Patriots reach deal with ex-Titans WR Lavelle Hawkins

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Ex-Titans wide receiver Lavelle Hawkins has come to terms on a two-year deal with the Patriots, Jim Wyatt of the Nashville Tennessean reported on Thursday.

The 26-year-old Hawkins has caught 71 passes for 771 yards and one touchdown in five NFL seasons, all with Tennessee. The Titans released Hawkins on May 1.

Hawkins’ most productive season came in 2011, when he hauled in 47 passes for 470 yards and a touchdown in 16 games (two starts).

Hawkins (5-11, 194) joins a crowded depth chart in New England. With his addition, the Patriots now have 12 wide receivers in a revamped group led by ex-Rams slot receiver Danny Amendola. Also, the Patriots drafted a pair of receivers, selecting Marshall’s Aaron Dobson in Round Two and Texas Christian’s Josh Boyce in Round Four.

In addition to agreeing with Hawkins, the Pats signed veteran receivers Donald Jones (ex-Buffalo) and Michael Jenkins (ex-Minnesota) earlier in the offseason.

19 responses to “Patriots reach deal with ex-Titans WR Lavelle Hawkins

  1. They do this every off season, sign a bunch of WR and then cut them before the start of the season.

    No way they can keep 12.

  2. Does New England have any receivers over 6 feet? Serious question, because I do not know.

  3. YO “KING” They drafted in the Second round a 6/3 WR,,Jenkins is 6/2,,,,Hernandez is 6/3…..(he really is a WR,,not a TE)….how many do you want?

  4. Molasses Mike Jenkins is 6′ 4″ and 2nd round pick Aaron Dobson is a shade under 6′ 3″.

  5. That is where 6’4″ Hernandez and 6’6″ Gronkowski (if healthy) and 6’6″ Ballard come into play.

  6. Heard he was a photography major in college; his camera and video skills will fit right in.

    That one was for you pinon8ted, lol.

  7. They have a ton of talent on the roster going into training camp. With all the free agent signings and late round draft selections, as it goes every year—only the best players will make the team. It’s better to have several competing than not enough then go through the season to miss the playoffs. But Go Patriots!!!! We’re there every year big baby. Now with some added speed on the offensive side, hopefully we can push for a SuperBowl.

  8. Hawkins is a really likeable dude, but he had a tendency to get lost in the crowd on the depth chart in TN.

    Here’s hoping a summer catching passes from Brady brings out the best in him, even if it’s just an audition for other teams when all is said and done. Would like to see good things happen for him.

  9. igotgamenj says: NE has only one WR that caught a pass from Tom Brady last season Julian Edelman

    There hasn’t been this much turnover at WR since 2007 and we all know how badly they did that season.

  10. This is a really solid pickup! Bill Belichek never misses on these cheap imports! I’ve never been more proud to be a Pats fan than I am after this wonderful move…

  11. cpo187 says: May 9, 2013 12:31 PM

    It’s official. With this signing the Pats are the Super Bowl favorites once again.
    I hope that was sarcasm.

    As if the media, especially ESPN, need an excuse to make the Pats the ironclad lock to win the Super Bowl, the last EIGHT years notwithstanding.

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