from within. I would be happy to see the confetti fall on Motown, but only time will tell.

  50. What Nick meant to say was Detroit lions are going to the supper bowl. The reason he’s so fat is b/c he’s so fulla sh** from going to the supper bowl

  51. Sure it could happen. If you could just get half the team to quit smoking dope and drinking into the late hours of the night… yea it could happen.

  52. The Lions are the worst franchize in the history of the NFL. “Superbowl” and “Lions” are two words that should never be mentioned in the same sentence, ever!

  53. Hey, look! Packer-lovin’ trollers tokyosandblaster and whatjusthapped doing their obligatory snarking on an NFC North story. Their humor! My sides hurt!

  54. You go for it, Nick! I like your attitude! Hope your enthusiasm and initiative infects the rest of the team. Even if this ultimate goal is not met this year, it could still be an upgrade over previous years.

  55. players making stupid comments liek this before the season is vene close are stupid.. i think kalil made the same comment last year! they didnt do all that great.. someone needs to tell fairley that the new york city superbowl is sold out..better find a tix broker!

  56. If by Super Bowl he meant Pro Bowl, and by the Lions he meant Calvin Johnson, then yes, I agree that the Lions are going to the Super Bowl.

  57. I can’t blame him cause that’s ultimately what ever player wants and try’s for. Instead of making bold predictions he should worry about actually getting on the field. I’m a big auburn fan and I even saw a possible bust in him going pro after junior year. He was 4 on depth chart his first 2 years in college and wasn’t for injuries in training camp that even got him in the 2nd spot at DT for auburn. He had a huge season for the tigers but his best games was him feasting on non sec teams. I wish the best for any auburn player so war eagle fairly if niners don’t make it then I’m pulling for u.

  58. The only thing more ridiculous than disappointing players on 4-12 teams predicting Super Bowls is all the people who feel the need to chime in on how “stupid” that player is and how ridiculous his predictions are. It happens every year. What part of this is so difficult? Every single year for the rest of your lifetime, a mediocre player on a subpar team will declare that they are going to the Super Bowl. So you can either make fun of that player, or you can realize that this is par for the course and let them enjoy their far-fetched predictions.

    That said, as a fan with absolutely no feelings either way about the Lions, I think last year was a fluke and I don’t think they’re that far from being competitive again.

  59. Nick Fairley thinks the Lions are going to the Super Bowl—————they better get their tickets now

  60. This just in:

    Nick Fairley suspended for 4 games due to substance abuse. When asked about the drugs, the commission read this statement and had to know he was on crack or high!

  61. tokyosandblaster says: May 9, 2013 10:27 AM

    What you guys don’t realize is that the Vikings and lions think “the Super Bowl” is getting the first pick in the draft; something they’ll be battling for for the next decade.

    So you take a pitiful shot at the Vikings on a Lions board too, huh? Yeah…..not obsessed or anything. I amnow officially rooting for the Lions to sweep the Packers and finish ahead of them in the division, just so I can see what you will post when the Packers are looking up at both the Lions and Vikings. I think the morgues in Wisconsin will see a spike in business….


    Titus Young was arrested at Roger Goodell’s office today. Sources say he was stealing Super Bowl tickets for Nick Fairley.

  63. If you don’t think your team is going to the Super Bowl in may then you might as well give up football and become a professional flower arranger.

  64. Ok… Lol. Fairley is a bust, and obviously not all there. he should try giving a real effort on the field.

  65. tokyosandblaster says:
    May 9, 2013 3:10 PM
    brewdogg says:
    May 9, 2013 2:43 PM
    tokyosandblaster says: May 9, 2013 10:27 AM

    What you guys don’t realize is that the Vikings and lions think “the Super Bowl” is getting the first pick in the draft; something they’ll be battling for for the next decade.

    So you take a pitiful shot at the Vikings on a Lions board too, huh? Yeah…..not obsessed or anything. I amnow officially rooting for the Lions to sweep the Packers and finish ahead of them in the division, just so I can see what you will post when the Packers are looking up at both the Lions and Vikings. I think the morgues in Wisconsin will see a spike in business….

    It’s so odd how you ignore your fellow Vikings fans taking shots at the Packers on a lions board. My post couldn’t be in response to that, right?

    Dear lord.

  66. What’s with the Packer’s division rivals yapping every off season…

    First Brandon Marshall yapping about the Bears being the best team in the division (they were swept by the Packers – AGAIN!) – The vikes yapping about how magical their GM is for letting their one quality Corner go – now the Lions yapping about Superbowls….smh.

    Take note from the team in your division that has actually accomplished something of note, shut it and just play.

  67. Looks like 10 post about Fairly having to buy tickets to make it to the Super Bowl would be plenty. 15 would surly be overkill. 20, well 20 would be just ridiculous. 25 post saying basically the same thing fails at so many levels that it makes the man you all are so lamely trying to make a joke at the expense of look like Albert Einstein in comparison. Come on people, I know it’s the off season, but you can do better then this.

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