Report: Belichick “hates” Tebow as a player

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It widely has been assumed that, if/when Tim Tebow abandons his insistence on playing quarterback in the NFL, the Patriots and coach Bill Belichick would welcome him into the stable of versatile offensive weapons who are capable of lining up in multiple spots, allowing Tom Brady to spark up the no-huddle offense whenever he please.

Assume again.

According to Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports, Belichick “hates” Tebow as a player.  Silver cites unnamed “organizational sources” for the report, adding that the team “wouldn’t like the circus that comes with” having Tebow on the roster.

The Tebowmania angle will make it harder for any team to justify giving him a chance.  Though he arguably has the skill to be a backup or scout-team read-option quarterback, the distraction that comes with having him on the team will nudge most teams toward other possible choices.

“You don’t want to put up with the circus,” an unnamed AFC head coach told Silver.

“He seems like a great guy to have on a team, and I’d be tempted to bring him in as our backup,” an NFC head coach told Silver.  “But it’s just not worth dealing with all the stuff that comes with it.”

Silver is troubled by the appearance that Tebow is being blackballed, a victim of his own popularity.  Still, a common theme throughout the 2013 offseason has been distractions.  Whatever the cause or the reason, a player who attracts attention for reasons other than excellent performance on the field becomes less desirable when compared to another player of roughly equal skill.

That’s the other thing that hurts Tebow.  Regardless of his uncanny abilities in crunch time of a game, he stinks in practice and for the most part in the first three quarters of play.  If he’s brought in solely to be a backup, he’ll languish because he won’t, for example, be able to deliver accurate passes on a consistent basis to practice players who need to practice catching catchable balls.

Any team that truly wants Tebow would have to be willing to make him the starting quarterback, and also to be willing to tolerate the reality that, from Wednesday through Saturday, he’ll struggle.  There currently seems to be no football team outside of Omaha willing to take that chance.

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  1. Just because he’s evil doesn’t mean he’s stupid…he knows a circus when he sees one.

  2. Tebow is only better than one starting QB in the league, Blaine Gabbert.

  3. We want more unnamed sources. It brings so much legitimacy to sports journalism.

  4. I don’t think I have ever gone from being a hater (not actually hating the person, just being a “hater” so to speak), to actually feeling sorry for a dude. It’s sad that a guy is the victim of such a love/hate media frenzy…. and that mostly it’s the hate side that makes him so popular, and trendy for media outlets to keep covering.

    That hillbilly lawyer’s plea to the Jags was kind of spot on… He has won when he’s been given the reigns. Running a couple wildcat plays for the Jets last season doesn’t really count.

    For him to have won that playoff game against the Steelers to be his last real game as a starter in the NFL just doesn’t seem right. I’m now (unbelievably) in the Tebow backer camp (somehow).

  5. I’d like to take this time to point out that a year ago the Boston Herald kicked and screamed with a full front page story for the Patriots to trade for Tim Tebow when he was up for grabs from the Broncos.

    Worst paper in America second only to the New York Post.

  6. Last I checked this is the same team and coach that signed Ochocinco to a contract. Call me unimpressed with this report.

  7. That’s not much of a surprise. Look at what’s happened to guys like Chad Johnson, & TO. When fame & media attention out-weigh the players talent its time to go.

  8. Riddle me this, PFT planet: do you guys think that the media killed Tebow’s career? What is staggering to me is every report I read on Tebow talks about the Media circus. let’s pause there: The media laments the media circus it creates and then wonders why the guy can’t get a job. I get why you guys do it, because guys like me click the articles even though we’re sick of them. It generates traffic which generates paychecks.

    I guess all I’m saying is, the one component missing from the Tebow coverage, and really with any major story like this, is the stunning lack of self awareness.

    I was never a fan of mixing religion and sports, it’s apples and oranges and one is not an appropriate forum to espouse the virtues of the other. But I legitimately feel sorry for Tebow because he’s the only one NOT getting paid behind his story.

  9. Other than Tammy Brady, who does Belichick like ? He probably don’t even like himself, wife or kids.

  10. Not to assail the guy, but if his name wasn’t Tim Tebow, he would not have been drafted let alone in the first round. And he would wash out of the league without all the fanfare that is going with his current washing out because no one would have heard of him. He’s just not a good quarterback, and the fanfare is what keeps him from being signed to play another position. THAT is where this all hurts him.

  11. it blows my mind. Players continue to break the law, DUI’s, Drugs, Domestic violence, guns in clubs, dog fight gambling rings,etc….and continue to be praised and get signed by teams. Then you have a good solid citizen(religion aside) and he may not be the most talented he is definitely talented, and nobody wants to deal with him. Where are our values??? and why the heck wont the Jags sign him? if nothing else maybe he will put asses in seats finally.

  12. I really do feel bad for this guy. Guys struggle to start in this league, but Tim has been trying to do it while being punched in the face by both the media and the Jets organization at the same time. It’s an insurmountable challenge, and he’s a good kid.

  13. That’s the most cruelly ironic part of the ongoing Tebow circus. From where I’m sitting, he seems like a wonderful person who will line up as a punt protector without complaint if that’s what the team asks of him, even though a season prior he was a starting quarterback in the playoffs, and he personally seems no more overtly religious than half the rest of the league. It’s his fans and the Christian fundamentalists who have latched onto him, who create a toxic atmosphere that follows him everywhere, that make him unemployable. By their own efforts to get him employed, they are making him unemployable.

    Which, if you enjoy irony, is utterly hilarious.

  14. The only reason the “Tebow Circus” came to New York, was because Mark Sanchez performed so poorly.

    If a team like the Pats signed Tebow, I don’t think anyone would be calling for Brady to be benched for Tebow.

  15. I can’t believe people still read Silver and his “unnamed sources.”

    Silver is a complete joke. The most sorry excuse for a so-called “journalist” I’ve ever heard of.

  16. What a shame! The jets ruined this kids career by not even giving him a chance.

    The other travesty is that, the NFL blackballs a great teammate, solid citizen and all around good kid for getting nothing but positive press?

    While convicted criminals like dog killer Vick and pac man jones all get second chances to achieve the same things they did before “NOTHING”!!!

  17. “That’s the other thing that hurts Tebow. Regardless of his uncanny abilities in crunch time of a game, he stinks in practice and for the most part in the first three quarters of play”

    This is what makes people hesitant- he doesn’t put it together for a full game, and you can’t win consistently by making 4th quarter comeback every game (though Elway, P. Mannning, etc. are always revered for that ability, but that’s another double-standard topic…). Nobody wants to commit to him being the #1 QB, which is a shame, as a lot of teams (ARIZONA!) could and have done a lot worse than giving him the keys for two years and letting Tebow either succeed or fail. He proved he could win games in Denver with talent around him, but can he do it for the entire game, and for multiple games? I don’t think anyone but John Fox has given him that opportunity yet.

    I agree that Green Bay would be a great destination for him as a player, but not sure that the Packers feel the same.

  18. I’m a little surprised at Silver’s stance on this quite frankly. Guess you learn something new every day.

  19. I think it would be Divine Justice for Tim to flip the switch and sign on somewhere to play safety.

    With his crunch-time knack, size, speed and attitude he could be the next Troy Polamalu.

    If the media didn’t throw a “Crush Tim Tebow for Being Too Popular Party” like they do every other time he tries to have a football career.

    Way to absolutely destroy a good man for no reason whatsoever, media.

  20. Now imagine if the player was gay, and teams didn’t want the distraction? THEN it would be all over the news and the hate would be spewed and teams would be called ‘phobic’.

    But do it to a Christian player then it’s all good.


  21. thats sad that he gets so much hatred towards him because hes an outspoken christian… i was always told not to hide from god and his words… sad that an nba player comes out gay and gets nototiety and called a hero and tebow loves god and shows he loves god and is called a circus…

  22. So basically he’s a lousy pro-player in most aspects of the game. Got it.

    He should go out and get himself a Joel Osteen gig, he would make millions.

  23. blackballed by his own popularity are you serious. how about HE CANT THROW. i know one game almost 3 yrs ago he threw for 316 against some stinkies but even then the stinkies had what 8-9-10 at the line of scrimmage. even my one armed blind cat igor could throw for that much

  24. I don’t think I have ever gone from being a hater (not actually hating the person, just being a “hater” so to speak), to actually feeling sorry for a dude. It’s sad that a guy is the victim of such a love/hate media frenzy…. and that mostly it’s the hate side that makes him so popular, and trendy for media outlets to keep covering.

    That hillbilly lawyer’s plea to the Jags was kind of spot on… He has won when he’s been given the reigns. Running a couple wildcat plays for the Jets last season doesn’t really count.

    For him to have won that playoff game against the Steelers to be his last real game as a starter in the NFL just doesn’t seem right. I’m now (unbelievably) in the Tebow backer camp (somehow).

    I feel exactly the same way, the guy beat the steelers in the playoffs and took a 1-4 team to the divisional crown and can’t get a shot anywhere??? really??? I live in Denver and was definitely not a Tebow supporter, but now I can’t help but feel for him.

  25. So..just so I’m clear on this: it’s the Tebow supporters that are his biggest problem.
    And not all those that despise, lose sleep and sweat bullets over every single thing the guy does.
    Got it.

  26. I think half the reports from Freeman are made up and why on earth is this worth posting anyway? Who cares. The next Tebow post should be about his signing a deal with his next employer, as long as it is NFL related.

    I will say that the Patriots are smart in not wanting Tebow. I would not sign him either because of the circus the media makes it out to be.

  27. Of course the media created part of Tebow’s current problem, with his every move and utterance analyzed, parsed, and dissected.

    However, we also have to put some of the blame on Tebow himself (or Himself, take your pick). If he would have shown the humility he professes and left all the “me and my next-door neighbor Jesus” stuff at the door, if he had just devoted himself to playing and becoming an actual NFL quarterback, this wouldn’t have happened. He should have improved himself, become a legitimate starting QB, THEN brought out the religious malarkey.

  28. Its unfortunate that the his complete absence of talent is the main reason Tebow can’t find a job.

  29. Numerous unnamed sources have said that I am te coolest person posting on this site. So, u can make up whatever u want as long as “unnamed” leads it off?!?!

  30. What this article forgot to mention was an unnamed source heard from 2 other unnamed sources that the first unnamed source said that the 2nd unnamed source heard that an unnamed coach didn’t mind Tebow but thought it would not benefit his team by signing him…per an unnamed source. This article is less accurate than Tebow himself.

  31. I missed my calling, I think. If I knew that you could make a career in journalism by using, “unnamed sources” or “people with knowledge of the situation”, I would have made a great journalist because I’m good at making up stories. Ridiculous. This comment will get deleted, guaranteed.

  32. If Tebow ever manages to overcome and lead a team to the promise land it will become one of “Sports Greatest Stories Ever Told”.

  33. Tebow has talen and has heart. Fans in Denver will attest to these facts. Belichic cheats and is devoid of the latter. He is envious of someone who has proven himself to be on a different playing field.

  34. I say bull sh*t. How often do you get “news” leaks from the Patriots. Would seem to be a made up story. Although Bill may think that it would never be released to the media.

  35. I’m not surprised that the man who sold his soul to the devil hates a Christian like Tebow.

    “There will arise a beast in the land of clam chowda, (Boston pronunciation), and he will use a frilly girly man and video tapes to win Lombardi Trophies.” -Book of Revelations

  36. Yeah Tebows career is failing because of the media circus…..makes perfect sense. It has nothing to do with his terrible completion percentage, throwing motion, accuracy……come on. This is prolly the one thing you can’t pin on the media. Give it up. Not to mention for whatever reason he couldn’t beat out Sanchez? After that horrible season? Come on. He was never going to be an Aikman, Manning (pick one) or Brady, that was apparent. Let it go and let Tim ride off in the sunset with his bible.

  37. As I’ve said before, the media has killed his career. And it’s not just the haters, guys like Skip Bayless and ESPN as a whole are equally guilty if not more so.

  38. “That’s the other thing that hurts Tebow. Regardless of his uncanny abilities in crunch time of a game, he stinks in practice and for the most part in the first three quarters of play.”

    Regardless of his uncanny abilities in crunch time of a game?????!!???

    Say what? We’re just going disregard the most important attribute of a professional player and not giving him a place on a NFL roster.

    A team can’t find away to use him in crunch time?

    The NFL needs new coaching blood, new ways of thinking. Teams like the 49ers and Eagles were on point by dipping into the college ranks for their coaches. Hopefully Texas A & M coach gets his shot. Kevin Sumlin’s the man.

  39. As well he should..because he’s NOT (a player)! Why do you all want sooo bad to praise mediocrity..ineptness..and being LAME as can be??? Tiny Tim SUX, he’s not an NFL player, what is soooo hard to comprehend?? Lol..let him play semi pro or arena league, and if he blows it up, graduate to CFL, and if he blows that up then maybe back to the NFL as a special teams player. Yall are

  40. It’s fair to say that Tebow brings a lot of distractions, and of course he needs to improve. That being said, the only time he was given an opportunity, he took over a 1-4 team and led them to a playoff win, in which he threw for over 300 yards.

    Tebow’s style is obviously unconventional, but the job of a QB is to win, and in that respect he has already done more in the league and shown more promise than Sanchez, Weeden, Locker, Gabbert, Kolb, Flynn and arguably Freeman – all of whom are projected to be starters.

    Anyone who can honestly say that they would prefer any of those guys to Tebow as their starter is crazy. Even guys who obviously wouldn’t be displaced – like Bradford, Dalton and Ponder – haven’t had as much success. Give the man a chance.

  41. Timmy and NE? Let’s analyze:

    TT was drafted by Josh McDaniels who never let him on the field and then got fired for it. Probably doesn’t want a reunion.

    Last time Timmy faced NE, in his “great” 2011 season, he was 9-26, took 5 sacks and coughed up a couple of fumbles as the Denver got blown out of the playoffs. He also rushed 5 times for a paltry 13 yards.

    Plus he’s the most divisive and media-hogging players in the NFL.

    Perfect for the Pats, right? Just like he’s perfect for the CFL where the ball is bigger, they throw on every play and there’s only three downs.

  42. I feel bad for the kid. He’s exactly the type of role model America needs. While we continually lift up morally corrupt individuals, a Christian man, with strong moral standards and squeaky clean personae is continually vilified. Whether you are a Christian or not, you should want your son to grow up to be the type of person Tim Tebow is.

  43. I have never heard of a player being bad enough as a 2nd stringer that he has to be the starter. Tebow has rewritten the book of logic.

  44. Yup, definitely the media’s fault Tebow can’t complete a 10-yard out pattern. Also the media’s fault he can’t make progressions, or read defenses. Also blame the media that the only thing Tebow can do is 3 yards and a cloud of dust. Please…

  45. Massive jackass though he may be, at least Bill has the cajones to say it, as opposed to these “unnamed” coaches.

  46. Well the offensive Coorinator traded up to get him as a QB.
    Do not underestimate hoodys and the patriot presses ability to spread disinformation.

  47. Well it’s finally been reported….. This is exactly what many others and myself included have believed to be the reason teblow is not on a team! No teams want the distraction and circus that comes with him. The blame is put on the media and these ridiculous Tebow advocates that know nothing of football and would call for Tebow to start over any qb in the league. Get over it people and stop worshipping this guy like he is the second coming! If you did that then the media wouldn’t be forced to follow him around like he’s the pariah (however the hell you spell it) and a team would have signed him already. Some blame belongs to Timmy too though because he loved the attention. So the bed has been made now lie in it and go away!

  48. I have read maybe one article or have seen 1 interview with Tebow himself this off season yet you have had a article about him everyday since the season ended. who is to blame for that? how is the circus that follows him his fault when you report his every move? the guy is popular for a reason and maybe the media and pft should focus on why that is instead bashing him for it every chance they get. we see a good wholesome man who lives a clean lifestyle and is proud of it. we see a kid who did what nobody thought he could do in denver then get pummeled for doing it. he went to the jets and was never given the chance to show what he did in denver. great he is not a typical qb and we get that but we don’t care! he won! make all the excuses other than giving him credit but he won when everybody said he could not. and he did it with zero support from his gm or his coach. there is no way you can say with a straight face you can say he was given a fair shot with the jets. they knew what they were getting when they traded for him then acted shocked he did not look different than what they say with the broncos. ryan was scared to let him have the chance to prove him so he never let see the field even with the season lost. the easiest way to prove he could not do it was start him and let him fail and then say he can’t do the job but no they went with the it just did not work out excuse. the pro Tebow crowd will never stop believing in the man but the only way they will stop believing in Tebow the qb is if he is given a fair chance to shine or fail. last year with the jets was the perfect chance to end tebow mania and they blew it by not giving him that chance.

  49. Why does Tebow get so much attention? He should be glad he got that first round money because he wont see a contract like that again. Whens the last time a QB from University of Florida did something in the NFL? Steve Spurrier is the most successful i can think of and thats not a good thing. He will be out of the league sooner than these idiots think and then we can get rid of the Tebow circus on PFT.

  50. Distraction??????
    Yeah shame on Tebow for not beating up women, numerous DUI and gun offenses, etc
    If he wants a job in the NFL, that seems to be the best way of earning a spot on the roster.
    The distraction is the fact that the media finds him to be too much of a nice guy and therefore rake him over the coals desperately looking for skeletons. But they love a guy like Kenny Britt.
    Also the Patriots didn’t seem to be bothered by Ocho Stinko’s presence on the roster, but Tebow’s the guy to hate.
    There’s a lot wrong in this world. This is jsut one of them.
    Judge him on his talent or lackthereof..not on his image or so called “baggage”

  51. Tim Tebow is a victim of desperate media persons with a “National Inquirer” mentality that sensationalize inconsequential details and spin everything into a circus. Athletes today are as much a part of the “Hollywood scene” as movie stars, and it’s a shame that their careers can be so adversely effected by a parasitic business with their own agenda. Fans have to be smarter and separate the athelete and his skillset from the media hype. What ever happened to journalistic ethics? “Unnamed sources”….pffft! I seriously doubt that Bilicheck has any interest in players outside his organization to the degree of working up a “hate”!
    Com’n Man!

  52. The Patriots cheated their way to their championships, and haven’t won one since being discovered.

    Belichick knows Tebow would never cheat, so NE can’t use him.

  53. A GM with some imagination should sell Tim on a new type of position, we’ll call it a Jump’in – Back-Passer where he’s a running back who has the option to do a jump pass on any given run play. This would confuse the defenses, open up the field & maybe meet his QB aspirations half-way while utilizing his raw talent & teammanship.

  54. Face it, white Christians are the last remaining group against which discrimination is not only a-ok, but actively encouraged by the media and state. At the end of the day, this sport is entertainment, that’s the whole point, yet teams don’t want to be associated with a player due to his popularity? Is that a joke?

    Oh, and if you think Tebow is a talentless clown, go back and re-watch that final four minutes he had against the Dolphins where the Broncos came back from down 15 points and ended up winning in overtime. He’s no Montana, but he’s no Sanchez either.

  55. Yes, Timmy is a great role model. Made a movie about his high school career. Made a movie about his heisman year. Made a movie about his draft preparations. Wrote a book about himself (at the age of 22!). Hogs the spotlight. Divides lockerrooms. Parades around in his underwear for money.

    Oh, and he charged an appearance fee of $100,000 to come down and talk to the kids where I live. How come THAT’s never reported?

  56. He hates Tebow yet trades for a slug like Albert Haynesworth or a Diva like Chad Ochocinco.

    Maybe BB isn’t the talent evaluator everyone makes him out to be. Take a look at some of his drafts over the past 5 or 6 years.

    If it weren’t for having doormats like the Bills, Jets, and Dolphins within the division they’d be lucky to make the playoffs.

  57. I’ve come to the conclusion that if Jacksonville, (the team that would benefit the most financially from signing Tebow), is out of the picture than Tebow needs to sign with a team with a great QB and a coach who is secure in his job.

    That would include New England, but they are already grooming Mallett for that role.

    New Orleans, Atlanta, NY Giants, Houston, and possibly Baltimore are the only other places where signing Tebow and spending the next 5 seasons teaching him how to be a more productive QB make any sense.

  58. Tebow has a love hate relationship with the media. On one hand they helped hype him up enough to get a 1st round payday. On the other hand the media has ruined his career via creating a circus over every little thing he does including going for a jog in the summer with no shirt on. As far as W&L’s go he hasnt been that bad, he’d probably be on a roster somewhere if the media stopped caring about him.

  59. The sad thing is that the only reason he’s a part of the conversation as a football player is because his team beat a Pittsburgh team that had no business being in the playoffs in the first place. The very next week Tebow got his head handed to him by NE (not a NE fan by the way). Thankfully John Elway had the foresight to do right by the fans of Denver and not make him the franchise qb. C’mon, you can’t tell me they (Denver) make the playoffs this year with Tebow at the helm? Can you imagine when Tebow comes to the Jets and what they must have thought after his first terrible practice? “WHAT HAVE WE DONE”

  60. Another reason why us Bronco fans can’t stand McDaniels. He (the “offensive genius that he is”) drafted him way too high thus creating this mess. Tim should have languished on the bench as a 4th or 5th rounder IF he made it out of training camp which he barely did in Denver.

  61. Seriously Tebow fans, if Tebow was a great, or even average QB, why isn’t he playing? We have a murderer whos going to the HOF, a rapist whos a two time Super Bowl winning QB, drunk drivers on almost all teams, PED cheaters… if you can play, the NFL basically doesn’t care about your off the field stuff.

    Tebow isn’t NFL QB material. Neither was Tommy Frazier, or Eric Crouch, or Jason White, or the coutless other QBs who did great in college. Then you have the Tony Romo’s and Tom Brady’s of the world, guys who didn’t excel in college but who are in the NFL. Different games, and Tebow isn’t an NFL QB no matter how much his supporters want it to be so.

  62. If anyone is to blame it’s the Media. They are the only people forcibly tyring to make Tebow popular and/or keep him relevant. Real fans do NOT like him, and know he’s a complete joke of a QB at the NFL level. It’s a vicious media cycle that has caused the neverending Tebow coverage/circus to become the 1a reason teams don’t want him.

  63. This is all Tebows fault. If we all bealive the reports from last year that Denver gave him a choice between the Jets and the, and he chose wrong. And he is an idiot for making that choice, look anyone who looked at those options knew that Sanchez was the starting QB and had been for several years. Does Sanchez suck, yeah but he was the starting QB. The Jags had Gabbert who was awful his first year and I think coming off of an injury (not positive), Tebow could have easily taken that job. Tebow chose the Jets cause it’s NY and he would be in a big media market and sell jerseys and make commercials and have his face plastered all over the NY Post. Tebow is to blame, not anybody else.

  64. It’s nice to see that NFL teams and front offices are smartening up to this sort of thing. Distractions like this do impact a football team. No doubt about it.

    If he were any good, he’d have a job regardless of the distraction. The problem is…Tebow SUCKS at playing the game of football.

  65. Frankly, IMO Tebow brought this own himself by wearing his religion on his sleeves. Nobody, except other religious newbies, possibly like this for a number of reasons; we don’t need to make the constant affirmation of belief because it’s centered more deeply inside us, we’re secure with that and don’t “need” to keep displaying it; people aren’t comfortable with constant playing of the religion card, cause it appears to be self-righteous at times in a way that subverts more important factors, and by wide consensus more popular ones; people don’t care for proselytizing where it’s not appropriate.

    It’s been too little content and too much form with Tebow, content (improve your game) always trumps form (my Lord and…).

  66. I don’t understand this rabid Tebow got screwed over. I lived in Denver for his first few years there. He did a minimal amount of off season work on his throwing motion, yet all the Tebow die hards can’t help but parakeet that he’s “such a hard worker”. Look at this off season, what’s he done to get better? Spend a week with Vinnie T down in Florida, one whole week. I don’t know if you tebowmaniacs realize that Payton, Eli, Brady and Bree’s spend significantly more time working on their mechanics and they are far more accomplished, and don’t have major corrections to make.

    Also, let us not forget that the deals offered by the jets and jags were essentially identical, so the broncos allowed Tim to decide where he wanted to go, he passed over the jags, plane and simple. He could have been there last season, he didn’t play there by his own choice.

    Tebow can barely throw, deal with it. He has made some throws, but not nearly on a consistent enough basis for him to be viable in today’s NFL. If it were 25 years ago, he would have a chance, in a league where QBs throw 35 times a game he’s useless.

    And to those of you mentioning that the Cardinals could use him, get real. That team is built around Larry Fitzgerald. Why would any GM in their right mind pair Fitzgerald with a guy who has to be in the bottom 3 of QBs who can get the ball down the field?

  67. If Tebow was a progressive and pro-choice he’s be the highest paid player in the NFL

  68. It’s the media’s fault? (Referencing earlier post). To a certain extent, yes. But, in turn, we have to realize WHY the media is covering him. They are covering him because people both love and hate him to extremes. Why do you think so many articles are coming out about him? BECAUSE PEOPLE READ THEM! The reason the media is all over him, is because we as a football nation are reading everything that comes out about him.

    Clearly it has gotten out of hand, you are right, the media is one of the reasons he isn’t going to have a job, but we’re also the reason he’s not going to have a job, because we’re the ones driving the media.

    Lastly, if he would give up his need to play quarterback he may have a job, I’ve heard reports from profootballtalk and other websites saying that teams have contacted the Jets to trade for him if he’d move positions, but Tebow WILL/WOULD NOT play any other position. Let’s not just blame the media, it’s a culmination of certain things that drive “Tebowmania”.

  69. While I do feel bad for Tebow and the fact that he’s essentially being blackballed because of his own popularity, he could really solve his own problem by taking on a position switch. I guarantee the market for his services would go up sevenfold if he said he was willing to play tight end or H-Back because he has the ability to do so.

    He has delusions of being a quarterback and if that’s his dream that’s all well and good, but he won’t find a job playing quarterback because the whole league knows the circus that follows him will bring down the team and the actual starting quarterback.

  70. As long as he knew his place, I’d love him as a back-up. he could be useful on special teams (the fake FG threat) and in the goalline.

    If you can’t throw the ball a little, you are useless as a starting QB.

  71. I think it’s fair to conclude that teams don’t want Tebow AS A QUARTERBACK.

    He has that Winning thing going for him but, he continues to insist on playing the quarterback position. Talent evaluators have suggested he convert to halfback/tight end and until Tim brings himself around to that reality, he’s essentially locking himself out of a job.

    In all the Tebow articles we’re bombarded with everyday, all day, have any of the media bothered to get a quote from Tebow or his agent about plan B? It would be exciting to see him re-invent himself at another position. Stubborn hubris is really the only thing in his way at this point (and that is solely his fault).

  72. Tim Tebow has only one person to blame for this debacle: Tim Tebow.
    The entourage he travels with needs to consist of one agent and immediate family.

    In my opinion, he is getting horrible advice. Too many people in his ear confusing the issue.

    It’s a shame. The window doesn’t stay open for very long.

  73. Had Tebow never “tebow’d” on the field, he wouldn’t be in this position. He created this jobless environment by himself with his actions.

  74. Did I ACTUALLY read a comment on here blaming the media for Tebow not being able to find a job??!??! Maybe the fact that he is AWFUL at best as an NFL quarterback has just a scosh of reasoning…

  75. Kinda ironic that ‘Silver is troubled by the appearance of Tebow being blackballed by the Media’ then proceeds to site an unnamed source that Bellichek “hates him”

  76. I’m still wondering why no one will give him a shot at running the football.

    He will easily average 4 yards a carry and he is good for at least 8 rush TDs.

    A play action inside the 5 to Tebow works every time. But wait, the stubborn Christian won’t consider a position change. THAT is why he won’t have an NFL job…..ALL his fault.

  77. Belichick would not say that…he can find ways to use just about any NFL caliber athlete…he’s not a QB – but he could fit right in with Gronk and HErnandez and their injuries…

  78. He or any other team could bring Tebow in on one condition: 1. He agrees to play TE or FB. 2. He is not permitted to do any news conferences just like all other free agents have not done around the league. 3. He assumes the team first role and refrains from proselytizing as a team mate. Tim has to know this is the blueprint. Take it or retire.

  79. Any young player that had won the Heisman, won a national Championship, and taken over a moribund team that was 1-4

    Three Year D1 SEC Starter
    Heisman Trophy Winner 2007
    Team Captain 2008, 2009
    BCS National Champion 2008
    13-1 in 2009
    Voted Team MVP By Own Players 2007, 2008, 2009
    Backup QB on a 4-12 Denver Broncos Team in 2010
    Took Over a 1-4 Broncos Team in 2011
    Went 8-5 with Playoff Win Over Steelers, Loss To Patriots

    Unorthodox Style, Late Game Heroics, Statistically Subpar.

    Forget about the name. Any kid with this record would be given a chance. The issue is his Christianity, and the lack of it in the media, which is almost exclusively Liberal, and composed of people of other faiths and/or no faith at all. Certainly, the player would not be attacked to this level were it not for his religious faith. Of course, were he to deny his faith, perhaps they would spare him. The other problem is is supporters are pretty vocal from a non-football angle. Perhaps they could tone it down some.

    I’d sure like to see Jacksonville give him a chance. They don’t have a lot to lose and everything to gain, though they don’t have much for him to work with either. Chicago would be interesting with Trestman’s support. How long would it take Cutler to implode, and how well would the city take to a tough, physical QB like Tebow??? He’d have tools to work with and a defense to keep him him games.

  80. Yeah that makes sense, Tebow represents honesty and integrity, BilaCheat does just that CHEAT! The whole league views you guys as the Patr*ots

  81. Tim Tebow is a distraction and Big (Has) Ben Roethlisbooger is NOT? The guy took Denver to the playoffs and beat the pants off the Steelers. What are people afraid of? Winning?

  82. Tebow’s situation is really pretty simple. He just doesn’t have enough game to be a starting NFL QB. If he wants to stay in the NFL, he needs to either get better at QB or agree to change positions.

    It’s not about his faith or the media circus, it’s about his skills and decision making.

  83. So a guy like Tebow can’t find a place in the NFL but guys who can barely keep themselves out of jail (McClain) are rewarded! Unreal!

  84. He isn’t black balled because of the media frenzy. I don’t recall anyone tripping over each other to sign this guy or trade for him after the Denver fiasco…and nobody is now…and it isn’t because the media.

    People still wanted TO, Randy, heck even Leaf…all media circus’s…but not Timmy.

  85. “Not to assail the guy, but if his name wasn’t Tim Tebow, he would not have been drafted let alone in the first round. And he would wash out of the league without all the fanfare that is going with his current washing out because no one would have heard of him. He’s just not a good quarterback, and the fanfare is what keeps him from being signed to play another position. THAT is where this all hurts him.”

    So his faith is what made him Tim Tebow?

    Lets ignore the fact that he may be the best college football player to every step on the field. That had nothing to do with it right?

    Where do you people come from who just learned about Tim Tebow as a pro? This kid was a freak on that field. Honestly people.

  86. I thought it was trashy for Silver to put unsubstantiated “hate words” into Belichick’s mouth.

    Why would you put that same trash into a headline? I’m not a Pats fan, but I don’t think it’s fair to Bill, and it’s demeaning to Tebow.

  87. Wow… you Tebowites are really delusional. Little Timmy HAS been given the opportunity and failed. Yes… failed with the hapless NJ Jets.

    If he couldn’t impress and beat out the terrible Sanchez, he does not belong in the NFL. The “couple” of plays he managed to cobble together is not what it takes to lead a team full time.

    You all should just pack up your bags and follow him door to door on his next crusade. Just don’t come to my door… I have big dogs! ;0)

  88. Tebow wants to be a QB but he’s not capable, however, If I was moribund like Jacksonville, I’ll prop him up on the sidelines to sell a few tickets, bring some excitement to town for 16 games, they’re gonna be trash anyway

  89. So because tebow sucks at being a qb and cant get a job yall want to keep brining up other players problem up saying this guy went to jail for this or vick killed dogs but what yall never say is how everybody who was arrested or killed can play better than tebow in their sleep tebow is not an nfl qb just face the facts he had one good game since his collage days

  90. Has anyone seen his “highlite” film showing his attempted catch in the flat when the ball gets tipped and he ducks his head? No wonder BB thinks he sucks….he does! He should try to gain about 60 lbs and become a offensive lineman.

  91. So many idiots here bringing up the cheating crap again. For the millionth time, Roger Goodell sent that memo about videotaping to EVERY team in the NFL, not just the Patriots. IF the Patriots were the only team videotaping, then why did Roger Goodell send that memo to EVERY team in the NFL?

    Hate to burst bubbles here, but every team cheats. 49ers commit salary cap violations, Colts pump in phony crowd noise, Jets trip players, Saints commit bounties. Every team cheats. People need to get their heads out of their rear ends at this point.

  92. Eric crouch (spell check) won the heisman and the rams wanted him to switch to safety so he retired because he wanted to be a qb tebow should do the same if he thinks he is a qb. Winning the heisman don’t mean you to call the shots at the nfl level. Hell troy smith won the hesiman and he got bounced around face it tebow is not a qb

  93. There is no strong evidence that Belichick said that. The source isn’t even credible. Until I see some better evidence, I don’t believe it. Belichick usually stays low key and keeps his opinions to himself. It may be true, he may feel that way but wouldn’t come out and say it

  94. tjacks7 says:
    May 9, 2013 11:38 AM
    Its unfortunate that the media is the main reason Tebow can’t find a job.
    I guess not being able to throw has nothing to do with it. This happens to hundreds of players every year, why is this any more tragic?

  95. Good Luck Tim. I hope he catches on with someone. He needs to get caught with a bag of weed or get a DUI or beat his girlfriend to get cred in the NFL.
    What have they become?

  96. WHY is this a surprise?
    Tebow is the anti-Brady.
    One dates ?, and the other is married to a Model.
    One has zero SB Rings and other has 3!
    One is an overhyped college player; the other was underhyped and overlooked.
    One points to the heavens when he crosses the Goal; the other points to his teammates.
    …. and you wonder which would Belichick prefer?!!!! WWBD.

  97. I read a lot of people blaming the media but I’m not so quick to agree. I blame the people that regurgutate what they hear and take it as fact.

    Tim will make more money over his lifetime than most people because he’s got influential connections now (outside of football).

    This frenzy isn’t really killing Tim, at all. If you look at it from a PR standpoint, he’s “Jesus” and the media and NFL are the “sinful social structure.”

    I think stance on not switching to a different position further supports that notion. If he switches then a lot of that storyline goes away, diminished by his choice.

    This is a passive-aggressive play by he and his people and it has little to do with football and more to do with public perception and money.

  98. Maybe Omaha Beef will sweeten the deal, and in addition to the $75 per game, they’ll throw in a couple of cheeseburgers. Hey, when times are tough, the tough gotta eat too.

  99. For all of the delusional posting above, it is NOT the media that has caused Tim Tebow his woes in finding a job. It IS Tim Tebow and his mediocre at best skills, that have caused him his troubles. If he were an ace, a top notch crackerjack QB, the teams would be pounding on his door and ringing his phone to death, with job offers, and the “circus talk” wouldn’t even be a consideration.

  100. Actually, if he wants a shot at a new contract, he should get drunk and laid and then threaten his mother with a beat down. The Cowboys and their wonderful GM will be first in line! He can throw to Dezzie!

  101. If my quarterback came running over to the sidelines like a wild man yelling, “ONLY ONE PERSON CARRIES THE BALL HERE!!!” then I would do exactly what John Fox did, find a way to get rid of him. When Tebow did that, he wasn’t showing leadership, he was showing a monumental me-first ego.

  102. Maybe if he focused less on invisible sky friends and more on his throwing mechanics, he’d have an NFL gig right now.

    He can always parlay this into the Christian lecture circuit. They pay good money to hear tales about Dionysus.

  103. The high number of posts in the Tebow threads are EXACTLY why no team wants to touch him with a 10 foot pole. It’s a combination of the media circus, the Tebowmaniacs, the conservative evangelical religious fanatics, the haters, etc, that brings too much unwanted attention to the team. When a hometown team like the Jags who have low revenue won’t even consider him, then you know Tebow is in trouble. Tebow did it to himself when he made that anti-choice/ anti-abortion commercial in the Superbowl and started shoving religion down everyone’s throat.

  104. I do feel bad for Tebow, but lets get one thing out of the way. Bill Belichick does not “hate” Mr. Tebow as a player, and thats quite obvious if you have ever watched a Patriots game. If you do recall, Kevin Faulk was exactly like Tim Tebow, except for postition of course, and Belichick had nothing but praise for Faulk, made a star out of him.

    Another thing that might be kind of hard for you thick-headed people who dont leave in the Massachusetts/ New England area and won’t believe it if Belichick has anything nice to say about anyone. Its not like Belichick is an “i-hate-life kind of person”. When they lose, Belichick will point out their mistakes, as any good coach will. Even when they win, hes quick to point out some mistakes. Do not confuse criticsm with hatred. But I can totally understand why most people hate him. And thats because he wins, and wins alot, something most sour fans aren’t used to.

  105. People can blame the media which is dead on. But I see a post with over 100 comments and see why the media does it. If you don’t like the media, ignore the article.

  106. I think it’s funny and ironic that the very zealots who worship his every move have now caused such a “circus” that he can’t find a job.
    He seems like a nice-enough guy, but I would prefer to never have to read his name again.

  107. noah81398 says:
    May 9, 2013 4:19 PM
    I do feel bad for Tebow, but lets get one thing out of the way. Bill Belichick does not “hate” Mr. Tebow as a player, and thats quite obvious if you have ever watched a Patriots game. If you do recall, Kevin Faulk was exactly like Tim Tebow, except for postition of course, and Belichick had nothing but praise for Faulk, made a star out of him.
    Kevin Faulk was a running back at LSU and was a running back in New England. Faulk was nothing like Tebow. Your analogy doesn’t wash.

    Kevin Faulk also never drew attention to himself. He was all business. Belichick didn’t “make a star” out of Kevin Faulk. Please, give Kevin Faulk some credit for being very talented and a smart football player. What Belichick did with Faulk was determine what Faulk could do well and take advantage of that.

    Belichick wants his players to focus on football first. It is hard to believe that Tebow focuses on football first. If Tebow REALLY cared about football and his teammates, he would realize that the attention he draws to himself is not healthy in a team environment. I disagree with those who believe he brings none of this on himself. That’s pure BS. All he ever had to do was keep his mouth shut. But he never met a microphone that he didn’t like. Even if you believe that he was doing “god’s work” in marketing his lord everytime a mic was thrust in front of his face, you have to accept the fact that this is polarizing. Tebow created a 3-ring circus.

    Belichick hates Tebow’s abilities as a quarterback and exploited them. He also hates players who make themselves distractions. Lastly, he likes players who love football. That’s guys like Kevin Faulk, Tom Brady, and Troy Brown and not guys like Tim Tebow.

  108. Nobody is saying that the media is causing his lack of skills. It’s the media that keeps him from developing them. Let me throw out a name for you : David Carr. He’s still in the league. He’s had a long career as a backup and a quality locker room guy. I am not going to go into the debate about Tebow being a starting quality quarterback, but if it wasn’t for the circus he could quietly sign on as a backup someplace and develop his skills. I can think of a half dozen active head coaches who collect QB’s to tinker with. He could be someones practice squad / offseason project. That’s not happening for him because of the press.

  109. Tim tebow reminds me of a qb we had here in Baltimore when the ravens first arrived stoney case couldn’t throw and could only run qb sneaks and option plays see how long.he lasted

  110. A) I hate his lack of quarterbacking skills.

    B) He seems like a fine person otherwise.

    Given that he is looking for a quarterbacking job, pont A) is pretty darn important.

    If he were to give that up and consider trying out at another position, which, face it, is a long shot…

    then he’s worth a training camp non-roster invite if he meets all the requirements: 1) no QB reps; 2) no guarantees; 3) minimum salary; 4) nothing above minimum media access

    i think he accepts a deal like that or he never plays a snap again in the NFL.

  111. Tebow should get into high school or small college coaching where he also could speak to congregations on Sundays. You can’t blame NFL teams for passing on him. They can’t all be wrong. If Jacksonville wouldn’t take him, why would any other team do it?

  112. I’m no Tebow hater or fan. I do know that there are many Pro-Athletes that struggle during practice (and even during non-crunch time in actual games), But excel when the Stuff-Hits-The-Fan. Tim Tebow seems to fit that mold. It’s unfortunate that he does nothing (outside of perform excellent during 90% of pressure moments) to create this media madness. The NFL could have benefited from his presence, if it was handled differently from the beginning. But who knew how to do it? I don’t.

  113. The simple fact is none of the Tebow haters or Tebow lovers know anything about Tebow,
    and they know as much about throwing mechanics as they do about auto mechanics which is probably zero.
    The only thing anybody here has ever heard about Tebow is what they read from mostly “unnamed sources”.

    So lets assume you are now a NFL coach or manager and you didn’t know the name Tebow,
    and you got to look at the ACTUAL stats of a recent college player and evaluate them.

    Player A

    2006 Despite a backup Qb status Player A rushes for the 2nd most rushing yards on the team
    Plays in Championship game throws touchdown, Gators win Championship

    2007 Starting QB, sets all time college football records for most yards passing and rushing in history.
    Has 2nd highest passing QB rating ever recorded (171) in college.
    Wins the Heisman trophy as a Sophmore !
    Recieves the Dave O’ Brien award given annually to the best quarterback in the country.

    2008 Breaks all time rushing school record previously held by Emmitt Smith
    Leads Gators to a 12-1 record, then goes to National Championship and wins!
    Leads the Heisman Trophy award race with the most first place votes, ultimately finishing third
    after having already won the award the year before!

    2009 Rushes for his 51st touchdown, breaking the SEC record held by Herschel Walker
    Leads team to victory in the Sugar Bowl, passing for 482 yds and 4 touchdowns

    Player A sets college records for :

    Passing efficiency rating 171
    Completion Percentage 67%
    Passing touchdown to interception ratio 5.5
    Rushing yards by a Quarterback 2947 yards
    Rushing touchdowns IN ANY POSITION 57
    Player responsible for most touchdowns ever 145
    Record for most consecutive games with a throwing AND rushing touchdown 14
    Total touchdowns thrown in college 88
    Total interceptions thrown 15
    Total yards passing 9286

    Player A is picked in the first round of the draft

    A team widely expected to go maybe 2-15 throughout the year starts out at 1-4, change to Player A as QB
    Player A leads this team to the playoffs where they defeat the then much vaunted Pittsburgh Steelers
    Player A becomes the first quarterback in NFL history to rush for a touchdown in each of his first three career starts.

    Player A spends a wasted year with the NY Jets, being used as a “Punt Protector” and doesn’t complain!!
    All the while everybody with any football sense at all knows the starting NY Jet QB (Sanchez) sucks

    Player A now available as Free Agent !!

    YOU are now the NFL Coach….do You sign him, and give him a shot??

    If you said NO………Your an Idiot..plain and simple and that DOES go for current NFL coaches in need of a QB

    I am not a Tebow lover, but if I had the choice to choose this guy who doesn’t complain, isn’t in trouble with
    the law and just happens to set more college records than any other player in recent history and just wins,
    Your damn right I’m giving him a shot.

  114. It is not just media frenzy, but fan frenzy as well. If a new post says Tebow anywhere in the title it ends up joining the top 10 PFT most commented on threads for the week. Currently two “Tebow” threads are there and so the media and PFT and anyone else looking to get attention will continue to talk about him…

  115. Mike Silver rocks as a writer!!!

    Finally, even the “Great One” like Belichick can see ineptitude when others are disgracefully unwilling to.

  116. metitometin

    True. Godell sent that letter to the entire league…but it was ONLY Belicheat who “mis-interpreted” it to mean something different…It’s like Roger Clemens mis-remembering … or Jodi Arias “blacking out”… just a convenient excuse.

    Pats fans have to be thanking their lucky stars that Godell felt it proper to destroy those tapes. He probably knew that titles would need to be “given back” ala the Fab Five … and wanted no part of it.

  117. kingofalldomains says: “A team widely expected to go maybe 2-15”
    Either your not much of an NFL fan or your not very good at math considering the NFL plays a 16 game regular season schedule

  118. The best subplot is that Belicheater sucked baby hoodie McDoouche into MOVING UP to pick TT in the FIRST round. Can you imagine the jokes inside the coaches room when McDouche is out getting Belicheaters coffee.

  119. Oh let’s not to be hard on Tebowless. He might become a towel boy for some team some day down the road. Skip Bayless, can join him some day also.

  120. nyyjetsknicks says: May 9, 2013 11:45 AM

    “Hey Tebow, start building your brainwash center…I mean church.”

    Are you implying Tebow’s the Manchurian candidate? North Korea’s in enough trouble…they don’t need to be part of the Tebow circus.
    I remember Tebow was college player of the year, and that means he’s a very, very good football player. Somebody’s got to figure out how to take advantage of his skills, before that brainwash thing happens.

  121. Why does this sound like that experiment when you tell someone something and when it gets around the room, the statement has been completely changed.

    I bet Belichick said that Tebow “doesn’t fit our system and we’re not interested”, and it turned into “Belichick hates Tebow” after about 10 people passed on the info.

    Makes sense with all of these unnamed sources.

  122. Once again. The media destroyed Tebows career. It’s to bad bc he could be good for a team if they give him a chance. Maybe not a starter but at least a back up.

  123. This article has been up just under 8 hrs and 177 comments. Y’all love some tebow. The constant irrelevant updates ain’t going anywhere.

  124. Keep in mind, the thing that changes everyone’s hearts is money and a NFL Championship. If these billionaires that own the teams know anything, it’s money. And if they can see a championship by signing up Tebow, well, the rest will be history.

  125. And another thing. Prayer is a private thing so the NFL should either put up some booths or ask the players to wait until they’re on the sideline.

  126. @ bubbybrister/shovelpass

    And for all the other haters, here are the rules again.

    In the NFL’s operations manual, it states that “no video recording devices of any kind are permitted to be in use in the coaches’ booth, on the field, or in the locker room during the game.” Furthermore, all video shooting locations for coaching purposes “must be enclosed on all sides with a roof overhead.”

    In a memo to NFL head coaches and general managers on Sept. 6, 2006, NFL executive vice president of football operations Ray Anderson wrote: “Videotaping of any type, including but not limited to taping of an opponent’s offensive or defensive signals, is prohibited on the sidelines, in the coaches’ booth, in the locker room, or at any other locations accessible to club staff members during the game.”

    In the league’s Constitution & Bylaws, it reads: “Any use by any club at any time, from the start to the finish of any game in which such club is a participant, of any communications or information-gathering equipment, other than Polaroid-type cameras or field telephones, shall be prohibited, including without limitation videotape machines, telephone tapping, or bugging devices, or any other form of electronic devices that might aid a team during the playing of a game.”

    Belichick wasn’t the only one to misinterpret the rules. He was the only one who got CAUGHT in violation of the first rule stated above. Big difference. His possible misinterpretaion of the rule could be spot on. Example, the rule stated that you cannot have a camera on the field (it did not say sideline). In a seperate portion of the bylaws, the league defines the “field as endline to endline, sideline to sideline (ie the playing field). Did Belichick have a camera on the field as the league defines it? No, he did not. Personally, I say this is b.s. mainly because of the enclosure aspect, but if you want to go by what was technically written, Belichick is correct.

    Also, the memo that Ray Anderson put out in 2006 is not a “reminder” of the rule. Because he changed the wording of the rule, he therefore changed the rule itself, which he nor the Commissioner’s office is not permitted to do. Only owners can change league rules by vote. So, in essence, while the Commish’s office was telling teams to knock it off, they made a mistake by misquoting the rule. In essence, since they did not quote the rule word for word, they were telling teams to follow a rule that technically did not exist. Every team in the league should have disregarded this memo. Again, these are technicalities, but if you want to interpret Belichick’s misinterpretations, this could be a possible explanation. Again, I think it’s b.s., but still.

    The third paragraph has to do with watching in game film. It’s not allowed. Only polaroids and telephones are allowed as we’ve seen over the years. I have always said that if you caught Belichick watching in game film, then he was cheating. Otherwise, this is simply a camera placement violation. There NO rule prohibiting the videotaping of an opponents offensive or definsive signals or sidelines. None.

    And anyone who thinks this no longer happens is absolutely fooling themselves. Consider that the NFL has recently allowed each team to have multiple cameras on the sideline for what is termed independent “in house productions” (Refer to this PFT story Consider that any team can videotape anything they want from “legal” locations in the first place. Consider that the NFL NOW wants cameras in the home locker rooms when cameras were NEVER allowed in the locker rooms during the games. Teams have access to anything they want that pertains to the game.

  127. If any team thought Tebow had even the slightest chance to be a starting QB in the NFL, he would be on that team.

    He’ll do well as a full time preacher.

  128. and just so we’re clear….after that unbelievable season where he “willed” the broncos to the playoffs they had so much faith in him that they traded him away…….that should tell you all you need to know about his skill set.

    i can admit that the media gives him more attention than david carr but then again david carr didn’t have the college career and the hype that tebow did. thats not apples to apples. vince young could be a decent comparison but where is young now?

  129. What ever team finishes 2-14 or worse should put all their faith in TEBOW!!!

    Tim would acutally be better upgrade on these teams.

    NE – Backup to Brady!! Woodhead role/ 3rd TE / Fake Punt/FG guy QB/ Goalline back!

    Jags – Stupid GM!! Tebow is Better than what you have!!

    OAK – Flynn got beat out by Wilson a ROOKIE. Yes Wilson is pretty Awesome but Flynn is a fraud!!

    MINN – Pounder will get hurt again and is not that good. With out AP team is 3-13 at best!! Who is catching the balls? Old wash up WRs!

    ARIZ – Carson is ok.. but kind of Washed up. Your gonna be Last in NFC West so Rebuild give Tebow 2-3 years to make you competitive!! And he will help you succeed for many years to come!!

    BUFF- EJ WTF!! Corn on the KOLB… Yes BUFF could use Tebow!! EJ will suffer like Fitz and be a Bust! Tebow TIME is REAL!!

    CLEV – Looks like they have done a good job trying to rebuild. WEEDen / Campbell might not be the Answer. TIM could be!

    STL – BAD-FORD!!! Nuff said!

    TB – FREEMAN is not Glowing any more SLOWGO!! With how they pound the ball there… Tim could have good success!

    Even NO/SD – Tim could sit a year or two behind those guys. Learn the system grow, and take over and continue where he left off when he was in DEN. A WINNING QB!!!

    One of those teams need to wise up, listen to me… (Make me your new GM) Win games and make a lot of $$$$!!

    Den fought Tebow… then they believed!!! TEBOW lead them to a Playoff win! The whole team played better. The DEF was fire up and inspired. They OFF struggled for 3 QTs then TEBOW time in the 4th took over!!

    One of those teams buys in 100% to Tebow, work with his strenghts, Game plans, builds around that…. You will have a Winning team!!

  130. Lolz at the people blaming the “media” for all the attention Tebow is getting.

    On any given day at least two of the top ten articles on this site are about Tebow. And Tebow never once asked the media to stop giving him attention.

    I swear to god, when he’s dead there’s going to be a few people saying that he could take a team to the Super Bowl.

  131. I’m tired of two things:

    1. Tebow stories. Reminds me of Brett Favre retirement drama(s).

    2. ‘If only some team would give Tebow a chance’ comments. He’s had chances, worked with trainers both in season and off season yet still doesn’t have what it takes to play QB in this league.

    Why would a team bring in someone who can’t play at the position he demands to? It’s a business decision and paying someone who can’t do the job isn’t a smart move.

    The media isn’t keeping Tebow down; it’s Tebow’s stubbornness to keep trying to play QB in the NFL. Just because you believe something hard enough doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. I believe each Friday night I’ll hit the lottery. Each Monday I go back to work and wait for Friday night again.

  132. If Tebow was a great QB, he’d have no trouble finding a job. Someone took a shot on the circus that was Michael Vick. Someone would take a shot on Tim Tebow, if he was worth the shot. He isn’t, at this point, and he probably won’t ever be. If you take a flyer on him, you’re taking a flyer on a project. And you have to ask yourself, is the distraction worth the payoff. And it isn’t.

    All the people saying the media have done this to Tebow, in my opinion, you’ve got it all wrong. He had to know that he was causing a distraction, and he should have taken steps to mitigate that distraction. He didn’t, and now he’s got to pay the piper.

    If we were talking about a Brady-esque or Manning-esque, or even Vick-esque talent, he’d have a job by now. We’re not.

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